better stats are easier to get against worse players. You probably have ages to line up headshots without pressure of worrying about proper trades, transition sprays, etc.


Also worth mentioning that the better gamesense in high elo means a lot of smoke sprays result in led and body shots which brings HS% down.


thank you!


Everything he said, except its also easier to take those aim duels against opponents that don't use their brain. This also means that you severely lack gamesense.


right, good to know what i need to improve on!


something I noticed is that some of my highest hs% games are also some of my worst. I think it happens because I can maintain a good crosshair placement and get hs when they move in, but then if I miss it I'll mess up the spray


depends on your KDA and the weapons you use imo


You want to kill, whatever gets the necessary damage in the least amount of time is ideal


Depends if your TTK is suffering because you're taking the time to aim at the head. I wouldn't even look at stats in silver 2, players are generally bots and the top players could probably get ludicrously high hs% if they played vs them.


Do you play in silver? Kind of absurd to say those players are bots, obviously there is a wide range of players gamesense but most people in silver are pretty smart players. If anything players will take greedy fights a lot more because the range in aim ability is so high it means that the worse person the team might not even be able to aim and the top player is an aimtrainer hero that auto one taps everything they see.


People in silver have awful aim. If they didn't, they wouldn't be silver. Sounds like I hit a nerve.


Have you played in silver? Of course some people have bad aim but there are some people in silver with incredibly good aim, yeah maybe not diamond level but there are Jetts for instance dashing through smoke and pulling off two instant one taps. I don't really care what your metrics are, that's just good aim. I know my aim isn't great but I have a top 20% score on 1 wall 6 targets small, obviously I can improve that a lot but it's definitely good aim.


Dude top players could easily 100% hs in 10 matches on a row versus low level players like me.


I am in a similar situation. What I believe is that you and I don’t shoot very fast. And we do not spray as often as we can. At shorter range the best strategy is to spray into the head. Almost never is a good idea to try for body shots.


In csgo there was a team called Astralis, they dominated the pro scene for a long time and something people noticed is that they kept their crosshairs at body level very often instead of head level. With Valorant being a very similar game, i believe it could be beneficial to ain for the body more often.


fwiw, someone asked Astralis if they did this on purpose, and their response was basically "lol, no" They could have responded that way because they were trying to keep their strategy secret, but someone else pointed out that they were doing absolutely unreal amounts of utility damage throughout this time period, so it's possible that they didn't \*need\* headshots as often as everyone else.


It worked a lot better in CSGO because spray control was much tighter, in Valorant you burst and tap much more than Astralis is in CSGO.


The first thing that comes to mind is if you have a game where you don't get very many kills, the fact that you're struggling to hit shots at all means that your few kills will probably be headshots (since if you don't hit a HS, you die because you're just missing completely). I think someone else already mentioned pros shooting more bullets through smokes and walls than lower elo players, which naturally means more body shots.