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Husky voices on girls. If she sounds like a dude, that's just insanely hot, no idea why.


Whenever my fiance cuddles me, she puts her whole face in my neck and gives it kisses. It's not only sexy but super endearing. It's honestly the most adorable thing and she just fits so perfectly. I love her


My husband can do an incredible impersonation of a gorilla. Knuckles on the ground, butt sticking out, huffing noise, the whole deal. Wouldn’t you know that has gotten me into bed more times than I would care to admit it! I want to say it’s mostly because he makes me laugh so much but damn, sometimes I see a gorilla and I’m like, “wow, he’s pretty handsome.” Edit: I’m so fucking proud that this is my top comment. Thanks for the awards! Also, I think some of you are taking me WAY too seriously about finding actual gorillas attractive.


I'm now picturing him dragging you by the leg to bed while staying in character lmao.


"Local woman rescued after falling into husband enclosure"


How people move. Is hard to explain.


People that are confident move differently than people who are shy. Both can be equally attractive. How sometimes people can be so poetic doing the most mundane thing.


Old fashioned hair styles


Fuck yes actually, like 1950’s


When they go all the way dressing up. Not in the fancy way, but in the “oh there’s a theme and I’m not shy to go all the way with my costume”. Shows confidence and a great fun factor


Some impurities in the face like freckles or random black dots. My boyfriend has this one black dot directly below his eye in the middle of his left cheek. It makes him infinitely more valuable on the face market to me. Looks so darn adorable.


are . . . are you planning to cut his face off and sell it on the "face market"? 'cause it kinda sounds like that lol.


The idea that in this microwave ready, Instagram perfect world, that there are people, like all of you in this thread, that appreciate the imperfections in people and make them sound like the most attractive features ever. Edit: Thanks you guys!! This is probably my most favorite thread ever! There is so much appreciation and positivity being spread here. I will ALWAYS keep this in mind when I don’t feel quite my best.


Recently I've been working out more. My wife says the veins popping out of my arms and hands get her all hot and bothered for some reason. Either way it feels good when she touches them.


Ah yes, the pump


Is your wife in the medical field, by any chance? I am, and a lot of my female coworkers and I find prominent veins suuuper sexy


people who can ramble on about their passion/s for hours. I love listening to people talk about the stuff they love.


That's it, I'm bringing out the dark souls lore. You won't believe why they call him big hat Logan.


An introvert’s wet dream is this thread.. thank you guys


So the majority of reddit then?




My husband is older than I am, and he started getting "laugh lines" around his eyes a few years ago and I LOVE them. I have mentioned it to him but it makes him feel self conscious about "wrinkles" so I have to keep it to myself, but those and his freckles....*swoon*


Aging Irishman here. This thread has been great for my ego


When my girl scolds me in her native tongue. I cant understand a word but god it sounds sexy.


I'm an American and my wife is a Brit. When she gets slightly annoyed her London accent gets more pronounced. It's hot.


Don't know why, but exhausted men look super hot to me. Probably because being exhausted is as close as being the real you as possible.


I think there's a couple "raw" versions of people. A great one is when someone is just completely relaxed, like present and not worrying about anything else at that time. You get to see what they think and say and how they act when the mental space is cleared and they're free to think about whatever without life's demands pressing into their consciousness.


*winks in night shift*


𝘞𝘪𝘯𝘬𝘴 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬 𝘪𝘯 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯


All this winking back and forth is making me exhausted


Fuck that's hot


I realised this too when one of my managers was so exhausted and drained he almost looked annoyed even though he is the happiest person. Was deffs a turn on


Being able to make a good excel spreadsheet


"What's your experience with Excel?" "I hate it" "Oh, so an experienced user then?" **Edit:** Formatting on mobile


LMAO yes that sums it up


My husband got himself this bear onesie. The first time he put it on I was like…what is this feeling? Why am I aroused right now? After a few occasions of him wearing it I was like, well I guess I’m a borderline furry (although I think it’s the snuggly softness that does it for me rather than anything animalistic). He still thinks it’s very weird, but he will put it on for me when I ask. Too bad for him our anniversary is in the height of summer. Edit: Onesies are widely available, so I don’t really understand why so many people are asking where he got it (I mean they’re literally everywhere, and it’s not like his is special - it’s not a magical onesie, it’s just a normal, fluffy onesie with a hood and bear ears - it’s also not one of those loose ones - I like the way it hugs his butt…) but he bought his in Next, a basic high street shop in the UK. That was maybe four or five years ago, though, but you could definitely get one on Amazon.


This has been my favorite comment so far. At first it was kinda funny to me. But I made it so much funnier in my head. I’m imagining some chick wearing lingerie & this dude in a bear costume comes out of the bathroom & in a Yogi the Bear voice says “I’m gonna taste what’s in your pic-a-nic basket.” PS- have a link to this onesie? Definitely NOT going to get one, just doing research. Edit: you guys are nuts. I appreciate you all. Here’s a headline for you: “Man bears all for his lover. Ends in sticky mess.”


Right. I'd love to see what this thing looks like. For a friend.


Fur a friend


This guy I've been seeing casually had on a bear onesie the other day and I just about died from how completely adorable he looked. I think it's just how cute it is that did it for me


Men’s calves. Snuggling up to those bad boys can be a real turn on!


*Charles Boyle has entered the chat* Edit: thanks for the gilding!


Lily Aldrin too


„who’s attracted to mens calves? they’re a thoroughly unerotic body part“ „i’d say that too if i had those skinny little chicken legs“ „i’ll be waiting by the phone for your apology“ (leaves)


Big,but structured, prominent noses. Idk what it is about them that I just swoon over,but it always happens


I am Hispanic and I have a large nose. Always been insecured about it. Resembles like those Mayan paintings type of noses This post made me happy. Thank you


Trust me when I say: those prominent noses, like the ones on old photos & statues are hot. Greek, Mayan, whoever. Works on men *and* women for me. I cry inside every time I hear of women getting a nose job to remove that gorgeous proud arch on their nose. At least men usually leave it alone. It just makes a face powerful.


Wow I have a "strong" nose and I've been pretty insecure about it my whole life. Your comment made me smile thanks! I have trouble falling in love with my side profile especially with all the nose job stories I see where they have a perfectly little dainty nose and I'm over here like...👃🏼


Dainty noses go in and out of popularity, but a strong profile has character for life.


When a girl’s hair falls over her face, it just looks super pretty to me, especially if she doesn’t push it out of the way immediately


When someones multilingual and switches back and forth between languages in a conversation


When I'm videochatting with my filipino friends and I stop to talk to my boyfriend in dutch they will yell "HINGA DINGA DOERGEN" at me. its great


It's Leif Erickson day!


Some women wear bags under their eyes very well


*smiles hopefully in anemia* EDIT: HOLY HELL. I did not expect this much support for my ferrously challengedness. My dark circles and I thank you for all the likes and awards--may your blood levels be ever-steady and your circles be hella sexy.


Here, have some iron supplements. 💊💊💊


Those look like the medicine guy from Osmosis Jones


I was looking for this comment. I love my boyfriends bags under his eyes. Really beautiful actually


As someone who's really self conscious about this, reading that actually helped. Thanks!


When someone youre talking to sticks out their tongue. Had a girl slightly do it on a date and it drove me wild


*sticks out tongue* "This seems to be in the wrong mouth"


:P “Thisth theems thoo bee inth th wrung muth”


*opens the chamber of secrets


So hot


Freckles, scars, and skin blemishes in general. So much airbrushing and make up nowadays hide our human imperfections and make people look like they're made out of plastic. I want to see the unique pattern of the person and listen to their stories of how they got those scars. If I wanted to spend time with something with a perfect complexion, I got my car.


I could think of alot of weird things I find attractive but the biggest is probably big t-shirts.


*checks size tag on shirt* How's a 5xl?


For some unknown reason I'm attracted to people who are left handed.


I'm left handed, and i had no idea that is something that can be attractive to other people. Usually we left handers just get the "oh, you're left handed" but in a kind of "you're a freak" way.


Also those goddamn scissors. You know what I'm talking about..


Houseplants. Chicks with plants are just very hot to me. Also, the more comfy a girl is, the better. Something about sweats, blankets, overly large sweaters, or girls cuddled up real tight is really cute and turns me on so much.


Are you 100% sure that you're not a cat? Like maybe just check to be sure.


No no it's all in Their username HUMAN kaleidoscope. Otherwise it'd be Cat kaleidoscope unless... That's what they WANT us to think


HANDS. And also collarbones. Also when people have just the right amount of neck muscles? That’s hot. Idk why, it just is.


*swings head around wildly like a parrot* Ya turned on yet?


You forgot to wave your hands everywhere


Hey, my friend!


Canine teeth. All day.


On a human.. right? Right?


*stares Anakinly*


*Anakinly* is my new favourite word


The worst part is, "Anakinly" was apparently already a word in my phone's vocabulary I have zero memory of using it until just now, and yet it was the first suggestion after I typed "stares"


Your phone is one with the force.


Definitely this. And it’s not even a vampire thing. I’m not really into any of that. Just love some pointy canines.


>Lucy was breathing somewhat stertorously, and her face was at its worst, for the open mouth showed the pale gums. Her teeth, in the dim, uncertain light, seemed longer and sharper than they had been in the morning. In particular, by some trick of the light, the canine teeth looked longer and sharper than the rest. -Bram Stoker, Dracula




I dated a guy for a couple of years in my early twenties who always wore an open button down shirt over a tee, and whenever he laughed really hard, he would grab the open shirt and bury his face in it while his whole upper body shook. He had a very giggly laugh too, the whole thing was ridiculously charming.


Jesus I think I just fell in love with him from that description


This lady the boss out here wingmaning for her ex getting all these people to love him.


When you sort by new you get plenty of completely normal traits, it's like you didn't even read the question. "A girl with a good sense of humour" - how is that a weird thing to be attracted to?


That’s classic AskReddit for you, people get excited, forget the actual question and just dive in with something vaguely relevant lol. Always happens in the threads about TV shows/movies too… eg ‘what are some underrated shows’ just devolves into people saying any show they like which completely defeats the point.


“I don’t know if anybody will agree with me, but man, I really love a woman with breasts”


She was a strong, female woman, with nice heavy breasts.


Sincerely, Captain Raymond Holt


A pulse is a nice thing to have too


The neck, when a woman has her hair up and those little bits of hair curl around.


> In traditional Japanese culture, the nape (項, unaji) was one of the few areas of the body (other than face and hands) left uncovered by women's attire. The nape of a woman's neck held a strong attraction for many Japanese men (see Geisha makeup). You're not alone.


Female titan is too smart for that though.




Omg… and I have *two* of them!


Long hair on either gender. It's fun to play with and easier to grab during sex


Baldy gang would like a word🥚


Use a plunger


The visual image this conjured has me cackling


For me it's the cartoon noise that accompanies it in my mind.


More specifically in ancient Chinese dramas where the hot male lead has long hair in a ponytail. Then whips it when riding a horse, doing martial arts and playing a flute in the moonlight..


I like scars. Each one has a story and I want to know it.


*”You wanna know how I got these scars?”*


I’m 100% with you on this one, it makes someone so “unique”


British people speaking Spanish perfectly


Good at queueing and queing


That’s oddly specific.




Sí, innit?


Men who look tired. That whole eye bag / sleepy eyes / slightly dazed look. Also when a guy buckles/unbuckles a belt. Edit to add: for the people who thank me for giving them a confidence boost, just remember that more often than not the things we don’t like about ourselves are deeply liked and even celebrated by others. Attractiveness is subjective and there will always be someone out there who loves you for who you are and appreciates your unique traits.


Here's me thinking you meant unbuckling a seatbelt


The belt thing is sooo true. The sound, the gesture... \*drools\*


Probably less sexy when I'm doing it to let my gut hang out after a meal.


Or more sexy... depends who you ask. Edit: Yeah, I didn't want any awards anyway. Edit 2: I will sleep happy, thank you.


Some believe there should be a veranda over the toy shop


My quite overweight brother calls it his “tool shed.”


Ankle bracelets


Like on parole?


Croaky voices in women. Think Jennifer Tilly.


[Shohreh Aghdashloo](https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0013037/?ref_=tt_cl_i_4) You may already know about her, but if not, you’re welcome


My girlfriend doesn’t have perfect teeth. She’s super insecure about how two of her teeth are a little crooked, but every time she smiles it’s the most adorable thing ever. Something about those slight imperfections just make her that much more perfect. She’s planning on getting braces when she saves up some more, which is kind of a bummer. More power to her though.


100% this. One of my ex's had crowded teeth, and it resulted in her canines growing in above the rest of her teeth on her gums. So whenever she did a full involuntary smile, it looked like she had little cat fangs in her mouth. Absolutely adorable


When I met my wife her one front tooth was a little crooked, and I always thought it was kinda hot. She wanted it fixed when we were getting married for her wedding pictures, and I was low key a little bummed, lol. I didn’t make a strong case, I said something like “are you sure, I kinda like it”. She pretty much told me it made her insecure and she hates it, so I couldn’t really argue with that. I thought I was the only one though, that’s funny.


My fiancé mentioned something about always wanting to correct her crooked eye tooth and I had never told her how sexy I thought it was but that day I was like “OMG absolutely not. That’s my favorite tooth. It’s so sexy!” And she’s never brought up fixing it again. And now I can freely gush about my favorite tooth with her. She thinks it’s funny.


Man all these nose comments are so reassuring for my self-esteem lol


Seriously, my self-confidence just skyrocketed lol.


I too have a nose, maybe I am attractive.


Voldemort rollin in his grave rn


This is pretty specific, but my boyfriend recently shaved his beard off and just left a moustache. Holy heck I was not expecting to dig the sexy Flanders vibe he’s got going on.


Stupid sexy Flanders!


Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!


Nothing at all!


Nothing at all!


When people share their TMI moments. There's something weirdly sexy when someone drops their guard for a moment and gives you a peek behind the curtain of their life.


I went snorkeling with a guy from Holland once, i found him a little obnoxious. He didn't want any swimfins, saying he was like Aquaman under water, and making a big deal out of it, to the group. In the boat, he was rummaging around the guides compartment and found a big knife. He jokingly pointed it at the guides, while doing pirate noises. Honestly he stressed me out a little. But when it came to jumping in the water, i was a little scared. I'm not a good swimmer, and i dont in particular like when i can't touch the bottom. He was the one who encouraged me, saying that he's also scared, he said a lot of things. And the reason why he hadn't taken any swimfins, was because he felt like they were dragging him down. He let his guard down, to make me feel better, eventhough it let him open, to be ridiculed a little by the group, about his Aquaman antics. I liked him a lot better after that.


"I've pooped like four times today." "I'm so into you."


Rookie numbers


Women with large oversized glasses. The librarian look! I guess I have a thing for librarians.


"Can you say 'these are due back Tuesday'?"


Being able to eat a lemon/lime without making a face. My gf did that on our first date and we've been together over a year now!


That is a rather specific way to show dominance


When life gives you lemons, use them to show dominance


i guess my “useless” talent isn’t so useless after all


Young women with silver hair.


My wife’s hair is like the color of storm from X-men and I told her later on that her hair was insanely attractive to me the night we met and she was like I thought it was my accent. I said that too and then opened my stupid mouth and said your accent your hair and your elbows made me even decide to speak to you. “…the fuck? My elbows?” I had to confess I love nice elbows. Idk why.


Nawww, that's cute


They're witchers.


I'm 22 and I've had natural white hairs growing since I was 12, about 50% of my hair is now white, the rest a dark brown. I've always liked my white hair and I'm growing it out to be completely white, but always had other people (family/friends) tell me to dye over it. Thank you for making me feel less self conscious.


My sister has the same thing though hers seems to be going silver a bit more slowly than yours. She totally enjoys it and gets people asking how she managed to get a mix of dark brown and silver and she’s just like “it does it on its own”. It makes for a cool pattern when she puts her hair into a bun or things like that. She did once dye it a metallic red color but it was a “this would be fun” thing since the dye would only take to the silver hairs rather than a “I must hide it” thing.


Armpits. Like when a girl lifts her arms above her head? Love that shit. No idea why.


poofy hair


My mom used to tell me guys wouldn’t like my natural hair. It’s super curly and extra poofy. I’m glad I can prove her wrong now.


My hair is stuck in the 80s and no matter what I do it’s pretty much always partly curly, partly wavy, and BIG. So I am thrilled to see that at least 370 people aren’t automatically against poofy hair.


Prominent noses


Actually, this is what I came to say. I met my wife online. She was over online dating, but I commented on her nose and she loved it. We've been together for eight years and are probably getting divorced any time now. EDIT: I appreciate all the thoughtful, encouraging responses and the nose puns. I don't think either of us want a divorce and there still might be hope to salvage things. But if it does go that route, it was both of us who blew it


Well, that took a turn. (Edit: haha, thanks for the upvotes, never got that many for a comment like that)


Took a nosedive*


Samesies. I'd do it again


Can’t tell if the divorce thing is a joke or not...


My guess is it’s real but not OP’s choice


had us in the first half


It was worth it. Don't ever doubt that if you love somebody


thats some life advice right there


wow this comment is actually making me reexamine how I interpret my previous marriage


Right? People regret past decisions because of how they’re feeling ‘right now’, but rarely consider that it was the right decision at the time. Of course hindsight would be a great thing!


I think I dated 3 women with sharp noses before I realized 'holy crap, I guess I have a thing for this'


Where are men like these in my life


They could be right under your nose


ha! Thanks for the chuckle


Neck. No idea why but I love it when women put their hair up and it exposes their bare neck from behind. So delicate and pure mmm. So yeah when my homebois ask me if I’m an ass or titty guy, i say I’m a neck guy. Edit.. Dang that blew up! See example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bun_(hairstyle)


Dracula is that you?


That's def a thing. I think it's simply because the back of a woman's neck is rarely seen. It's hidden by the hair much like private areas are covered by clothes. So we see it and it's like whoa.




*gives the Mr. Bean smirk*


You put that on a lady and you got yourself a deal


Women wearing winter clothing. Earmuffs, winter coats, gloves etc. Am I weird? Yeah, I'm probably weird.


Women tend to look more attractive in full snowboarding attire. Someone fight me on this.




Probably due to hitting a tree from distracted skiing/snowboarding


That little strip of hair that runs up to the belly button. I fuck with that BIG time.


The treasure trail


In French, it's called a "suivez moi", which can be translated to "follow me".


Ooh the bloody sexy French


acne scars. not all the time, but on some people.


I've always been insecure about mine. Thanks for this.


As someone with acne scars, I’m actually surprised this is a thing lol


Doing handyman stuff. It doesn't have to be all strip-club sexual, like a muscular fireman chopping wood shirtless. If you're soaked with sweat because you worked all day fixing and troubleshooting things, wrinkles on your forehead because you think too much, and you still have the patience to help a neighbor or entertain a kid, I'm jumping your fucking bones


As a wise philosopher said "if women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."


I am a man, but I can change, if i have to, I guess.


My wife says she gets going just from me doing dishes


I think you married a genius. Instead of asking you to do the dishes , she made you want to do the dishes all by yourself.


My girlfriend always cooks our meals, so I always do the dishes, and I love this arrangement because I find washing dishes therapeutic. Sometimes I do them just cause I feel like it. But she really likes *how* I do dishes - very aggressively: maximum water pressure, lots of clanking, etc.


>Sometimes I do them just cause I feel like it. Are you saying you take clean dishes out of the cupboard and just re-wash them for fun?


playful insults


Hey Oscar, you're gay! Boom roasted!