Was rereading some Asura and I completely forgot about this panel, how strong do you guys think she is?

Was rereading some Asura and I completely forgot about this panel, how strong do you guys think she is?


It’s said that if there was a female division for kengan she would be champ


Which doesn't mean much because there aren't any known female fighters on Kengan lmao


Cosmo, Hanafusa, Misasa, Gaolang, Terashi, Fei, Hatsumi


Wait. So hatsumi is already in the same category as cosmo these day? Shit, this sub is always evolving, isn’t it?


Glad that you mentioned Hatsumi, but not Gaolang xD


He has a ponytail, seems pretty girly to me.


Looks female enough


We Yujiro now


Sexism 😳🤔😤


Yeah. But I think there should be though


Hope that if there's a next Kengan series. It's mixed with both male and female fighters. I want to know what she's capable of since she won't be in school


Probably B tier, her Removal is only really impressive for her speed because she weighs like 45kg or something. It all depends on. 1. How Kure techniques actually work 2. How proficient Karla actually is with them.


Leg thrust seems pretty effective to me and is easy to do


If Leg thrust is a Kure technique then half the kengan verse are Kures


Knowing one of their techniques doesn't make you part of a subculture


I mean, it was stated they absorbed all good genes AND techniques into their clan, so it wouldn't be surprising if all their techniques were used by someone else in the world by different name. Except those that went extinct and are only kept by Kure clan


Considering her little squabble with Ohma, I'd wager she's a bjj fighter, like Cosmo.


Kure technique "strangle"


Fair enough kkkkk


I wonder about the result of that fight between Karla and Kiryu in the little art Daro gave. It'll be interesting.


What art?


There's a picture of Karla vs Kiryu fight that Daro drew. I saw it somewhere on this Reddit.


She was able to capture a bunch of Guardians with no scratches on her while protecting two other girls. So she is pretty good at fight at least. Though it does depend on her style of fighting like battlefield Nikaido.


Stronger than Terashi. That’s for sure.


Yes but Terashi's vibration is a bad matchup for all female fighters


Personally I think if she’s considered top tier within the Kure then she’s probably a solid A tier. Raian and the 3 demons are probably the only Kure stronger than her unless there’s others we don’t know of.


I wouldn’t say A Tier. Remember she was about to get her shit rocked by a pre-R1 Ohma who was holding back. Im pretty sure Omega Rihito can take her high diff. C tier imo


Where are you getting the idea that she was “about to get her shit rocked”. She ran over and jumped at Ohma and he caught her, then proceeded to talk to her, neither of them were actually trying to hurt the other person. I agree she’s probably not A tier, but I’m confused by your assessment of that scene.


Might be wrong here, but I remember him saying something along the lines of “you’re lucky I noticed in time” or something like that referring to her being young and a girl.


He says that while halting a punch, but Karla was also halting her kick at the same time. So that exchange is nominally even. But then you have to consider that Ohma was fighting off some crazy attacker, whereas Karla was mostly just engaging in foreplay. Seems more likely that Karla was holding back than Ohma.


Good point. forgot she held back her kick too, thanks for clarifying.


That was still a non serious pre R1 Ohma. My point still stands that she isn’t A tier.


Eh. I'm willing to extrapolate from how people describe her in-universe. She has an extremely high removal threshold and one of the Kures describes her as a deviant even by the standards of that clan, and states that she could beat three other "regular" Kures, in a 3v1, in 10 seconds. My sense is she's probably on a par or close to Hollis, who has a slightly worse removal rate but is larger and has more experience.


Probably somewhere around B (also i love how they made this panel and then never gave Karla any fight in the story)


She even got a volume cover lol, doubt she’ll get one but I’m hoping for something at least.


Tbh I think it was originally meant to be a sort of fake-out because they were hyping up this new fighter only for it to be revealed that she just really wants to fuck. Then later on some guy who at first looks like a random loser shows up and is actually the strongest in terms of removal. It's hilarious looking back on it


Well, she had that little tussle against Ohma, but i think that was more about flexing her speed rather than anything else


Her horniness certainly exceed that of dick groping Raian


High B low A think cosmo or high end someone like misasa


Depends how Kengan portrays female fighters, could be balanced physically by the removal but probably below everyone in KAT bar maybe Nezu


I think that's a high high under estimating of her powers but whatever Like the panel said she's top tier on the Kure clan


Deviant does not necessarily mean strength, if removal + training from birth can balance out physical differences then I assume Kure women will be strong. But also, why would there be zero female fighters at all in the Kengan matches? The likely answer is honestly Sandro didn't think of it too hard, but I doubt Karla would be an A tier lol, people like Cosmo or Julius would annihilate her. Her best feat is dodging Rihito, and while you could argue removal might put her above him it's just making a huge baseless assumption really.


I always assumed they was a female division specifically for female Fighters that was Sandro said that she's the strongest in a female tournament Also I feel like if this statement was only talking about removal they would of shown her in removal or specified it like they did when talking about raian removal


It's a really interesting discussion, I do think the physical difference is too severe to make up for the skill gap between her and rihito though putting her at C/D tier assuming that's where Rihito is at the time of KAT. The assumption she's probably A tier skill if not higher and F tier physically is why the removal will be so important for her imo. I need to read that chapter but it might mean it as in she's just a freakish person, like Raian is absolutely an insane bloodthirsty killer. If Sandro does write fights with girls in it i hope he does it properly as a lot of manga authors can't write female characters properly. Unrelated but check out teppu for a female led martial arts manga it's pretty good.


idk dude I think Ashura Karla is on par with Omega Rihito at Least. And removal makes up for the loss of muscle, men are said to have about 50% more muscle than women I believe. And Karla has 85% removal. If we assume Rihito's strenght is 100 and Karlas is 50(cause thats half) Removal gives Karla a buff of 85% landing at a strength or 92.5. so if we go by that she is a little weaker, but that does not mean she is slower, being bigger can slow one down a lot. Rihito is also 30 cm taller and wieghts about 60 kg more. Cosmo is almost 20 cm shorter than rihito and wieghts 30-40 kg less. and I think ashura cosmo would beat ashura rihito in striking. We have no reason to assume Karla is this weak honestly, I gave her a strenght value of 50 cause that was representative of normal womens, but Is KURE KARLA a normal woman? no she is Kure. She is a special breed, she is built different. I do know its difficult to rank her due to being featless, but like 85% is 85% and I wouldnt dare to put her lower than B tier...


30 cm is 11.81 inches


>I do think the physical difference is too severe to make up for the skill gap Have you read Danberu? There's a Kure there, and she's pretty insane, benching like 100 Kg or something. Imagine that with 85% removal, idk the physical difference matters that much then. Especially considering we have Imai Cosmo and Misasa, who are lightweight and crazy strong.


100kg isn't insane at all* tbh, strong for sure but in the realms of realism (although. I think they posted cosmos stats and they're way higher, just depends how much the removal boosts Haven't read danberu though Edit: had a check and bench record for a 52 kg woman is 120 kg. Insane by kengan standards would be beyond a wr imo


Thank for the recommendation


Damn now after this thread i really want to see karla fight xD


Kure are super strong even without removal and with Removal Karla can pretty much triple her strength. Take into account that when Ohma was unconcious his fight with Raian, the average Kure was stated to dwarf Ohma in raw physicals and Karla is far from average.


Average kure as in males I'm assuming, think there's definitely a good chance she is S tier skill and would beat rihito but when the actual A tier is full of monsters like julius and gaolang I'm not sure how she could compete


I don’t think her being female will matter that much in a series like Kengan tbh.


I feel by the fact there are zero female fighters Sandro might lean towards guys physical attributes being majorly important


I don’t thinks so, because we saw her take out a load of guardians without even breaking a sweat near the end of the annihilation tournament


Oh I'll need to re read that then


Assuming how she was stated to be stronger than most of the Kure clan literally in the panel the op posted I don’t see Chiba even lasting 2 minutes with a Kure female who literally has a higher removal rate than Hollis. I mean we even saw her play around with rhito on the sskengan now neither of them were serious but she had a clear step ahead of him. I personally would put her around higher B tier maybe even somewhere in A tier.


The panel could just mean she's mentally unstable right?


I mean there is also the panel where her mother says in a room full of adult Kure males that Karla would slaughter anyone in that room. So unless you think Chiba can take multiple adult kure men at once then I don’t see him holding a candle to Karla


Oh yeah I don't lol, the absolue Nezu tier of KAT I'm sure she can beat including Chiba. Rihito I feel she probably has the edge in KAT standards but hard to know as even Ohma took damage from him, with how small she is a solid blow could be enough to put her to sleep. I think even Kaneda is 70kg and he's probably the smallest alongside Cosmo for comparison to male fighter weights.


That's completely arbitrary, depending on how Daro wants to write her. There is no set base strenght level for Kure members. You have some that even if with Removal, struggle with skilled but otherwise ordinary humans. And then you have Raian, who has superhuman strenght and durability even without Removal.


Probably A


She casually no-diffed a group of Guardians so I’ll say B+ to A-


We have no idea how strong those guardians were. And it looks like she just caught them in a trap


3rd Strongest Kure behind Hollis and Raian


probably could beat cosmo at extreme dif she knows the kure secret techniques


No way, foresight and he will zone her out, he was grappling ohma fine and was even going to break his arm, meanwhile karla couldnt even budge ohma, removal will help but Cosmo still takes this




A tier I think. I can't remember the guy's name, but a Kure that one character thought would be entered rather than Raian peeks out at ~~70%~~ 80% removal. Karla during Ashura gets to 85%. Skill matters too, but Raian was able to be extremely threatening while eschewing technique. My impression, frankly, was that a less powerful Kure than Raian who actually used Kure techniques probably would have beaten Ohma. I think there's a line somewhere where her mom or something says she'd kill a group of "regular" Kure members in 30 seconds so there's also that. Edit: Just checked. The mother's commentary was that she'd slaughter the three Kure members she was talking to, in a 3v1, in 10 seconds.


>peeks out at 70% removal Hollis, he has 80% removal and said to have great technique >Raian who actually used Kure techniques probably would have beaten Ohma 100%, he has more wins on current healthy ohma, even in the tournament raian said that if he used technique he would end advance ohma in an instant


Against the men she'd be around B+ if people at equal power I'd say she be close to Raian.


DEFINITELY not close to Raian


Probably around A, considering Raian using the Kure Techniques was able to completely shut down Guihun Alan in base, the strength difference between her and most men wouldn’t mean much and she’s probably stronger than them in Removal anyway. Anyone who can massacre Kure en masse has to be totally powerful, and her Removal rate being even greater than Hollis is pretty telling


Kure Clan members are written as “heavyweight strength in smaller packages”. The narrative treats Kure Genetics as combatants that bypass weight class restrictions that non-Kures don’t have to account for. IE. Raian is stated to be physically stronger than Akoya despite being 50 lbs smaller and Akoya also being unnaturally strong for his size too. Karla is probably capable of being an upper B / very low A.


B/A tier


Hard to compare but if Yakusha is any indication, Karla is a monster.


B tier if she's fighting the men of Kengan matches. Probably A-S tier if there's ever a female fighter introduced on the series


A female Kengan Division would be pretty dope ngl.


I think about nikado's level. Ohma noted her huge weight disadvantage, and she seems to be living a rather normal life outside of the kure village- going shopping, making friends and going to school. So she does not train day-and-night like most top tier fighters. Yet, with her insane removal (85% I believe) she can take a miracle fighter like nikaido, not easily tho.


level A and just b simple is very small has very little muscle mass although it has the highest release percentages its strength would not be much Karla happens to him the same thing that terashi are good assassins but not so effective fighting with professional fighters.


A child between Carla and Ohma will can support the devine devil very well. My humble opinion.




Daro just waiting to draw Female Kengan so we can have all of the awesome Kengan and he can draw bad bitches


I still wish to see her in a 1v1 fight to the death with some Worm boss


She would low diff Alan with Guihun


Pretty damn strong. And she has potential.


Assuming she actually does Kure techniques and doesn’t rely on brute force to win I give her A tier


Honestly regardless she'd probably be above KAT Rihito- But in all seriousness she's definitely above average, with her only real weakness being her ~~lack of taste~~ low weight. But then again this is Kengan, a series where people can shake mountains with their punches so I Really doubt being female or short or a flyweight will really hold her back.


seeing as how we cant use any feats cuz she doesn’t have any besides a few here and there things but going only of this statement Idk B or A I’m actually really hoping we get to see her fight maybe if the west Wu have some badass women fighters we’d be able to see it or anything really i just hope she shows off some great stuff


I'd like to think they wouldn't just lock fights to same sex, a lot of manga do this and it's pretty tasteless imo


Yeah I agree i think sandro said as a statement that if kengan had a women’s division karla would be champion but its a weird statement seeing as how kalra is the only female fighter we’ve seen I’d love it if karla beat the hell out of some A tier dude idc either way but i was saying she’d fight another female to bring more female characters with some serious strength into the story


Yeah makes sense, I'm just scarred from reading sunkenrock which is awfully written and the most horribly written manga I've ever seen in terms of females


Not strong enough to mate Ohma


What chapter is this?


B tier at best. If she considers Pre-Memories Ohma to be strong who was a scrub then thats all you need to know.


Tbh I thought that meant she has an extreme amount of talent and that she could surpass 100% removal.




I'd smash


Well, from what little we've seen, she's a fast moving fighter that's able to tie up a surprised Ohma and was able to pretty soundly counter anything he threw. It's unclear is this was predictive or reactive countering for the most part, but she was able to let off strikes after Ohma, and then have them connect before or at the same moment as his would. Basically, very maneuverable, very flexible, very fast. Exceptionally good at balance and striking, and capable of throwing very fast sequences of blows, but this comes at the cost of having a low body weight and thereby a limit to her maximum striking power that will come into play in direct combat against Kengan members. Effective in hand to hand against most people not trained fairly extensively in cqc, but she'd probably use knives or flechettes or other sharp lightweight implements against an opponent proficient with fists and feet. Moderate chance that she caused the more recent trope spike of "dark highschool girl with katana" by being seen by a couple of people. With "Removal" however, something she was talented in, that striking power should go up so she should be able to rush most people. However, it's not going to make her massively strong due to being lithe anyway, so middling in grappling or protracted fights where she can't immediately take them down. Basically lighter build femRaian or Dr Hanafusa, if he was a Kure and trained in how to kill people. Barring exceptional freaks of biology she'd wipe floors in female Kengan matches due to similar builds removing her major weaknesses.


I reckon mokichi level. If she took Raian's spot , She'd 60/40 beat Mokichi , Lose to ohma obv


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bottom A or top B