Jan 6 rioter quotes Bible, claims she’s not subject to our laws because she’s not a person, immediately goes back to jail

Jan 6 rioter quotes Bible, claims she’s not subject to our laws because she’s not a person, immediately goes back to jail


[News coverage](https://www.courthousenews.com/capitol-rioter-ordered-to-jail-after-snubbing-bail-office/) Highlights: - Bauer is charged only with nonviolent misdemeanor crimes related to the Jan. 6 insurrection but has irked prosecutors by refusing to comply with simple release conditions, like handing over her passport, confirming her address, letting pretrial services inspect her home once and calling to check in once a week. - In lengthy, gibberish-filled court filings, Bauer has claimed that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction over her as she is a “sovereign citizen” and “self-governed individual.” - “I have a right to self-determination. I do not agree to any tacit agreement that puts me back in the water. I am on the land,” Bauer told [Judge] McFadden.  - McFadden revoked Bauer’s release, and Bauer was taken out of the courtroom crying and screaming: “No! I’m not going back to jail! Why are you doing this?”


> “You’re a small business owner. I don’t want to lock you up. I don’t want you to lose your restaurant,” U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden said at an in-person court hearing for Pauline Bauer on Friday. “I’m not concerned about you being a danger to the community but I am very concerned about you being willing to comply with your conditions of release.” The judge is begging her to let him release her. Really sad.


>I don’t want you to lose your restaurant,” OMFG. How does she handle health and safety inspections?


Shit I never even thought about that. Someone who would take a big ol bite of a Trump brand cow pie probably lacks the presence of mind to understand the reasons behind regulations or why spreading illness to your customers is bad


I’m still wondering how mypillow hasn’t been shut down by OSHA




> Chinese pillow factories While there’s nothing ridiculous about it, it sounds like the silliest thing.


"Batman has no jurisdiction. He'll find Liddell and make him *squeal*! "Batman is a billionaire, he's on Trump's side." "Ai fuck."


She must have apprenticed under Lauren Boebert.




Yeah, the one that used campaign funds to pay her rent and bills.


The desperate model that got scooped up and trained in right wing talking points and dressed up like Sarah Palin? Who's husband was paid a half mil by an energy company as a 'consultant' right when she got to congress? That Lauren Boebert?


When i was in college i got a job working at a bar and grill in a pretty rural area. The county health inspector performed inspections by coming in and having a few beers and a burger then marking down an A on the paperwork. Edit:. She's from Kane, Pa. It's probably exactly like that except the health inspector walks out with 2 large pizzas and some garlic knots and flirts with the 17 year old girl working the register


**UGG!** Where I live, you do not fuck with County Health, and the Fire Marshal has handcuffs on their belt, which they WILL use.


Yeah where I live they shut down places for violations all the time...although there are rumors that they are not above cash bribes either.


I worked at a Burger King with a mouse infestation. They would run through the dining area. I pointed it out to the manager to no effect, so eventually I made a complaint to the Department of Health. The inspector wrote us up for having too much space under the door between the kitchen and dining room.


>Edit:. She's from Kane, Pa. Yeah.... The fact that she was involved in all of this and is a sovereign citizen nutjob doesn't surprise me. Pennsyltucky has some serious issues.


Inspector: haw! Haw! I don’t even care if you shit in the soup! Speaking of, what’s the soup today? Owner: chunky black bean. Inspector: sounds delicious. Gimme a large to go!


No one's staying in business if they shit in their food but there's a lot that an inspector should check for like labeling in the coolers that can get "overlooked"


She owns a restaurant and takes US currency as payment? That sounds like something a US citizen would do. Edit: spelling


I bet she changes the "F" to an "A" with markers.


Sharpie markers


It’s your responsibility for your health and sanitation at my restaurant! Food safety is communism


Why is she getting preferential treatment for being a business owner? He’s been giving her way too much leniency this whole time.


I view it as the Judge trying to find a way to connect her to a reality and a consequence she would understand. Honestly it makes me respect his efforts to try any way he could to communicate the seriousness of the situation.


I think the judge is thinking more about the welfare of the people she employs here. If the restaurant closes, they all lose their jobs.


Someone who doesn’t think she’s subject to any laws doesn’t sound like a great employer to begin with


She claimed no one wants to work and she’s the only one working there all day. I think she’s full of shit, but still. He should have called her on it.


Judges generally give everyone a chance to comply with pretrial conditions, unless you're truly a flight risk or an imminent danger to others.


That's the neat part, she doesn't!


Oh, I know that she doesn't do inspecting, but, I really don't see her attitude going down that well with County Health and/or the Fire Marshal when they come to do inspections.


She probably doesn't allow the inspectors into her restaurant because of sovereign citizen nonsense.


These types are idiots - she probably doesn’t equate the health inspections with what she’s doing here. The same way the anti-Covid-vax “freedom fighters” don’t equate the need for Covid vaccinations with the vaccines their children were required to take before starting school which never bothered them and don’t equate the “government overreach” of mask mandates with the laws prohibiting drinking and driving which they never thought to oppose. They’re fucking morons.


Her "vessel" deals with such shit, it's beneath her.




She is too far down the rabbit hole with her broken mental model and belief system. She needs a social worker if released.


Guarantee she would accuse a social worker of attempting to detain her.




St. P. Barnes, patron saint of appropriate tazing.


I translate this "I would love to overthrow democracy and establish a permanent right wing dictatorship in the US, but you're making our side look bad."






Honestly, he has no reason _not_ to want to throw the book at her.


>~~Really sad~~ Particularly amusing.


Judges are far too nice to the wrong people. Had she cooperated no charges would've been made.


Where is this energy with POC misdemeanor offenders


>In lengthy, gibberish-filled court filings, Bauer has claimed that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction over her as she is a “sovereign citizen” and “self-governed individual.” Fun fact: We do have these kind of people in germany too, but on a different level of stupid. Our morons say, because Germany never have signed a peace treaty, the present Federal Republic of Germany and its constitution have no legal basis. Worse. Since our constitution is called "Basic Law" and not constitution, we would not have a valid constitution.We are rather a US-led colony and Germany is a limited liability company. Why? Because our identity card is called a "Personalausweis". Personal can be interpreted as "personal" or personnel. Germans are therefore only "employees" within the Bundesrepublik-GmbH.They see themselves more as citizens of the German Reich (before the Nazis), so they call themselves Reichsbürger (Reichs Citizen).And "of course" Reichsbürger claim they have nothing to do with Nazis, because Nazis are evil and all that. But ultimately it's the Jews who are behind everything, who want to destroy Germany, the Holocaust is exaggerated and Germany was only defending itself. The same group of people is also of the opinion that the compulsory masks are a plan of the Jewish World Conspiracy and that the vaccine will lead to the vaccinated all dying in September. September isn't over yet, so let's see what's in it. Corona does not exist and those who believe in it will be surprised when Donald Trump (!) becomes president again in the USA (!!), because he will chase Merkel out of office (!!!) and then everything will be fine. Our idiots seem to be more stupid than your idiots. But you guys have way more idiots...


Quality versus quantity, my friend.


>Quality versus quantity, my friend. The quantity of voters decides an election, not the quality of voters.


In America, the quantity of voters doesn't matter as much as which piece of dirt they live on.


In Canada they call themselves Freeman on the Land. They claim that the British North American Act, Statutes of Westminster and Constitution of 1981 were flawed and didn't make Canada an independent country, rather some sort of dependent "corporation". Then claim that as a result law only apply to their "legal person" not their "natural person". Same shit, different pile.


>Freeman on the Land I bet at least one of them is called Gordon...


We have our special flavor of those in the southern US. They like to claim that the Confederate States of America is still in existence and at war with the United States of America because, according to them, the CSA never surrendered. They say Lee only surrendered the Northern Virginia Army to Lincoln, not the entire nation.


Suuuuurrrrreee...and I guess ol' Jeff Davis just stayed on as their president, and they kept having more elections to keep their own separate president in office all this time. Oh, wait.


I don’t know…it’s hard to beat America stupid. Remember, our idiots are better (and more easily) armed. There is a lot of stupid packing heat in this country.


Oh, did I forget to tell you that a lot of these guys DO HAVE GUNS? Like... a lot? Legally and illegally?


Oof. My condolences. Perhaps an island somewhere in the North Atlantic for them all-we can bill it as a “Vaccination Free Neutral Zone!” subject to no international laws. You know, the Hunger Games for morons. Televise it, raise money, do good!


I mean... [https://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/german-officials-fear-increase-in-pandemic-fueled-radicalism-in-wake-of-murder-a-fb10ad97-3a86-4c82-ae6f-51f3fa6e70e2](https://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/german-officials-fear-increase-in-pandemic-fueled-radicalism-in-wake-of-murder-a-fb10ad97-3a86-4c82-ae6f-51f3fa6e70e2)


I hear greenland is rapidly thawing... Perhaps they'd all be interested?


> The same group of people is also of the opinion that the compulsory masks are a plan of the Jewish World Conspiracy and that the vaccine will lead to the vaccinated all dying in September. Yes, let's kill off all the docile subjects who followed your orders to get vaccinated, sounds like a *brilliant* plan!


I could use that logic as a corkscrew.


If you really want to dig deep into the Sovereign citizen concept the American version is equally as stupid. People legitimately believe that they're not subject to the laws partially because of a concept of self-determination but also partially because they believe that the law is admiralty law which is why they talked about not being in the water. They basically are arguing that our entire legal system was secretly replaced by International Commerce law which you can tell by the gold tassels on the flag that they use in court or something and therefore none of the laws actually apply to them


I guess the thing that confuses me most about the whole sovereign citizen movement is just generally how it can work. Like, if I were to steal something from one of these people, would they call the cops? Would I have a valid defense in the claim that I too were a sovereign citizen and not subject to the court's jurisdiction? Wouldn't this just lead to rule by warlords as stronger people exploit weaker people with nobody jurisdictionally able to stop them? Who would want a system like this??


These people are convinced *they are* the stronger people who would exploit the weaker people in a warlord/feudal system. except they're also strong lone wolves who will survive all on their own during the apocalypse, because they're sooo strong and self sufficient. they also think they're the only ones that have guns, which is, in the US, just not the case. but really, they're just frustrated bullies. they say they want more independence, but what they dream about is subjugating others.


> but really, they're just frustrated bullies. And fucking morons.


yes. it would, and they think they would rise to the top of that dog pile because guns. and jesus.


I feel like it's not a movement so much as a diagnosis.


It is called anarcho capitalism, and has absolutely nothing to do with anarchism. They are hated by absolutely everyone on the left.


Meh. If you're, say, a French tourist, and you report a theft, you're still able to call the cops. The law operates mostly independently of your claimed citizenship.


Yes. Because the magic words are "I do not concent" and then the cops can't arrest you..


Oh my. If only it worked that way...


It is fascinating. Usa has had “extrajudicial” in just guantanamo for like 20 years. Not having jurisdiction has never stopped them before, so why on earth would their made up one matter all of a sudden


Since she's not a citizen of the United States, it'd be great to send her elsewhere then. Doubt too many countries would want to accept her, but...




Now *there's* a thought.


> No! I’m not going back to jail! Why are you doing this?” I would’ve loved to see a video of this and listened to her thoughts as it happened


"McFadden started Friday's hearing by denying Bauer’s 114-page motion to dismiss her case..." Only on the first page and already I can tell that this lady is legitimately insane.


The Opening Arguments podcast did a relatively deep dive on that defense motion, and it was legitimately bonkers.


Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument ... is the phrase that a Canadian judge used to describe this nonsense. It comes from dodgy websites (I wonder if they sell pillows?).


Oh it’s THAT nutcase. You can just hear that smug holy rolling tone coming off those pronouncements like she was Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments…..then the dawning that she ain’t when she gets carted off again. Yea she can sit in jail….


Save me, Donald Trumps!


> McFadden revoked Bauer’s release, and Bauer was taken out of the courtroom crying and screaming: “No! I’m not going back to jail! Why are you doing this?” Lol


All she had to do was comply and she would be faced with a $500 fine.


>Difficult Jan. 6 defendant Difficult? Sounds like she's making things pretty easy for the judge.


Sovereign citizens make life difficult for everyone. Having to read or hear the absolute quagmire of nonsense they spew is migraine-inducing. Also, her and others iirc have fired or refuse to cooperate with their representation. This can get dicey because both the prosecution and Judge don't want to leave a door open for later appeals based on poor representation.


I know the poor representation appeal there for good reason, but I feel like this needs to be taken into consideration when looking at approving or denying an appeal. If you just flat out refuse to work with your lawyer or public defender, and don’t have a valid reason, that’s on you. And you can’t come back and say you had poor representation if you were the one getting in the way.


Honestly the solution is to commit them to a criminal psychiatric facility as unfit to stand trial. One way or the other that will solve the issue.


That means they might have to part with their guns...shame really...


Frankly, this would be the correct course of action. They are deeply detached from objective reality and believe violence is a way to make their reality into actual reality. They are dangerous. They need help, but help in a secure environment where the facility can handle their violent tendencies.


Yup, and if they are cognizant enough to be released, then they can stand trial. If not, they remain.


>There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to.


That's some catch there


This was exactly my first thought reading this, glad you beat me to it. YVR


Excellent idea and policy. Like who doesn't recognize these folks are detached and insane, a danger to themselves and others? They should be committed.


This.this is one of the few effective ways to deal with these nut jobs. This morphing American ectoplasm of Trumpist hate needs to be thoroughly crushed and diminished til it’s entirely powerless. The only thing they respect is power.


Good thing we have a robust and well funded mental health care infrastructure. Whew!


Thanks Reagan!


I pretty routinely take people to the hospital who have serious mental illness and commit otherwise criminal acts that they aren't capable of really understanding. The truly sad thing about most of these rioters is that someone really doesn't need to have schizophrenia or PTSD or an adjustment disorder to convince themselves of stupid shit. A person with schizophrenia in full blown psychosis can be completely incapable of telling right from wrong, these assholes just convinced themselves that they're right and everyone else is wrong. They still have capacity to know better and deserve the face the consequences as such.


Which is funny, because it turns what would otherwise be a few months of probation into indefinite detention.


They're not anywhere near unfit. They know the roles of the people in the courtroom, the nature of their charges, the possible outcomes, etc., as well as the next idiot layperson. They just don't believe that the system that includes all those things is valid, because...UCC and gold flag fringe and capital letters. The proper way for judges to deal with them is give them their time to ramble a bit, say "yeah that's not how it works" and proceed, making sure to make a good record of their findings and decisions. Don't debate them.


"Sovereign citizen" is a mental disorder anyway.


Eeeeeh, I like the surface idea of it, but there's a reason why committing someone to a psych facility against their will (let alone criminalizing them in the process) is difficult, and that's that it can turn into a fast-track for dealing with political opponents and other undesirables. You may recall that it wasn't that long ago that people could be (effectively) summary convicted and confined to institutions for nothing more than wearing the wrong clothes or loving the wrong consenting adult. There, they'd be subject to all manner of abuse, including but not limited to unproven medical experiments like frontal-lobe lobotomies. Don't get me wrong, I'm *all* for swift, proper justice brought to majority individuals; especially if it means getting them the help they need in the process. But the reality is that making it easier to forcibly commit people in general almost always goes very poorly for minorities.


The DSM has specific criteria for Delusional Disorder, and psychotic delusions of Bizarre type. I’ve personally had people sectioned for similar levels of delusion beliefs Some people are literally too insane to be allowed in society and we have to treat them as such.


They are not being denied due process, they are refusing it. They have access to a lawyer any time they want out. At which point they will face trial. There is nothing extra-judicial about it. And obviously there is a legal process for committing them. You have to have doctors that say they are unfit. These people are so detached from reality I think they would actually qualify. How can they get due process if they are so detached they refuse council and are completely incapable of self representation?


> If you just flat out refuse to work with your lawyer or public defender, and don’t have a valid reason I just wanna point out this is kinda dicey because undiagnosed mentally ill people could be fucked over and we already have an about 11% wrongful conviction rate


I think it will be, it just makes the prosecutors and judge very careful to make sure everything is on the record so it is clear the defendants were advised to have competent council multiple times and refused.


So, the rules vary from place to place, but courts are generally pretty well equipped to handle self-represented accused. Everything just slows down, none of the procedural shortcuts are taken and the judge (and ethical prosecutors) make sure that any obvious defences are properly addressed. It's slower and usually worse for the accused, but it's not a total disaster. But sovereign citizens aren't just self reps. They engage in all sorts of destructive and abusive shenanigans. They sue prosecutors. File bogus claims asserting that the court isn't a court or that they're not a person. Literally sign documents in blood. I've seen them get a warrant issued because they refused to identify themselves. I've seen them pretend to be on an a seagoing vesssel, because it somehow fits into their worldview to pretend a court is a boat. Their whole philosophy is aimed at abusing that goodwill and taking advantage of a system designed to treat them fairly.


Their logic is actually way dumbed when you think about it further. They claim that the laws don’t apply to them because they’re not “citizens” and instead they’re whatever the fuck they call themselves. Motherfucker, laws still apply to you even if you’re not a citizen. If I go to Russia, for example, and start breaking a bunch of Russian laws, I’m gonna get arrested and go to jail even though I’m not a Russian citizen.


I've posted this before, but it always gets [Headline News by Weird Al](https://youtu.be/dU95v23MQ4c) running through my head, the first verse being about the US kid going to Singapore and getting caned. That song came out when I was quite young and stayed with me, haha, don't fuck up in other countries because they have different punishments and laws. And ice skating is very violent, and people get mad and cut off penises sometimes. Thanks Al! (Honestly, his last concert in 2019 was the most fucking fun I've had!)


I was a prosecutor. Making the record to CYA is easy, the rest is pure entertainment and ends the same way, with some absolute raving asshole being dragged to some dark hole.


So just trying over and over to explain that the sovereign citizen defense won’t work and has never worked until they shut up long enough to get sent to jail? Always kinda wonder what goes through their mind when that fails and they get sent to jail.


The folks arguing sovereign citizen stuff so far seem to be deep into lizard-people level conspiracies. Much like those dying from covid in their hospital beds, many will either never "sober up" or at least not until it's too late.


>Always kinda wonder what goes through their mind when that fails and they get sent to jail. If you have the temerity to argue a sovereign citizen defense in earnest, then you'll probably feel incredibly persecuted and butthurt about the whole ordeal. If you didn't have a martyr complex before, this'll probably cultivate one pretty hard.


So they’ll think they were right to declare themselves sovereign citizens and the judge was just incompetent and didn’t understand the law?


>Always kinda wonder what goes through their mind when that fails and they get sent to jail. my guess - a whole lot of air and echoes


Are they real sovereign citizens though? She was at a Trump rally. Maybe it's just they have no defense so they roll the dice on sovereign citizen defense.


Well, the way she's treated her counsel and spoken about and towards others in the court room, she seems all in and got the claims and lingo down. Also, there are plenty of Trump-loving sovereign citizens. Simultaneously holding diametrically opposed views is not a skill exclusive to Qult members.


If they are not US citizens, does that make them illegals?


We should deport them, except no other country wants them.


They are free people of the land, their own country, only Maritime Law applies, the US Government is a corporation, the gold fringe on the flag means this courtroom is invalid, blah blah blah. Sovereign Citizens are as convoluted and self-sealing as QAnon but has been around long before even 4Chan was an idea. Many of them have tried defending themselves in court and they never come close to succeeding.


What I'd love to see: Perp: "I'm a Sovereign citizen!" Judge: Perp states he is not a US citizen. Therefore he is not a US Citizen and is in this country illegally. Remand to custody of Immigration and Custom's Enforcement until he can be placed in a country that accepts him. Make sure he reads [The Man Without a Country](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1863/12/the-man-without-a-country/308751/)


They only make things difficult for everyone else because the legal system chooses to not follow sovcit reasoning to the logical conclusion. Ok, so you claim to not be subject to the laws. That literally makes you an outlaw, and you can be killed like a wild animal.


LOL, I love how these idiots think they can just outwit the law by making some absurd pronouncement like "I am not a Person." What did she think the judge was going to say to that? "Oh SNAP, I guess we have no jurisdiction over you now. You're free to go!"


I also like how they assert the government is tyrannical, especially under Biden, but there's just this one weird trick to get you out of all of it that doesn't involve having money or connections. Just like how they think international conspiracies at the highest levels of government just leave breadcrumbs all over the public internet and tv just for people to find, you know, to make things fair.


"You've gotta fight like hell or you won't have a country anymore" out one side of the mouth... "I'm not a person, no government has authority over me" out the other The enemy is both strong and weak


I'll never understand why they think that the people behind these massive conspiracies leave out clues like a 1960s Batman villain


The main error sovereign citizens make is believing that being “right” is a defense. Even assuming they’re convinced that their legal arguments are 100% sound, you’d think they’d be deterred by the fact that no sovcit argument has ever worked in court. The law is nothing but what you can convince a judge the law is.


“See, those *other* sovcits just weren’t as smart as me. I, however, am much smarter and will show everyone how smart I am. Then, they will *have* to let me go because they are dummy-dum-dums that won’t be able to find a flaw in my super smart plan.”


"Well, since you aren't a person then it isn't illegal for the baliff to beat the dogshit out of you for wasting everyone's time like this."


I’m very curious what that means in regards to her restaurant that the judge “didn’t want her to close”. Does she not pay taxes or follow health & safety guidelines etc?


Presumably she can't run her business while she is in jail. He wants to release her so she can get back to it, but she wont agree to the terms of release.


“Judges hate this one simple trick…”


2 questions: 1, why would a “sovereign citizen” care about US elections? 2, (this is new) why would “not a person” care about US elections?


Now you're asking the real questions.


The Opening Arguments podcast took an interest in this case and made sure to give props to Bauer's court appointed attorney, who, even though Bauer has tried to fire her, has remained on as a consultant or something and has filed extremely thorough and competent motions on her former client's behalf out of sheer professionalism (which is good because nobody wants to go through this shit again if Bauer were able to appeal for a mistrial or something).


In some jurisdictions it's called "standby counsel." The defendant can self-represent, but standby is there to instruct and inform the D, usually on the record. This helps avoid any future ineffective assistance of counsel arguments that may be made on appeal. 'Cause no one wants to see these space cowboys ever again.


She self-represents as a corporation, or maybe her own sovereign state, or something equally batshit I’m sure


"Judgement is coming for all of you making money off of mankind..." From a TRUMP SUPPORTER? Trump.


Should I let it sink in?


So the lead singer asked the audience “how many of you feel like humans tonight? How many of you feel like animals?” And the crowd cheered after the animals part. But I cheered after the humans part because I did not know there was a second part to the question. I thought “yes I do feel like a human, I do not feel like a tree.”


I saw a wino eating grapes and I was like, dude, you have to *wait*


I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long.


A bouncer at the show told me to move because I was blocking the fire exit, as if there was a fire, I wasn’t going to leave.


> I am not a person She sure was acting like a wild animal that day, and every time she's reared her head since.


[Pauline Bauer, who refers to herself in court filings as a “vessel” or “living embodiment of God’s creation” rather than a person...](https://www.oleantimesherald.com/news/kane-woman-charged-in-capitol-riot-fires-attorney/article_0321a167-c324-5105-a351-4a793291d849.html) Yikes


But does she try to invoke rights and liberties that are specifically guaranteed to people?


Sovereign Citizens also use our currency, gov't. services, unemployment benefits, foodshare programs, etc. But only the services that benefit them. If they're getting arrested, jailed, denied free stuff or told they can't do something, suddenly they aren't part of our society.


SovCits are libertarians taken to an (il)logical extreme. They claim the right to do whatever they want, including getting the benefits of society, but deny responsibility for anything they don't like because it somehow infringes on their sovereign rights.


I don't know why, but I just though of this quote when I read your comment: "I don't care *who* the IRS sends, I'm *not* gonna pay my taxes!"


Tax evasion is a popular pastime with that crowd, so that makes sense.


This is what happens when adults believe fairy tales meant to teach morals to children.


It's sovereign citizen semantics 101. They aren't people, they are souls in containers and no one can pass laws governing souls, silly!




Why didn’t my magic words work? They promised me they would work!


But they did their “research”


This is what happens when mental illness and religious indoctrination meet


And they almost always do...


I did an internship at a forensic psychiatric hospital. A lot if not most of patients that committed a violent offense had a religious delusion that led to it. It's so sad... when I treated them they were medicated and years in treatment so the delusions were gone but they still had a lot of time to serve


I work with forensic patients now and this is so damn true.


Sovcits doing sovcit things. /r/amibeingdetained or /r/Sovereigncitizen for more amusement.


Oh, thank you. I was hoping there was a sub or two. "Tu es en MUY trouble, señor!!" is one of my fave sovcit quotes.


Aren't those Mexican Federal Agents that he's Peggy Hill-ing at?


Unfortunately I think it was just some sort of toll booth, according to the comments and his YT post. I’m surprised he hasn’t been killed. He fled America w his wife and kids, and fucks with the Mexican police all the time.


LPT: don't argue with the FUCKING JUDGE.


Why is this person not in a padded room?


In case they manufacture a rudimentary MyPillow.


I couldn't be a judge. I'd take any such bullshit as contempt and keep it going for as long as they try to pull SovCit stunts.


She was probably the type who on Jan 5th was all for rule and order and then she fucked around and found out her magic white cape didn't absolve her if consequences and suddenly made up new rules to life that only she has to follow now. I don't get it. What did these idiots think was going to happen by doing this? Stern lectures and slaps on the wrist?


>What did these idiots think was going to happen by doing this? Trump was sent from God. Therefore she rightfully assumed Trump would take her sins from her and book her a place in heaven. ^(/s just in case)


Donnie is like the pied piper of idiots, rubes, and morons.


Just another (R)adicalized fundamentalist terrorist.


These people are broken.


Crazier than a box of frogs.


“I’ll take that as a no” LMFAOOOOO that’s savage


Wait, that *doesn't* work?


I neither speak nor understand Dutch, but she was interviewed recently by a Dutch media outlet. For those interested: https://youtu.be/bzWS2U6TT8w


It is really mystifying that all these "sovereign-citizens" care so much about the outcome of an election.


I just love how done judges are with all of this


Two of the stupidest groups on the planet are Christians and Republicans. Coincidence that they are one in the same


If she's "not subject to our laws" then why does she care who's president?


All she had to do was say "Yes sir" then shut her mouth and she would be home for dinner? This woman is DUMB.


To fuck around is human. To found out? Divine.


You just know the judge was sitting on this verse for years waiting for the day he can finally clap with it.


She just unpersoned herself thinking it would make them powerless to punish her, not realizing that as not-a-person she has even less rights and can be pretty much taken out and shot. Didn't think that through


"I am not a person" is not something you say when you're trying to assert your rights. That's like the divide-by-zero of civil liberties arguments.


Only fetuses are people


I am a meat popsicle.


I love these morons.


I would like to thank this asshole for not even trying to defend herself. Good luck in prison fool!!!


Reminds me of half the people who reply to me on reddit.


In case anyone is wondering: If you are asked where or not you will follow the rules, do not reply by saying that you are not a person and therefor don't have to follow the rules.


these fuckin ding dongs.


She is a meat popsicle.


These not-person sovereign citizens sure seem to care a lot about whos leader of this whole other nation they aren't even a part of.


If she's not a person what the fuck is she then?


Fun fact, she loves my PA state senator Dougie Mastriano, wears shirts with his name on them, even though he's not her representative. And just a reminder that Dougie provided bus transportation using campaign funds to the insurrection on Jan 6th.


Mental illness really needs to be addressed in the US.