Tell me you gave that driver a copy of the video, I would DEFINITELY want that video if that was my car.


It was on ABC last night. They did the OG clickbait thing where they posted a split second of the video before commercial break and said “lightning hits car. Is the driver ok? Find out after getting pounded in the eyes with ads.”


Well was he?


Cars work as faraday cages. Means it's a room entirely surrounded by an electrical conductor conected to the ground. Basically the energy goes through the metal directly into the ground without building an energy field inside of the car. A car basically is the safest spot you can be at at a lightning storm. Just when you're driving faster it could become dangerous because it might pop the tires. edit: I suck at typing on the phone edit again: A lot of people ask me about specifics regarding the physics behind this or if the person driving the car is actually okay. I can't tell you guys. I just recalled the general concept behind faraday cages from school which is easily 10-15 years ago. I am not a scientist and not even that educated regarding physics. Also thanks for pointing out I misspelled the name.


What if you're touching metal inside the car?


You would still be okay. Electricity wants to take the path of least resistance towards the ground and it's easier for it to travel through the metal than your body.


That's a relief to know. Thank you!


Relief? Bro he just said lightning is smart enough to realize I’m a waste of time. Devastating.


TIL lightning is the same as my parents.


*touches car in a lightning storm* Lightning: Oof, masters in English?




At least we're all wastes of time. You aren't alone.


Goddammit that is some grade-a self deprivation and I'm here for it


Deprecation* I gotchu fam


It’s 11am and I’ve already been absolutely killed by a comment. Internet over for today


My car was struck by lightning back in 2008 when I was heavily pregnant. I was stopped at a traffic light at the time and felt like the car behind me had slammed into me. My car turned off and then turned back on again (by itself) and the electric system was wiped (radio/stereo, windows etc).


Please tell me your kid knows about this epic event that happened while he was on his way here


That kid is now a young Thor.


Lmao lightning is so lazy. Probably a millennial.


Let me guess, thunder is a boomer. Edit: Thanks for the awards!


Bravo 👏🏾


Thunder is slower than lightning. It shows up way later, but makes all sorts of noise like it is the most important thing. People are always counting the seconds, hoping that thunder will just go away. If thunder never existed, little kids would feel like the world isn’t quite as scary a place. Thunder tries to repeatedly make sure everyone hears it, even though everyone hates it. The second someone hears the faintest hint of thunder while enjoying themselves, they suddenly know the fun event is ruined. I’m pretty sure boomers are thunder. It’s just the fact thunder has never stolen my future or my money that makes me think otherwise.


But what does that make me when I hear thunder I get happy, because I love listening to the rain and thunder and watching the mountain side light up I must be one crazy mf


> It’s just the fact thunder has never stolen my future or my money that makes me think otherwise. Clearly you've never been holding money or a phone only to get scared by thunder and drop/lose it. Boomer Thunder stole my phone 😭


I know this is a joke and I absolutely think it is hilarious BUT I'm'a also hijack to say "when thunder roars, go indoors!" 'cause lightning is very deadly, and can strike from *quite* far. Don't wait 'til it is closer, go to somewhere safe as soon as you hear the rumble! K, my li'l hijack-safety-PSA is done now.


Electricity takes all paths available to it, might sound like splitting hairs on the subject its just something my lecturer told me that stuck in my head.


Yeah, was about to say this. Electricity takes all paths, just the resistance of the path through your body and the resistance of that path through the car are wildly different enough that you would basically not feel it. The sound from the lighting striking the car would be considerable more noticable.


Nothing happens. You wouldn’t be electrocuted if that’s what u asking. Electricity will find the path of least resistance. Somehow, they know you joined the resistance force and will avoid you.


>Electricity will find the path of least resistance. Common misconception. Electricity propagates through all viable paths simultaneously proportional to their resistance. The car is a great conductor so it gets the majority of the energy, but if you provide a complete circuit some of the energy will also pass through you. Not enough to harm you severely, but you'd probably feel it.


Can confirm, my old 96 Honda Accord got struck by lightning while I was sitting parked in my friends driveway. I heard tons of static, everything went white and felt some tingle. Was less than being shocked by an outlet. But def had a bruise on my cheek after the whole ordeal. Assuming where the electricity left or entered? My body as well. It also caused a lot of strange electrical things with my car. Right after, my horn was honking on its own. Windows were going up and down. It was wild to say the least but I was fine in the end.


Your car was like “AAAAAAA WTF WAS THAT”


Is that actually a thing that it can pop the tires? I also see that it looks like it killed the cars electrical system which wouldn't be fun while driving either.


It can definitely pop tires. Seen a few vehicles touch active power lines and that's precisely what happens. It may not happen immediately but it's pretty common. So I'd imagine a much stronger jolt would pop them.


Stay tuned…


Now the driver can see it courtesy of Reddit :)


Sounds like a spark plug


It is like a spark plug. Only bigger.


I'm not getting near that dude until after he goes to church.


I think he was just churched. Probably said a few holy words and baptized his pants.


Holy shit im stealing this, ive never heard of a better way to describe pissing yourself!


Go ahead. I'm a whiz at this stuff.


Folks, we have a weiner!


Careful, or you'll get an anointing too.


*R. Kelly has entered the chat*


Finds out person is of age. *R. Kelly has left the chat*


That would have been crazy loud in the car






There's a lazy cloud in the bar?!


My mom was a flight attendant for United Airlines back in the day... said the plane would get struck by lightning but the passengers wouldn't realize it. It just traveled through the outer body of the plane, in and out.


The staff on planes are also trained to do a suspiciously loud cough at the exact moment the lightning hits them.


I wonder if the driver of the car was able to time their cough right


In a car a loud fart is more effective.


I’m sure one slipped out when they shit themselves...


My dad used to put on the window locks then drop a rotten one.


Classic dad move. Portable Dutch oven


I did that to my kid yesterday on the way to summer school. Don’t want to smell ass? Get better grades.


I once attempted to cough to cover a fart while early in a relationship. Turns out I miss timed the cough and only brought attention to the fart that happened a second later.


Phew, I thought you were going to say that the cough launched a turd out.




I’m sure that flies well these days


Now they have to hide their coughs with the lightning


OMG, drop the oxygen masks or we're gonna die!!




It's a loud fart instead recently


Damn, a flight attendant farting into your face on command with the sky gods...


Farts are flammable :-O


So they are trained to mimic the thunder?


Electric field inside a closed hollow surface is always 0 therefore anyone sitting inside will not feel anything


Its called a faraday cage. Its a thing👍🏻


Tried one. It basically killed my wireless signal.










I've been in a car that was struck by lightning once and my ears were ringing for about a week after. It was the loudest thing I've ever heard, and I was in the Marines so I'm no stranger to loud noises. The lighting actually killed the electrical in the car too, my friend (it was their car, I was just riding in it) had to pull over, so the car entirely and turn it back on before the electrical worked again.


Loudest thing I've ever heard was a transformer blowing outside my house. Extremely loud and it was so bright that it looked like daylight when it was well after midnight.


Depending on what voltage your feeder or lateral line is, it could have been a 25kV fuse on your transformer. Some of these have an explosive charge in them. What you heard was probably the fuse blowing, not the transformer. Even a low voltage cutout fuse makes a loud bang. When a transformer blows it’s a bloody mess of oil usually resulting in a hazmat clean out.


This is what happens when I transformer "blows". This broke open on the ground, its oil spilled, and the power line ignited it. That explosion and fire are from the transformer oil catching and blowing up. https://v.redd.it/yugfptqbqn471


> When a transformer blows it’s a bloody mess of oil usually resulting in a hazmat clean out. Definitely wasn't that serious so it must have been a fuse. Thanks for the info.


Same experience. My family was in the car when it was struck by lightning. Sounded like a shotgun going off inside a closed car. So incredibly loud. It killed the computer in our car.


I had lighting strike the street about 20-30 feet in front of my car. Biggest boom of my life left my ears ringing. The electricity splashed back off the pavement like it was water. I took that as a sign from God that he didn’t want me to go out dancing that night, so I turned around and went home.


So I think I was hit by lightning once but didn't know it till this post, I kinda thought it was supernatural cause I was near nothing at all but all a sudden the loudest fucking boom and we couldn't see for a split second just blinding white/blue/greenish light and the whole car rocked violently and died, turned off and on and went about my way. No damage to the car that I can recall amd I drove it for another year or 2


When I was a kid, I was convinced I somehow got shocked by lightning through a rabbit cage. I was inside our house during a lightning storm, cleaning the metal rabbit cage when there was a super loud boom and blinding flash and I felt like my entire body was paralyzed and shocked for a very long feeling second. There was no damage to the outside of the house, so my parents told me I must have just been very startled when lightning hit somewhere nearby. But goddamn did it feel like I just got electrocuted.


No, that can absolutely happen. I had an online acquaintance who got the hell shocked out of him standing in the kitchen; lightning hit the ground outside, and he got fried right through the window. Had burn marks and everything. If this happens to you, btw, it's important to go to the doctor. This can end up killing quite a lot of cells, and your kidneys can go into shutdown from overload as your body tries to clean them up. You need to be checked out after being shocked that badly. So: yes, you probably were shocked through the rabbit cage. Fortunately, it wasn't serious.


I've been holding metal when lightning struck nearby, and it shocked the hell out if me, and visibly arched through my ring. There is a lot of electricity in the air beyond the bolt.


Was the driver OK??


Yea but every circuit board in that car is toast


They've tested this on Top Gear and a couple of other places. The car goes nuts for a few seconds, but if you turn the ignition off and back on again, they're actually ok. However, it will depend from one car to another.


I was piloting a Learjet and was struck by lightning. Other then the insane noise and shaking of the plane, none of our instruments went crazy. There was damage to the jet in the form of burn spots and one less static wick.


> static wick [This you?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT9v1EniYo0)


How had you already seen a video with 700 views and had it ready to go lol


I had never heard of a static wick for planes before, this just came up on a quick youtube search. :)


Oh my god, you looked up something you didn't know? Can we be internet friends now?


I'm not sure, my sarcasm detector has flagged this reply as ¯\\____(ツ)____/¯


That is extremely cool


I imagine that planes are built with the occasional lightning strike in mind.


Did you try turning it off and on again?


A coworkers car got struck by lightning once, blew a fuse and had a burn mark on the paint where the lightning hit.


I'm more curious about how they tested that. But it's top gear so I'm guessing it's so nuts answer lol.


[Here's](https://youtu.be/ve6XGKZxYxA) a snippet of the episode on it. I think it was one of the earlier seasons, so quite an old video but still relevant. Hammond had a Golf tested using some dedicated equipment that could simulate real lightning strikes.


He says the stereo works, but you can see it's on the Fritz.


And completely replaceable. Small price to pay


Good thing they have bikes for backup.


And the lightning warmed their seats for them.


That’s from the farts


Betting they needed new underwear I would have


Safest place to be


Yes, cars are [Faraday cages](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage)


**[Faraday_cage](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage)** >A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials. Faraday cages are named after scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836. A Faraday cage operates because an external electrical field causes the electric charges within the cage's conducting material to be distributed so that they cancel the field's effect in the cage's interior. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


This reminds me of a safety tip I learned at some point as a child and for some reason deeply internalized; if you’ve driven over downed power lines or another electrical thing, don’t get out of your car. You car can feel fine with lethal amounts of electricity under it. Upon typing it out it seems kind of obvious but idk I must’ve remembered it so specifically for some reason


In elementary school, our class had a visit by someone who worked for which ever electric company in the area. They gave a presentation and showed us a video that gave me all the information I needed to be perpetually scared of electricity.


A healthy fear of electricity is a good thing, this shit is no joke!


It's shocking once you learn how dangerous it is!


Really sends a jolt of fear down your spine




At the county fair when I was younger the powe company would demonstrate the power on the lines using a hot dog as a finger.. it basically exploded. They even used one in a kitchen rubber glove. That too, exploded.. that lesson has been in my head for the last 25+ years


Talking about exploding weiners? Username checks out.


Good bot


Good bot


If cars are Faraday cages, should we all keep a spare phone in our car in case of a major catastrophic surge?


> Although this cage effect has been attributed to Michael Faraday's famous ice pail experiments performed in 1843, it was Benjamin Franklin in 1755 who observed the effect by lowering an uncharged cork ball suspended on a silk thread through an opening in an electrically charged metal can. -Sounds like he Edisoned TF out of good ol’ Ben Frank.


It brings a smile to my brain every time I hear someone callout Edison for being a shit head


Empires of Light is a great book on Edison (asshole) Westinghouse (not an asshole) Tesla (crazy as the day is long) and JP Morgan (fucked them all)


JP is still in the game of fucking over people 👍


yes! cars are impervious to lightning because the metal frame of it acts similarly to a faraday cage, distributing the electromagnetic charge around the interior instead of into it.






Now i get it why he changes in back alley.


I had a buddy that this happened twice to! Talk about bad luck!


Or extremely good luck in that he was safely inside a car both times! That’s wild.


He was st st st struck si si si six six six six six sixty six ti ti ti times in th the the the head


The chimney/alcohol scene never fails to crack me up.


Real mature, Chet.


Man, he better patch up things with Thor before he finds him outside.


I was in a car struck by lightning a few years ago. It was a life changing moment. Especially as I ran to the car to save myself from the intense storm coming in. I had been fishing in a deep valley at the bottom of a dam, so between the valley and the tall pine trees the storm rolled up quite fast. I felt it really charging up (hard to explain) but I knew I had to get the car and FAST. I dove in the passenger seat, shut the door, and instinctively pulled myself into a sitting fetal position. Not 2 seconds later—the power of all the gods ever: hit the vehicle above my head. I was both blinded and deaf for quite a while. The sound and light were something else. And yeah it destroyed the car’s electrical system, drained the battery. I had to hike out of the area as no cell service. Saw the lighting hit a tree nearby and destroyed it, too. Craziest part? Cars I flagged down and asked “hey when you get in cell service — can you please call this number and tell them I just got hit by lightning in the car — it won’t start, and I need them to come get me from long lake dam fishing spot?” Every single one of these folks acted like I was lying, refused to help, etc. Who the hell would make something like that up and ask for help with a phone call? Especially as they had to have witnessed the storm. Weird day all around.




Had this happen to me. Had hiked up a hill with few friends and were relaxing at the top enjoying the breeze and calm. It was unusually calm and eerie that day before the clouds rolled up fast. And then we noticed few strands of a friend's hair standing up near vertical, and she said she didn't feel that. In few seconds everyone had their hair standing and could feel in our skin the air getting charged. Just like the feel of getting close to an object with some static charge. We noped out of there right away. Just as we reached the bottom we heard a loud bang. Still remember that long sprint to the car on open ground


I was sitting at a picnic table at a park once and lightning struck a basketball hoop like 15 feet away from me. It was the loudest and brightest thing I’ve ever seen- I’ll never forget it. I was just a kid and my friends and I instinctively ran for our lives, but we were probably safer staying at the table as it was under a roof lol


A few years ago I was walking my dog in a field next to my apartment. I felt the same way you described, and I imagine my hair was standing up, too. In less than a minute, lightning struck some trees about 30 yards away. It was the closest I've been to a lighting strike that I've seen while being outside. At the moment it struck, there was a spark? I'm not sure what to call it but there was a miniature lighting bolt (like when you go to those science museums and put your hands on that ball) that connected from my hand up to my nose. It was surreal. I started booking it back to my apartment. Got right under the covering where the stairs are and felt the same sensation again. Lighting struck again but I didn't see where this time. I was just thankful I made it under shelter. Before that, I never really thought about lighting striking close. If I needed to go out in a storm to get to/from my car, etc. I'd never think twice about it. Now, if it's storming really bad or I see/hear lightning and I have to walk outside to get to/from my car I start to get really bad anxiety and panic a little. If I pull up to my house and there's lightning or it looks like there could be lightning, I will sit and wait for a while before getting out and waking in. I'll also call my boyfriend if he's home and tell him to unlock the door and be ready to open it when I run up so I don't waste time standing at the door trying to unlock it.


A lady down the street from me was sitting on her porch in a storm when lightning hit a manhole cover on the street. It traveled over to her and burnt her legs in that branching pattern


I'm pretty sure you're referring to Lichtenberg figures. They're probably my favorite fractal, simply because lightning causes them naturally. They're very cool


I 'member, you're supposed to crouch on the balls of your feet with you hands over your ears also it's kind of a hail mary, its effectiveness is iffy at best. what with lightning being lightning edit: apparently your heels are supposed to touch and/or your knees should be pressed into the ground, so, idk, just try not to get hit by lightning in general I guess??


Yeah in Breath of the Wild your guy starts getting the little electric zaps around him and you gotta rush and take off your metal gear, so I know exactly what these guys are going through.


lol, that was my first thought too. But seriously, it is like that. A few moments before lighting struck a tree in my backyard (only a few feet away), everything tingled and the air smelled slightly metallic. It wasn’t minutes like everyone here is saying. When the lightning struck, it felt like everything in me was being pulled toward it. Everything tasted and smelled like burnt metal for a few seconds. Also the tree exploded. There was bark everywhere and that thing was dead.


I’m sorry that nobody would help you. I was injured on a hike while returning to the trailhead. Several people passed me and I asked for help, but nobody said a damn thing. Some of them didn’t even look at me. I felt like a ghost. I managed to relocate my leg and limped down to the parking area—by then it was dark and nobody else was around, but I got an uber home. Found out at the hospital the next day that I’d torn three muscles and the labral cartilage...hurray..! And thanks for nothing, everyone on the trail.


What the hell, I can't even imagine not helping a limping stranger on a trail. Had my husband and I found you, he would have carried you to the parking area himself lol. I know stranger danger and all that, but people can be so selfish and lack empathy sometimes. I'm sorry that happened to you.


This is crazy to me.. was this in the usa? Usually hikers are some of the more kind strangers in public


Right? I’m a hiker and not really a people person but damn I would at least activate my SPOT device for someone in distress and offer them company and a poptart or something. It’s amazing how many people suck out there.


Yes, in Colorado


Do you look like a crazy person?




Hmm.... perhaps you can get some random strangers to vouch for that? You know, just to remove probable bias :D


Yes, in fact that injury was a torn shoulder ligament because people kept coming up to him and shaking his hand to congratulate him on how handsome and normal he is.


How’d you get out of that situation?


He’s still there.


Coincidentally, this is also a video of a car full of people simultaneously shitting themselves.


4 people 1 car




The car is K.O'd though.


insurance like “sorry we don’t cover that”


They seriously might not. Insurance always has those “acts of god” clauses baked in. Which I think is ridiculous


In my experience the ‘act of god’ situations are the ones they have to cover, and can’t raise your rates. We get a lot of hail here.


That’s why you see the Allstate guy being a branch or wind


Also they might not have the cgi budget to turn J.K. Simmons into a bolt of lightning. Though I would enjoy it very much. (Also I know that’s Farmers not Allstate)


Can't speak for every car, but the one I was in was fine after shutting it completely off and then turning it back on. Electrical went out right after the strike but that was it, didn't even damage the paint. My friend had that Honda civic for a few years still after it and it never had any lasting issues I heard about.


Guess I was wrong, I just asked and he said there was some really small holes and burn marks around them he thinks we're from it on the rails on top of his car, but nothing with the electrical. The rails were easily replaceable though.


Now the car has super powers


Yes, like when you turn the radio on the electric windows roll down.


The speed of an SSC! The all-terrain capability of a Hummer! The handling of an Alfa Romeo! The exclusivity of a Zenvo! The luxury of an Aston Martin! The stylings of a Maserati! (Just winging it here, don't know much about cars)


Oh no, the turn signal of a BMW ! Its only weakness !


When I was a teenager I was smoking a joint with my friends in the cab of a pick up truck on a really hot summer night. I remember feeling like head was itchy and suddenly everything around us was lit up brighter than I have ever seen, every detail super crisp, Im talking like that crazy shit you see on TV when they simulate what a nuclear blast is like from the inside.... It felt like 30 seconds but surely was just a nano second.... The super extra brightness of everything felt like time standing still. Then we heard the loudest most aggressive thunder clap ever. I'm pretty sure our truck was hit with lightning.... Whatever the hell it was it will always be one of my most vivid memories. That light was INSANE.


Your hair feeling itchy was definitely your hair raising (static electricity.) you were definitely struck.


By a smooth criminal?


A car is a perfectly safe place if struck by lightning because it is a faraday cage. The lightning is conducted around you and in to the ground. It might damage the batterie but not the passengers


Is it also safe for the ears? I bet a sound this loud would give you some hearing damage


That I can not say. A car is also a good noise insulator but depending on the decibel generated you might have a ringing in you ears🤷‍♂️ but you have a hell of a story to tell


Too bad he wasn’t going 88 mph when it happened


Great Scott!


Great example of how the car acts as a Faraday cage to direct the electricity into the ground instead of inside the car. Occupants will be fine can car should even still run


An immortal was just beheaded


There can be only one!


That’s what we call an electric car


My worst nightmare omg noo


Chevy bolt Ford F150 lightning what else?


There's also a Chevy spark


Dodge Charger


Ford Thunderbird


We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty




Great Scott!!


Thor was not amused with Loki stealing a car


Imagine the places they could have gone if they had been going 88.....


Could be worse. The car could have ended up in the Old West.


does it just pass through because of the rubber wheels? or how does that work


This same thing happened to my mum years ago (before I was born even), she said that all that happened was a loud bang and the car cut out. Left it a few seconds and the car started back up, the only after effect was the radio stopped working!