When have you officially become 'old'?

When have you officially become 'old'?


When all your favorite songs from high-school can be heard on an oldies ~~station~~ playlist.


Or supermarkets


When you realize that the music you listened to in the 80s is now as far back in time from today as 40s music was back then. Still better than anything on the radio these days. Fibble-dee-floo.


I find it so funny that the go-to pop culture shorthand music for "old people" is still big band music, whereas nowadays a lot of people on social security probably saw Led Zeppelin live.


I grew up in the Los Angeles area and the local oldies station was k-earth 101. For years they didn't play anything past 1979. Even in the 90s they weren't playing anything from the 80s. Then one day sometime around 2003 or 2004 I heard Thriller and some stuff from no doubt and Nirvana. I was in my early twenties and then and I started to feel real old. Now all they do is play stuff from the 80s and 90s. I miss their Motown weekends.


The local classic rock station has been around since before I was born, and usually has played music that was at least 20 years in the past. In the last 10 years they've started playing '90s rock including some metal that was popular back then. It just seems odd to be listening to Steve Miller Band followed by Soundgarden, Metallica, and Nirvana. The local oldies station however keeps rolling forward and now plays almost exclusively '80s music it seems. Very few songs from the '70s seem to make it on their playlists anymore. When I was a kid in the '80s, they played a lot of doo-wop and sixties pop music like the Beatles.


and in the grocery store.


I saw an Instagram reel yesterday. Someone commented “what song is that” and the girl said “I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you.” It was “On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez.


Tbf I'm in my early thirties and I couldn't pick a J Lo song out of a line up


When the "alt" and "indie" songs you heard on the radio are now used in car commercials. ...or worse, playing overhead in the grocery store.


Local shopping mall had a muzak version of Korn's freak on a leash playing in the lifts, oof.


I remember hearing a muzak version of Smells Like Teen Spirit way back in the mid-90s lol


The first time you go, “yea that was about 5 years ago.” Turns out it was 12-15 years ago.


Came to say this. When you realize 4-5 years ago was actually 15-20 years ago. I forget that 5 years ago was 2015 instead of 2005 :(


The 90s were 10 years ago, and you'll never change my mind.


Here here


Take my upvote it's 1999 forever baybee


Speak the truth brother! Do you wanna borrow my Tool CD?


If i give you a blank cd can you burn it for me


This must be happening in real time, as 5 years ago was 2016, not 2015.


2015 is still only 5 years ago and some months. It's not quite a full 6 years yet. \*cries in denial\*


What blows my mind right now is, someone born the same year as Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones was released... that person would be an adult now.


I have a nephew born 2004….


the Matrix is 22 years old. It hurts whenever I think about it.


I was listening to 80s music and Michael Jackson came on. I thought “he just died a few years back!” It’s been 12 years. He died June 25 2009. Time flies when you get older.


Something that's always funny with younger folks is if a song by The Jackson Five ever comes on, and you point out to them that the young boy singing lead is Michael.


The first time you realize that we're as far from 1980 as 1980 was to 1940. :(


Oh god. That just made me very sad and horrified. Now I really feel old.


Similarly: When I was hearing about WW2 in grade school and we were reading The Diary of Anne Frank, it felt like something that happened centuries before. In reality, it was the 1970's and WW2 had happened only 30 years earlier.


My parents dont like it when I remind them that "20 years ago" dosnt refer to the 80s anymore


These days fucking *Shrek* is 20 year ago.


The first time you say, "that was 20 years ago," but you were in high school then.


Fuck I have this with the euro's at the moment. The commentator said "the Netherlands haven't been to either the euros or a world cup in 7 years" I said to a buddy of mine "7 fucking years? It feels like 2 tops" sigh..


me every time I'm reminded of a childhood game's release date


When you look at college age people and they look to you like kids.


Try working on a campus. Oof.


I’m not even a decade out of undergrad, and I feel like a dinosaur walking around at work. It’s nuts.


Sad story coming…sorry. When I was a kid, a cousin of mine was killed in a car accident. He was 19, I was about 9. At the time, I thought 19 was so old so the concept of him passing away was like if someone died at 35. I was so young that 19 seemed like it was super grown up. I recently had another cousin killed in a car accident. He was also 19. At this point I’m 24 and…he was just a fucking baby. He hadn’t even started growing facial hair yet. When I was a kid I thought 19 was “grown up.” It’s not even starting out.




When your answer to the question "would you like to go to Legoland?" is anything other than yes.


When you stop giving a damn about stuff college kids think is cool. Eventually you get old enough to hate whatever college kids like.


I am many decades out of college but I still like a lot of new media that kids in school like. Good music, books, movies are good, no matter how old you are. Hell I think a lot of younger people have much better music tastes than people my age - it's all new to them so they are open to new things. I learn a lot about music in particular from younger people.


Teach at a college. The kids are the same age as my oldest son. Ironically, the students still can connect because I watch cartoons and anime. So the near 50yo is able to talk to the 22yo


I'm 24 and already feel this way 😅


ok zoomer


That's just becoming mature.


I work with an 18 year old... I’m 36. No matter how I try I cannot connect with this kid. First of all it’s a bit awkward because she’s an attractive female so I feel like everything I say or do she perceives as creepy. That’s a frustrating aspect of being a male working with attractive women in general .... but we won’t go there. But the terms she uses, the things she does... the fact that she MUST. SNAP. EVERYTHING. She does. And if I try to mock her for being young she looks at me like I’m an idiot and says things like “umm I’m 18 I’m old enough to vote... I live alone.... I pay for my own car... etc” Things that SHE thinks make her super mature just reiterate how old I am by comparison.


Well, I'm 58 and I thought I was grown up enough to get married at that age.


Damn honestly she has my respect for being able to sustain herself at 18 in 2021


She doesn’t. Not a chance. She may pay rent.... but she doesn’t sustain herself. She doesn’t even live alone. She lives in a granny suite attached to her parents house. She gets money from her parents. I know what she makes. She barely nets enough in a month to pay for her truck and insurance. This is only a knock on her because she constantly brags about how independent she is. It bothers me because she has no clue what it cost to live in the real world with real bills.


right, I guess I take it back then lmao


What does snap mean?


Send pictures through the messaging app snapchat


I personally felt it after I got older than most current professional athletes, after having spent my youth looking up to them.


Yep. Every time a professional athlete that I like retires I get smacked in the face with feeling old.


When you think Tom Brady is young


In the four major professional sports in North America, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, Tom Brady and Zdeno Chara are the only remaining active athletes who were born in the 1970s...


That’s an awesome stat. Good shit


yeah, its rough when they talk about the old veteran whose body is breaking down and they're like 38..


My boss is a year younger than I. I'm not going into management, so likely next boss will be even younger.


I truly felt old when there wasn't a player in the NHL older than me. Damn Jagr for retiring.


This is where I’m at too. Other than like Tom Brady or Lebron I’m older than all of them.


When it take long as fuck to find your birth year when signing up for something.


Born in 2000, don't think I'll have this problem


There was another Reddit post where someone showed their ID and the cashier just glanced at it. The person said “you didn’t even check it”! and the cashier said “your birth year begins with a 19!”


Just yesterday i bought a six pack of beer. ID check prompt shows up for the cashier and it says "ensure ID is 17-Jun-2003 or earlier" and I'm like "oh fuck that was eighteen years ago? I'd finished undergrad by then!" 2003 was a good year though. Maybe my best one to date, maybe that was 02.


2002 was the best year of my life


Well I hope you do live long enough that it takes you a a couple seconds to scroll through the years on forms


When you have to look up new "words" people use.


Fuck. I came here to say, "never! You can be young at heart forever!". Why did you do this to me? I do seasonal work on the average age is about 10 years below mine and I have to do this somewhat often.


"I used to be with 'it', but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'it', and what's 'it' seems weird and scary to me. It will happen to you!" I think it's mostly because as a working person you just don't have the time to catch up with the everchanging trends anymore, also you tend to have more sincere problems which use up all your fucks to give beforehand.


Between working as a substitute teacher and being on Reddit I know what a lot of the modern slang is. I don't like to use it but I at least know what it is.


"What the hell is a yeet?"


When you’re out and about in public and you see a bunch of teenagers and think “Will these kids please just shut the fuck up?”


To be fair, i thought that about other t en's wh n I was a teenager.


Well, i’ve had those thoughts since before i was a teen


I’ve had some dark moments, but nothing comes close to the shame I felt when I almost grumbled at some kids for skateboarding on the sidewalk I was trying to walk on. As a former skateboarder, I absolutely refuse to become *that guy*.


A daycare went in across from our apartment. It’s literally children screaming all day. Nightmare fuel. I told my wife I’d move to a 55+ community if they’d make an exception for us. 😂


When you try to exchange memories with your co-workers about things like 911, the release of the star wars prequels or the Harry Potter book. And they just blankly stare at you and explain they weren't born yet. Also, receiving wedding invitations of the kids you used to babysit.


Working with people who are younger than Windows XP messes with my head.


I saw the original Star Wars in the theater. I'm old.


Attending the weddings of your friends kids


When you’re looking back on your life more than looking forward


I'll let you know. 60 in years, but my mind says i'll get old when it wants to


When you don't want to drive at night.




Oh you know, I just realized I crossed that line just a few years ago. We have family three hours away, and I leave earlier than I used to because I don’t want to be on the road at dark. I’m afraid of looney drivers, animals, and getting sleepy. Not sure why, though. Nothing bad happened. 🤷‍♀️


When all of a sudden a night in sounds a **WHOLE** lot better than a night out.


A night out never sounded good to me


Yep.. I've never liked big crowds or going out to party.. rather stay home 24/7 unless I have to go to work.


Had a reminder today in classroom (mandatory internship in this country): Topic was the twin tower terror act. And I realized that the only two guys in the room that actually experienced this were the teacher and me. I was there, Gandalf, 3000 years ago...


Riddle me this, Lord Elrond: Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?


watching it on the TV


When you’re signing up for something online and you have to enter your birth date, and finding your birth year is like playing lucky slots.


When you hate most music of today and just listen to the music you've been listening to for years on repeat


when you just keep creating new characters in World of Warcraft on the Classic Era servers




Yikes. I just pre-ordered some cool forever stamps... Does that mean I'm old?


The moment a kid asks you "What is a tape recorder?"


When you keep making groaning/creaking sounds when you try to get out of bed or a chair. My neck, my back, my joints ache, my knees crack.


🎶 my neck, my back, my knees AND my crack 🎶


You know they’re going to re work those song lyrics and have Missy selling some vitamin supplement for aging people. Genius. Ps, she’s 49 years old now. F!!


I feel like I flip between feeling old and feeling like I've never grown up. When I was a kid, people in their 30s were de facto 'grown ups' to me, with their own house, cars, kids of their own and they'd spend their time doing boring shit like watching sports or whatever. Now that I'm in my 30s myself, single, childless, poor and still into stuff like comics and video games, I don't feel 'grown up' at all. And I wouldn't say that I even get that impression from my peers. Now it's 50+ year olds that have that 'aura' of being 'grown up' to them. The times that I do feel old is for eg. a discussion about what video games you loved as a kid where I'm all ready to discuss the glory days of the Sega Mega Drive and everyone is talking about Minecraft and other stuff that came way later. Although actually typing that out makes me feel even more like a case of Peter Pan syndrome. I guess if getting old means that you stop doing things that you enjoy because they feel childish to you, then I'll never get old. But if getting old is just physical stuff, I dunno, I've had creaky knees since my 20s because of motorbike wipeouts. I guess I *do* get a little more hungover than I used to though.


Just 15 minutes ago I went to the bathroom and noticed a fuzzy in my stubble on my chin. I tried to brush it off for like a full 30 seconds until I got really close to the mirror and realized it was just gray whiskers. It took me that long to realize because I didn’t have my readers on. True fuckin story.


A girl I dated in high school is now a grandma. She had a kid at 20, and her kid had a kid at 18. I'm 38.


I knew a girl who had had her first baby at 14 or 15. Daughter grew up to do the same. She was a grandma at 35 and if the next generation did the same she is a great grandma by now


38 is not old, shut up




When the voice in your head tells you and you believe it. Keep telling it to fuck off and you will age but you do not have to get old. For what it's worth this comes from a 74 years young man.


When you bend over to pick something up and think “what else can I grab while I’m down here?”


When your the oldest guy in your maintenance department


Re-watching movies from your high school years and identify with the adult characters instead of the teens like you use to. When your doctor is younger than you. When you are excited getting a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.


When you no longer recognize the presenting/winning Grammy awards participants




When kids you remember when they were kids have kids. If that makes sense.


You mean like how I was present when my niece was born, then when her daughter was born?


>Tevye: >Is this the little girl I carried, >Is this the little boy at play? >Golde: >I don't remember growing older, >When did they? -Fiddler on the Roof


Ah... If I were a rich man...


When you hear a song on a classics station or referred to as an oldie... and you remember when it was a hit.


I'll be listening to the radio and discover a new song, momentarily pat myself on the back for being hip and up on current music, only to learn the song came out 10 years ago.


When you don't "get" new things. Like I don't get tiktok. I feel old.


When it’s “too loud”




















The sheriff's getting nearer!


Lmao I’ve been complaining about the sound engineering and volume at concerts/fests more often and I never used to do that. My 2nd concert ever I was 6 rows back from 100-150k watts of bass (Excision ~2014) and loved it. Lifted me up outta my shoes like antigravity. I still love raves but you’ll find me further back now lmao.


earplugs homie, trust


Sometimes though it really is too loud. There's an EDM club I used to love going to but a couple years ago they upgraded the sound system was upgraded. Now the bass is so heavy it vibrates my nostrils and I end up rubbing nose all night. I've even used ear plugs and watched the show from the upper level to no avail.


When it takes you 2 full days to recover from a night out.


and you weren't drinking alcohol


My dad once told me "the first time you sit on your balls is when you've become an old man." Thankfully, at 39, I haven't hit that milestone yet. However, my kid pointed out that I make "dad noises" every time I go from sitting to standing or from standing to sitting so I guess I hit that milestone.


Yeah 38 here and those "dad noises" are a real issue already.


Getting out of a car puts the dad or granddad noises through an amplifier. And apparently it gets a lot harder to put on seatbelts.


when you find yourself wishing that you were younger


Man, I was old at 14 already then


Ah that’s gotta suck


I have 2 ways of looking at it: 1) Over the hill, your current life expectancy is less than the number of years you've lived 2) You couldn't play football professionally (i.e. you are older than the oldest football player) or pick any sport where athleticism is key As a sidenote I find it really annoying when someone in their 20s says they are old.


My poor lifestyle choices have led to state in which my joints ache, I occasionally wake up in pain from sleeping in the wrong position, and my doctor prescribed 7 pills a day to mitigate fatty liver and gout. I'm 27, and I feel 50


When you have a favourite stove burner and getting a new washing up sponge/scotchbrite pad from under the sink is the highlight of the day.


It starts subtlety...your music in elevators and on hold...then people stop laughing and ask if you're alright when you fall...then they start calling you 'sir' or "ma'am' consistently...then senior discounts start showing up on receipts. But the kicker for me was actually pretty early on, I'd asked a teenager if she liked a certain song by a certain well known band. Her response was "Who?" I could FEEL the wrinkles forming...


When the things that were trendy or fashionable when you were a teenager are fashionable and trendy again. Imma looking at you, neon colors and jelly sandals.


I live next door to a single mother with 5 kids all aged 9 or younger, and nothing makes me feel old like the sight of all their terrified, shy faces standing outside my front door, with one of them asking for their ball back that they'd kicked it over my fence. It's adorable and annoying in equal measure.


When i saw a cardboard box in the road and my impulse to run it over was instantly drowned out by my inner old man senses screaming "you dont know what's in it, you could do some damage to your car"


Gee, my instinct is there could be a kid or a cat in there.


I started laughing at this one. That’s usually my response, but now I’m like “what’s in that box? I could probably use it for something.” Pulling over, hazard lights on…..full fledge dumpster diving.


Easy. When you choose comfort over style Example: Young me: I’d never be caught dead in a pair of crocs!!! 30 year old me: damn these crocs are comfy as shit! Might as well buy 2 pairs while they’re on sale!


When I started randomly farting when I laughed or walked


When you have to apply pressure to your knees from your arms to stand up.


NSFW-Grey Pubic Hair


When you hurt yourself in your sleep.


Age is relative. It depends on who you are comparing yourself to. I remember when 17 seemed really old. I have friends in their 20s and in their 60s and 70s. I'm old to the twenty-somethings but young to the sixty-somethings.


When your childhood shows and movies are considered old classics. My wife is a dentist, and their clinic's pediatric dentist was busy so my wife stepped in to help out. They started talking about Disney movies and which is their favorite. The little girl said she loves frozen, and my wife said her favorite is the little mermaid. The 7 year old said she has never heard of it. My wife sang a couple of verses from the popular songs and the little girl said "aren't those songs from that reeeeeaaaaalllly old movie?". It's hard to remember that movies like that came out almost 25 years before that kid was born.


When you used a rotary phone when you were a kid. When you had to get up to change the channel on the TV You had a station wagon as a kid When you grew up only adults drank coffee. Folders or Maxwell House You were amazed by pong... And Atari... And microwaves.... And cordless phone You saw your first home computer during high school. You remember when HBO first came on Your first car was a 76 Civic


I can clearly remember when our family got our first color TV, then a microwave oven.


This person old! Just playing. (I got you beat though first car was a 1964 Ford Fairlane). I was born in 1978 by the way...


Nice car!! Lucky you! Dude I feel old. Just started one day....


I used to be with it. Then they changed what ‘it’ was. Soon what I was with wasn’t it, and what was it became weird and scary. It’ll happen to YOU.


When a cute neighbor moved in, invited me to her housewarming party, then set me up with her mom.


When you actually start giving a shit about mowing the yard.


The first time I realized that I was old was late in my Army career. There were new soldiers showing up that were born after the day that I had initially enlisted.


When they started playing my teenage favourite music on the “retro” segments on the radio.


When u have to take Viagra


Well... Technically you don't HAVE to take it...


Hugh Hefner said his life was over when he was about 72. And then Viagra was invented. He said the rest of his life was fucking amazing. Emphasis on fucking obviously. He also went deaf from too much of it. https://www.businessinsider.com/viagra-left-hugh-hefner-deaf-but-he-said-hed-rather-have-sex-anyway-2017-9


When I wake up and have to warm up like an old Buick before getting out of bed, and everything hurts with some snap crackle pops.


When a kid calls you ma'am. I was taken aback when that happened.


*When you first say:* "All my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went."


When you stop actively trying to grow.


The first time I told my nieces and nephews "when I was your age..." Also the first time I told my twin brother "20 years ago we were there...."


When it still hurts the next day


When you decide your old. When you stop seeking new experiences and limit the old ones because you are too old. My mom is 78, but she is more active than 30 year olds I know. This summer she will be replacing her privacy fence and shed. I mean she will be out there cutting wood and screwing boards together, laying shingles. She has refurbished all of her flower beds for the year. She will be making reservations soon to go to Yellowstone in 2022. She just got back from 2 weeks in the Rockies (24 hour drive) and a week earlier she was at Disney for a week.


When you’re glad that a concert has seats.


When the new tenant upstairs who is in his 30s called us "the older couple downstairs" and we are in our late 40s


When you have to sit on the bed to put your socks on.


When you start hating current music and trends.


When you have to spin the years on an online application form like a freaking roulette wheel


When you have a "swipe to your birth year" on a tablet and you Wheel of Fortune that bitch.


When you look more like your parents than yourself


When you know the origin song of the new cover "Hits" I asked a student during my time at the university If he knew DMX and he thought i misspelled BMX (Bike) In nearky all kind of movies the plot is guessable


When kids never heard of the console you started with.


The first time you need to use Urban Dictionary.


When you get excited about buying new household appliances.


When you stop understanding the things kids like these days. Like, you no longer can perceive how it can be fun. For me, it's Let's Plays and live streaming. I just don't get it.


When your music becomes "classic" or when older people around you say "how do you know that band?" lol. Fuck these kids tho haha :)


When you qualify for old people Medicare, duh


When you get enraged because a store changed their layout. Especially the grocery store.


On my birthday when my great-grandson looked at me and said: 'you're old'.


When you have a parent who is (or would be if still living) over 100. It hit me last year when my dad’s birthday rolled around that 2020 would’ve been his 100th. When that dawned on me, I suddenly felt much older.


I had my 76th birthday in May and I believe that was when it happened.


It's almost 9pm and I'm STRUGGLING to stay awake for a 10:30 concert. All I want to do is go lay in bed until I pass out with Netflix in the background like a grownup damn it.


I see kids wearing Nirvana/thrasher shirts and I realize I used to wear a Beatles shirt because they were a cool old band. Also it’s still the pound key, not a hashtag


Some of the younger people at work call me “sir” even though I have a GODDAMNED name tag on my chest. I encourage them to call me (ACTUAL NAME) because I only see myself as a fellow worker.