Can you give examples of when people are "too nice"?

Can you give examples of when people are "too nice"?


When I'm 100ft away but they still stop to hold a door open for me. Now I gotta jiggle-jog my fat ass there faster.


Oh man or waving me through the intersection they have right of way at. Fuck you, JUST FUCKING GO.


1000× yes to this. This happened to me today while I was walking. I was about to j walk this road but was waiting for clear traffic to pass first obviously but this guy hit his brakes pretty hard and just stopped and waited for me. The kicker is the other lane of traffic was busy so this dude stopped there and held up trafic in one lane for a good 30 seconds before the other lane was clear of traffic for me to go. Had people honking at him and I was embarrassed as hell knowing allot of people where probably staring and cursing at me.


Yeah I only slam on the brakes if the pedestrian looks like they've already committed to crossing now or never. But don't worry, whenever someone in front of me does that I always know that they're the stupid asshole. Also, literally the most dangerous thing you could do for pedestrians is to *drive unpredictably*. Pedestrians are used to people not stopping abruptly when there is no crosswalk. They are not going to mutter a curse as you pass them by.


Lived in Seattle. People ALWAYS stopped for pedestrians. I hated that it was the norm, but I did it just to be predictable. Plenty of people would cross the road without even looking.


Seattle is one of the worst cities I've ever driven in. I can navigate midtown Manhattan with zero problems but the way people drive up there is just alien.




Idk man pedestrians can be unpredictable it’s always safer to let them pass than to somehow accidentally hurt them. A slow moving car still hurts a lot when it hits someone.


It absolutely is not safer to do that. If you stop in the middle of the road, you're more likely to get rear-ended, you'll piss off everyone who actually knows how to drive and then they'll be driving angry and whipping around you, the pedestrian may not be able to see around your car to other lanes depending on the road, and they're going to feel pressured to cross under conditions they aren't used to. There is no reason to stop for pedestrians if you are not at an intersection or a crosswalk. If they jump out in front of you like they've got a death wish, or they have their headphones in and aren't paying attention, that's on them, but pedestrians are really not difficult to predict. If they were, most of them would be dead. Hell even the ones that are oblivious are pretty easy to spot. Just change to the lane farthest away from them as you pass.


Just realized we probably live in two different countries where people behave very differently on the road.


Assert dominance, walk slowly and maintain eye contact.


*They know*.


Exactly. They’re sadistic, not nice.


Used to play a game with an old co worker when we would be coming back from a smoke and we noticed someone behind us a bit back we would get to the door and take turns seeing how fast and far we could make people move ..


If I hold the door for someone, I know how far away they are and how fast they're going. By holding the door, I signal that I'm cool with waiting for you. Take your time.


If someone is a little to far away I will hold the door but kinda look up at the sky and trees and stuff to let them know 1. I'm not watching them so they don't feel rushed and 2. I'm in no rush myself and I'm just checking out the sourounding.


I do this. You don’t have to run. I’ll stay as long as it takes you to get there. I’m too nice not to hold the door for the person behind me. It hurts my soul when I have to leave one behind because my mom wants to run like a track star to get what she came for.




Why else would we do it


I do this on purpose to make people jog/walk sometimes. It’s like a passive aggressive politeness assault


Tee hee




When they do that ALWAYS slow down. Maybe stop to tie your shoe. Always. They are not being nice, they are putting on a show at your expense. Predatory kindness is a thing.


4 way stop and that someone who has the right of way keeps waving for you to go


Argh the “wavers!” They are literally violating traffic laws and/or norms to be “nice.” Niceness doesn’t reduce traffic accidents, predictability does!


I only do this when they are in the way of my turn (big rig driver.) it’s even worse when they refuse because i have right of way. Like “dude, either throw it into reverse or go!”


Exactly. I don’t even drive a truck yet and I know it usually takes 2 lanes to turn when you have a trailer.


There's times where I know as soon as I go forward, even when it's actually MY turn, I know the other vehicle will go at the same time and cause an annoying situation. So I just wave for them to go to avoid the annoyance.


I despise them. I always point to whoever has the right-of-way, or go when it's me. Sometimes I have to point emphatically.


This is even worse as a pedestrian. As somebody who also drives, I have a pretty good idea of who’s going where in what order - but the “waver” turns a not-un-risky but ultimately pretty predictable situation into a complete crapshoot. Which other car is gonna get tired of waiting and mash it? Is the waver gonna get tired of waiting and mash it? Is the guy in the lane next to the waver, with no visibility of the corner I’m standing at and little visibility of the waver’s wave, even going to know I’m there when he tries to enter the intersection? If I guess wrong, it sure ain’t gonna be the waver whose dinner, and the guts it was recently contained in, are going to end up in the grille of some dude’s Escalade. “Nice,” indeed.


I’ve had people stop at a 2 way and wave me to go They didn’t have the stop sign


Definitely… even more infuriating and risking a wreck.


Or when you have a stop sign, and the person in cross-traffic stops to let you through even though THEY DON'T HAVE A STOP SIGN.


If I notice one or more cars is about to approach the stop sign around the same time I am I'll slow a bit and blow through the stop.


What happens when another car is thinking the same as you?


If they're thinking the same thing as me then neither of us would go through the intersection and the 4 way would proceed as usual


But you said you would slow a bit then blow through.....so both of you would go, not stop.


No. Don't outsmart yourself. Situation A only includes one person thinking like me and that situation leads to a certain action. Situation B is entirely different because there's another person who thinks like me. We would both be able to tell the speed of the vehicles and properly gauge whether blowing by would be a good bet and it wouldn't be. That leads to an entirely different course of action than situation A.


if it’s only me and them and they are already about to go.


My boyfriend who does everyone else’s work at his job and they happily sit back and take advantage of it.


I used to be that guy when I was a teenager. My first restaurant job taught me to never go above and beyond on the regular, because then people think you're slacking when you're doing the normal amount of work. Do the normal amount of work 90% of the time and go above and beyond the other 10% so people notice you doing it without becoming complacent


Don't let him do it, he might break out of stress.


This is my problem currently.




Oh shit. I do that.


Damn I do this, I know it’s annoying but I can’t stop. I guess I got so used to people not giving a shit about me and what I think that I feel the need to check in with people constantly to make sure they never feel like how I felt.




Yeah I'm a suffer in silence type. On very rare occasions I will tell my girlfriend or my mom if something is really bothering me just to see if they might have some advice on what I could do. But what really bugs me is if someone ask if I'm okay and I say yes I am and they don't believe me so they keep pestering me to see what's wrong. You almost have to kinda snap at them and tell then "IF I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT IT I WOULD TALK ABOUT IT NOW PLEASE STOP ASKING" but it makes me feel bad when I do that. It makes me feel like I'm pushing people away that care about my mental well being and it that makes me feel like shit which only pushes me deeper down my little dark hole. I might just have depression.


My mother does that a lot because i have a major case of the RBD..I love her but sometimes she’ll ask like 4 times in an hour and it’s annoying


Are you ok? Is something bothering you?


When someone readily accepts blatant lies from people taking advantage of them. Some people think it's a good quality. All it really does is make the good people in their lives suffer.


i really hate this phenomenon


When you're so scared of upsetting anyone that you can't be honest or truthful even when it's really needed. Sometimes the truth hurts even if it's for the best.


It's better to be kind than nice. They are not the same thing. And sometimes kindness isn't nice. The best example of this is turning people down. Too many people try to be nice by making excuses... "Oh, I'm too busy" or whatever. But that can mislead less socially tuned-in people who convince themselves there's a chance. If you're not into someone, just say so. Be polite but firm. "I'm flattered, but no, thank you, I'm not interested." And leave it at that. (And if you're the one being rejected, do NOT ask for reasons. It's not nice, it's not kind, and it's not going to get you anywhere. No one has conscious control over who and what attracts them. And thinking you can change yourself to be who someone else wants is foolish.)


The "Oh, let me do that for you!" People at your job. Sweetie, I'm a grown woman, I can do my own damn job. I know it's meant to be nice but it comes off like you think they can't do their job right. We've got a girl at my work that does this to EVERYONE and it makes everyone mad since not only will be all "Oh, I'll do that for you!" if you're looking at her and try to take whatever you're doing out of your hands but she'll just start doing your job for you if you're not looking at her and doing another task, that's the worst part. Honestly can't tell if she's doing it to be nice and genuinely thinks she's helping or if she thinks everyone is stupid and can't do it right without her help. Either way we all wish she'd stop, like thanks but no thanks.


She sounds a bit insecure. Is she new? Maybe she's scared to get fired and this is her way of trying to be extra helpful so she doesn't get fired? I once had a coworker like that


Shockingly no, she's worked there like 7 years I think? I know at least 5. And it's like next to imposable to get fired at my work, like you really have to like a full on melt down on another coworker/boss or just plain not do your job at all and it's still only like a 50% shot. XD; Thankful we have a lot of good workers and like only 2 - 3 lazy people on a team of 50+ people.


Too add to this, people who can't take a break or go home because they don't think anyone else can handle it without them. An efficient worker should be able to find good stopping points. A good communicator should be able to set you up and hand work off with minimal instructions


I'm a vinyl sawyer, take vinyl bars about 18 feet long, load them on my saw and cut them down to window size. A couple of times when the rest of the line was shut down for some reason they would send someone to help me. Ok, fine, not a bad thing to have help, but one guy just wouldn't let me do any lifting lol. Sometimes the bars have to be flipped and I've got this down pat. Well he decided that he was going to do it for me and just really struggled with it. The bars are not heavy, but as I said they are long and there's not a lot of room to flip them around. But he insisted on doing it for me. I know he was just trying to be nice, but it really slowed me down and I asked that he not be sent to help me again! I kind of felt that he thought I couldn't do it because of being a female in my 50s.


>p them around. But he insisted on doing it for me. I know he was just trying to be nice, but it really slo Oh no! XD Hopefully he wasn't just trying to help/doing it caz you're a lady or based on age, I'd like to hope he was just being nice but it does suck when it slows down your work day. Honestly I've had guys give me the "Oh sweetie, that looks to heavy for you. Why don't you let me carry that?" Alright buddy boy, the look of shock on their face when I let it go and how heavy it really is it so funny to me since normally they struggle to lift whatever I was just holding with two hand and I lifted it with 1 hand. I always end up having to take it back. XD


He's a very nice young man, I truly think he was just trying to be a gentleman. But yet it drove me nuts at the same time, lol.


That's fair. XD


Sounds like she has a lot of free time. She doesn't have any responsabilités?


She does but for some reason she'd just rather do everyone else's job first. She's also a HUGE suck up to the boss', class A kiss ass. I kinda feel bad for her in a weird way?


When someone responds to an obviously shitty situation with endless positive platitudes. It’s okay to just say the thing is shitty!


Toxic positivity


The anxiety people have over who should get the last slice of pizza makes people much more miserable than just letting someone else have the last slice of pizza. That's why I always take the last slice of pizza.


This is me too. I didn't bust my ass beating anorexia just to play this stupid politeness game around who gets the last piece of whatever or who gets to be the first to serve themselves. It's a nice secondary thought that I'm also preventing some anxiety on the part of the people who DO play the politeness game :)


I got some astonished looks when I did it after saying I didn't want it because 2 friends had done the "you take it!"/"no you!" thing back and forth 5 times but it shut them up and that was the goal. If someone says it's yours twice, believe them and take it, or it will become mine.


This is why im always the first to start dishing up food as well, otherwise it just turns into a bunch of polite, starving people seeing who can hold out the longest


Honestly there should be some kind of official role at Thanksgiving dinner for the guy whose job it is to be like "Didn't we come here to fuckin eat? Lets goooo" and just grabs a plate of turkey while everyone else is chit chatting in the kitchen and waiting for it to get cold.


I worked with a woman who apologised for every thing. You'd walk through a door and if she was waiting to go the other way she'd apologise, walk into her she'd apologise, drop something she'd apologise. I was sick of hearing sorry.


As a chronic apologizer myself, I won't say "I'm sorry" although I want to. I will say, however, that while I do not know her situation, or everyone's, my chronic apologizing is due to years of emotional abuse, and for many people it's just because of anxiety.


I still struggle with this, and try to change the "I'm sorry" to a "Thank you for..." Ex. "I'm sorry I am late" becomes "Thanks for your patience!"


Great trick


I did have the feeling something was going on with her husband but she wouldn't talk about it. I lost contact with her but the last time we spoke she was giving him money to pay the mortgage but he wasn't paying it.


she was just Canadian


It's true. Canadians say sorry all the time. We're not actually sorry, it's just something people say out of habit.


When a choice needs to be made but no one wants to do so in case another doesn't like it


one of the women in our office brought in tray of brownies for the people at work. she was one of those super nice complete doormats who would NEVER say anything bad or lose her temper and people would often take advantage 2 of the younger workers decided to start poking the brownies with pens and pencils until they had mangled half the tray. The woman sat there and watched - you could see her heart breaking at the waste of her effort but she didnt say a word. It was only when some of the rest of us stepped in and gave the 2 youngsters a telling off that they backed off. The woman thanked us and said nothing more. never baked brownies again. Anyone else would have said something immediately.


Do you work in a kindergarten or something?


Well, that's not really the lady's fault, is it???


... what? What was the point of the poking? How was that even fun for them?






Alternatively, just say you don't feel like it.. i can't still implies something is stopping you, but it's fine to just not want to eg. hang out.


Tbf, I’m hardly doing anything better




And no need to apologize for not immediately responding. Like i just sent you a meme girl, its ok, chill out


Enabling behavior/being a doormat It's only going to hurt everybody. You're subjecting yourself to abuse, your loved ones to the stress of watching it happen, and letting an already out of control person spiral further down. And I am aware that there are times when you simply can't control what the other person does to you or themselves, I've been there. That's when you cut your losses and walk away.


The doormat person often builds up resentment inside as well, then it comes out in weird ways. So it's not even really being nice, just conflict avoidant


Depends on how you look at it. Being nice to avoid conflict is just simping. But I for one was just so naive that I always trusted the other person to have my best interests in mind, which they obviously didn't, but I was holding back for their sake because I simply don't wish to inflict pain of any sort.


being so nice to others to the point of not taking care of yourself


Ik this is one of the more normal things on here but i don't really like complements because i just dont know how to respond


Or when you get a complement that you know isn’t true. It’s so awkward, I normally give a slight snicker and then say “thanks”. Like what am I supposed to say...? “I know I’m not beautiful, Janice. You don’t have to lie. But thanks anyway, I guess.” Now that just makes me look like a dick for not just excepting the complement.


Don't stop in moving traffic to let someone turning go in front of you. That's dangerous, wrong, and possibly deadly. Be predictable, not courteous.


-when it allows someone to unfairly take advantage of the 'giver' -when it prevents the recipient from growing, or having independence -when it is done to manipulate or gain favor, rather than because it is heartfelt


People who forgive others for terrible things. I could name all kinds of shit.


Forgiveness is for you, not the the person being forgiven. Forgive, but never forget.


I can see that for minor things but forgiveness is the wrong thing to do when someone does something very terrible, or poses an actual threat.


You can forgive someone, and still believe they need to be punished. You can forgive someone, and never speak to them again. Forgiveness is about letting go of anger and moving on.


Someone who avoids conflict so much that their avoidance causes conflict.


This is so annoying, especially when the original conflict could have been resolved with a 15 minute conversation


I hate when people upset or inconvenience you in a very minor way then just go overboard on apologizing. Once is fine, and is expected, but saying sorry to me over and over just makes me think you aren't actually sorry and are trying to manipulate me into being sorry for YOU instead!


When they can't say no, no matter what the task is.


I use to be like that. I've been working on it. Always a yes man but earlier my friend was eating and started holding his neck and freaking out and you know what. I said no james. I don't want to play charades and I left and went home. I'm proud of myself.


RIP James


Still havnt heard back from him. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.


Personalities that are overly 'agreeable' will be disrespected and routinely taken advantage of. Nature will not reward them. Also, a lot of con artists can often be "too nice". Beware of them.


Yeah, people who blame "nature" and the "nature laws" about injustice are really the problem, no te nice ones.


¿Proque no los dos?


I'm an example, one time in high school in my freshman year, I was approached by seniors who needed $1 but I didn't have a dollar bill,just $5,so I gave it to them,they said they'll repay me one day but they never did,they even asked my name and made it seem like they will keep their word,but they didn't, from that moment, I knew to never give money to people anymore, unless they really really need it


I feel you :( I've also given money to some classmates, it supposedly was for their lunch but they used it for cigarettes, never saw the money again, it wasn't a lot but that's not the point.


Damn,that's a bummer,from that day on,I swore to only give money to people on the streets, not in high school.


I really really need it.


I never financially recovered from this decision 😂


When enabling to clients who are paedophiles via deviantART




That sounds like an honest mistake...


Yeah. So I’m a police officer, and I see more traffic accidents than most people. The biggest issue in traffic is inattentive driving. Basically, people drive the same route every day and your brain just deletes it. That ends up having people “coming out of nowhere.” So, there’s another issue that I see from time to time. It’s people thinking they’re being nice, but it just ends up causing massive amounts of harm. So, on a three lane road, the lanes are designated lanes 1, 2, and 3 going from left to right. So, if there is someone waiting on the side of the road, waiting for a break in traffic until they can either join the flow of traffic by turning right, or going the other way by turning left, crossing the three lanes to meet the other three lanes that flow in the opposite direction. So, sometimes someone traveling in the number 3 lane will come to a complete stop to allow a car to make a left hand turn to go to the other lanes that travel in an opposite direction. The issue here is that the car in the number 2 lane has no idea what’s going on. They can’t see why the car in lane 3 is stopped. Also, the car doing the turning doesn’t see the car doing 35 or 45 because the car in the number 3 lane is masking their view. Say they’re doing 35 miles and hour, or 45, they will hit that car in a t-bone fashion killing the driver and whatever kids are in that car. But hell, at least that driver in the number 3 lane was being nice. It’s not nice. It’s them intentionally disrupting the traffic pattern because they’re too simple to realize that unexpected things are what cause accidents. Now I’ve got a dead biker, motorcyclist or family because some asshole wanted to get their warm fuzzies.


When you can’t say no to people and take on more than you can realistically handle


When people do 'favors' that you've gone out of your way to decline. If someone says they don't want it. They don't want it. The reason does not matter. Often it is inconvenient in some way the 'giver' doesn't realize. Regardless, willfully ignoring someone's stated wishes is the very definition of violating a boundary.


When someone talks to you in the same way you would talk to a kitten


"Hello, kitten. Glad you could make it to our strategy meeting for world domination."


I’d get into SO much trouble if I talked to people the way I talk to the tabby. “Hi, Brown” isn’t something that tends to go over well with HR.


Any popular girl's Instagram post and all the people commenting "ur soo pretty omggggg" They don't really mean it.


Well, the boys sometimes do, but then they're probably very horny or something


The thirst in some of the comments is real.


Guys who try to strike up conversations with me about sports just because we are trapped in the same elevator/vehicle/waiting room.


Hey, don't mind me, d'ya see sports yesterday?


People genuinely like to talk about sports though. They probably just assumed you would want to talk about them too


Tbf, I say hello to everyone is we’re trapped in an enclosed area. It’s not hard to be polite.


Kim Kardashian was at the beach, and concerned citizens tried to roll her ass back into the water.


Why are they trying to throw plastic back into the ocean?


Yeah seems pretty irresponsible


Any time someone who works at a restaurant, store, etc. is getting yelled at by a rude customer, and they still try to be polite instead of throwing it back in the customer's face. ​ Bonus points if it was actually the customer's fault in the first place, which it probably is most of the time.


Bruh, you realize most of the time they'll get in trouble if they talk back right? And some people can't afford to quit their job or get fired.


Fair point, I'm not denying that. I just meant that they deserve credit for being nicer to those people than they deserve, even if they have to fake it.


They don’t want to get fired


When the proctologist buys you dinner first.




god damn Canadians


One of my friends, one of the coolest person I know, generally spends a lot of time away from her social media. I tend to text her quite often, and every time she's away for a long time, she apologises for that and gives a reason. On one hand it's kinda cool to know what she's been up to while she was away and it's a cool conv starter, on the other there's no need to apologise to me every time, I don't mind being texted back only once every few days and I'd find another way of contacting her if it was something urgent


There is a great example in one of my co-workers. Dont get me wrong, if these things were turned down tremendously, they would be great things. But things like the ones listed below really grind my gears. - shoving food in my face, asking if I wanted some, and then insisting I take food from an opened bag where I know they haven't washed their hands after handling disgusting products - jumping in to help on a one person job (seriously, sometimes I would rather do it the *slightly* harder way than to have someone in my personal space and save just a couple of seconds) - working on the same (actually 2 person) task and wondering if I'm alright because my heart rate is slightly elevated and I'm sweating a little bit more after strenuous work in the heat of the summer (all this while they are sweating profusely and acting like they just ran a marathon) - offering out of the blue to bring me my drink, and then bringing it to me without me even getting the chance to respond with a "no thanks" (multiple times they carried it to me with their hand around the cap also while not having their hands washed) - the first lunch break that we took together, they tried to save my soul (like actually witnessing). Kudos. Really. But you're a little too late. Already had my soul saved 15+ years ago. When that didn't work, I guess they thought I needed a good sermon to go with my lunch All these instances are like a 12+ level. If they were brought down to like a 5 or a 6, they would be admirable. Unfortunately, they don't know how or when to act when helping other people, so it will continue to be like this until one of us leaves. I'm hoping to get through to them and help them learn that this isn't how it's done, but we shall see how it goes


have you ever considered the possibility that they are trying to control and manipulate you? this is not 12 level nice....this is overbearing parent nice....are they your parent? then why do they behave as one...


That is something to think about. I don't trust a lot of what comes out of their mouth, but I've never considered it going that far before. I've seen them do some weird things before, but I've always chocked it up to being completely socially awkward. Needless to say, I will be on high alert going forward. Appreciate the concern


Going extra for a birthday party or party of any sort. If I want a calm party with two of my close friends, then don't make it a my sweet sixteen party with two hundred people, or I won't invite myself. Being an introvert with mostly extroverted friends, it sucks when they do this sort of thing. You already know I hate people, right? So don't invite more!


always saying sorry to someone who always rude to your


When they constantly apologize for every little thing. Like, it's fine, you're allowed to exist.


This dude https://youtu.be/GIUoMT1rY0w


I have always thought "too nice" was the polite way to call someone boring. I don't really think someone can be too nice, but if being nice is the only thing they've got going for them, then they probably are a little bland


People that keep giving second, third or even more chances to bad people. Fully believing there can be good in anyone and they were just misunderstood.


Oof. Get out of my head.


"My Pleasure"




They let you use their stuff


People that are constantly giving you gifts or trying to do things for you even when you say you dont want it.


My friend is planning on dating a single mom and said he's gonna start by paying her bills before they date.


Letting someone make you feel uncomfortable because you don't want to be rude.


When the person is building up a deep resentment because of something they are "too nice" to mention is bugging them. Just tell me. If I knew it was a problem, I'd probably do it differently!


I'm a too nice person, so I have a ton of examples. The "after you, no after you" dance. I stopped arguing and would just go, but I used to say it up to 3 to 5 times before the other person would just give up. Saying sorry to everything, even when I wasn't involved. Dropped your bag? Price is too high? The streets dirtier than you expected? Car got a ticket? You scuffed your shoes? All my fault, sorry about that. Here I'll get that for you. Holding doors open, picking up something they dropped, too many bags, arranging things so it's easier to carry, really anything that goes with that sentence. I'd laugh when someone insulted me. Annoyed the crap outta coworkers when they were generally trying to be mean or just joking around. "I fucking hate you," "ha ha, yeah." Used to listen to the full shpeels from telemarketers, and would politely let them down. Or lie and say I'll call them back then never would. Have a hard time saying just "no." Thanks but not right now, maybe later, and an awkward laugh with awkward silence, were my go to phrases. I stand 5 to 10 feet away from everyone because I don't want to invade their personal space, unless I don't have a choice. Even then I try to make sure if we have to be closer, I'm still trying to not touch you. That's where the awkward parkour sets in. This is just general don't know you well enough crap I do, and I get worse the closer we get. Gotten better at it though.


when they have zero knowledge, skill or experience with solving the problem, yet try to solve it, then create ten more problems to add to the original one


Sadly. I belong to the “too nice” community. I’m slowly breaking out tho 🤘🏾


When it becomes overbearing and/or smothering but they see no wrong in their actions because they’re “trying to help”. Example, my overbearing MIL who darts across the room to open fridges/doors or switch on/off light switches when I’m reaching out to do it for myself or who insists on helping me out my jacket on when I’m in my late 30s and perfectly capable.


Do you mean nice or "Nice" , like dudes that stand way too close despite me inching away?


The worst is when you’re ordering something and the person can’t stop laying out the pet names. Sometimes to the point that they interrupt your order just to slather more of them on you. Its bad enough that they used them in the first place but to interrupt and then have to have me repeat my order because pet names kept bubbling out of their face is infuriating.


wtf are you talking about?


Not sure what u/spew-tum's experience is, but in some parts of the South in the USA, it seems perfectly acceptable to address strangers as "honey", "dear", or "darling". As a native Southerner, this really gets under my skin. Ma'am, you don't know me like that.


Well in northern states its less common and when people throw out two or four of them out while your giving them instructions, its enough to make you grind your teeth. Nobody has time for antique flirting


People who donate awards to people on behalf of another A: \*Says something wholesome or funny\* B: If I had an award, I'd give it to ya! C: Let me do it for you. \*gives award\*


never dealt with this in the US


They keep bothering me about my “feelings.”


When they give you a gift that's super meaningful to them but you don't want it so you say keep it buy they keep insisting