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Ones to do with spreading STI's


What's wrong with Subarus?


Lots of headgasket and ringland failures. And the dollar per horsepower ratio to build one never made sense to me. They do sound cool tho.


bug chasing.


I didn’t want to know this existed


*running around chasing ladybug with a boner*


um what


I think its when people purposelly get std's to give them to spread them to other people


ayo what the fuck


Mainly HIV


Bloody hell, I actually know someone like that. A girl that used to be in high school with us, when she grew up she liked sleeping with a lot of people and she was very easy to get in bed with. Turns out she had HIV and she purposelly spread it to other people.


How is she not in jail?


13 States do not have laws for intentionally spreading HIV.


How is that something you need a specific law for?! Purposely infecting someone with a deadly disease could easily be explained as attempted murder or something or am I crazy? Edit: To all the people telling me HIV isn't deadly, two things: 1) Yes, it is. Yeah you can treatment to nullify it's effects, but that means you have to be taking those for the rest of your life plus you have to have acces to it, which isn't the case for everyone everywhere. Plus there can still be enough physical damage done in the time it could take to even figure out you have the virus. 2) If you are going to reply to someone on Reddit, maybe read the rest of the comments below? You all are adding absolutely nothing new to the conversation... Parrots have more diverse messaging than the reactions to this post.


There was a case a couple of years ago here in Germany in which a member of a German girl band ('No Angels' - winners of the first season of the casting show Popstars in the early '00s and had quite a bit of success back then) was accused of having unprotected sex with several men knowing that she was HIV positive (and she did know). One of the men actually contracted the disease and she was convicted in court to... wait for it... two years probation. This is my favorite sentence from the wiki page: "On 16 August 2010, she admitted in court to having had unprotected sex without telling her partners she was HIV-positive, but denied deliberately causing any infection." I mean, how in God's name does that logic even make sense? "Yes, your honor, I struck the knife into his chest where his heart is, knowing that if I would do that, I would pierce and damage the heart and he would die in the process... But I did not kill him deliberately"


Misery loves company.


is she in fuckin jail?! holy hell, what the fuck.


Damn. I'm guessing she wanted others to suffer the same fate as her?


Brb gonna go put some soap in my ears


I'm gonna go burn my eyes You must have text to speech turned on :P


I’m over here imagining someone chasing lightning bugs through the woods naked at night


Prancing. They have to be prancing.


You learn something new every day.....terrible, disgusting, and disturbing new things.


That's not a kink, that's a mental disease.


I think "pozzing" or something like that is the term used specifically for purposely spreading AIDS.




When I first heard this, I thought it was having sex with a person like 3x your size and pretty much, crushing you. Then I found out people get off on like crushing light bulbs and Xmas tree ornaments. Never thought of bugs or animals. That's fucked Edit: spelling/typo


There was a vid on fb where 4-5 russian women were crushing a kitten with their bare feet. Only saw a couple mins of it and now cant unwatch it


I'm sorry, but shit like that deserves vigilante type of justice. Tie them down and have a sumo wrestler dance an Irish jig on them. If you want to crush inanimate objects, go nuts. Things that are alive and/or can feel pain, you should have the punishment come back on you 10 fold.


This is an odd one. Women (probably men too? Idk) will be propositioned to crush bugs on camera for a *lot* of money. Like "You're really dumb for saying no" money. The idea is to *desensitize taking life. The creatures (and paychecks) get bigger and bigger until you're curbstomping Fido for $10,000 and don't see the problem with it. The elasticity and adaptability of human brains is both awe inspiring and terrifying


This happens for those watching porn too and it's why internet porn can be highly addictive and destructive for some people, both on the producing and recieving end.


Crush fetishes. In my early days on the internet I accidentally came across a series of photos showing a woman’s feet in biiig stilettos alongside a kitten. Let’s just say the kitten didn’t live and I can’t get the images out of my head 20+ years later.


Wtf that’s horrible


I wish I hadn’t read this much less seen it


I read crush fetishes and wondered why someone would fethishize crushing on people...then I kept reading and I am glad that video never made it across my screen in the old days perusing Bandgedupdotcom.


I thought it was something about crushing someone's feelings. I heard some people enjoy that, for some malicious reason, but yeah this was even worse somehow..


I hope that woman broke both ankles. Evil.


This is actually the worst one. Most of the other stuff here is weird but not reprehensible. This is the worst of the worst.


No, the premise is what should be “shamed”. This should lead to imprisonment for cruelty to animals, not shaming.


I remember that. Goddamn, Jesus should have thought twice about redeeming humanity. Should have rocketed that cross and yeeted himself into space. "This place suuucks". Zero stars on Space Yelp.


"Zero stars on Space Yelp" is the best summarization of planet Earth I've ever seen.


Eye Penetration Thanks to an emkay comment I looked up this shit


I'm sorry, but what? Like, fucking an eye-socket?


I’ll let you all be the judge of this. I was dating a girl when I was 23 who was a massage therapist. I stayed over at her house, where she also lived with her parents. Not a big deal because we live in a very expensive US state and it’s not uncommon. We end up having sex in her room that night and I guess her dad must have heard. He had always been a nice guy to me and I liked him. Now the rule at this time was in their house, I had to sleep in the guest room, which was the room that their desktop computer was in. At about 7:30 in the morning I’m awakened by the sound of her dad coming in the room to get on the computer. I open my eyes a little and think he just has to print something off. Instead what I witness I find equal parts hilarious, and disturbing. He proceeded to open pornhub and I’m thinking oh no. This guy can’t be serious. It’s too early for this. Should I get up? Should I cough? Wtf. Before I can make a decision he finds what he wants and plays it. It’s a massage therapist seducing a client and she proceeds to be taken advantage of by him. The guy starts furiously wacking it to this scene and I wanted to die. Just wanted to collapse into myself like a dying star. I’ll never get the sound of him finishing to this out of my head. Dude cleans up and leaves. I stay there for 20 minutes not sure what to do. I eventually get up and collect my belongings. I said bye to everyone without staying for brekky and bounce out. I waited a couple weeks to tell my girl about this scenario. She didn’t believe me until she looked up the search history. What a weird time. Hope y’all enjoyed if you find this lol. Edit: To those saying it was a power move by the dad; it may have been, but it was unintentional. Her room wasn’t next to her parents’ room and he would have had to creep to listen. He was just turned on. I could tell this by the way he went at himself viciously lol. That’s what makes this kink so inappropriate I think. Dude imagining his massage therapist daughter hooking up with some client. I mean, we did after we started dating haha. I guess he liked what he heard. I certainly didn’t. He was in a sexless marriage and my gf’s mom was nice to me, but a loon to him. Terrible living situation for the three of them due to her. Yes he knew I was in the guest room. He was up watching TV when I went to bed and watched me go into that room. It was impossible to sit in the computer chair and not see me in the guest room bed. I’m 6’2 and 225 lbs. I didn’t fit on the bed at all. He was just in a froggy mood I guess and had to get it out. Dude was aroused. Edit 2: I never slept in the guest room again. Scared and scarred lol. Just stayed in her room after that. TLDR: Dad listens to massage therapist daughter having sex in her room with boy friend. Dad gets turned on and goes in to guest room to have a vicious wank to massage therapist porn in guest room where the boyfriend is sleeping.


I love this. I gotta believe it's his revenge for making him hear you fuck his daughter. This is the only reason I'll accept


In which case, he not only established dominance, but gave him a nice mental fuck. He's gonna bring it up and dad's gonna be like, yep, remember that the next time you wanna fuck my daughter within earshot. I play for keeps.


How was he okay with doing that with you in the room 😭😭😭 and the fact he probably thinks about that shit happening to his message therapist daughter 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Terrible. Couldn’t look at him for about a month. Every interaction from me was bare minimum. I don’t think he every understood why, and I certainly wasn’t going to bring it up lol.


Did he not realize you were there or something?


I think what op is saying, he heard em have sex so dad assumed he was at daughters room asleep, but OP knowing the rules, snuck back into guest room with comp. Dad must have had tunnel vision or something and didn't notice OP


Ohhh got it. Wow


Changed to a secondary account for this story... When I was a kid my grandfather came to stay with us for a couple days. Important to note my grandfather is a Southern Baptist preacher and a huge racist. He lived in suburban Atlanta and would often work some form of racial slur into his sermons. Like that hardcore of a racist. Anyways, when he came over he would stay in my room and I would sleep on the living room couch. Welp, one night I wake up and he's sitting on the couch on the other side of the room next to the TV whacking it to the late night music videos on BET, y'know the ones with half naked black girls dancing in the videos. I was probably 10 or 11 at the time, am mid-30s now and this is my first time ever telling anyone that story, so there ya go. If anyone's interested, I didn't real see him much after that and told him at my dad's funeral about 15 years ago never to contact me or my mom or brother ever again. Last I ever heard from him. He was, unsurprisingly to folks reading this, not a good person.


I was gonna say something like scat fetish because it's *highly unsanitary*, but then I saw the top comment about the parents role playing with their daughter's clothes and yeah, scat sounds perfectly normal now.


Reminds me of the story a guy on here posted where he was super in to it but never tried it so he paid a hooker to shit in his mouth. Apparently the second it hit his mouth he changed his mind but pushed through. It was a pretty gross story.


One of the best posts in reddit history. Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/3907wr/serious_redditors_whos_sexual_fantasies_became_a/crzf7j9?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


link? I fucking need this lmao


This is the original comment https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/3907wr/serious_redditors_whos_sexual_fantasies_became_a/crzf7j9?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Anything to do with animals.


Sooo wait, my octopus and I are not accepted?!? I LEFT MY WIFE FOR HER


That's Deep.


The Deep to you


The Deep in you




In 2 Deep




She has a name! It’s Ambrosia!!


She's a mollusk!


Kevin, come back to the Church of the Collective, we can still help you!


Have a Fresca


God damn it I knew I’d find this here lmao


Fuck Fresca


Poor Timothy.




Octopi actually can consent to Deep, since he can understand them.


When it comes to fantasy, at what point does it transition from zoophilia to xenophilia? This question both haunts and amuses me.


As soon as they pass the harkness test, obviously. **EDIT:** [https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/harkness-test](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/harkness-test)


For those of you who don't know, the Harkness Test consists of two major questions: 1. Are you an adult? 2. Do you consent to sex? An entity must answer yes to both questions in order to pass the test. A nonsapient entity will not be capable of answering the questions at all and will thus fail the test.


According to the link, it says: >"Does this character have human intelligence (or greater)?" > >"Can it talk or otherwise communicate with language?" > >"Is it of sexual maturity for its species?" The way I'd heard it broken down to me was, Is it an adult for its species? Is it *able to* consent? Does it consent? The intelligence and age aspects were sometimes assumed to be covered by the, "Is it able to consent," part of the question and just shortened to those two parts. It's all the same idea, just expressed in different ways. But I think that the inclusion of, "Is it *able* to consent," is an important one. There are people who argue that bestiality is OK because some animals consent to sexual intercourse. The problem with this argument is that these animals do not have the wherewithal to actually consent. You can make the same argument of people who are under heavy influence, under duress, or of low mental faculty. They may consent, but the general consensus would be that they aren't actually able to for one or another factor.


AskReddit suddenly become a kinkfest Edit: Just joined few months back, and these sex topics and kinks is getting really out of hand. No idea this is going on for ages.


Hey reddit what's the sexisest sex you ever sexed with your SEXY sex?


You should post that on r/AskReddit


I read a story on reddit last week where a couple dressed up like their teenage daughter to role play a her during sex. This is shameful!


I beg your fucking pardon


OP came home early found her mum wearing her clothes giving dad a lapdance, understandably freaked the fuck out. Parents apologised and confessed to the mum roleplaying as OP and having done it before. OP understandably freaks the fuck out.


I hope she packed her things (all of them) and left. Who tf indulges this?


Keep in mind OP was only 18 and they admitted to doing it before, but the mother refused to tell her just how long it had been.


Jesus, that's a new form of trauma I hadn't even imagined before.


The universe has more trauma lined up than any of us could ever imagine


Poor girl...


She did. She said that she is renting a room at a friend's. Mom refused to tell her how long this had been going on and admitted to stealing multiple articles of clothing. Sick fucks


The more I read this,the more bowled over I am. Wow!


And OP’s mom claimed to have always washed them and put them back, but rightfully OP never wants to touch those items again. And she can’t even look at her dad or be near him. Also rightfully.


can you attach this post please?




The number of people on the original post calling her a psycho or a spoiled brat for thinking her mom was roleplaying as her, and then it turns out her mom was *definitely* roleplaying as her...




it was mom's idea too according to mom


That’s not something you ever come back from. Wow.


Apparently it was the mums idea as well...


I've read that jealousy from mother's to daughters are a real thing. They are the young and hot version of themselves after all, for the narcissistic type


What the actual fuuuuuck hope OP ran... This is so fucked up in so many levels


Aw man, that's just sad.




Oh my god eww


Never thought I'd see someone talking about my experiences somewhere else... It's a weird feeling.


I just read your story. How are you holding up OP?


I've been doing alright. Work is gonna give me more hours so that's good, and I've just been reading romance novels to kill time. It's good escapism.


Glad to hear you're well :)


Goddamn, I'm impressed and proud of you for coming across such a horribly stressful and disturbing experience, and quickly identifying and utilizing support. Staying at your friend's house and being willing to lean on their household? Excellent. Seeking out a therapist to quickly sort out and discuss the experience and how to respond? Top fucking tier, bravo kid. Your family relationship might not ever be the same, but the truth is that the family relationship might not have existed the way you perceived it to begin with. At the end of the day, take care of yourself, set healthy boundaries, keep practicing the use of healthy support, and be well. You got this.


Hope you are doing ok!


I’m really sorry this happened to you. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be. I’m really sorry you stumbled upon this thread. I wish you the best.


Eyyyyy. I read your story on BORU. I’m really sorry this happened to you. I have a dad that has made some inappropriate comments about my body now and then, nothing like what you’re going through but i do identify with that gut wrenching feeling of that part of your life where there’s supposed to be a supportive and loving family suddenly being pulled out from its place and the space being backed with discomfort and disgust. I hope everything can heal eventually.


I hadn't noticed anything in my life before hand, but looking back there were definitely some comments made that make me feel icky knowing what I know now. I hope you're away from your creepy father, or at least metering contact with him.


the way you phrased it sounds like they BOTH dressed up as their teenage daughter.


Somehow that manages to be less fucked up.


Yeah I'm not sure why, I guess because that ups the absurdity to comical levels, but that does somehow seem better if they were both dressed up...


omg yes i saw that!! I cant find the update for that post, I think they removed it 😭


She spoke to her mom about it at the park after an emergency meeting with her therapist. Her mom confirmed that a. she was roleplaying as the OP from that post, b. that it was her idea, and c. that she had used multiple items of OPs clothing. She has not spoken to her dad and is avoiding him (because ew) and I think he hasn't made contact with her either? She told the whole story to her friends parents and they're letting her stay with them. Can't remember if it's permanent or temporary. Horror story.


Why would they even confess that, just say the dress was flattering or something, why give your child this trauma!


Exactly. Which makes me think they are *definitely* weirdos because no normal person would want to further the trauma. ANYTHING but the truth. But honestly, they are super strange. It’s one thing to role play as a younger person, but *as someone you know*? Nonetheless your *child*? Ew.


That was my thought as well. They might have been testing the waters to see if their daughter was cool with it or something.


Ew I didn't even think of that as why they confessed. I was like why didn't they just say she was role-playing as a teenager which is still creepy but less traumatizing than I was pretending to be you.




People with a degradation kink. They are filthy little good for nothing sluts and should be ashamed of themselves


...wait a minute


"You're disgusting, you're distasteful, and you're hateful, and you suck - You're a stupid ugly bastard, And a greedy little fuck. "You're atrocious, you're appalling, and you ought to feel contrite - For your days are full of folly, And your nights are full of *shite*. "You're a dirty little fucker, And a loathsome little shit. And I'm glad this makes you happy, But it worries me a bit."


I haven't seen you in ages and I finally catch you 15 mins after posting. Nice poem man!


thank you


Ayo nice avatar


ayo same to you


ayo boys dope fits


Thank you, now may I have another?


How do you think you'd deserve another? Aren't you just a waste of oxygen? You should go to the next tree and apologize yourself, you sad excuse for a human being.


This would do nicely in /r/nocontext


Can you give more reasons? For scientific purposes?


Please do continue


Stealthing, deliberately removing the condom without the sexual partner noticing


That doesn’t sound like a kink. That sounds more like a crime.


The problem is it isnt a crime everywhere. There are no laws in many lands for that. And there are even some porn sites who have stealthing as a sub. So I would say it is a kink for many people


Necrophilia's pretty bad...


I thought that was illegal already?


Yeah people are just commenting things that are illegal


I mean, they are legal in a bunch of places, just depends on where you live.


“What's the big deal? Bang me, eat me, grind me up into little pieces, throw me in the river. Who gives a shit? You're dead, you're dead!” - Frank, IASIP


Right when I saw necrophilia *this* is what I thought of lol and I will say it again, as I did a couple days ago; there’s nothing I love more than finding iasip content in random corners of the net


Asking this question every 2 weeks. Like we all know you're getting off to this OP.


Drinking bath water of influencers Sorry for people who just found out about this. Here's a cute [monkey](https://i.redd.it/nqs4ibtis7b91.jpg) and a good [doggo](https://i.imgur.com/YCZgsMU.jpg) to clear your mind


This happens???


look up “belle delphine gamer girl bath water”


No... no, I don't think I will.


You have chosen, wisely.


Asking sexual questions on AskReddit


I feel like every other question I see on this sub is about sex now.


that's because there is an endless amount of 13 year olds on reddit


And it's summer. Summer Reddit is a thing, and it's more trash than normal.






MAP is not a kink. You’re a pedophile. There is no argument.


Let’s just forget that the bullshit name they made up for themselves exists, and simply call them pedophiles…


What is MAP?


Minor attracted person


CHILD BEAUTY PAGEANTS. In movies, film, anything that portrays children half naked or dressed like miniature adults. The children don't give a crap about these costumes and awards! This crap is for their parents and the parents should be shamed for dressing their children up like adults and have them dance like strippers on a stage to every PEDOPHILES delight!


Ok I know this wasn’t your point, but when I read ‘dressed like miniature adults’ I pictured a toddler dressed like an office worker, with a little briefcase and everything and I thought it was a cute mental image.


Boss Baby


Scat.. that shit Is just a health hazard




You naughty jazz singer!


Bestiality or anything having to do with defiling animals.


Poor Colby :(


God damn it I had finally forgotten about that


Like it's the case with the one involving children higher up, animals can't consent, so raping animals is and should be legally considered as animal abuse.


*sorts by controversial*


Anything with kids, animals, and anyone else who can’t give their consent.


This is not a kink I believe, these are crimes.


They are kinks.... that are crimes


Imagine a lawyer just going "Objection your honor, kink shaming" lmao


*'Hi, I'm Saul Goodman. Did you know you have rights?'*


Crime itself can be a kink. Jaywalking its so hot


Tax evasion 🥵🥵🥵 larceny 🥵🥵🥵 fraud 🥵🥵🥵


Gimme some of that sweet, sweet, copyright infringement. 🥵🥵🥵


Anything that doesn't have the consent of all parties involved. You like being watched? That's fine, you live your own life but that doesn't mean it's ok to do it in public places. Like being loud? Maybe take a moment to make sure no one's in earshot.


Anything that involves people who have not given their consent. Exhibitionism in the form of flashing people or having sex in front of people who didn't choose it, voyeurism in the form of secret cameras in bathroom stalls and such, rape kink, sadism, degradation kink, dominance and such when it's done to people who don't want it, anything like that. All of those kinks are fine when done among consenting adults but there will always be creeps/monsters who get more turned on by involving people who didn't agree to it.


A lot of the public stuff. Your kink shouldn't involve unwitting participants.


You'll never see me cumming


You'll see that my hands are too fast for eyes


As a long time kinkster, came here to say exactly this. EVERYONE involved in your scene/session needs to consent. That includes your audience.


any shoving of things (dead, alive or inanimate) up your woo-ha/bum-hole to the point where the overworked people at the ER have to help you deal with it


ER Nurse told me they had to take out a shatter light bulb out some guys ass. Like bro, just buy a dildo at that point


Poop kink, like eating poop fresh out of another person ass. Yeah no


Yes don’t eat the fresh poop guys it needs to be cooked first SMH


What seasoning’s do you use for your poop?


Pooprika. Or is paprikaka better?


Dried shiitake mushrooms, a pinch of oreguano, chipootlay powder and garnished with some poopy seeds (no I didn't just go to my kitchen to read all my jars looking for puns).


They should let the poop breath for s bit like wine.


As a self-identified kinky person, my definition of 'kink' is it only happens between consenting adults. The harmful things mentioned in this thread would be paraphilias, not kinks.


It's a bit concerning that people seem to conflate pedophilia and bestiality as kinks.


Anything with children involved


since children can't consent, whatever "kink" this is is rape. no need to "shame" someone for it. call the police. period.


having a thing for vomit or sh1t