Reach out to your OW worker. Maybe they have suggestions? They might even pay it.


Maybe pay with credit card? Since the timetable won’t be available after the deposit, but please don’t hesitate to contact financial aid office regarding your situation see what they can offer or help!


That's not a thing. Read through your contracts again. Specifically through the student portal. Deadlines are later for anyone through funded school.


That’s true for tuition, but the deposit has a deadline. You also can’t access your schedule or be confirmed as enrolled (necessary for osap) until this is paid.


Hey I was in your situation. I had no problem getting a reduced price ($200) which OW payed for. I sent an email to admissions after speaking with my case worker about a reduced deposit fee, and was given a link to a reduced fee application to fill out. My OSAP had not been approved yet at the time but I told admissions that and they said it was fine as long as I had been given an estimate. Maybe reach out to admissions again? I hope you can get this sorted, if you're on OW and expect to receive OSAP there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get a reduced deposit! Good luck with everything :)


My OW worker had the fee waived!!