Sorry to see that. Hopefully the 30+ others with the other design hold up better. Better to have had a bench for a little while then to have had no bench at all.


Insert new 2x4x6 at $7-8 and all’s good.


$10 and a trip to Lowes will fix that in 30min.


Are 2x4s still $8?


2x4x8 pressure treated at lowes 4.98 But that's probably a 2x6x8 so 6.78


Looks like 1x6 to me. Probably why they broke.


I forgot to zoom in. Def 2x4, looks like cheapest non pressure treated board. **That's why they broke.** Look at the splits in those? Unpainted? They knew they were going to be outside, right?


this is the daddiest convo of all time and im here for it


I was wearing my overalls when I was browsing while taking a break from tilling the garden when I made my first comment.


Look at the top of the pic. The frame is cracked.


Ah that sucks. Guess it was hit from the side then.


Great, who do we contact and what's the SLA?


I'd do it buuuuut,..... kickoff is in like 20 minutes. Sorry.




Ie that the bench placed by random good citizens?




I guess we know where yo momma likes to sit...


Yo mama's so fat, when she sits around the house, she SITS AROUND the house.


Figured those who remember when the bench was added would appreciate the update since we had a good circlejerk about it


Are you sure this is one of theirs? [It doesn't look like these](https://www.gofundme.com/f/benches-for-bus-stops-charlotte-urbanists).


It was one of the ones we used when we started testing out the whole ordeal. We initially used donated furniture to help "upcycle" these items for the public but then transitioned to building them so that they were more uniform and could be quickly deployed. We'll probably pick this one up soon and get another one spun up!


Well good on you for your efforts, and hopefully this post will get y'all some more donations to help your cause.


Appreciate it, man! We did a lot for coverage in the "Arc" of Charlotte for routes that we saw people waiting, and now we currently create the benches for groups that request them and are able to raise the funds for them. They are essentially a temporary placeholder until /u/catsridetransit can scrounge up the funds to install an actual one, but one of the consistent themes we've encountered is that there are so many obstacles to CATS actually installing a bench (funding, nonsensical NCDOT requests, etc.) that they're often paralyzed into inaction. We've had a few meetings with them and Jason Lawrence was kind enough to offer us a way of getting funds for it via a "placemaking grant," but we preferred giving residents a way of actually installing seating in places they want and need versus us arbitrarily deciding where it should go.


If anyone is touched enough by our efforts and wants to see us build more benches, here's our [gofundme](https://www.gofundme.com/f/benches-for-bus-stops-charlotte-urbanists)


Little tubafor and it'll be alllllright


Hey yall đź‘‹, I'm one of the founding CLT Urbanists members and this is one of the initial benches we put out before designing and building our own! I bought two of these benches from someone when we first were talking about this project and put this one out to see if it'd work. I live in this neighborhood and it brings me joy everyday when I see people using it. Obviously I knew it wouldn't last forever but in my eyes it met its purpose and proved there's a need and helped our initiative. I just donated to our [gofundme](https://www.gofundme.com/f/benches-for-bus-stops-charlotte-urbanists) so we can get one of the new designed one's to replace this one and I would love for anyone to match it with me! We're still trying to pressure CATS to build more permanent benches, but if anyone has connections to a group that would possibly be able to sponsor a metal bench feel free to message me!


Is that an actual name for the bench or that’s how you name it?


My bad, was practicing my dark slides the other day


I've never seen this bench before. Why is it designed so horribly. It's so long with no support in the middle.


It was a donated bench that we didn't design - already had a substantial amount of use but we were trying to figure out if this would be a popular project with the public and also operating on what we could put up from our own wallets. We received some public funds from the community and started to build more dedicated benches that are a bit more resilient - sad to see that this one snapped after so much use but we'll replace it soon!


Because it was installed by Chip And Dale and the Rescue Rangers instead of people that knew wtf they were doing


And yet CATS still hasn't gotten around to installing their own bench yet :-) I know that you always comment on these posts and am glad to see it. Are you channeling that energy into the MTC/TSAC meetings since you are as passionate about providing seating to transit users as we are? I'd love to hear you speak up about how inappropriate and shameful it is that multiple riders have requested a seat here for years only for CATS to ignore them. That's what you're mad about, right? That our public servants have consistently failed at doing something as simple as installing a bench?


I don't give a fuck about benches. What I don't like is a bunch of circle jerking dorks with savior complexes leaving half assed work on our public sidewalks


Looks like a whole ass was the problem here.


Well if you don't give a fuck about the benches, that's fine. But, and this might be a surprise to you, there are other people in the world that aren't you, and they give a fuck about things you don't give a fuck about. And the people who ride the bus probably appreciate having a place to sit. So instead of getting triggered at amateurs trying to improve things, why don't you get triggered at the city government for not providing adequate services in the first place, so amateurs wouldn't have to step in in the first place? Or are you a part of the new entitlement era where you expect things to solely revolve around you?


I mean, property owners pay taxes to the county, shouldn't we actually get something besides cops in return?


Is this the beginnings of a good copypasta? It's got potential!


Dude, you good?


Dude it's a bench


Next time just make it long enough for 1 person instead of 4.


Thanks to your mom :)


Middle support was removed for comfortable sleeping.


Some big beefer must’ve sat on it




Looks like someone did a karate chop


OP probably broke it to make this post!


I live at Cotton Mills, I saw the bench earlier and a man lying face down on the sidewalk, I’m curious if the two were connected.


Awful design to begin with…


Doesn't matter what type of wood you use, it's going to warp, bend and without a middle support. But hey, let's just replace it so we can do it all again.


It was a premade bench that they picked off the street before they started making their own


Yeah who would’ve thought putting shoddy furniture out in the public would end any other way? I appreciate their intent but people were saying it wasn’t well thought out when this was first talked about and people either accused them of not caring about the homeless or changing the subject.


Broke or was broken?


LOL of course it did. Now that broke piece of shit is going to be there for a while


I'll get it fixed soon


Plus if someone was seated while this happened and had potential injuries a lawsuit is incoming. If I was in any way connected to this I'd be deleting all my post history related to it. Hopefully, their punishment is just to remove these eyesores off our sidewalks.


Why do you want to punish people trying to improve facilities, instead of getting aggravated that the city didn't provide the facilities in the first place? It's crazy how people entitled and fragile people are these days. "I'm not using this bench so it's an eyesore." "A bench broke got to sue someone."


Why do you think it is acceptable for random citizens to put out poorly designed items that unsuspecting ciztizens might use and injure themselves? The photo taken here is evidence enough that this was a terrible idea. I have nothing to do with the legal system, lawsuits, etc. Though I am knowledgable enough to know there could be serious repercussions here.


I don't think it's acceptable, I think the city should have done it first. But I'm not going to be dramatic and act like they're creating eye sores for stepping in where the city failed. There seems to be no sense of personal responsibility, if you choose to sit on a bench, that's your choice. Maybe the courts would give you something if you decided to sue, but it's unfortunate that that would be people's first course of action.


That what happens when people don't use it as a bench to sit on. People were likely standing on the bench and all the weight was on one board instead using all three. The good news is that it appears to be easy to fix.


The middle is snapped in half while the first is half bent. Someone was seated when it collapsed. I mean like, it looks like fairly weak wood was used and is completely exposed to the elements. Tbh it was a matter if time.


>Someone was seated when it collapsed. How do you know that? How would I have known that?


Im not attacking you, just pointing out that someone was just using it. The major snap in the middle is because that's where the majority of the weight was distributed. That's how i can tell someone was seated normally. But since Im back, There wasnt enough boards to support anyone that wasnt a child. Sitting on that was have your weight unevenly distributed. With that design and flimsy wood. It was doomed from the start. Put a person on it or just wait, same thing.


They didn't, and you shouldn't. My money is on someone "parkouring" it.


If that was the case the first would have more impact, and more damage to more than the first two boards from them royally eating shit. i can def see it tho


And maybe some blood on the back wall because idk how youre getting out of a spill like that without bussing your shit. Unless they came from behind the gate.. But then way more damage wouldve been done... Idk this is all speculation but the seated person on a weathered bonk bench makes the most sense to me


Thats an easy fix…