Good skincare/prep before hand.


Specifically regular chemical exfoliation plus moisturizing to eliminate dry flakes that foundation cakes onto.


Care to share some good product recs?


The Ordinary makes affordable, good skincare. I use their chemical exfoliant 'mandelic acid' or 'Glycolic acid 7% toning solution'. In terms of a stable moisturizer, I always get the CeraVe moisturizing lotion.


Love the ordinary! Totally changed my skincare game as someone broke & completely unfamiliar with skincare. Not everyone loves them which is to be expected but I can’t recommended them enough.


Love love the ordinary!!!! And I love the price as well


Their lactic acid is excellent too


Vouching for Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic as well! I use it every other day to daily as part of my nighttime skincare and my skin is brighter and smoother. Totally worth it and it’s big bottle! Sometimes Sephora would have the mini/trial size *(which is a pretty generous amount of 50ml)* in their free samples or rewards bazaar so i highly suggest try it from there before you buy the full size to see if it works for you :) A lot of people are sleeping on Ren but their stuff is actually pretty good!


Paula's choice 2% toner, tatcha rice polish (only use 1x a week) for exfoliation


I don’t use Paula’s choice but I’m seriously considering it because I saw…Paula I assume? talking about she has an amazing brand and products that she’s proud of but that she’s had cosmetic procedures done and she knows how important it is for her to be transparent about that. Skin care products can only do so much, and she doesn’t like when skincare brands pretend otherwise. Next time I’m in the market for something I think I’ll go to them first.


The inkey list has changed my skin in less than a week Edit: for the better obviously. The ordinary didn’t work for me


I love Inkey as well - their oat cleansing face balm keeps my skin soo soft & radiant.


Second the Tatcha rice powder, it gives me that “glass” skin effect that a lot of people seek. For chemical exfoliation I love the Glossier solution, it has done wonders for my skin.


Ren ready steady glow is kinda pricey but it works so well


*raises hand in classroom fashion* is chemical exfoliation the same as toner?


Lol. No they do different things. Toner refreshes helps close pores. Chemical exfoliant takes away dead skin cells and increases cell turnover rate. Helping with fine line and wrinkles.


Although, there are AHA/BHA toners, which are chemical exfoliants as a toner. An example is The Ordinary Glycolic Toner 7%. Honestly, toners have had different definitions over the years. For simplicity’s sake, I think of a toner as a watery consistency to be used right after cleansing as a first step to prep the skin before your serums / moisturizers. I find it interchangeable with “essences” (another vague and useless term), and there’s very little proof it actually minimizes pores. Cold water will have that pore minimized effect just the same.


Neither minimizes pores. Your pores are not doors that open and close. Lol. They can become enlarged if sebum (natural oils) accumulate. So exfoliating regularly and cleansing properly should reduce the size of the pores. Toners are meant to balance the ph of the skin so that products penetrate deeper.


I am going to disagree with the other commenter and say there are lots of kinds of toners that do different things. I would think of chemical exfoliation as a kind of toner: so, if toners were dogs, "chemical exfoliation" would be German shepherd. Does that makes sense?


May I add, it is always trial and error as well. I love ordinary but I realised that the exfoliation is too harsh for me. To ppl with dry skin like me, a nice face wash is enough, and moisturise well is the key❤️


Try switching to CeraVe cream cleanser and their moisturizer. It's great for dry skin as it provides extra moisture.


Yes! I've use chemical exfoliation once and it ruined my face for a while. I haven't used an exfoliant on my face for over a decade because of that experience.


I’m glad this is top comment. I stopped wearing makeup years ago but still keep up a skincare regimen to keep my skin healthy and soft and it makes me feel confident even without makeup.


I'm 50, rarely wear make-up but practiced good skincare, moisturizing mostly all my life. It shows.


God, in middle/high school I never moisturized my face and I would literally just set my whole face with a fair colored setting powder to even out my skin tone. I was probably so crusty. :x (this was 05, so no YouTube tutorials, haha)


Don’t overdo your makeup to make it look like the Instagram makeup influencers; they have their camera lighting and you have reality lighting


Yesss and they use filters too, while irl you can't use filters


I messed around on tiktok to play with an amusing filter the other day (I don't post anything, just made me wheeze laugh) and the included default filter was freaking insane already. Like do these people even see themselves without a filter anymore? Hot damn.


Right, i don't use filters but yes it's subtle but makes us look way different than how we actually look, ngl it's kinda scary tho


Today people colorize their grandparents' BW photos, our grandchildren will unfilter our photos


lmaooo. this might be an accurate prediction


You know what's freaky? Some cameras on new phones have beautifying filters built in in their software which they don't disclose.


Yes!!! So many android phones have that… and they also have beautifying filters to alter(lighten) one’s skin colour.


Such great advice!!!! The makeup looks good on camera but horrible in person, almost like stage makeup.


Instagram makeup IRL looks really cakey and overdone 🥴


Overlining the lips often photographs well but man does it look silly irl


yep. followed a tutorial one time, never again. maybe its just cuz i dont really have lips to begin with or what but i thought it looked goofy


Yep. Less is more.


check yourself in different lighting


This!! Especially if you're going out in the sun, indoor lighting and mirror doesn't depict the flaws/unblended regions you'd be able to see in the sun.


or like sometimes restaurants have stage type lighting like my work and ive looked silly under those lights before. I always find a bright window to get the best light normally


Which lighting is the right lighting though?


Depends where you’re going to spend the most time in. Fluorescent light tends to be harsher overall, natural light is probably the most useful to see flaws in makeup application. It’s like wearing a thin or tight piece of clothing…you wanna check yourself in different angles and lighting to make sure it’s not too sheer, etc.


Natural light tbh


i always use the sun as the deciding lighting


Daylight lighting is the correct light to check your makeup, I have a smart bulb that can change to different lighting, when I do my makeup I use daylight to see what it really looks like


Ooo that’s a good one. Took me a long time to realise that my home orange lighting made me look very different to when I was out in the sun. There’s day makeup and night makeup


This!! Also when buying a foundation, I usually ask if I can get a little bit as a tester to try at home. That way I can try the same foundation in the same colour at home with natural lighting before opening the product. Sometimes I notice that the colour is slightly off while it looked perfect in the store and I can still swap it for a different colour. I don’t know if this is possible at stores in other countries though (I do this at Douglas or Iciparis in the Netherlands).


Skincare! And ALWAYS take it off before bed.


*For me* less is more. I use it to enhance my features not do a whole full face.


yes!! honestly a bit of eyeshadow and properly done eyeliner goes a long way!! and with a good skincare routine, foundation isn’t all that needed, and is honestly way more uncomfortable to have on all day than just embracing the natural “imperfections” in your skin


I realised this after I went through my wannabe MUA phase 🤡 with all my palettes and shit like why am I doing this I don’t even need this much makeup?


right?? so expensive, so unnecessary, and for what?


I haven’t used foundation since the pandemic unless in really special occasions. Whenever I wear it now (really rare) I feel so uncomfortable knowing that I used to wear it all the time. Idk what I was thinking, my skin has never been better without foundation. I lowkey think it is a scam.


Foundation is just stressful for me, haha. I'm always worried about rubbing it off, or it pilling, or being uneven, or caking, or whatever -- no matter how good my skincare routine, I never got it to sit well on my skin. So I just quit using it and now I use a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen instead and concealer for any pimples. Sure my skin doesn't look as polished but it feels better so who cares!


Kills me when I see teenagers on Insta covering their whole face in foundation. YOUR SKIN IS PERFECT


Practise. Keep practicing. Remember that your face is different from everyone else's, so what one person swears by, or says is a rule, may not work for you. This applies to techniques, products, everything. Take the bits that work for you and that you like, and practise, experiment, have fun. And don't go straight for the trendy expensive shit. Just because everyone on YouTube is talking about it this week doesn't actually mean it's worth blowing half your pay on it.


this is the only good advice here.


Best comment! Play around until you find what works for you .


Blend blend blend. It can really make all the difference. You can buy the best makeup, best brushes, have the best mirror but if you don’t blend your product out well it will not look good.


When I blend, everything just ends up looking “muddy”. For example, when I use 3 distinct eyeshadows, it ends up looking like 1, any tips for that?


blend just the edges, not the whole thing!


I tap on the color with a flat brush and then do a “wiperblade” back and forth motion with a fluffy brush. I thought that’s what was meant by ‘blend, blend, blend’. Will try the edges only.


I’d really recommend Alexandra anele’s eyeshadow blending tutorials!! She speaks very directly and her makeup channel and tips are amazing.


Just looked her up and the first video that popped up is perfect, just what I needed. Thank you so much!!!


I saw a tip recently which advised to put on the eyeshadow then use another clean brush for the blending. Haven't tried it but it does make sense.


Try not to blend outwards too much, if your shadow is veering too far away from your eyes and into the sides of your face it can look a bit odd. Also, you may need to play around with tones to find what best suits you. For example, I learned that cool tones do not look good on me and that warm nudes are what looked best for my eyes. Play around and see what you like!


The trend for shadows now a days are reallly soft "buttery" is the term they like to use which can make over blending easy. You should hardly be able to feel the fluffy brush you use to blend as you make tiny circles or swipes. I practiced blending and worked on improvements by doing pretty extreme Smokey eyes. So I'd start with a bright color, like green, and smoke it out to pure black at the edges. I wore that no where but also everywhere as I figured things out for a few weeks. Best of luck!


don't actually "blend blend blend." this is not good advice. once over to soften the edges and you're good to go


You might be using shadows that are too similar in color, is that the case?


I don’t think so. I admit that I don’t know much about makeup but I use a light color as highlight on the brow bone, a transitional color at the crease and a darker or brighter (depending on the look) on the lid. I do have hooded eyes though, so it might just be that I’m working on limited space. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Try this- use a medium shadow on your lids and the darker shadow just above your crease. Look straight on the mirror and don’t look at an angle. Also cut your crease if you can. It looks muddy because you have less lid space and a smaller crease so it makes your eyes look smaller and you’re blending the darker shade into an area where you can’t see the transition.


Ok. Imma YouTube ‘cut crease’ videos, I’ve never done that. Thanks for the tips.


I have hooded eyes as well so I learnt my techniques by trial and error. There are also some helpful YouTube videos aimed at people with hooded eyes.


Personally, I do my eyeshadow and blend it gently with a big, soft brush. After that I reapply some of the color to add contrast back to it. I'll re-blend some if needed, especially around the edges. I don't know brushes, but the blending one I use is about the same size as my eyelid and isn't dense in hairs. I don't know if that makes sense. I also use a nude color over my whole eyelid before going in with colors because it makes it easier to blend.


Eyes first, foundation after.


I did not know this. Is there a particular rationale? I am not close to being a teenager but just learning about the art of makeup. The pandemic upped my brow game by legions


Dust from your eye makeup can fall on ur base or when u make mistakes on your eye makeup, you can easily wipe/clean it off without smudging your base/foundation


Yep, and it also keeps you from creasing your foundation and concealer prematurely if you do eyes first.


Makes sense


Yep! This exactly.


I rest my hand on my face sometimes when I'm applying eye makeup so that's why I do my eyes first. Also like someone else said, you can clean up any mistakes without removing foundation with it.


If you have this problem with make up dust land on your cheeks a trick to save you is to get some translucent powder and overly (ridiculously) put it under eyes with a brush or puff, complete eyes and then just brush away excess powder with any excess powder with rogue make up. (Taught to me by a stage make up artist)


but in my experience this just makes the under eyes look super powdery, and that area is already dry for most people


Yes, what a waste of time and makeup. Maybe fine for stage makeup but far too cakey for every day. Just do foundation after eyes.


I don't wear makeup very often but one thing that it took me years to figure out was why my waterproof mascara always ran. It dawned on me one day, I have oily skin, and oil is used to remove makeup. Once I switched to non waterproof mascara, no more running or smudging throughout the day.


I had the exact same issue and switched to non-waterproof just because I liked the style of brush and have had much better success with it! Didn't even click why until now so your comment was a total lightbulb moment! Thanks!


You're welcome, glad to be of assistance.


That makes so much sense… wow, thank you! I’ve had that problem for ages.


My face is combo so my mascara runs no matter what type I have used lol


What brand of non waterproof mascara do you use?


Damp Q-tips to fix liquid eyeliner when you mess up. That's the entire secret to how I do crazy winged liner lol


I had no idea just making them damp works, I always add a little bit of eyemakeup remover to my Q-tip.


I use lotion on q-tips!


That's how I learned 😁


I have a like flat, thin, synthetic brush that I use for this. I dab it in some liquid makeup remover, primer, or micellar water and then brush it on the back of my hand a litttle bit to get the bristles flat and straight and then use it to clean up the line. Good for cleaning up your eyebrows too if you mess up a little filling them in.


I get compliments on how thin/identical I can get my liner wings and I always say make it super thick and messy at first then just come in with a q-tip and clean it up/shape it


I did body painting professionally for a while and honestly, the most important tools are damp q-tips.


When you clean it/shape it, are you doing that with micellar water/oil based makeup remover on the q-tip, concealer, or just dry? I've tried it with micellar water before, but I think I need more practice or different technique than I was using, because it ended up running. Please, bestow upon me your wisdom!! (And thank you)


Not the original commenter, but I clean up my liquid liner with q-tips also — I use micellar water (I like NYX's best, it's the "cleanest" feeling for my skin), the precise tip cotton swabs, and after I dip the swab in the micellar water, I squeeze out any excess with my fingers/tissue so the swab is just damp and not dripping. Hope that helps!


Good skincare first. Makeup second.


I noticed an immediate difference when I started using skincare products in how my foundation looks! Great advice


Take a day off every once in a while.


Please for the love of everything TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF BEFORE BED. I cannot stress how many of my teenage years I spent just "retouching" my makeup each morning when in reality I was destroying my skin. That and good skin care before hand!!!


Question…. How does it destroy your skin? Like if your wearing it all day are you destroying you skin?


from experience, it causes alot of acne and your pores get really clogged. my lashes always hurt when I did this too


Makeup sitting for long periods on your skin, mixed with the natural oils from your face throughout the day without washing = clogged pores = breaks outs & acne = dirt & grime from the day not coming off = no room for the skin to breathe = a bad, bad time.




There are no rules


Give me a bit and I'm pretty sure I could convince somebody to start making them. At the very least, I hit up the clown egg registry and violate some copyright...!


Same, I tried wearing makeup for a while but after getting laughed at by over twenty people is threw about $500 away and realized it’s not for me and it’s something I’m honestly bad at


That’s sucky of them to laugh at you. No one starts out doing makeup perfectly; like style/art, it evolves as you learn what you like and want to do. I can’t tell you how terrible I was when I began, omg. However, no pressure to wear makeup!! If you don’t enjoy it, don’t bother. :)


Put sunscreen (non-oily) on and let it rest a few minutes, then put on your makeup primer.


Any good sunscreen recommendations? I have fair sensitive skin and feel like I’m running out of options.


If you can get your hands on them Japanese sunscreens are a game changer. I’ve been using the Bioré Aqua Rich watery essence spf 50+ as my daily sunscreen and it’s lovely. It has a gel-like texture, sinks in really quickly and doesn’t feel oily or tacky at all.


I have sensitive skin and rosacea and I use la Roche pose Anthelios sunscreen


People have mentioned damp q-tips, but specifically, micellar water-dipped q-tips are THE perfect tool for getting a super sharp line on eyeliner, fixing eyeshadow smudges, etc Also, putting a liquid highlighter on the high points of your face (eg. Cheekbones, nose bridge) and then applying blush after is a great way to have a super natural dewy blush


Can’t wait to try this!


Wear what you like and what makes you feel beautiful.


If you get mascara on your eyelid, wait a minute for it to dry instead of wiping it immediately and smearing it around. Use a q-tip or a clean eyeshadow brush.


i use a spoolie! works great too


this is the way. I have naturally curly eyelashes so even looking down when applying mascara won't save me from mascara on the lids. But letting the misplaced mascara dry then brushing it off with a spoolie works LIKE A CHARM and doesn't touch the eyeshadow at all. Friggen magic.


Less is more. Especially with age. The older I get and the more my skin changes. The less good heavy makeup looks, look.


Dermaplaning will make your foundation look SO SMOOTH. Not everything needs to be water proof, especially stuff like eyelashes, unless you're expecting to jump into water, use washable stuff. My eyelashes are super fragile and the waterproof stuff just wrecks it. Find your undertone. If the veins on your wrist look more green than blue, you're yellow undertone. If they look more blue, you're cool/bluer undertone. Silver colour goes better with blue undertones, gold goes better with yellow. Dark brown eyes/black eyes just POP with bright purple. I swear by IT cosmetics CC cream. I have never used something so lightweight yet so full coverage. I've tried all foundations under the sun and now I've settled on this. Nothing beats it. I also keep two foundations in my arsenal, one for winter and one for summer. Curling your eyelashes and clear mascara is a godsent for a no makeup makeup look.


Ok odd question but this has been bugging me for years and I’ve never had the opportunity to ask this: what if the veins on my wrist are both green and blue? I seriously have both and it has only made me more confused.


Ah so you might be neutral tone. Congrats. Gold and silver both look equally as good on you. The foundations part you might have to hit and trial a bit however.


You're neutral and look good with most metals even rose gold. Foundations can be tricky but most will have a nude/neutral option. Personally I find in winter I'm more blue and summer more green so sometimes my foundations lean towards those tones in those seasons. Don't ask about autumn and spring it's a mess.




Aaah, I don't use powder. My skin is too dry for any powder. I just blot it with those oil blottingg sheets. Works well for me.






I have been using the elf clear brow and lash mascara since university days and it's amazing and so darn cheap. Holds up all day too.


Tight lining the upper lashes before mascara - absolute game changer & makes your lashes look so much thicker


Yes, but be careful with tight lining too frequently. It can lead to clogged oil ducts in your eyes and permanent dry eye as you get older.


How do y'all do tightlining without your eyes hating it? I never figured it out in my youth and suffered red, watery eyes every freaking day and my eyes were always full of eyeliner flakes/black goop. Tried again recently and yep, same thing.


What is tight lining?


It’s when you apply liner beneath your upper lashes in the water line. It fills in the lash gaps & makes them look much thicker! For me, the only thing that doesn’t transfer to my lower waterline is using a small angled brush with gel eyeliner, eyeliner pencil tends to transfer


*cries in oily skin* i always end up with it transferring to my lower lash line and making me look crazy 😩


Skincare & hydration before makeup is the only trick really


If you're going to use a pressed powder foundation, always choose a shade at least a shade or 2 lighter than your foundation/natural skin color because it will oxidize with your natural skin oils/liquid foundation that you've already applied, which causes it to turn a shade or 2 darker. Personally, I say stick to one or the other - liquid or powder across the board!


Some days your makeup is just gonna look janky, the only way to get good is to practice and that means accepting that you'll make mistakes. You will be your harshest critic too so don't let fear get in your way! Don't be afraid to try unconventional colors either. Some want to say that certain colors don't look good on certain people but again, it's all just about finding the right technique and combinations—any color can look good with enough practice and experience.


Along with this, I'd advise people of all skill levels to take pictures of their makeup (read: face) regularly, even when it doesn't look great. Being able to look at past attempts with fresh eyes can help you develop an eye for what works and doesn't (like colours or techniques). And experiment when you have no where to go -- that way there's no pressure or time constraints.


Lisa Eldridge has a website packed full of video tutorials, she taught me how you're actually supposed to use eyeshadow.


When doing eyeliner, don't join top liner with bottom liner. They should not connect


I like doing it that way, it's a dramatic look for sure and it has it's own beauty. It's not a mistake tho .....


**Always** take off your makeup before you go to bed.


-Do your makeup in natural lighting -Wear sunscreen -Double cleanse if possible to take it off (every time) -Gold standard for concealer is less is more -If you have dry skin primer is not optional and neither is setting spray. -You can and should use a skin colored powder to blend unwanted harsh lines in your eyeshadow when you do one-pan smokey eyes. -Blending under eye concealer for less than two minutes likely means it’s unblended ( and it will disrespect you later 🥲) - there’s more than one way to get a super sharp eyeliner wing. Find the technique that works for you and stick with it. - wear sunscreen (yes again yes with your makeup).


Tilt your head up and down while looking in a mirror to make sure your eyeliner is symmetrical. What looks symmetrical at one angle may not from another. If you tilt your head up and it’s not aligned, thicken the eyeliner from the bottom. If you tilt your head down and it’s not aligned, thicken it from the top.




MUA here, there are 2 things I would say are the key to good makeup, 1, skincare! You need to look after your skin to have a good base for the makeup you want to use or it won’t stick/look worse. 2, practice!! You will not be good straight away. Practice practice practice. Those of us who do it professionally have practiced for years to hone our skills and need to keep practicing to keep them. The quality of your application will get better over time, you will never look like an instagram model as they are all filtered but with practice you will get better and better at applying your own


Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. I think of this every time I’m using an eyebrow pencil.


Don’t zoom in too much. Keep looking at yourself from a distance to ensure things are even or not overdone. The goal is to achieve an effect and a balance not create a perfect line/shape.


When in doubt, don’t freak out, just head to Youtube!


when you see celebrities recommending this and that for foundation or powder, it’s not always the product that’s doing wonders for their skin - it’s their skincare. It is the foundation (no pun intended) for makeup, and it is also self love for your natural self.


When I put fake lashes on I cut them in half, for me it makes it easier to apply


Just because it’s suits you in your 20’s, does not mean it will suit you in your 30’s or 40’s


Make sure you are using your proper shade of foundation. Also make sure you use make up according to skin type (oily,normal,dry). Most of all trial and error(: your skin changes just gotta go with the flow!


stop covering your entire face in foundation, only spot-correct with concealer. and dont go so heavy with the powder, it makes you look dry and wrinkly which ain't cute.


Prime your fucking eyes


Don't keep eye makeup for more than 6 months - it isn't worth the risk of infection. Buy it in small containers.


Don’t put heavy eyes on at the same time as a dark lip color- choose one to focus one. Also- start with a small amount of blush and build if you need to, which goes for any kind of makeup, really, but especially blush. Can go from a healthy glow to clown real fast


The eye/lip thing is a solid rule for some (edit: maybe most) people, but not for everyone. Some people look much better with equal intensity, (myself included). My source is the different makeup recommendations in the Kibbe typing system.


Know your skin type. If you have dry skin, and you wear a matte foundation, you're not going to have a good time.


what works for others might not work for you. do how much you want, do what you want, and rock it!


find what works for your face/eye shape. I have hooded eyes and back when makeup tutorials were super popular on YouTube, I still couldn’t find a helpful video for winged eyeliner and thought I was doing something wrong. Nope, just different eye shape = slightly different technique


I live in Asia and for the past ~5 years or so have only used Japanese and Korean products/tutorials. Before that I would use a mix of japanese products and western styling. I’ve noticed even just looking at pictures of myself from when I followed western makeup trends I looked older. Since switching to the softer, more minimalistic trends here I look more youthful and am still confused for a college student, even at 34! The biggest changes are only very minimal contouring, brightening under the lower lid, pastel tones, and less eyeliner. Related, but I’ve used a parasol, arm covers, and tons of sunscreen pretty much every time I’ve been in the sun since I moved here at 23. I think it’s helped a lot!


It's art and something to do every day just for you. Remember two things: above all, it should be fun and you don't need it!


Less is more! Don't stop on the face, make sure to blend down the neck.


focus on skincare first


Put your lip liner just on the outside of your actual lips to make them appear fuller


Sorry but no. Everyone can tell and for the outsider it looks just like you smudged your lipstick. This only looks good on photos with applied filters.


When going for a natural look enhance your best features


Good skincare made all the difference on how my make up looked, applied and lasted. I no longer have to buy expensive foundation because of certain benefits it claimed. Also applying setting powder with a damp beauty blender.




Whatever makeup you choose to experiment with or wear, just be sure to completely wash your face each night. If you have dry skin on your face, or wrinkles, crows feet, whatever fine lines, make sure you also use proper moisturizer &/or whatever product, to help with those issues. Also, REGARDLESS of your skin color/pigmentation/tone: always use SPF 30 or above; because the sun rays will age your skin, quicker than normal. Wear hats, to also cover your face & neck, if you can ..if not, then use an umbrella...to shield yourself from Uv rays which cause skin cancer & aging. ALSO... One thing I learned from a dermatologist visit: collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin: you MUST take it as a vitamin supplement, because it works from the INSIDE of your body. I don't wear lots of makeup; but if/when I do, I dab it into my skin with a small makeup brush or sponge, instead of smearing or rubbing into my skin. Dabbing on your makeup, w/the proper brush or sponge/applicator, helps your skin to glow. Rubbing/smearing your makeup will highlight your pours & make you also look older, somehow. No rubbing or smearing: ONLY DABBING. Lol, good luck everyone. I got these tips from a makeup artist. She's amazing.


I can’t do makeup but I do try to make my lips look less depressing… best thing I’ve ever learned is; Cheap lipstick + Expensive lipgloss = a great look without spending $50+ on a lipstick and then covering it up with a cheap lipgloss that just rubs off and sores within a couple hours instead you can save some money on the lipstick and get a high quality lipgloss and your lips will look great all day without spending a couple hundred on two small products


Undertones and color theory MATTER.


Wear makeup because it makes YOU feel good, don’t wear it to impress others.


Using my fingertips to apply and blend concealer instead of brushes. It looks more natural, is cleaner so I don't break out, and not as costly. Also coconut oil as makeup remover and coconut oil + tea tree oil for zits and crust. And scrubbing lips with toothbrush to exfoliate.


Know your skin type so you get the correct foundation, I cannot use foundation I have oily skin & I feel like most (that are in my price range atleast lol) are oily as well which causes my makeup to look rather a bit... gross. & skin care is an absolute must, not only for make up but it makes you feel good about yourself :) I don't have a routine, I occasionally spend an hour or two in the restroom using random skin care products on my face to boost my self esteem lol.


The more you take care of your skin the less you'll have to spend on makeup. Great skincare goes a long way. Drink plenty of water.


Yay, a thread I feel confident in contributing. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Your Loreal drugstore mascara is often the exact same formula as that pricey YSL mascara. They literally take it from the same batch, maybe put a signature scent in one, and put it in 2 different packaging (one for the higher end consumer, one for the lower). Loreal is the biggest beauty conglomerate. People don’t realize that SPF reflects flash from cameras so if you’re going from day to night for a special event, keep that in mind. Sometimes people will do their makeup to attend an outdoor wedding and be horrified by the photos. Use a setting spray to lock everything in and from smudging. My favorite is Urban Decay All Nighter. They make an inexpensive travel size one. Lighting is everything. When you apply foundations, make sure you’re in a room where there is natural light. It’s wild how different things can look when you apply makeup under fluorescent lighting vs daylight. I recommend using (clean) fingers to blend foundation. You’ll have more control rather than try to work with a brush for the first time. So many of my friends in the industry don’t use brushes at all on themselves. But yes, BLEND your foundation into your skin. Always use a moisturizer and/or primer before makeup. Pigment needs something to “grab” onto so a primed base is great for preventing everything from sliding off. They make primer specifically for your eyelids as well. Practice practice practice. YouTube has so many great resources for this, whether it’s a winged cat eye or trying to “bake” your foundation for the first time. Drink tons of water. Hydration = better skin Good luck! Have fun and don’t forget to play


No matter what these influencers tell you, you absolutely do not *need* 10 eyeshadow palettes 20 different blushes and lipsticks and 46 types of eyeliners/mascara/brow products. If you enjoy make up, sure, there’s no shame in it as long as you actually use what you have and don’t just buy it to have it. I’d argue though, for most people and most things, having one or two versions you like of each product type works out just fine.


Look for makeup artists or beauty gurus who have the same features as you do! You’ll learn how to do makeup that’s much more flattering for your face and will look good both on and off camera. Once you learn how to work with your facial features, then you’ll be able to do all the fun trendy styles and can translate it well onto your face.


Tightline on the upper waterline for a more natural eyeliner look.


Less is more sometimes. Make sure you've prepped your skin with good skincare first (cleanse, tone, moisturize). Make sure you are washing your face before bed as well (and moisturize again!)


Just worry about eyes, brows and lips. No foundation or concealer (except for the eye area). Natural skin looks so much better than that cakey gunk. If you struggle with acne then take extra steps to reduce it. Use primer before applying eye shadow. Also have fun and play around with neon colors! And MAC has great, vibrant and creamy eye shadow. Go to MAC.


Always take your makeup off before you go to bed . You’ll regret it if you don’t . Don’t be afraid to experiment Enhance your features. Follow a Lelio tutorial to learn but remember everyone’s faces is different so what works on others might not work on you, adjust to how your face/skin is


Many people have said the things I said, but: 1. Skincare is super important, as well as knowing your skin type. Think about it like this, if you have good skincare, you’ll have a great blank canvas by to put your makeup on! And ask different people about the stuff they use. What works on them may not work on you, so have multiple opinions on products/which products! 2. Always use primer, and always end with setting spray. You wanna make it last (esp in the summer) since you put work in! 3. Always always always use lip balm (like Vaseline) first, regardless of how non drying your lipstick is! 4. Less is more is better, mainly because a) people look for everyday looks mostly online and b) most people don’t realize how jarring all the tiktok looks are in real life. Those trendy looks are definitely for specific lighting/surroundings. However if you like bold looks, then those will definitely call lots of attention. 5. Do what makes *you* look and feel good. It doesn’t matter if it’s “not in” or popular, what makes you feel good in your skin? 6. A good eye cream is great to keep those eyes looking less tired. Make sure to pat it in, don’t rub your under eyes, they’re very fragile! 7. Take it off at night! Regardless of how tired you are! And don’t rub too hard.


Lashes do not always need to be dramatic. Natural style lashes can really make your eyes pop <3


Wear sunscreen


Sometimes the products don't work for your skin. This is very sad because you just paid 30 bucks for a high-end concealer, but it isn't worth the trouble to work with sth that isn't right for you.


Where would someone go to have their makeup done? Like a hairdresser, but for makeup and to show me how to put it all on.


Do the wonky eye first.


Use cream products if you're out in natural or very bright lighting.


Stop after every step and make sure you need to add more before you do.


Don't wear it often/every day. Don't forget to appreciate your face just the way it is. I found that the more makeup I wore, the more I had to wear because I hated my natural look. I had to do a makeup detox, essentially. Nowadays I wear makeup for special occasions for the most part, but otherwise I get along well with my face.


Drink water


1 always wash your hands before touching your face/apply make up 2 know your skin type and find products that works for your skin 3 always use sunscreen 4 find a good skincare routine 5 don't forget to hydrate your face, neck, cleavage and hands