Anita on coomers making coomers clips with more YT views and wanting to quit streaming.

Anita on coomers making coomers clips with more YT views and wanting to quit streaming.


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Not much you can do when even Anita, Alexandra Botez, Loserfruit, LilyPichu and female steamers ect have threads on a coomer forum making shitty photoshop fakes and calling them whores/thots with [weird polls](https://imgur.com/a/H2AY61h) on each thread. They even have create private chats to talk coomer amongst other coomers. Anita's top clips have now mostly become coomer clips now.


God that's so fucking weird/sad


Honestly, in these communities and just coomer communities in general, women who don't put any focus on sexualized content ususally get it the worst/the weirdest kind of "fans", tbh you can prolly just call them stans lol.






I mean.. before the internet we were jacking off to comic books in mexico [like this](https://http2.mlstatic.com/D_NQ_NP_861616-MLM45274969360_032021-W.jpg). My guess is on medieval times they just used their imagination lol.


>My guess is on medieval times they just used their imagination lol. No way. Ever seen David from Michelangelo? That's a thirst trap if I've ever seen one.


is he a streamer as well?


What is the top poll answer supposed to represent?


Probably one of those "I'm just here to see the results" options. Or "all of them".




One time I was at a car dealership and some old dude looked at a painting of a woman with a short dress sitting on a truck and unprompted he says “haha, that slut!” And I’m like “you know a man painted that right?”


> “you know a man painted that right?” even hotter coz i know a dude lovingly drew the tits just so for me coz he knew a dude would pop a boner looking at it. men build


I used to browse r/braincels before it got banned, from my memory of that shit, essentially: - woman won't sleep with any man (ugly, low status etc) - therefore woman is only looking for status or a guy with a big dick - therefore all women are gold diggers / whores / thots This logic was in virtually every thread on that sub. I got perma banned for linking a picture of an ugly woman and asking them if they would have sex with her, or do they only want to lose their virginity to women that are attractive / have status? Got called a simp and banned. Absolute mind rot. You need to be essentially a 1950s housewife, completely subservient, endlessly loving and never leave the house or hang around or speak to any man other than your Husband, who you must have children with, or you're a whore/thot - also, if the Husband wants to just bounce and find a new woman, you're a gold digger if you try to get money out of the divorce. I wish they never banned that sub - it was a nice concentrated place of sheer degeneracy - now its spread into many other subs (including this one.) The only thing keeping it in bay here is Hasan and Destiny fans who'll argue with you about it for weeks and not let you get away with it.


You seem to know alot


Just FYI, this doesn't involve just women streamers Just ask Corpse and Sykkuno horny people are everywhere


and it's existed long before streaming, and probably before the internet I'd guess. Slash fic shit has been around since early forums at the very least, and I'm just using that generally as horny jail deserving fan fiction, not the more strict definition of gay+fictional characters. It's also generally played for a laugh when it's the crazy fans of actors writing fiction and photo-shopping two guys together. Horn dogs gonna horn. v0v I don't even necessarily disagree with the playing it for a laugh, because you're not going to stop it, so you may as well just make fun of the mental people making the shit rather than make it even more taboo, which will make them more likely to do it.


> Just ask Corpse and Sykkuno Sykkuno literally said he never received a nude by a fan not long ago lol. Did he become more open about it? When he said it it was like the most unimaginable lie I had heard in whole 2020.


i dont think so unless he just doesnt talk about it. He definitely has that weird tumblr anime fandom however where they just write sexual fanfiction or something


Yeah they aren't the 'spam you with nudes type' they think they're being wholesome by endlessly fawning over you and writing fanfiction where you hook up with another fairly big kid friendly or effeminate youtuber/streamer. I remember they used to do it endlessly about Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, etc. They probably still do. Imo it is just as creepy as what Anita receives. Going online to see a Bayeux tapestry-tier catalogue of images involving two male friends fucking/sucking each other off with 200 volumes of erotica to go with it is so fucking weirddddd. Like, at least in the Anita one its probably one and done - they show up, jerk off, X off the tab. These guys will spend literal days or weeks writing up novels of erotica about a straight dude sucking off his straight friend.


Because Sykkuno would never lie to keep his persona.


Truly spoken like someone who knows he's about to receive a bunch of fan nudes.


Has to be a lie unless he meant consensually.


This is what im saying. Booba streams dont make these people come to twitch they are already here; theyre gamers. If all women on twitch wore burkas there would be ankle clips.


> If all women on twitch wore burkas there would be ankle clips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6npJ-F4i2A


BUT GUIS THE COOMERS ONLY STAY IN THE COOMER CHANNELS AND NEVER GO AND HARASS SMALLER STREAMERS OR STREAMERS THAT ARENT CATERING TO COOMERS! THEY JUST SIT IN THEIR COOMER CHANNELS SIPPING WINE AND NOT HURTING ANYONE. Fucking hell. I have a few women streamer friends that get harassed by these twitch viewers. They've all said it's gotten so bad in the past 2 or so years. Even on these coomer forums they talk about finding smaller streamers for action. It's fucking hell. They really are just emboldened by the fact that twitch does not give 1 fuck if you sexually harass women now. After all Twitch cant do anything because if you could be disciplined for saying "Bend over and show me your ass baby" then all Just Chatting viewers would be banned. The viewers will just appeal and say "But I was allowed to say it in this persons chat room!" So no site action will every be taken against this harassers.


and if the coomer farmers weren't here, the coomers would still be around, what's your point? It is the responsibility of the coomer to act with common fucking sense and pick up on social cues and maybe read the streamers rules or something.


> and if the coomer farmers weren't here, the coomers would still be around, what's your point? It is the responsibility of the coomer to act with common fucking sense and pick up on social cues and maybe read the streamers rules or something. Do we blame toxic streamers for creating toxic chats that spread to other channels? So why not blame "coomers streamers" for creating coomer chats(that are also toxic)?


> and if the coomer farmers weren't here, the coomers would still be around, what's your point they'd likely go to an entirely different website.


they’re saying twitch should take authoritative action against cumbrains rather than getting rid of booba meta


Wait, I dont get it... she never does anything sexual on stream and doesn't wear anything revealing. Are people posting clips of her just talking and framing it as sexual?


Never underestimate coomers. I remember Maya had some weird dude have an entire imgur folder of clips of her just licking her lips.


What about that famous account that had hundreds of clips of random streamers sneezing


sneezing? say wut my dude. link cuz it doesnt sound real but i have no reason to believe someone on the internet wouldn't do that.




I just came


Now that's just funny.


People would search chat for bless you and clip it.






https://www.thedailybeast.com/inside-the-strange-world-of-sneeze-fetishes https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-excess/201604/sneezy-does-it https://www.elle.com/life-love/news/a39375/sneezing-fetish/


Its legitimate but I couldn't link you to it. This guy had hundreds and hundreds of sneezing clips, and not even just from sexually suggestive streamers.




This. It's 100% fucked up and shouldn't be happening, but these issues aren't just faced by female streamers, it's a problem every single good looking female celebrity has to deal with. At this point you're just lying to yourself if you become successful at streaming and think people won't whack it off to you. Every streamer wants to appeal to the lonely people who need to watch other people play games in order to have any interaction with the outside world, ofcourse a bunch of them will be creeps.


Mate you don't even have to be a famous celebrity. If you're attractive, you're kidding yourself if you don't think some rando stranger who seen you on the street one day or a friend hasn't whacked one off to you. This applies both ways as well, having worked with mainly girls in an office before, yall are just as dirty minded as men.


True but it definitely exaggerates the issue when these people come to scroll through stream after stream of women doing “yoga” in thongs with ass cams, and then there’s just someone trying to do normal content. Not only are there weird people there organically, but twitch is almost seeking them out and bringing them there


How many male streamers have entire folders of clips of them licking their lips though? Or FAP compilations on Youtube?


Sykunno seems to have loads of weird obsessive fans so I wouldn't be surprised.


It seems like if the majority of your audience is from the opposite sex, you will get sexualized no matter what you do.


yeah, i mean its the same with Hasan no? dude gets a lot of thirsty comments from women


He's also specifically mentioned he's okay with it. I think that is important here


I do remember Tumblr used to have a fuckton of gay fanfiction about male youtubers. Female content creators do have it *far* worse though.


I remember seeing stuff from the Dream smp streamers telling fans to stop making fanfics about them because many are minors and aren’t comfortable with it. Some people are just deranged.


I may be misremembering, but I think Lirik not to long ago mentioned he was dealing with a stalker-ish situation. He didn't go to far into it but dude doesn't even show his face and dealt with it. Twitch is more open to the weridos, regardless of gender, because of the amount of access the viewer has to the streamer. They watch someone sometimes everyday for months or years and for over hundreds/thousands of hours.


More then you would think. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them dealt with stalkers.


I think I saw an xQc fancam on twitter once using clips from like 2017 lmao


But, then he married her...so it's not that weird.


Literally yes. They take a clip of her having a tourettes tick out of context that makes it seem sexual.


A lot of those are sexual by nature, so they don't even need to take out the context, they just clipt the entirety of it


I remember one clip that was literally just "choke me daddy" and she was just immediately let down cause she knew it was gonna get clipped


It's like Pokimane, whenever you see her full body on stream or she walks away their will be clips.


"[Insert girl streamer here] thick compilation"


>"[Insert girl anything here] thick compilation" FTFY This doesn't just apply to streamers, it applies to celebrities and even people that aren't even in the public eye. I understand Anita is frustrated, and it's a shame it has to be this way, but this is just the situation especially for anyone that is famous. There is no way to avoid it happening.


Say what you want about this girl but I actually felt bad for her when I noticed (I think it was in some video that played when I was watching Michael Reevs's yt videos, when he was dressed like a girls iirc) that when she walks away from the cam she crab walks, or walks backwards to avoid showing her butt to the camera.


There was a period of time where people were attacking her for doing that. They argued that she was drawing more attention to her body by doing that and agitating the coomers to focus on that stuff. Pretty insane


i literally used to see paragraphs of people debating on whether what she was doing was just for "attention". truly insane on how fucking miserable people are


It's still going on now, some guy just replied to my post implying she's doing it to tease the deviants


Really?!? Sometimes you can't do right no matter what.




Lost in translation. Means that whatever you do it can't be the right thing because there'll always be someone that will argue you should have done some other thing instead.


You can literally search for a woman getting railed without clothes on in the internet and yet people finds a woman fully clothed and just literally walking sexual. What's wrong with these people?


I just looked at her clips, most of them start with a shot of her ass. Apparently it doesn't take much.


You’re acting like there aren’t coomers everywhere foaming at the mouth when they see a girl period. They’ll sexualize their arm pits, gestures, feet, hands, lips everything. Small or big anything a woman does is inherently sexual to them. They put them on incredibly high pedestals and even so much as a sneeze lonely degenerate creeps will feel like the woman blessed them and cater it to their gross standards.


It's more like, people clip days when she wears a shirt that shows 5mm of cleavage or she stands up and walks away or just has form fitting clothes on, I don't want Anita's streams so I can't say if she does or doesn't do any shit that would promote a 'sexual nature' but It's weird ass shit like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn3yMJW1mBY And this type of stuff is IMO fostered by twitch, because of their lack of intervention with all these sexual streamers. Multiple female streamers have voiced their problem with it and imo it's the right view on it. These sexual streamers run rampant unchecked -> = more 'coomers' on the platform -> = more coomers go to normal girls streams and be weird as fuck in their chat trying to force them to do the same stuff -> = those normal girls don't want to stream or have a chat filled with mega whitenight mods who instaban anyone who says anything remotely PogO


This stuff existed even before the current coomer wave on Twitch. And if Twitch would go hard against the current softcore porn meta in the Just Chatting section, it would change absolutely nothing for Anita. Her problem would be still there.


i'm pretty sure that the increased amount of harassment comes from the fact that twitch keeps getting bigger and bigger. keep in mind that theres a pandemic going on which lead to an even bigger, explosive growth in viewers. like you said, women on twitch who stream have been getting these comments and compilation videos since the site started, even when they are just playing games. people are just lashing out at the hot tub streamers and blaming them because they are an easy target. twitch isn't some niche site that only started to attract creeps all of a sudden.


Yep, women never received harassment from horny losers before hot tub streams existed


In what part of my post did I say they didn't? The hot tub streams and the sexual streams have just exaggerated the already ongoing issue of weird people in chat.


welcome to womanhood lol


People are weird and desperate


I've been getting a lot of recommendations from Anita's coomer clips. I think it started off because of her tiks clips, and then youtube started recommending me other popular clips from her, and many of them happen to be pretty perverted, I'd watch an entire clip waiting for something to happen, or listening to what she is saying, and she either wouldn't say anything, or the clip would cut in the middle of her phrase. Then I'd go back, and notifice that she stood up and turned around in the clip, and that was the entire purpose of the video. She has big thighs, a big ass, and big boobs, so anytime there is a good shot of those, people clip it, usually she is not wearing anything revealing, I think it's mostly tighter clothes, like leggings.


36 hour work days? damn


Don't know why she's still streaming if she's found out the way to change time at her will, she has made the biggest discovery ever!


30 6 hour work days. I heard it that way too at first.


is that supposed to be bad? 6h/day is like nothing workwise


That does sound pretty rough not having days off but streamers shouldn't be complaining about the schedule they setup for themselves. Setup a proper schedule. Make sure you account for time off. Sure you'll make more money if you stream daily but that's on you as the streamer to make that decision.


Regular 43 hour work week with no days off sounds fucking awful.


And yet the reality for most of us. But hey, it really isn't that bad if you enjoy your job. I feel bad for the people who have to suffer that grind and deal with a shitty boss / colleagues tho.


I'm pretty sure she did mean 36 hour work days, how does 30 6 hour work days make any sense at all? Makes more sense to be referring to long string of work being put in for streaming events etc.


I assumed she meant she works every day of the month for 6 hours/day. If she meant 24hr+ work "days" then... fair enough, just a confusing way to word it.


I’ve seen a clip of her talking about how sleep depraved she is. I think she said she gets about 2-4 hours of sleep on average. Wouldn’t surprise me if she pulled all nighters on a semi consistent basis.


strimer life is hard :(((( plz sub end donate


Really, is it really that hard to go find another job? Oh wait, you’d be getting paid a fraction of what you make streaming for actual work...


Normally you would be right except due to her tourettes she can't really hold down most normal jobs. So for her case its more so either streaming or she goes on disability.


Hate to break it to you, but... you mostly just discovered why young boys watch just chatting streams. This is the problem for years that people have warned has been breeding where female twitch streamers are lumped in with the softcore pornography.


> This is the problem for years that people have warned has been breeding where female twitch streamers are lumped in with the softcore pornography. This isn't something new. Literally any big female streamer even before this current coomer wave had and still has the same problem. If Pokimane stands up or bents over to pick something up, there will be 20 coomers in her chat clipping it. This was true 4 years ago as it is today. And even if Twitch would ban hot tub, yoga or similar female streamers on mass, it wouldn't solve the problem Anita is talking about.


"Are you the real Pokimane? omg I beat my meat to you"




Plus celebrities who aren't even affiliated with twitch. There's all kinds of weird compilations out there


Or that girl that did the ferret video... And she was like 15yo...


facts. if i could watch attractive older girls do ANYTHING in HD from the comfort of my phone when i was 11-13 i would've been in coomer heaven. if I was busting to sports illustrated swimsuit and victorias secret catalogues, you know these kids dont need much other than a pretty girl talking. nowadays its much much easier for kids to get access to the more hardcore stuff (I had to wait until HBO started showing the good stuff after midnight or when I was home alone and could use the desktop computer in the living room lol), but watching girls on twitch doesnt come with the teenage paranoia of someone catching you so i can see why its blowing up


The irony here is most of the coomers come from repressive religious states like Turkey that literally have porn banned. They literally use Twitch because the real porn is banned.


Do you have any data that proves that claim?




The majority audience you're targeting are young. The people lavishing money are the minority Oh and they're all there for softcore porn and titillation


On the flip side even watching Anita for any amount of time would do a world of good to those kids if they actually listened to what she says.


Yeah it sucks and it goes way beyond twitch. The internet is filled with young horny virgins. I remembered when W2S's 16 year old sister appeared his videos for the first few times. The comments wouldn't stop talking about him having a hot sister. There was even a "w2s hot sister moments" video made when there was nothing sexual she did. Coomers try to turn everything sexual.


Wouldn't the better consequence be to stream without a face cam? Same with Lirik who doesn't stream with face cam to avoid possible harassment/prejudices due to his skin color.


That'd work if she was primarily gaming, but she's mainly a just chatter, where you're kinda stuck with the facecam unless you want chat to stare at your desktop.


This must be why some streamers use a V-Tuber avatar sometimes


it certainly isn't the only reason but I'm sure some of them feel the same way as Anita.


I mean let’s not pretend ugly girls dont exist. Being conventionally attractive goes a long way even as a dude too.


Yeah but they get lewded too


Yeah because podcasts don’t exist.


Lirik plays video games. I watch a 100-300 viewer count female League streamer who doesn't have a face cam, she still gets weird comments.


Yeah but thats because the average league enjoyer is human trash.


Good luck finding a game where the human trash portion of the population isn't awkwardly large


You underestimate just how desperate and degenerate so many twitch viewers are. Yes, this would solve the youtube clip problem, but it definitely would not stop the harassment/prejudices problem. Having watched several female streamers that stream with no face cam, they definitely still get all the sexual remarks from chat. It just like when a girl talks on the mic in game.


She could but then her viewer count would likely drop.


so in the end she chooses between revenue or what makes her comfortable. unfortunately coomers will win either way.


> I don't know why I'm here anymore because your career options outside of streaming are non-existent


Happens to everyone, it’s what comes with fame. Not much you can do about it except removing your face from your streams.


"I don't know why i'm here anymore" "BECAUSE YOU ARE GETTING PAID BITCH" - Joey Diaz.


Youtube's recommendations are partly to blame imo, making sure it's worthwhile for people to keep doing it. I haven't watched an anita video or clip on youtube in like over a year at least, but just yesterday for whatever reason youtube started bombarding me with the exact videos shes talking about. I have no clue as to what I could have watched to start getting those recommendations, all I've been watching lately are my usual subscriptions and a bunch of mhw guides.


I think youtube identifies if you want any of the twitch streamer/youtuber people then start recommending all of the other ones and the videos that happen to do the best are the coomer ones so they get recommended the most.


Honestly holy fuck this is pretty accurate. I get fucking coomer videos suggested because I've watched literally anything dealing with twitch clips. I make it a point to not click anything with a suggestive thumbnail to try to avoid that shit, but it doesn't help. It's just "oh you watch things involving streamers. here's the most popular streaming content" coomer clips, because the cancer of clickbait works really well on people.


You remove the coomers from the community, more than half of the female streamers would fall off and the rest lose the majority of their viewership. Where do you think most of their donations/subs come from? lol It's the sad reality


She wants the quiet coomers who just lurk, sub and coom, not the hyper degens who steal her clips and post them on YouTube and harass her or whatever else they do.


I have a feeling there is a fair amount of overlap there lol.


I think all B are A, but not all A are B If a female streamer has like 5000 consistent fans, it's probably only 5-10 guys making that stuff, a few hundred might enjoy it, but only a tiny potion is actually taking their time and making it.


Anita's pretty huge though, like she could still have a fine streaming career if over half her audience left.


36hr workdays?


Coomers gonna coom. Ignore it or quit, you have no other recourse.




36 hour work day?


36 hours work day ?


Literally nothing you can do about it, so no point bitching about it. It's only degenerates who do this and they will keep on being just that, degenerates.


Honestly, I may get downvoted for this take but I think this is stupid. Does she know what rule 34 is? If it exist; people will sexualize it / make porn of it. This is almost the same as asking people not to think about them at night when they masturbate or something. Sorry, I like Anita but this is a dumb take. People shouldn't harass her or be obnoxious in her chat. But trying to police people not to privately sexualize her is borderline retarded. This is not twitch / her specific what so ever. Happens to literally every single known figure on the internet.


If you have any thought of quitting streaming it's best to quit immediately than to do what Mitch Jones did forever and ever. Quit immediately.


I mean you put yourself on the internet and that means weirdos are going to do weird shit with what you put there. I don't blame her for not wanting to put up with that, it's fucked up


Sucks for the women who don't want to produce that kind of content but are pressured by this growing pathetic Coomer community. Twitchs inaction is pathetic.


what is twitch supposed to do? ban people for screen capping VoDs?


What is Twitch meant to do?


the coomer community wouldn't have grown to such proportions if twitch enforced their rule and warned/suspended/banned streamers that break them with sexually suggestive content. everyone said this spillover into regular girl's streams would happen and it did. i think this thing is a potential PR disaster for twitch. it's a bubble that's gonna burst pretty soon


yeah it sucks and I understand you don't like it but god damn that paycheck is nice isn't it? I have never seen game play from her so I have to assume she isn't a top tier player so like this is it I mean there is a reason you have grown ass adults in swimming pools riding bananas doing nothing on this platform. a large portion of twitch is super lonely anti social people who (and this is the important part) fund you being able to do this. That part is important I don't know what kind of degree Anita has but so many of these girls were waitresses or customer service reps so I mean I have a really hard time feeling bad for you.


If you broadcast your life online you can't really expect to have control of what the public will do/ how they will treat you. You decided to out yourself out there and broadcast your life. These are the consequences of living that kind of life


well to be fair 90+% of all activity online is based around guys wanking


More than half the internet is pornography. Probably more than 60% of the internet.


I’ll spread my asshole for the camera for her yearly earnings. You can always quit and realize you don’t have total control once you put yourself in front of an anonymous audience.


So heres the thing: As a content creator, once you’ve posted your content out to the internet, you do not control what happens to it. You can fight tooth and nail to get it removed but trust me that there will always be someone who will have copies/backups of that content stored SOMEWHERE. I understand the stress over this thought but you can’t control what happens to your content.


I don't think her point is that it's not going to happen, but more so a commentary on the frequency and the absolutely crazy audience that kind of content about her is getting. She's not jealous of the views or anything, but disgusting and feels violated. Once again, these things will happen and she's fully aware - but the sheer amount and frequency would put off anyone from continuing to supply it.


What? You cant be famous and not have people photoshop your content. She is even a public figure with streaming, her appearance is not private anymore. - you cant have it both ways


I like Anita but it seems like she doesn't understand the internet. There's no consent. You can ask all you want, some coomers are gonna clip some shit no matter what. It's a reality that you have to accept, you can't expect a sudden collective massive social and psycological change in order to avoid that to happen in the lifespan of your career. Because it seems that we always go to the argument that says "I'm not supposed to accept it, it's men that have to change." First of all, not all men are coomers. Second: no shit. So even tho she has a huge following she wanna quit cause of some inevitable wankers? Of course I'm not negating that seeing those clips must be creepy but still, seems unfair. About the views of these clips. A lot of views are of people that barely know twitch but they get recommended these clips anyway. Others follow twitch but are not her fans, don't follow her and maybe barely know who she is. Others are her fans but they just click it cause...they click it. Just plain curiosity. A 15 seconds clip, no better temptation for the brain. Again, she can't accept the internet to change all of the sudden, so if she's bothered that much either she quits or does something concrete to prevent it like turning off the camera when getting up, which must be a bummer.


And she won't quit.


Anita needs a reality check. People online are not your friends. They dont care. You stream = you put yourself out there. The internet is not save and it never was. You stream because you like it or you dont.


Damn that sucks that you want to quit streaming, too bad there's tens of thousands of people who would kill to have your job. Yea the creeps suck, but that's one of the only downsides to your job sitting at home talking to a webcam while printing money from mentally ill people online. Everyone ' famous ' has to deal with it, suck it up or take a hike if you can't handle it. It sounds morbid but you will instantly be replaced and nobody will bat an eye.




Jump out of streaming. I'm sure she has plenty marketable skill outside of twitch. She'll be fine.


Its the internet. Stuff like this will always happen. If you're confused and appalled by any of this you obviously have not been on the internet long enough. Im positive there is worse stuff out there than someone posting coomer clips.


reminder that this woman has regular streams where she does stretches and squats in tight pants while the subs and donos roll in 🙄 she wants to have her cake and eat it too; someone should tell her it's time to grow up


people acting like sexual desire is complete out of this world, its like eating drinking and breathing.


poor little thing.. making thousands of dollars of her look and tourettes..


While I agree that the coomer squads are causing issues for female streamers, has she considered just focusing on the good parts of her fanbase and just ignoring the idiots?




Does she even play games? Everytime I saw her she's fullscreen just chatting.


36 hour work days seems like a lot


Wait until she finds out about sexy celebrities! C'mon, she's in show business and whether she likes it or not: *IT WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN*, do you think actresses spend their time bitching about how they make photoshops of their faces into naked bodies? What a sensitive nancy.


yeah shes not going to quit streaming. she has no other marketable skills


$300k/year doing nothing. Yeah no way shes going to quit to take a low skill job that pays a tenth of what she gets paid now, preaching to the choir.


*choir. Hate to do this but you should know how its spelt.








Who's that other girl she's talking to? I like her style.










i mean, not victim blaming or anything but if she feels like she doesnt wanna stream because of these guys, i think the best solution would be turn off the camera and keep streaming without it, if the options are streaming with camera = unhappy, i guess its worth streaming without camera? , just a idea.


Anita doesn't play games very much though, she's pretty much a Just Chatting streamer. So if it was just her voice it would just be a picture in the background or something. It's just not viable unless she takes the facecam off and just does gaming.


>Anita doesn't play games very much though, she's pretty much a Just Chatting streamer. Then she either needs a new line of work entirely or to start getting into games. You thinking you can control what other people do with clips/VODS of you is hilariously naive. Like you have to take the good and the bad with any profession....thats just how it goes. The good here being she makes probably a crazy amount of money, FROM HOME, doing what amounts to......well not much. The bad here is......some guys are fapping to you. The hypocritical part I'm seeing is, I imagine, there's a massive overlap between the guys who fap to her and the people who sub/donate.....so.....I'd laugh her out of the building if she said she'd be willing to give up the money from the coomers, in exchange that they stop making sexualizing clips of her and such.


Time to vtube


That is just a different section of coomers




I mean, her stream would probably all but die. But we won’t have the conversation.




Look, I am not defending the coomers, but the majority of female streamers on Twitch are relying on them. You remove the coomers and what's gonna happen? Honestly, I don't know which side is more pathetic, the coomers or the streamers who cant survive without them. The exciting thing is now we have women vs women on Twitch. Women who don't do sexual streams and women who do. Let's see who'll win this battle.


So go get a job and quit, who cares


That's kinda the predicament when you put yourself out there by streaming. It's the same ideas with celebrities, and if you have a fan base your bound to get people like that. You truly need to figure out what you really want out of streaming if that's the case...


**Abstract: This behavior has existed long before Twitch, it will exist long after Twitch, but that isn't the problem. The problem is no one in power is doing anything to try and stop it.** This type of behavior has existed forever. Internet personalities, streamers, content creators, and their kin (read: internet celebrities), are a new form of celebrity that even the normie crowd is aware of. When you think about, what have celebrities (in the traditional sense) had to deal with during their tenures? The exact same type of behavior, only on a much larger and much scarier scale. Fans have killed these types of celebrities out of obsession. Paparazzi look for those pictures/video of a beloved celebrity when they're wearing bikinis or underwear, hoping to get a shot of them topless or naked from 10 miles out. The sad truth is, fame brings these types of crazies out, and it's not surprising to see that happening now with internet celebrities. Only, the paparazzi in this case are viewers. Of course this is a problem. Of course no one should feel objectified. However, people are delusional if they think this behavior can be stopped. You might say, "Well, they could remove themselves from the equation by quitting streaming." Not really. The streamer loses their job and the coomers will continue to coom. I'm going to admit something because I think it's important even if it makes me look bad. When I used to visit Gonewild and subs like it, people would develop an unhealthy attachment to their favorite posters. Some of these posters left because their identities were exposed for various reasons. What ends up happening is these pictures from old posters are continuously reuploaded without consent and people sit in the comments and reminisce about the person but in a very superficial way - "Oh man, she had the greatest ass," "RIP," "No one has tits like her," "Blah blah blah". It is/was super unhealthy and very creepy, which is why I stopped visiting those subs. But, the main problem is Twitch not stepping in to try and mitigate the amount of coomerism on the website. It's growing, and it's getting worse, affecting both known and unknown streamers. It feels like Twitch is the epicenter since they hold a monopoly over streaming and everyone wants a piece of the pie. What happens on Twitch does not stay on Twitch. It gets clipped and shipped to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and a million other influencer websites. The most concerning part of this is the fact that the audience is made up of teenagers. Twitch knows it, and the streamers perpetuating this behavior know it. If they did something about it, it would affect their bottomline, and we can't have that, can we? The almighty dollar is what matters. /s I'm probably just talking into the void, but I felt it necessary to write this out. Anyway, if you disagree, tell me why.