Destiny irritated with the length of Amouranth and Indiefoxx bans

Destiny irritated with the length of Amouranth and Indiefoxx bans


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how the fuck did he die 19 times in a 30 minute game?


learned from the best draven world




[THE GATE KEEPER](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENFhNClHIOA)


I miss the good old days of League. Ol' Oddone was the shit


Lol Silsol making an appearance there too.


he do a lil bit trolling


Skirting the line of what's bannable in LOL, even actively pushing the line.


come on. League doesn't ban inters unless they type. Soft inting is the easiest thing to do and you'll never have to worry about being banned. There have been accounts that disco nunu down mid 0/40 for hundreds of games and never get banned








I had an account temp banned for inting, gave a message that said along the lines of "you have been suspended for intentionally feeding" and force closes the client. No logs, and the player support site doesn't have logs either (though it gives you a number of times you have been reported for negative/abusive chat behavior, still). Took them like a week to respond, and I'm sure you'd see more of it on the league sub if the mods there didnt try to perma cleanse anyone talking about bans/lag/long standing game bugs (e.g. mouse sensitivity bug) before they get to many upvotes for them to delete.




Damn you shoulda waited for the patch before posting this so it wouldn’t be as easy to check the replay on 8x and see that you absolutely ran it down spamming emotes after you messed up your cheese lvl 1 and then died again in lane lvl 2. I’d be tilted too and prolly soft int after the missing pings lvl 1 from jg and yuumi mid but you straight up lied in that ticket lmfao


??? you fucked up you're cheese lvl 1 by having 0 focus and proceed to die 22 more times in 26 minutes, and they don't seem to ever go afk? you're just a lying inter, if I was a riot employee and I had checked the replay I would have laughed and gave you an extra day for such blatant lies lmao and in-case you're wondering, while pre-game trolls suck, it's no excuse to just int for 30 minutes


This was a canned response, keep replying to them and if you see no progress, ask for a supervisor.


I mean this is getting fucking Orwelian now. How in the fuck can an AI program determine (and consequently Riot themselves) what your intent is??? Intent is subjective.


Nah he inted, I might’ve too in this situation lmfao but he blatantly inted and inting bans are reviewed before ban, chat bans aren’t.


Dude, checking the actual game **you die every single minute on the timer** only getting longer and longer because the death screen becomes longer the further the game progresses. I feel this post is disingenuous and what you sent to Riot as well. Upload the replay and I'll retract the statement if found false, but it sure as heck doesn't look like "just inting".


Bullshit least gold in the game not counting support, 23 deaths in a 28 mins game, their bot absolutely stomped you before your teammates afk.


You can ban any user that get reported with 15+ deaths, no joke, I intentionally stalled a game once to let the troll get to 15 deaths to get the automated ban. The ban system is a joke, all you have to do to not get banned is soft int <15 deaths, miss type insults and you can get away with anything you want.


yeah my strat was we had 2 afks so i wanted the game to go as long as possible so i defended solo to get them banned but ended up getting banned for inting


you probably typed your heart out since they haven't banned for inting since tribunal.


He do a microscopic bit


!ipban golfnearby 1024hr


negative gaming


tbf he was playing against a fed Nocturne and Talon. At that point you might aswell sit in the fountain as an ADC.


36 death botlane lmao


x/36/x dream botlane


Too busy debating.


He was hella heated that it showed in his game xd


And the 1/17 Blitz. I swear botlane never chills when losing then hits us with "Guys its over lets ff".


As someone who watches his league streams a decent amount; If they lose every fight in lane they keep fighting any chance they have. If they constantly get ganked they play as if they never get ganked. When they win they win hard, but when they lose they lose hard too. He is a very all or nothing player.


9/36 botlane LMAO


junglers fault


what do you mean? of course it's the junglerS fault not thE adc's. i am Not being ironic, please Destiny Homie don't ban mE i'm a good boy. dgg when destiny pLays league in Platin elo is the best, haha :P P.S.: >!OK since Destiny has ADHD he got bored and stopped reading this comment. To whomever reading this, send help to d.gg immediately we are currently being held hostage against our will and tortured by having to watch Destiny's League gameplay. The situation is really bad, our freedom of speech is being limited. Many dgg comrades have been (!ipban never unban)'d already, we don't have much time. I don't know for how long we can endure this anymore. Please send some one to negotiate the terms before it's too late. We are counting on you Kind regards. !< P.P.S.: >!(Read the capital letters of the first paragraph for a secret message)!< Edit: fixed wording




Yes, haha thanks for pointing it out i fixed it


As an ex-jungler, it's always the jungler's fault.


Couldn't even pay attention to what he was saying cause of this Him and his support went negative counting assists


For me, the key here is that these girls are acting **in bad faith**. That should warrant a much more severe ban than people who accidentally do things against the rules. It's not about how close you are to the line or whether you cross it. It's about your intentions with your conduct. These girls are purposely trying to game the system and are acting in bad faith. That's so much worse than someone who accidentally shows a nude clip.


Twitch literally does not give a fuck. Whether or not you get banned and the severity of the ban almost always comes down to whether they like you or not, full stop.


Poor horsen


Imagine thinking Twitch cares about intentions.


Context matters btw.


Hold us accountable.


Twitch is gonna have an OnlyFans service at some point but with like not full nudity, just enough to keep the simps hooked


Intent doesn't matter though it should


the issue are not these cam girls, Twitch is the problem.


Agreed. Stop blaming the workers trying to get their share KKomrade and redirect your energy towards holding Twitch accountable for the selective enforcement of their arbitrary rules. They're the ones who decide whether accidentally showing 2 frames of the equine reproductive system is worse than farting in a mic for money.


Hard to really make site wide and clear rules based on "intentions" though. You would need case by case evaluation at which point you would have to forfeit consistency. What are you willing sacrifice here?


For streamer with 10k+ viewers that are the face of twitch u can put in the extra work.


Bad faith and Accident are hard to tell. Which is CRUCIAL that Twitch just makes hardline rules and bans off those which if punishments based off violation then if special circumstances did exist streamer could appeal.


negative winrate Draven player with 19 deaths, very fitting


Destiny is probably an active member of /r/Draven مَا شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُحبيبي


> مَا شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُحبيبي ?




it's supposed to say "masha allah habibi" but he fucked up and didn't put a space between the ه and the ح so it's fucked up


/r/Draven meme. They memed that Draven practiced Quran and it evolved into thinking that every person that mains Draven by default, also practices the religion. Mashallah, Brother. Also, Jacks E: ACTIVE: Jax enters Evasion, a defensive stance, for 2 seconds, causing all non-turret basic attacks against him to be dodged. Jax also takes 25% reduced damage from all champion area of effect abilities. Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second. At the end of the duration, Jax stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second and deals physical damage to them, increased by 20% for each attack dodged, up to a 100% increase.


I swear, some of the LoL main subs are the best places for comedy on this damn platform, especially those for champions that have been trash forever, they just accept their pain lmao.


Hold. I've never watched Destiny. Is he actually that big of an Automata fan?


He beat the game on the hardest difficulty where everything kills you in one hit.


Well shit, I might have to watch that. Absolute masterpiece.


It's a painful 69 hours worth of VODs and 7 hours just to get through the tutorial.


OKAY I WAS GOING TO SAY. That intro was fucking horseshit on the hardest difficulty, AND you have to watch the cutscene every single fucking time


I played it on the second hardest and died like 3 times before I turned it down just for the intro. Couldn't stand to see the cutscene one more time.


I remember watching him grind a level once before I went to sleep. When I woke up he was still live grinding that same level. Still better than league.


Do you have a link? Would be great if it was on youtube somewhere




One guy in chat "lost to a crane OMEGALUL" I don't know why this made me laugh so much. Still haven't played this game, but the beautiful voice of the female lead alone makes me want to AYAYA Clap.




You actually weren't exaggerating for comedy purposes. Jesus christ. I may have to torture myself with this content


awesome! thanks so much


It’s as beautiful as you can imagine. The tutorial takes as long as you would think


1st playthrough too lol


What did he think about the story of the game and some of its deeper meaning on existentialism and stuff like that? It was what really made the game for me, came for the booty stayed for the lore/incredible music


Yup he thought it was done well and super interesting. I think something he brings up is (I never played the game before) there was a robot that was getting scammed by others and one of the characters asked the robot why he was allowing himself to be scammed, and the robot replied along the lines of how he thought it was interesting the actions people do. Sorry if I completely butchered the scene just going off what he's talking about.


Scammed? Hmm maybe that was a sidequest that i didn't do cause I don't really remember. I really loved [this sidequest](https://youtu.be/N_xQzTY1DF4) and how it built up, how some of the more advanced machines work and how they transform for the player, from random entities with no thoughts to robots having existential crises. Very good writing


It had something to do with money or an item that the robot would be in charge of exchanging for other robots/people and they would always give him a lower amount than they needed to because they all thought the robot was stupid/blind when actually wasn't.


Probably Idiot Savant, where there's a machine child who the others make fun of because every time they offer him a choice between a cheap item and an expensive one, he always picks the cheap one. You're asked to hack into him and see what might be wrong with his wiring, but when you do you find out that rather than having any problems he's actually far more advanced than the other machines. At this point he admits that he has been deceiving you, and says that there's profit to be made in pretending to be stupid, because as long as he kept taking the cheap item his friends would keep giving him things, whereas if he ever took the expensive one they would stop.


Yeah that sounds right on, Destiny would bring up what he liked about the side quests or something and that example would almost always be the one he uses.




BASED NieR Automata best game.


His Nier playthrough on highest difficulty was really something special


He really, really enjoyed the game, yea. He played on the hardest difficulty too, absolute nightmare to watch. The intro section alone took 8 hours.


Fuck that sounds insane. That intro is like 30 mins - 1 hr long with no save point. 1 hit death would make me lose my mind.


It was absolutely insane. A pure exercise in masochism, just to spite chat who told him it was "impossible". I also watched every single, agonizing second of it, so I guess that tells you something about me lol


iirc he created that LoL alt after beating Automata on the one hit kill difficulty, so might not be a huge fan but liked it enough to go through that shit


his runescape name is also yorha destiny, i think he's a huge fan of the game. still surprised by it though. u would think that spending 70 hrs on a game on hardest difficulty (where it should take 20 hrs) would make u hate it




>YoRHa Destiny


It's just crazy that twitch rewarded them with the hot tub category and when they decided there wasn't money in it anymore, they found a new line to skirt and when twitch decided it was too far, they give a negligible punishment. People have been banned for less with things they did on accident. This was intentional attempts to just slightly break rules very visibly.


i called it when the new category came out how they gonna move out to another shit. But Twitch wanna keep dancing around the topic without addressing it directly that it is sexual.


> that it is sexual. Excuse me!? There is **literally** nothing sexual in fart asmr or blowjob asmr


That category is gonna die off hard and twitch will quietly delete it


Is that reward? They lost viewers because of it hence why they switched to sex asmr


It's a reward in the sense that they allowed them to continue their degenerate Hot Tub meta instead of nixing the entire thing


Yes it was a reward. Because they gained thousands upon thousands of recurring subscriptions due to the ban. A ban should feel negative, but all they see is more $ due to the ban which makes them want to push the line again, because they will just get a 10th 3 day ban that in turn makes them even more money than if they didn’t.


They were seeing less $ because of the new category hence why they shifted gears... OP said that twitch rewarded them with the new category. The category itself was not a reward...


Hell the category itself was demonetized in ads, wasn't it? it was a net stepdown for those people.


Better than banning like they did to other people who wore bikinis even at a beach. If it was all about the money then they just admitted they were trying to bend the rules for sexual content because sex sells, not because they liked doing the content.




Common grammatical errors are just language evolving.




while you're correct that truth isn't a democracy, language (or linguistics as a whole) has nothing to do with any *absolute* truths, and therefore the statement isn't relevant in this context. language is inherently subjective because it's man-made. it's made by humans for the sole purpose of being interpreted by other humans - a framework entirely outside of an absolute truth (and it doesn't need one) as its foundation lies in human subjectivity. hence :), the logic here is inapplicable to the narrative you're trying to frame. EDIT: to be fair, however, i disagree with the statement made by /u/Astan92/ as well, because i don't think errors are necessarily an evolution of language, regardless if they become commonplace enough. this is because often times they introduce more ambiguity or inconsistencies to the language, which is objectively a step back (the biggest problem with language and communication is the ambiguity of it, and anything increasing this is a net negative.) saying 'hence why' is suddenly valid would be OK in a vacuum, but then will "therefore why" also suddenly have to be considered correct, even though in that case it's *obviously* incorrect to most people? 'hence' and 'therefore' are essentially synonymous, and you'd have to redefine the entire words or change their whole meanings to account for this error. even if it was made commonplace, it can be a devolution (or regression) if you will of the language, to the point the language becomes increasingly difficult for non-natives to pick up because of all kinds of exceptions and inconsistent rules, while the changes add little or nothing in terms of precision or expression (and in most cases like this reduce them.)


Language evolves. It is not subject to some objective truth as defined by you or anyone else.


Streamers: Mixer OMEGALUL Also streamers: Twitch monopoly whaaa


based take




They're racist against big booba. She was basically banned because the normal dancing every other female streamer gets away with was somehow more sexual because her big booba would bounce more because, well, physics. Amouranth doesn't have to worry about that since hers are made of concrete and can't bounce.




Indiefoxx is Asian


You got downvoted because it doesn't fit their narrative. Girl is literally Chinese.


As we all know all Asians are the same? Like do you think Velvet7 is chinese or something?




lmao scroll down, they missed literally the entirety of the point


100% they will. For every obnoxious "Destiny can do nothing wrong" dickrider there is another equally obnoxious "everything Destiny does is evil" anti-dickrider.


Back in my day twitch was all about games, TriHards and pleblists. 😭


grow some boobas if you want 3 day bans


PepeLaugh Waiting on Hasan reaction and Hasan vs Destiny frogs fight


Pog Family reunion


Hasan probablly already reacted, the unban is relative old news


To this clip, professor.


I blame this all on FerociouslySteph.


Oh deer




yeah, like a horse with horns


Not wrong LULW


Could you add some context?


Twitch, which was definitely far from perfect in the first place, has gone to absolute hell in a handbasket since it started catering to the likes of Deer. That's why we now have a literal softcore porn site for children at this point. Twitch is completely lost.


Twitch was gone long before the deer ever existed


What does FerociouslySteph have to do with any of this? She is a small time streamer and her content is generally family safe and friendly. She is wholesome and is consistently raising money for charities too.


Raising money for translifeline, a shady organisation at BEST, doesnt undo the damage of being appointed to that stupid twitch council where they took glee in having the power to ban willynilly and attempted to wield it against personal enemies


>translifeline oh yes how dear she give money to an org for tans suicide prevention hotline because of ppl like me.


I hate Destiny but he's 100% right here


Destiny murdered me, but he's got a point.


I sent Destiny feet pics, but he's correrct here.


I catfished him as a 17yo, said I'd make an LSF thread about him sexting a minor, then he called me the n-word in private, but he's right on this one.




bUt He DiEd 19 TiMeS oN dRaVeN!!.!


8-19 thats a real draven main right there


Speaking about length of bans he just died 19 times. But I assume the ones that got trolled and started flaming him are the ones who'll get 14 days. Yes I am projecting.


I mean its high plat and he’s against noc and talon as an early game adc, if any of them knew he was a streamer they almost definitely tried hard to make his life hell.


Nocturne has like next to zero counterplay and he's Draven. As both an adc main and Draven enjoyer yup, the enemy team is pretty aids for someone like Draven.


19 deaths is pushing it. That's when yoy are getting in the trolling category


Destiny playing in mid plat is like the prime ELO to get stream sniped, its pretty constant lmao.


No you're not projecting because that's how League works and one of the main reasons I haven't played it in 2 months. As long as the inter stays silent, there's basically nothing you can do and it just becomes a loss.


I mean you cant ban people for playing bad lmao


It's League of Legends. All dying to them is intentionally feeding. It's why the word "inting" became synonymous with feeding/dying to that game's cancer community.


It's actually so bad that inting basically refers to any mistake.


who hurt you


Destiny fucked my mom, killed my dad in a car 'accident' and threatened my brother with a machete so I hate his guts and I hope he gets what's coming to him but not gonna lie he's got a point here.




Lmao he thinks it is only 4 years.


I dont think ive ever seen an adc and support die 36 times total in a ranked game and ive been in bronze / low silver my entire league career


Trash streams but people watch it so they are supporting these talentless girls in making thousands of dollars. Whats sad is this content wouldn’t make money on any other platform. I don’t get why they are so successful on twitch. Is it mostly teens who maybe can’t or for whatever moral reason won’t watch porn or cam girls? I would love to see what their core demographic. Twitch is making tons of money off of these thirsty girls. I mean why would they do a perma ban when they can just do a 3 day ban and pretend they don’t want that kind of content of their site.


Destiny got mad about something related to another streamer Anyways…


Melina ModCheck


19 deaths? LOL


The fact that Amouranth is unbanned in 3 days is insane. I still believe to this day any streamer that has an Onlyfans should not be on twitch at all period. It makes mostly gullible people sub to her either through Onlyfans or twitch to see skin and let's be honest soft-core porn. All of these ASMR streamers and hot tub streamers are basically banking on coomers and children to fund their lives basically like hookers. Anyone that defends amouranth and these other streamers doing this are tools and losers who can't get a girlfriend and need to watch a women in a tub to make themselves happy.


“It’s not hurting you so why do you care? Why do you hate women making money?” 🙄


19 deaths on draven in a thirty minute game. dudes running it down.




I mean Melina coom streams but she doesnt push the rules. Destiny said many times he has nothing against coom streams its just about TOS enforcement.


He literally says every time it's brought up "I don't care about the content it's about the rule enforcement"




i would hate to be as dumb as you. he has no problem with streamers doing coomer streams if they're not actively breaking the rules or pushing the line 24/7 which his girlfriend doesn't. she just sits on her bed and talks to chat while wearing a bikini or does the same at the beach. not doing blowjob imitations into the mic and shoving her ass in the camera with fart donation goals lmao.


My warrior queen DOES NOT do the same thing buddy


Clearly haven't seen her streams, they are vastly different.


Murica is so weird with nudity. But equating it to racism is on another level


It's not racist to say the n-word in an educational context.


Ain't that what the papa john tried to say lol.


Not racist doesn't mean perfectly fine, does it. There's more than one reason something might be inappropriate.


I find it funny how delusion the community can be on this issue. Me: Why was this streamer banned for 1 week? Twitch community: "He broke TOS so of course he got banned for a week!" Me: But this other streamer only got banned for 3 days for the same offense. Twitch Community: "But wait, that 1st streamer did something to deserve a worse punishment! See?" Me: But this streamer who got banned for 3 days is a repeat offender. Twitch Community: *inhales copium*


People need to call it out NON STOP now. This crossed so many lines, streamers need to speak up about this at this point or be complicit in how fucked up the culture is right now. And again, these girls who abuse this, are part of problem of the sexualization and objectification of women in media. ANYONE who defends them is inadvertently supporting abuse against women. And if you think I'm going too far, talk to smaller women streamers, talk to girls how they feel when kids non stop compare them to these prostitutes on twitch. Anyone working at Twitch who doesn't speak up about this now is a disgrace and a hypocrite.




Twitch is sexists, and racists, just in reverse. Been saying it forever.


guy mad he was de-partnered for saying he doesn't care if protesters get mowed down vs hot tub asmr meta


Can you link a quote where Destiny says anything like that about non-violent protesters, or even rioters, who aren't destroying private property?


yes he is mad that he can be de-partnered for an out of context clip that distorts his actual take on the protestors, yet people can get banned 5 times in the span of this year and still get 3 day bans for repeat offenses. it seems like a fairly uncontroversial reaction to the matter no?


Hell yeah! Violent protesters can suck it.


"haha. mass murder all violent protestors who burn down your local Walmart." this is destiny's reactionary fan base now


Bruh in what world is advocating for defense of property considered reactionary. You browse Hasan subreddit from time to time, that dude is a literal socialist that Unironically want to kill landlord(even tho he made more money than 95% of landlord out there) and encourage people to not call cop even if they’re being harassed or rape and some how Destiny is the reactionary one? This is a yikes my dude.


No, its "hahaha a person is morally justified in using lethal force to protect their livelihoods aka housing and business"


still cringe reactionary shit you expect from tim pool, steven crowder or ben shapiro stans


Thats not a critcism. Destiny believes in private property. If you walk up to someones house and say "i will burn down your business" and owner says "Dont do that or Ill shoot you" and the guy still insists on burning down the business the owner has every right to use lethal force. Theres literally no reason to burn down private property. Go burn down a police station, flip over a cruiser whatever. Go fight the state thats whos your issues are with, not some random small smartphone outlet.