It was jammed for me and it kept restarting my phone and put it into its own boot loop. So I tried to smack the power button against the corner of a table, did this 2-3 times and it unjammed itself, problem solved lmao Update 4/4/2022: People are saying it emergency dials now after you do this because of Android 12, so just watch out! But I’m glad it’s working for all/most of you! :)


2 years later.. this worked on a Pixel 5.. I thought I was going to be without a phone until I could get a new one.. you are my hero


Android 12 introduced SOS mode. 5 presses calls 911 for me. It happened tonight and in the middle of explaining to the operator, my phone shut off. Absolutely fucking ridiculous.


DUDE. MINE DID THIS EXACT SAME THING AT WORK. Omg... For me though, my power button doesn't seem physically stuck. Like it is still clicky and feels normal.


Same here


I had to go through about 30 911 calls before I could actually get to the menu to stop dialing. Fucked up an entire day of work for me. I can't believe that emergency dialing is turned on by default. No one even knows this feature exists until it becomes a problem


Default? I had to select what I wanted


Mine was defaulted to emergency on 5 clicks, I had to change it to not do this.


UPDATE: I contacted Google support and processed an RMA. My replacement was a refurbished Pixel 5 (looks brand spanking new, however) and the power button feels much better. Everyone with this issue should do the same before the warranty expires.


Just happened to me tonight


I'm here because mine literally just did this and 10 mins after it died an officer was knocking on my door.


Same damn thing happened to me today (feb. 2022). And the "smack it against table corner twice" hack seems to have fixed it.


Checking in March 2022. Just did the smack it against the table and it a) worked! and b) called 911.🤦


Same. Camera popped up, then 999 call (uk) WTAF‽ Thinking i was gonna have to open the body and mess with the mechanism of the button. Found this and "tapa tapa tapa", all fine.


My phone started spamming the power menu and camera, thought I got hacked. Then it called 911, I frantically tried to cancel but the dial went through. They called me back and I explained. THEN IT CALLED AGAIN. That time I didn't hang up and explained. I put it in airplane mode just in case while I looked up how to disable SOS mode. This happened at 5am but luckily didn't have cops show up.


You saved me in 2022. Your one comment alone looks to have saved collectively thousands of dollars on this thread!! I was about to wipe my phone and buy a new one!!




Same here


Same 🙋🏻‍♀️


Saaaaame. What a relief.


Same, also worked on a pixel 5.


Confirming this still works in 2022 lol. Although the physical button itself was not stuck and appeared to work fine, the power menu would keep appearing. Smacking the sumbish on the side of a table worked like cake on my aging 4a.


Same on pixel 5! You are doing gods work


Yeah, same here, the physical button seem fine but it keep "pressing it". It trigger it too when I plug the charger.


I love reddit for this. And your hack worked. Feels like the old days with super Nintendo, "just smack the console and it works"


I am about to give this 3xl a smack or two but for reference so you do this with a case on or take the case off... Feeling real nervous lol


The way I did it was to line up the button with the corner at the edge of a table and then pretty lightly, but not too lightly, give it a bump. Seems to have worked for mine. (after the darn thing had contacted 911 five minutes before). Did you figure it out?


4 months later...saved my life


wtf it worked on my pixel 5 too. Google said they'll replace my phone with a new or refurbished one but i don't wanna deal with setting up phone all over again and all my 2FA


Been dealing with this on my pixel 3 lately. Sometimes I could drain the battery and it would work eventually, but tapping on the corner of a table seemed to free it faster. I tapped gently, not much harder than the pressure I would use to push the button and it freed it from the boot loop. Two years later and still saving people's days. Kudos mate!


Glad it worked!


Oh wow, I was panicking... Thanks for this comment lol


omg, i think this worked for me too, thanks! In the meantime I used Settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Menu to find a way to lock the phone without using the Power button, which was similar to the workaround I used to do with iPhones when the home button would jam.


I was about to get mine replaced with a Pixel 4 XL and just ordered it, gonna try and cancel it


Yeah woulda kept my Pixel 1 after the power button jam was fixed but I water damaged it so rip


Wow... Im actually stunned this worked so well


Holy shit this just worked lmfao


Lol, it worked in my pixel 3a 🤣 I can't believe it thank you bro


my freaking hero.... lol... I can't believe this worked


Hahaha… neither could I!


This worked lol


My 3a XL is running rooted lineage and I've installed a shit load of unstable modules so i thought that was the issue. You saved me boss


+1 successful repair using physical assault. Thanks!


this shit is so hilarious but it worked for me too so THANK YOU!!


Just worked on a Pixel 5! Thx for the tip! I was just as surprised as everyone else and was convinced banging the button on the corner of a table would just break the button even more. But it totally worked. I didn't bang it very hard. Probably more of a hard tap than a bang.


Hahaha reminds me of goldilocks, not too soft, not too hard, just the perfect bang. Glad it worked! :)


My Pixel 3A XL suddenly started doing this last night. I was looking up how to clean the button with electronics cleaner (while waiting for the phone's battery to die) and came across this. I figured what the heck and gave it a try: it worked! It's been good for 24 hours, so hopefully it's resolved. Anyway, thanks.


Just a note that no amount of bashing/mashing/smashing/pressing/jiggling worked at all for me but the isopropyl trick elsewhere in this thread did.


Thank you so much i did this and now it work again how it should omg :)


02/10/2022 here. Pixel 4 stuck in boot loop Google search hopefully brings you here. This worked for me.


Adding to the list of pissed off P5 owners here. I rage smashed mine against my desk until it booted. Immediately went to settings to disable the emergency dialing. No clue if it ever was able to dial, about to find out I guess! This is a brutal fuck up by Google.


It actually seems to have worked? Oh my god??? Thank you sooooo much!


Exactly how did you "smack" it. Did you cover it with something to prevent damage? Was it a metal table? A glass table? A wooden table?


No protection, just smack that mf. Wooden table though


Just wanted to say thank you. Just fixed my 3a XL with this tip. God Bless this thread


Bless you too


Nice one...had this problem too with my Pixel 3 this morning. Tried your "fix" and it seems it worked perfectly.


I had this today and tried your solution. It worked. Thank you sir


YOU GODDAMN GENIUS YOU. Seriously, you saved me so much trouble! Thank you!!!


Wow, this worked. Thanks for sharing, I would have refrained from doing this until I saw your post. The emergency dial kicked in and totally spooked me. I think this is a poorly thought out experience on Google's part


Glad it worked! And yeah they should really do something about it, based on the comments I imagine there’s been a bunch of unnecessary emergency calls


Rolled my eyes at this and tried it...can't believe it worked. Thank you!


Beat the shit out of that power button on the side of my desk and it worked with pixel 4a, you are a lifesaver thank you


Two years later and it still works!


Yup. I dialed 911 16 times because it wouldn't stop rebooting and immediately dialing 911... WOOHOOO


Did they come?


I was in the middle of driving so I have no idea 🤣


thank you so much for posting this!! you've saved me


Glad it worked!


I literally can't believe this just worked for me. Thank you so much, my Saturday was almost ruined


Haha glad it worked for you! Primitive solutions often the best solutions :)


wow worked. was this a one time thing or does it keep happening?


Happened twice but stopped after that


I swear to god, THANK YOU.


What a great solution 😂 worked me as well, I was so panicked for sometime. Thanks for the great solution 😉




Hey if it works, it works! Even if funnily stupid :)


Why did this work so well 😭😭😭 thanks for the tip


This just saved me from having to buy a new phone. Another Pixel 3 checking in. Thank you.


You just saved my day. <3


Glad it worked! :)


God bless you. Why didn't I search for this a year ago 🥲 Still, better late than never.


i did this on google pixel 3 and omg i cant believe this worked.. thank you so much. u saved me so much money. (march 2022 and it works )


Glad it worked for you! And offtopic but nice Minecraft build!




Love that I'm necro'ing this thread because it just happened to me, yesterday. ...While I was giving an interview to a candidate for an internship position at my company. Just left my phone at my desk and went back in with a sincere apology. After the interview was over, I smacked the phone a few times (as you did) and it seemed to be fine.


Another success story. Thanks /u/Cakebag_ Hoping emergency services don't turn up here. took a few goes before I could disable the setting in time.


Hopefully they didn’t turn up, guess you would’ve found out by now! :)


Haha yep no flashing lights and the phone is still working fine.


I just wanted to say thank you for saving my wallet's life. The ol' 2 smack on table edge worked like a charm


HOW THE FUCK does this work!!


magic :)


That indeed friend. Hoping to get it permanently fixed at eventually so my battery doesn't drain randomly from my phone restarting constantly


you just saved a pixel 4a user!


I've provided this same solution to people. This is gonna sound weird but it may help. Cover the power button with your mouth and suck on it and blow on it. It's even alright to have a little saliva involved. What you probably have is dust built up under the button.


Wow. This worked


This helped! Thanks!


actually worked but my mouth felt so dirty afterwards


I'm trying your solution out and it's not working. What else can be done?


Any solution yet? Two of my pixels power button jammed after a year.


Try running it over the edge of a table, worked for me


Oh my God this saved me. Thank you.


I find it hilarious that I keep getting notifications on this months after the post. My nexus 5 back in the day had the same issue and someone led me to try that and the button worked for 6 months until i broke the thing. Happy to help.


I am having a horrible day, which has included visits to multiple different mechanics for my car, and fires at work. When my phone stopped working I almost broke down myself. This really did save me.


Well, your phone got a blowjob so it's probably having a good day.


Thanks, blasted it with compressed air and it seems to have done the trick. Phone kept opening the camera and/or dialing the emergency number. Tried to power it off and it kept turning itself back on again.


This worked for me actually.. Phone kept triggering camera and SOS calling 911 😑 I quickly turned off SOS(which I never turned on in the first place). I didn't want to turn off double click for camera because it is so handy. No more issues since I did this. Thanks!


yeah that was a real cute trick lol my phone pulled the same shit this morning and called the cops with a feature i never fucking opted into. almost fired it into the side of a brick wall. then it bootlooped itself for a while until i managed to find this post!


Mine just did this. Power button acting up, called 911. I wanted to do a battery pull but the battery is sealed. Thought of smashing it on the nearest object to get it to stop. 911 called back and I was able to say my phone was going berserk and then it hung up on them. I think I got the button unstuck now. What a mess.


The isopropyl trick (if you have iso) in this thread is probably a safer but similar approach. Worked for me.


This thread is #1 google search for "pixel 5 stuck power button". Your post saved my phone, i never figured a blowjob would return its full function.


Pixel 2 XL, I had the same issue. I just contributed it to metal dust from manufacturing work environment. I know the phone is sealed but shit happens. I turned off the double press camera wake but would still have to press it a few times to totally put it to sleep or to do a screenshot.


Just press the button a couple of times against a table and it should return to normal, it worked for me.


My solution: just hitting the button to the corner of the table a few times. Instantly worked. Light work for you of the sucking is not efficient :).


just had this on my pixel 3. thought id share my resolution for future generations to see.... Problem: power button sticking / being spam pressed which is causing reboot loops and emergency calls to 911 and difficulty cancelling the emergency operation. Fix: clean the exterior of the button with isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip and blow with canned air. repeat process a few times. not much time has passed yet to be sure this worked, but early indications seem fixed. havent seen anybody suggest isopropyl yet. so hopefully this helps somebody out there. Disclaimer: I received the tip from a device repair company at no charge, Cell Phone Repair. so props and credit goes to them. I have no affiliation with them nor have I used them for any other servicing beyond my 1 phone call.


Decisively saved me about $350, can't thank you enough. This worked even though physically mashing/pressing/smashing/jiggling the power button did nothing. I had been troubleshooting for hours. Google Pixel support basically just told me to fuck myself. ​ I didn't use canned air, but did use a paper towel to soak up the excess, plus tried to blow on it a bit. Not sure just how necessary those aspects were though, I think the isopropyl might be probably the most important part by far.


This worked for me as well! Thanks 🙏🏼


It sounds like a physical problem to me - possibly the inner mechanism of the button has failed. It's worth contacting Google and asking them to repair/replace under warranty.


This just happened to me. Google Pixel support was horrible and ended the chat without resolving anything. Lucky for me I found your thread, and mashed the power button a few times, which fixed it. Thanks!


This 100% just worked on my pixel 3xl... I'm in shock


Glad I found this thread. I hit the power button on my Pixel 3 with a small hammer and now the phone appears to be OK. Not sure for how long but better than the phone going all crazy and rebooting non stop.


Worked on my pixel 3a, after hitting in quite hard a few times


It has happened so many times to me, I've called the cops once because of the emergency call option and almost done it like 5 times. Really hope they find a way to fix this issue, for now guess I'll stick to smacking the button with everything I can find.


Worked for my Pixel 3, thankyou!


My phone has been doing this for a couple days now. It even decided to call 911 on me earlier which I see is a feature when I press the power button five times. So of course it dialed 911 and then hung up because the power shut off.


For search: this turned out to be my issue even though I thought it wouldn't be. Partly since I have a Pixel 4a, not 3. Some other keywords / phrases: "No command" stuck bootloop random restarting. Can't factory reset. Fastboot menu doesn't work.




100%. See my post history.


My Pixel 3 had the same problem, but worse, it would constantly reboot itself, and when it woke up it wanted to dial 911! I had to talk to dispatch twice before I was able to find and turn off the feature that makes an emergency call when power is pressed 5 times fast. Anyway, I tried spray contact cleaner and canned air all around the button, and it seemed to get better for a few minutes... but not solved. So I used a heat gun to soften the glue and opened it up, so I could spray contact cleaner right into the actual switch. Definite improvement, but not a complete fix. Then I noticed a tiny copper ground right near the switch, like a teardrop shape, held in with one screw and touching the metal chassis. When i took that thing off, the phone started toggling it's power button faster and crazier than ever. I cleaned it real good, and the surface it touches, put it back on, and voila. It has been behaving great ever since (at least 48 hours now)


I also called the police multiple times today! it was quite stressful


Pixel 4 here Feb 2022, cancelling my order for a new phone. THANK YOU


Confirming this is still the 100% fix after I tried many other tactics 😅 2022 pixel 3 XL


Smacking the power button solved the issue, thanks


Shitfire, that just worked.


Another late comment: Power button smash/tap didn't work, but scrubbing liberally with a couple alcohol prep pads did it. (And disable SOS mode! What a well-intended but terrible feature!)


Oh lord it worked!!!!! Thank you so much.


Pixel 5 here. This issue happened once to me last Summer. It autocorrected and I didn't think much of it. Now, in July 2022, it's boot-looped 20-30 times in the past 24 hours. It's definitely this same issue as is mentioned here: camera lunches and then SOS mode almost dials 911 repeatedly, boot-loop is uncontrollable, even blowing canned air on the button can trigger it (but eventually fixes it). Something about warmer weather seems to trigger it for me. If I can get the phone to shut down and cool down (and stay off, which is hard with a sticky power button), it seems to do ok. I've tried all the suggestions. It seems to work ok for now. I'll try the isopropyl trick next time. But I also tried what I hope will actually make me feel more comfortable - I ordered a Pixel 6. I'm not pleased about that, because: Until I encountered this issue, **the Pixel 5 is by far the best phone I've ever had**. Ever. I don't want to give it up. Cold dead fingers and all. But I'll have a Pixel 6 to hopefully be a bit more reliable for things like traveling. Thanks for all the great tips on this issue, everyone! I still do have to deal with this until my Pixel 6 arrives, so I might be back here for more suggestions.


I realized after submitting my comment that I also carry a work phone in the same pocket. It's a Pixel 4a, and the extra heat is probably not helping this situation. I'll stop doing that, at least until the Pixel 6 arrives.


This just happened on my pixel 4a. I'm glad I found this post to help fix my problems after only 2 calls to 911


it literally called the fucking 911 multiple times . and now it keeps restarting non stop. what a stupid phone