1/11 - Tifa


[2/11: Cloud (dark) and Raijin, both dupes.](https://imgur.com/a/vulhWZw)


3/11 - Ragnarok (Zack Awakening - Crit Damage) (Dupe), Battle Axe of the Rift (Gilgamesh Awakening), Serpent's Bow (Faris Awakening - Wind/Fire Imperil) The Zack dupe maxed out that particular weapon. Gilgamesh might find a place on my fire physical team if I can get his fire chain. Best of all, Faris now has every non-lensable relic currently available for her.


2/11 cid VII AASB Pecil AASB (dupe) Meh


Held out until the last 5 mins but couldn't resist... 1/11 Ignis, new. Seems interesting - a little bit like Mog AASB2 except does damage on entry and no good for healing... I have his rCSB and BSB and he tends to be in my XV team. Might look into the XV DK! Anyone made good use of it in that battle?


Sigh. Thought I'd skip. Caved at the end. Should have stuck to my guns. 3/11: * Vincent (dupe) * Auron (dupe) * Lion So, a 3/11 is great but it works out to 2 dupes and one I didn't want (which is also lensable soon). Big whiff. Bummer.


1/11 Refia AASB dupe. Blargh. Oh well, is a risk I take when I roll on these broad pool draws. Hopefully something new in the draw tonight!


Gilgamesh AASB1, Sephiroth AASB2, Jecht AASB dupe. Not bad.


2/11 Claire's Holy AASB2 (dupe), Sice AASB. Weighed my options and pulled. Already cleared the relevant Cardia content. At least it wasn't double dupes?


I didn't resist. 2/11 - Celes AASB1, Gau AASB1. No dupes, not too bad! VI is my favorite game and I think now I'm only missing a BDL for Cyan, Kefka and Umaro


2/11 - Yuffie AASB dupe…Guy AASB new!!! Uwaooooo!


2/11 Leon AASB dupe (3/15) and Kiros AASB!


zack AASB dupe


2/11 Cloud AASB2 dup and Prishe AASB. Well I've yet to try/beat 11 DK and I heard Prishe was a prize for 11 DK so I'll chalk this up as a win? Only have 3,6,10 and 11 DK left and some of those can wait for lense update so to get something for 11 which probably needs most help is a win.


5/11 Guy aasb, walks aasb2, Genesis aasb, Ursula aasb Laguna aasb1 (dupe)


3/11 Guy AASB, Faris AASB2, Auron AASB (dupe)


Tried to stay strong, but gave in and got two dupes. Oh well.


2/11= Reno (dupe) and Leon


3/11 - Gau 1, Zeid, Lion All new. Already have Gau 2 and his G+ for enelement so I guess he's a wind power house now.


4/11, my best pull ever so far :) Agrias (Holy Cross Blade), Steiner 2 (Triple Minus Strike), Bartz 5 (Flame Awakening), Gladiolus (True Shield)


Aside from Bartz fire, godly pull. Gratz


Bartz fire aasb is really good too. Self enelement stacking is a nice effect to make him viable in fire teams for Lab without needing a sync or g+


Enelement isn't that important. It's not 6 star mags. Anyway, Bartz can be used better with earth woke for fire teams and HA because that extra cast is STRONK


Enelement is important for Lab fights(especially phy where you can't pile on an absurd amount of buffs/debuffs with double moogle), what are you on about? It's not just the multiplier difference, it's the fact that enelement bonus is itself a 30% modifier vs not having enelement. Surely you've noticed that difference with any switch draw user from the initial hit before element, and the hit immediately after element is attached. Bartz on a fire team can run earth woke -> fire woke. That is in fact how I plan on using him in fire Lab.


I said it's not *that* important, not that it isn't.


Thanks for the concession. Bartz fire woke + any of aa1/aa2/aa3 make him immediately viable for fire teams, with the self stacking making sure that he retains the basic enelement bonus, regardless of whatever fight specific multipliers are in place.


Not a lot i need but pulled in the hopes of getting a top want such as Edge or Delita. 2/11 Gau 1 and Wakka 2 Reasonably happy with that since both are new and both characters already have a few of their other pieces. Wakka may well make X DK. Gau unfortunately isn't likely to make a Wind team and for VI magic is preferable thanks to Mog.


3/11 Sephiroth AASB2, Ayame AASB (dupe), Fang AASB (dupe) Sadly I don't care for fire Sephiroth, so this kinda sucked.


Fire sephiroth is actually sweet if you glint plus aasb1 straight into aasb2


3/11 Angeal (Dupe), Steiner2, Delita. Quite nice although I already cleared the DKs.


Hard pass. Saving for those poison goodies


2/11, Ramza dupe and Fran new


3/11: Morning Star (IV), MTek-II Blaster, Al Bhed Rikku's Guise Only Cid Pollendina's is new, and it's the only thing he's got at the moment. 301/1606 overall. (276/1430 post-Guaranteed 5★).


1/11 Yuffie dupe This fest really doesn't treat me well.


Zeid - Dupe Refia Vaan2 Vaan is pretty exciting. XII feels like it’s finally coming together, even if mixed.


Refia's great too


3 team is all over the place. Near complete Cloud of Darkness. Decently built Luneth. Awakening for Arc. Awakening for OK. So that may be the best thing for the team but just a lot of uncertainty there.


Refia gives party QC with that in a 3 team. Slap a crit song on aria and bring Mog, you're good


Luneth Refia CoD Mog Aria, huh? I guess that could work...


I did it my first time too with Refia in a magic team


2/11- Fang aasb, Marcus aasb Would have happily paid 50 just for Marcus alone.


3/11 Steiner AASB1, Nine AASB, Estinien AASB (dupe)


1/11: Cloud Dark AASB Meh, I guess I could Lens Cloud's Dark USB, but I just hate Heavy. I can never tell how many charges or whatever they have at one time. I think my Cinque is pretty stacked, but it's basically impossible to Autorun them, so I don't bother. It's just too much of a hassle.


Cloud dark aasb is bad. Super bad. You can do more with wind AASB and HA.


3/11 ALL NEW! Curilla, Vaan and Steiner. https://i.imgur.com/PbhIQGw.jpg Curilla will now be added to the FFXI roster with his chain and Vaan is now solidified on my wind team with his Sync, LBO and chain. Steiner is still not rdy to unseat anyone.


1/11: Zeid AASB dupe . meh


I just went through the full list of relics on rk-squared and it looks like I'm about 74% to pull at least one thing I don't have. The odds are probably much lower that I'll pull at least one thing that really helps me, but I feel like spinning the wheel! 3/11 - Guy (new), Auron and Yda (dupes) welp, that might be on the subpar side of variance for me here, since just this for Guy doesn't make him compete with my other cap break options in this particular realm. Or maybe I just misjudged the value here, lol. Good luck everybody!


2/11: Reks AA1 (dupe), Faris AA1 (dupe) Fuck!! Ten straight dupes including LotR. Knew I shouldn’t do it, but I have nothing else to do in game. SO many PHYS AAs would have been useful


3/11: 2 dupes (wolbius and Leo), New Kain1. I just beat DKIV with a mage team today, so he's not getting used there. And probably not on a lightning team, but new is certainly better than my dupe filled LotR has been.


1/11 Shelke AASB- it's new!


1/11 Wakka AASB1. Its new but I cannot fit him in DK or water teams with this alone.


1/11 - Rude AASB (new). Glad for something new, sounds reasonably good, but on Rude… really not sure that I’m ever going to use him since he doesn’t have much else going for him.


1/11: Josef AASB2 Useful. Also gives me more BDL consolidation in the realm, since now I can field 3 dps with 6 total BDLs for DK. I suppose I'm now obligated to work on sub-30 for this DK.


I was really trying hard to decide on whether this was worthwhile, but I ended up pulling because I figured sometimes it just takes one more BDL to get that DB or DK. I'm glad I did! 4/11: Marcus AASB(dupe), Leon AASB, Master AASB, Wakka AASB. 3 new AASBs! And two for realms (I/II) that I have relatively few relics! I hope this doesn't mean my fest pulls are terrible...


I got 3. [All freaking dupes.](https://i.imgur.com/uIifbfn.jpg) The Vaan got rainbow'd, too, because I already have one maxed.


Cor and Cloud (AA1)…both dupe. Oh well


Definitely a +EV pull, even as much of a "veteran" as I am. (Not particularly close either.) But, my luck has been atrocious for ... 8 months now, and always has been on these woke luckies. 1/11: Ceodore dupe. I don't think I've _ever_ gotten more than 1/11 on one of these - is it even possible? This game would be way better if pulling was actually fun.


First 7 months of this year was absolute garbage, every pull for me. Luck has turned around recently but man, those 7 months were just ughhh


2/11 - Amarant & Dorgann What!? Both new and I didn't go 1/11, it's a pre-fest Lucky miracle. Anyway, with Dorgann's AASB I now have one of those for all 4 of the FFV old men. Somehow I don't have Galuf's CSB to run them coherently yet but the Record Lab should fix that soon. Amarant's AASB will probably remain unused as he himself mostly is for me, it's a welcome upgrade though, and refreshing to pull something other than his USB1 or 2 for a change.


2/11: Kelger dupe, Squall fire dupe. Thrilling.


Well that sucked… https://imgur.com/a/1hUSQob/


3/11 Laguna AASB1, Yuffie AASB1 (dupe), Beatrix AASB. Not bad!


2/11 Yuffie (dupe) and Reks


Scott AASB dupe. God damnit. Between this and sub par LotR, not a good fest start.


I have 63 of the 153 relics in the pool, odds are not great so I might skip this time… if I resist


What is the pool cutoff ? Because I have 83 physical AASB and now I’m thinking not to pull


I'm not sure, I saw the numbers on rk-squared website


2/11 barret's vest and genji helmet


Jealous of that Barret vest believe it or not--grats!


Planning to skip but i'll check rk2 once its updated to see... I'm willing to be convinced that the rate is better than I expected.


2/11 WoL dupe and Noel ice woke. Not enough other stuff for Noel to consider him for a team atm.......


Refia woke Not a dupe, but boy I'd rather have that 25 mythril back


It's a realm +weakness damage woke on a good character - those are always great.


Also an in-realm FB counter! Definitely worth having.


2/11 Ignis and Rude . Well they are not dupes....


1/11: Master


2/11 Rude AASB (dupe? When did I get that?) and Vaan AASB1. Already had Vaan Dyad and AOSB, so that's actually quite nice!


Convincing myself not to pull on this and tomorrow’s. We will see if I stay strong willed!


I convinced myself not to pull today by going through each character and seeing who did and didn't have an AASB. This time was easy, as most everyone had either an AASB or SASB. Tomorrow will be trickier, as I still have yet to clear magic Valefor. Keep telling myself that I probably won't get the AASBs that would be key to victory.


I did it by pulling on that banner that rewarded 11x ticket and all the other goodies. Scored a physical AASB that is useless to me (Cid IV) from that


3/11 - OK Physical AASB (dupe), Leila AASB, Thief AASB Huge wins here, only have one other Thief relic and that is his AASB2. Leila, I only have a USB, so I'm extremely happy to have something strong for her. Solid pull here!


2/11 - Nine AASB, Ignis AASB2 (dupe) ~~Who could ask for more than Nine AASBs?~~ Unfortunately Class Zero's Basher-in-Chief is not going to move the needle on what's already one of my strongest realms. Ignis A2 is great but I already have it, one of the better AASBs to get a hone for I suppose.


2/11: Ward, Squall 1(dupe #4). Not mad!


1/11, but at least it was new. Lightning AASB2. Stacking BDLs with her other toys, yo.


2/11 - Prische, Amarant (Dupe) Well, this gives Prische both the Realm Chain and a BDL, which could be useful. Dupe is dupe.


1/11 Wol AASB. I consider anything for FFI a win at this point.


Unit hoping to not hit a dupe. 1/11 - Cloud AASB2 (Dupe) Unit displeased...


1/11 - Bartz AASB3 (earth) Only 1 AASB hurts, but it's not a dupe, and it synergizes well with V's strong earth focus. Unfortunately, he lacks any of his other earth-specific tech, and has Tifa AASB/Sync1 and Thancred AASB/Sync for competition outside of V. Still might push me to a V DK win I suppose, so not a total waste.


1/11 Luneth AASB2 dupe damn it


2/11. Dupe Ceodore, New Cid(IV). Meh.


2/11: [Leila ASB, Faris ASB2. Both NEW!!!](https://imgur.com/a/hceuyZr) Frankly, I’m astonished.


1/11 Gladiolus AASB (dupe) Ow. Ow this one hurt.


2/11 - Cid (IV) aasb, Sazh aasb Will never use Cid I'm sure and not sure Sazh is worth using much either. I guess he can replace Snow for cardia stuff (Snow has aasb1 and all usbs/glint+.) Have Lightning sync/aasb1/aasb2 and Noel aasb1/2 so maybe Sazh could imperil for Lightning or Noel... but then I lose 50% crit buff from Snow usb. Opinions? Is Sazh' HA any good? Seems weird.


2/11 - Zack Awakening2 and Ardyn Awakening No dupes!


2/11 - Gabranth and Hauchefant Why is Hauchefant my most stacked FF14 character


Dupes for Snow, Sabine, and Locke. But more honing points!


1/11 Prishe AASB I've done the FF11 Dreambreaker but not Dragonking yet, so this is very much appreciated. Can't say no to new tech options for a realm with little tech. Also means I can run a pure physical team now with Ayame and Lion.


1/11 Bartz fire AASB (dupe)


2/11: Avenger (II), Impact Claws (VIII) Scott and Zell. Funnily enough, this is the same number of Awakenings I've gotten from Muck of the Realms, except those were dupes and these are both new.


1/11 Machina AASB. One disco is always a little disappointing. Especially for a character that will never make the Earth or Type-0 team. At least it is new


2/11 - Zeid, Prishe No one told me this was an XI banner.


Fingers crossed for more than one disco. Good luck, keepers!


1/11 Noel (Water) AASB. Not a dupe at least.


I've seen people the other day say these pulls are not worth it anymore, and I disagree, while the chance of getting a character you want, there are some relics that can straight up make a difference of clearing content by having 1 extra BDC.


I think these are very situational, at best. I mean, getting a second BDL would be great for many characters. However, I don't need two ranks for my Umaro AASB.


Also any dupes help you hone it eventually. Not that I’m hoping for dupes...


View in your timezone: [at 6:00 PM 9/24 PDT][0] [at 5:59 PM 9/25 PDT][1] [0]: https://timee.io/20210925T0100?tl=Autumn%20Festival%202021%20-%20Lucky%20Relic%20Draw%20%232%3A%20Physical%20AASBs%20~%20Pull%20Megathread [1]: https://timee.io/20210926T0059?tl=Autumn%20Festival%202021%20-%20Lucky%20Relic%20Draw%20%232%3A%20Physical%20AASBs%20~%20Pull%20Megathread