Gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or medication?

Gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or medication?


There are medications to help with weight loss. Personally my endocrinologist felt that for me the side effects aren't worth the weight loss. I have 2 hormonal issues that weren't found until I was 28 and then last month, at 36. These caused my initial weight gain, caused increased hunger, and made it very hard to lose weight and even harder to keep it off. If you haven't had hormonal bloodwork done I always suggest it, especially for women, before considering weight loss, especially when you're young. Of course, not everyone has issues, but PCOS and Hashimoto's (my issues) are very very common in obese women. (If interested you'd want a Thyroid panel, antibody tests, estrogen & testosterone tests, and you should get a full CBC with a Lipid panel to be safe.)


The problem with WL drugs is that your brain adapts to them, sometimes very quickly, e.g. a week. Ultimately, they *all* stop working eventually. My doctor put me on Topamax for mood stabilization years ago. I dropped a crap ton, down to the 120s (I’m 5’3”). Then, it just stopped working and the weight came back. So, I would not consider WL meds to be viable WL techniques.


Personally, I tried the appetite suppressant phentermine and I didn’t notice any weight loss at all. It made me jittery, but that was about it. I’m 37f, 5’4” highest weight 250, surgery weight 235. I’m about 5 months out from gastric bypass and I’m down to 185. My goal is to get to “normal” bmi (120-140 lbs) but I’ll be totally happy at 140-160. I chose bypass surgery over sleeve because I’ve had severe heartburn for years, and the number 1 reason for revision after sleeve appears to be because of heartburn, even in people who’ve never had issues with it before. My surgeon told me I could have either surgery, so my deciding factor was not wanting to have a surgery that could make my heartburn worse and end up having a second surgery. I only wanted to go through this once. Good luck with your journey. It’s hard, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.


I have tried Qysima, I have tried Phentermine. I have tried fasting, and Keto and every other diet known to man. I always end up at the same place. Lose and regain the same 30lbs. This is my choice to have permanent change. I am starting with a sleeve and hopefully it will be the tool to help. The sleeve as I understand removes so much of the stomach and lining that it is an appetite suppressant by not making ghrelin.


Do you have heart burn or any other conditions that would be worsened by a sleeve? If not, you should consider the sleeve. The bypass is extreme and means permanent life changes. Certain medication can never be taken again. Sugar dumping is real. I’m surprised your surgeon hasn’t guided you one way or the other. Are you sure this is the right surgeon for you?


I am on ozempic which suppresses your appetite and I'm very pleased with it. It slows your stomach motility and works on your blood sugar to decrease hunger and carb cravings. It's a once a week injection.


I just thought I'd give an update. I've been on phentermine for 3 months and I've lost 32 lbs total so far. My appetite is reduced, and my insurance will no longer consider me for weight loss surgery because I'm lower than 40 BMI with "no heart-related co-morbidities". I am determined to make this work! I feel so much better already! Thank you


32 lbs is 14.53 kg