Fans of country music, what do you hate about modern country music?

Fans of country music, what do you hate about modern country music?


Seems like all male country singers warble way too strongly now. The 'country' accents are so exaggerated... it just doesn't sound authentic at all. Or good; it doesn't sound good either. I used to think country music sounded humble - now it sounds trashy. IMO this hasn't impacted female-lead country as much; that has become more poppy perhaps, but it hasn't fallen in the same way overall.


It doesn’t have Conway Twitty


I don't remember the song, but I heard a line long ago that went; "Plastic cowboys boots at the disco, somebody get me out of here" That kind of sums up modern country music for me.


"Lemme sing about how I'm just a regular good 'ole boy that likes to drink (exotic wine), drive on the backroads (In my Ferrari), and live in the sticks (In the suburbs of Nashville). I'm so proud of just being regular country folk without a care in the world."


Simple country life with a simple super diversified portfolio


Ah yes, “Country Song” by Bo Burnham


Country music used to be about real life, hardships, stories, and emotions. Now it's formulated pop and uses all the same keywords. Putting a banjo in a pop song does not make it country.


Inaccurate. Please explain how a new artist like Billy Strings or Sturgill is pop.


We're talking about the majority, not a couple exceptions


There’s an entire scene of country all those artists fit into. They aren’t a minority and are growing with a lot of fans. If you want good music get off the radio and find better artists.


I haven't listened to the radio since 2003. That's good to know. Hopefully it can go back to how it should be.


Or maybe you just need to let go of the past and stop hating on anything new. That mentality is what blinds you to amazing pieces of country music like Billy String’s Turmoil & Tinfoil. John Moreland’s Hearts too Heavy. Colter Wall’s the devil wears a suit and tie. And many many more. It’s not the 80s anymore. And that’s okay. People can STILL release good country songs.


I appreciate your music suggestions but there's no reason to be hostile. I wasn't even around in the 80s. Seems like you took it a little personally.


It’s not the 80s anymore meaning country music isn’t the same as the 80s. You don’t listen to country music from there?


I don't listen to Country at all anymore. I was just stating a fact about modern music.


Oh, it's a fact? Tell me how the songs I listed are " formulated pop and uses all the same keywords" Please.


Maybe they can, they just don’t. The sooner you admit that the music you like is a poor facsimile of what real country music is, the sooner you’ll be able to appreciate real, analog country music recordings. Not transplants in Nashville with an acoustic guitar and a Mac book.


>poor facsimile of what real country music is What songs?


Seems like they described pop county pretty well. If you're going to evangelize alt country to people sick of pop county, maybe try to a little more honey and I little less vinegar.


Beer. Body of water. Truck. "GERL". Rinse and repeat. Country music used to be about story telling. Now it's just garbage.


Sturgill Simpson’s - sailors guide to the earth. Great country concept album. Released in 2016 and it’s really good country music.


Look Sturgill, Childers, Bryan, Moreland, Turnpike, and Jinks aren’t what people think of when they talk about modern country music.


I dont even like country music, and I can see an obvious decline. New country is just pop, but called country cus someone put an acoustic guitar somewhere in there and the singer has a stupid and outrageous accent. Theres no interesting or fun stories like in classic country, it's all "yes I'm a redneck in a big truck" kinda shit. The new music is so bad its devoid of any life whatsoever, when you are listening you can tell the songs where made just for money.


Bro country. You know the type, songs about a bonfire out in the sticks, pretty girls shaking their moneymakers, and redneck Romeos. I like the love songs. I like the breakup songs, the cheating songs, the songs with good stories, and I've finally come around to liking Chris Stapleton. (His voice is an acquired taste) But I don't like the constant parade of bro songs.


Love Chris Stapleton. Dude is such a good singer.


to be fair, a bonfire out in the sticks does sound like a pretty good time


Most of it is crossover now. I call it Nashville Disco. I miss the good story telling like Tom T Hall and yes, even George Jones. Most of it now is cut and paste songs


Sturgill Simpson continuously releases good concept albums for country. Check out his Sailors Guide to the Earth. May enjoy it.


It's not country music, it's pop music. It's over produced and fake as fuck (a lot of singers sing with fake accents), and every song sounds the same. Someone even did a mash up of 6 of the current top hits and they literally link into each other as if it was the same song. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY8SwIvxj8o](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY8SwIvxj8o) That said there are country artists out there that are legit, but they rarely get talked about since a lot of their stuff is more outlaw country. Artists like Sturgill Simpson, Colter Wall, Tyler Childers .


you should check out Larry Fleet and Zach Bryan if you like Tyler Childers btw


Whoa, I listened to the mash up and boy they all sound the same. Just a product of overhyped production, generic lyrics and typical keywords, I see zero authenticity about it :(


John Moreland is pop? What about Billy Strings or Colter Wall? If you think country music from 2010s forward is just pop you’re not listening to the right scenes.


Did you even read my comment, I literally mention and recommend Colter Wall


He's arguing with everyone here because he took it personally for some reason


I have no idea why. He's trying to tell me to check out indie artists I literally named in my original comment. Artists that I stated were legit.


I already told him I appreciate the fact that there are good artists out now, and he continued to argue with me over nothing. I think he's taking it personally because he thinks it's an attack on young people.


Sorry. I saw that but was talking about your claim of county music being pop. But then you mention those artists. I meant more that you know Colter so then how do you think it’s pop?


Because the majority of it is all pop music. For every Sturgill Simpson theres 20 flavour of the month bro country acts.


There's a lot of indie artists in country music. But you're too busy trying to define music but what you hear on the radio it seems. You can't say "country music is pop" and then use the argument "well it's not, there's a lot of good country music, but I'm going to ignore it because I limit my scope of country music to the radio"


I honestly have no idea what you are arguing. The question is what do you hate about country, and I stated how the majority of it is over produced pop music. Then after that statement, I said theres a lot of legit acts but they rarely get talked about and named some of those legit acts. I know theres legit artists, why else would I link names people probably haven't heard of, but you'd have to be completely delusional not to see that the majority of country music is just over produced pop acts.


Yeah current country is just pop with just a slight country theme to it. Not at all like the real soulful country you used to hear. Kind of a shame as I love old country, seems like other music genres don't have this kind of problem.


\> current country is just pop with just a slight country theme to it. 24 frames by Jason Isbell. You don't care enough for me to cry - John Moreland Widow Queen - Benjamin Todd There's a whole scene of country music like this. Current country is not "just pop" Get off the radio and find real music.


Yeah those are just pop songs with a slight country familiar sound mixed in. Pre-2010 you could find a few good ones dotted in there, but now it's pretty much impossible to find.


Explain how they are pop songs, go on.


Very common thematic elements with your typical top 40 tracks, simplistic lyrics, heavy use of percussion overpowering rythym guitars, etc. I could go on, but you get the basic idea.


Explain the heavy use of percussion in Widow Queen? The simplistic lyrics in ANY OF THOSE songs?


It all sounds the same. Same voices. Same beats. Same same same. I think it’s from overproduction or just plain ole fear of trying something new. That, and the artists and/or label want to be crossover artists from the get-go. They’re not trying to appeal to fans of country music but to fans of pop as well.


Where do I even begin……no steel guitars and fiddles anymore, music doesn’t come from the heart, everything sounds the same, and half of these artists style their songs like hip hop and mention a truck and call it country




Anyone complaining about the pop country should look up Colter wall. Small town Saskatchewan boy with the voice of johny cash. Most of his songs are folk county or rambling ballads. He's awesome. Kate Mckanon is my fave


The answer is simple: it just doesn't come from the heart anymore. https://youtu.be/DDNEi_pAWTA Shout-out to r/countrymusicstuff


Bo Burnham has a comedy song about new country music that sums it up completely https://youtu.be/y7im5LT09a0


They sing songs about places that they would never move to. Bunch of fake country boys. We have moved beyond brocountry to boyfriend country and it isn't an improvement


They sound like boy bands that sing with a country twang.


Don’t know too much about what I hate but sure love Colter Wall.


I hate that bitch assuming a country music fan would criticize modern music.


Modern country is Pop sung by folks with a twang. Luther Perkins would not approve.


It sucks, it's no longer about country, but rather about love and girls, and not in a southern way


So from what I can tell, every other major song recently


Kinda, but compared to older country, modern country sounds like a completely different genre entirely


Yea. I’ve heard older country and it’s simple. Usually only one or two instruments and a singer


Kinda, but compared to older country, modern country sounds like a completely different genre entirely


Too many snaptracks instead of real drums that makes modern country sound like pop songs with a southern accent.


I don't really want to listen to songs about yeti coolers


It has no soul to it,no heart,least of all a brain.


So many things. Nashville makes hat pop music that they call country. There is still actual country music out there - it's just called "Americana" now.


The stuff they play on the radio has no soul whatsoever. There are a few bands/artists who try to buck the trend, but don’t get any air time. I think “Murder in Music Row” had it right. You can’t hear fiddles and steel guitar, and there is too much rap influence. Don’t get me wrong, I love rap, but when I listen to it, that is what I want to hear. I love Garth Brooks, but he and the Dixie Chicks did a number on Country music by trying to change “those old drinkin’ and cheatin’” songs.


You'll like this if you liked Murder on Music Row https://youtu.be/DDNEi_pAWTA


That’s great! Thank you! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve listened to Country my whole life until like 10 years ago. It just became so inane.


Not much...just the crappy *songwriting*, hackneyed *vocal stylings* of whomever-the-best-looking-person-at-the-moment-is, and the rubber-stamp *sound* of every song. Other than that, it's great...


No more cowboy hats, long sleeves tucked in or wrangler jeans. Now it's all caps with a torn brim, flannels without sleeves and worst of all....bedazzled jeans. Puke..


Haven’t listened to the radio, or radio country, since the 90s. I don’t think I could name a single modern country song, if I get OP’s intent correct - radio country being modern country. So hate would be a strong word. The most recent country artist I’ve heard (that’s actual country and not a genre crossover artist) is Colter Wall - I like him quite a bit


I can't quite sum it up, but old country always seems to have a more deeper meaning than new country in its messaging.


That it’s mixed with pop!!! It sounds very Taylor swifty.


You call it country, I call it bad rock and roll


Uh you mean HICK HOP?


For me it's the subpar storytelling. I remember listening to Woody Guthrie on a trip and I could get a real sense of the very specific time and place in my mind. And modern ones are so general for market appeal that nothing comes through but a stereotype. And it's really frustrating cause america would have so many opportunists for good stories nowadays.


country music sucs lmao 😂😂😂😂😂




how hating country music racist


Nope. New country music tends to be a lot better. From the classics there are artists I love like Townes Van Zandt or Blaze Foley. But the overwhelming amount is just boring to me. Filled with racists, misogynists, etc. The 2010s imo was a serious rebirth of country music in the form of Billy Strings, Sturgill Simpson, Colter Wall, John Moreland, Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves, and more. These people play country like it’s meant to be (not with the addition of the pop genre or hiphop genre) but keep it real. Much better music in general in my opinion.


Too whiny and twangy.


Luke Combs🤮


Luke Combs is one of the best things in country music right now wdym


That none of it can live up to Memphis Kansas Breeze.


Definitely way too Pop like and Unauthentic not like the 80's and 90's Country that I like. That being said, I do like some of Luke Combs stuff so....


I've been wondering why I still have the country station in my presets. I have my playlist and just play that in my vehicle(s) now.


Sam Hunt


It sounds to pop-like.




It’s getting mixed too much with pop


That’s the problem with most music today.


Shiiiiiit, I don't care, as long as I can two step to it


Like the rap music It went downhill too fast


There was a point in the early '90s where it was a lot of fun, as it had kind of become what pop music used to be before rap came to prominence. It used to be fun to basically "go play dress-up" and dance to some decent music. It didn't take long before it turned into another marketing machine, extracting top dollar for lowest quality. "Bend over...here's your daily dose of country music coming...you'll take what we give you, and you'd *better* like it!" seems to be the unwritten motto.


That it's not country music. It's pop music.


The predictability of the lyrics.


honestly, it’s more like pop right now.