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Oh man I normally have to pay about $30 for these personalized humiliation vids.


Peak LSF that this is the top comment.


i cant breathe...


I almost breathed in toothpaste; shouldn’t browse LSF while brushing I guess.


Was thinking the same thing, all she needs at that point is a whip


Erobb made all of them 4Weird


No e10 did


whats e10?


Oh no




You E10 deez nuts


Ice literally made them all. So did Ice posiodon, but he also had ice to help him stream.


ok that part implying that mizkif can actually have sex is funny good one qt


mommy drank the red juice again


Her soccer mom game is already on point. Insert some kids and she'll be ready for her parent teacher conference / school board melt downs.


For real. Angry drunk woman energy.


Doesn't make what she said any less true lmao.


Angry juice


QT and wine go together like Popeye and spinach


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"Take your small ass cock and shove it up your own fucking ass" [I would if I could, BITCH!](https://youtu.be/Wc0-wSQd-LQ)




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turns out this is what religion was founded to prevent




what i've realised from this thread: runescape made ice and rajj, ice and rajj made everyone. why does it always come back to runescape lol


"why does it always come back to runescape" You know why




True, it’s nuts to me that this sort of ‘grew because of X’ is disproportionately given to a girl to make some sort of excuse for their success. Most big streamers were given some exposure from someone (ex Hasan from Austin) and did a fantastic job at curating their own stream/platform Also Miz mutually gained a ton from her being on his streams (he’s very entertaining of course & would’ve grown anyways). He went from 4k to 8k average, they were constantly on LSF, and he was peaking at 20k viewers (+10k subs) when she was over at his house. His youtube also blew up massively over time. Those numbers were crazy big 2 years ago. Both obviously benefited and it would be wrong to deny someone helping with giving a platform, but to constantly bring it up to undermine someone is very condescending and unnecessary.


Streamers today only get big if someone brings them to the forefront


Its all about the N E T W O R K I N G baby


I think she could have got big without Miz, just through anyone else really BUT I dont think shed be big AT ALL if not for those original scuffed pokimane clips. The person who posted those clips 100% started her career.


saying that its all because of mizkif is stupid. saying that mizkif helped get her foot in the door and thus allowed her to be exposed to a new audience and thrive... thats 100% correct.


Which is what you can say about 99% of people you have ever heard of. Virtually no one gets any where on their own. They are propped up by the people before them, then they are able to do their own thing.


You mean if Puff daddy didn't help Jay-Z get his foot in the door Jay-Z might not be as big as he is?


And Puff Daddy is only where he is because of Biggie.


Andre Harrell (R.I.P.) is the reason why Diddy is where he is, Biggie is why he grew so much at the time, Bad Boy and his businesses is why's where he's at.


And Biggie was only sipping on that private stock cuz of lil kim /s


amazing way of looking at it. I find that a lot of western culture (obviously not exclusive to western culture) thrives on the idea of individualism and loves to shame people that may have gotten help along the way, when it should be the opposite way around


It's definitely not exclusive of western countries. I'm not from a western country, and we have lot of individualism here, especially in big populated cities. My experience after traveling to more than 20 countries (Europe,South America,NA, and Japan) is that it's easier to find more community minded people in rural areas/small towns than in a big city populated city. Capitalism and consumerism indeed push for individualism, and give more importance to products and material possessions than to care for your own people.


Even someone like CodeMiko who a lot of people think got big due to her own talents and design for her stream (which is true) had major boosts in popularity because established streamers liked what she was doing and shouted her out to their own audiences. Very few people go from 0 to top 1% without any help or interaction with established people on the platform.


TRUE ice made miz Cx










We made ice




Heh, nice opinion. Too bad you couldn't have had it without the support of reddit, twitch and youtube. Pff, pathetic. /s


Anyone who has ever gotten big has had the support or help from another who was already big. That's how connections and networks... work.


True, there is no doubt that her streaming career was well underway before Miz, but it is fair to say that she would be nowhere near where she is now if they never met. Especially with her non profit, without the connections to other streamers and support gained from Miz it would have been impossible to raise $500k in one stream to buy Alveus. With that said if she was a bitch or not entertaining no one would follow her or be her friend. the relationships she's cultivated is due to the respect and admiration she has earned from chat and other streamers, not because of Miz. For that dick head to boil down her entire existence to something so irrelevant is actually infuriating. Fuck that chatter


People are also ignoring the fact that Mizkif grew off of them both being together and getting more attention on LSF


True. She brought a new type of content to the platform, and she seems to be a really hard worker. Neither of those things would ever get her over a thousand viewers without being "picked up" by Mizkif.


Also an important thing is that she's able to retain that viewership. It's one thing to get a boost from associating with someone but it's completely different to be your own person and do your own completely different streams and still hold several thousand viewers concurrently. They even acknowledged it in their stream at some point. Austin and Miz both helped QT and Maya gain relevance but they kept that on their own merits which is a lot more important.


He literally runs a house designed to do this for people, yet no one talks shit about anyone else but Maya


Wait, he fucked all of them? This man is a predator.


Nah she’s big because of the scuffed pokimane thread on LSF. That’s how Miz found her. She owes all her success to LSF.




I got you https://youtu.be/xSvX2fxj9Ks?t=1647 https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/bfqaav/scuffed_pokimane_brings_actual_content_to_twitch/


you literally can't deny that she became a streamer because of miz but i think she very quickly became her own person with her own independent stream and community and chat culture, of course there is a large crossover but maya put a ton of work in very early while in like her last year or so of uni.


People acting ike Miz wasnt leeching of Ice and etc


Almost all of the newer huge streamers were massive leeches. Honestly I'm not sure it's even possible to hit those numbers without leeching anymore. It's not 2014 anymore.


Miz became a thing on twitch because of Ice but even as someone that doesn't really like Miz or his content he made what he has by himself yeah sure he got a boost from being Ice's camera man but he did the majority on his own back when he lived with Erobb.


That's true of most streamers who get their start off other streamers. It's the streaming world's version of networking.


Maya became a thing on twitch because of Miz but even as someone that doesn't really like Maya or her content she made what she has by herself yeah sure dhe got a boost from being Miz's girlfriend but she did the majority on her own back when she lived on her own.


Erobb made them


True, people can still leech and also be a great streamer. I have seen people call cyr a classic soda leech before, its like these people dont think streamers are allowed to have friends or relationships


She was growing rapidly before she met Miz. She was all over LSF every day as Bird Girl. That's literally how Miz heard of her in the first place. It's very likely she would be very successful right now even if she never spoke to Miz. He did certainly help catapult her. Of course. I'm just sayin' it was clear her trajectory was very promising on her own.


Before Bird Girl it was scuffed Pokimane




There was like a 3 day period between scuffed pokimane being the LSF post and miz moving in


she started talking to miz a few days after the scuffed pokimane clip


way before is kind of a stretch but yeah


I’m glad maya has gotten her platform to be as large as it currently and I do think she provides different content for twitch, but this is a really optimistic projection of what could have happened. She had clips on lsf and she grew from 20 viewers to 100-300 viewers but you only have a 5 day window before she starts interacting with miz. I agree she could have been successful on twitch, but definitely not to the point and as quickly as to where she is now in terms of viewership+sanctuary. You gotta remember there have been many animal centric content creators over the years that become FOTM and get posted here but then fade out, it’s unfortunate but it is what it is.


Imo there's no way of possibly knowing that. Indeed she had a couple of clips getting a ton of upvotes on LSF as "Scuffed pokimane" or "Bird girl", but it's also just as likely she would have been forgotten about 2 weeks later and retained 10 viewers. How many countless other's have we seen have a couple of clips front page and then become irrelevant over the years.


Agreed. Plenty of small streamers get a few clips on LSF and never get posted again. There was that MarysMilkMonsters with the goats for example. In a different universe if Maya was some average looking girl with a bird, Mizkif might have never did shipping content with her. Maya's early streams were mostly singing cover songs to 100 viewers and nothing to do with conservation. She wasn't keen on becoming a streamer and wanted to quit until Miz convinced her otherwise.


At least she used the connections to make something more. Anybody else in her position and connection could do nothing with it. It still takes work to take advantage of a position of opportunity. Even when all the door are open they still have to be walked through.


She said basically this right after.


but wasn't she streaming and posted on here getting called "scuffed pokimane" before she met miz and that's how they got in contact with eachother?


This goes for everyone. You can get all the exposure in the world, you will never hold an audience if you are not good yourself. And these streamers have shown they made something of themselves.


I remember watching a clip where she got really pissed when someone told her "ludwig made you" so I can see why she is mad when someone says something similar to her friend. I think it is obvious that Mizkif played a big part of why Maya blew up as a streamer and be able to do the things she is doing now. But I also think Mizkif wouldn't be as big as he is if its not because of Maya also.


Rajj made qt, ludwig didn’t . She leeched off his show hard. That’s kind of the point though it mutually beneficial for both rajj and qt




> Is it really leeching Most the people who shout 'leeching' believe if they were on the camera for 5mins that would be enough for them to get famous. Like there isn't tons of 'raids' of lower view counts that amount to nothing because believe it or not... entertaining people isn't easy. Yes getting a chance is great but holy crap is it not enough to get to a top 1000 streamer level. The difference between the guy who got to lvl 60 on classic first and the guy who got to lvl 70 on tbc first (on stream) is absolutely massive in how entertaining they can be and why one still gets 2k+ viewers and the other is a who. There has been 100s of women cast on that show and this QT obviously stood out to amass a following even pre-ludwig. Yes it gets boosted as being part of the Austin commune but they made and grinded their own starts to get noticed and build into that community of streamers. Couples bring extra viewers with the parasocial element but its not enough just to be a couple.


Ok, and qtcinderella brought attention to Ludwig when she frequently collab'd with him when he was a 100-200 viewer streamer during that period. Lud would have eventually made it because of who he is and his previous work (which actually shows just how hard it is to become a popular streamer considering he was active with Slime & Smash), but this "leech" shit makes no sense across twitch. If someone gets popular from "leeching", it means they deserved the networking to get their name out there.


you can tell the majority of people have never been out in the real world by the very fact they use the term "leeching" in the first place. It's called networking and is present in almost any industry. People get catapulted into twitch fame from collaborating and drama. Streamers' audiences expand by, guess what, being exposed to an entirely new audience that never saw them before; which happens through *networking*.


I think it was most popularly termed "leeching" because of a disparity of exposure by building the network between two streamers, e.g. the beginnings of Greek & Tyler1. That network forming, at least in terms of solely new audience exposure, is considerably more parasitic than mutually beneficial. Plenty of modern collaborations don't fall into this category anymore because the audiences are getting so big there's bound to be a decent exchange of newly exposed viewers.


Thats someone you want in a fight. they won't run and leave you.


Dude, her face at the end was pure disgust and contempt god damn


Every fight with QT is a knife fight. She is ride or die.


Imagine thinking Maya and Miz have sex.


No, I don't think I will.


Every time I see QT I think of Will's roast saying she has 20 something divorced waitress energy.


But in all honesty, did she grow her stream herself or did she get a kickstart by Mizkif? Honest question, because I don't watch either of them.


Maya's content is unique and educational but there is no denying that she wouldn't be nearly as big of a streamer if miz hadn't interacted with her.


Most streamers that arent esports athletes started off by leeching from someone else. Thats what people refer to anywhere else in the world as networking.


That’s true for many big streamers. Someone with clout discovered them when they were small.


Wasn't it the "scuffed pokimane" clip that get her started


That's literally a stepping stone to how most people become successful and famous lol


Yes but she would of fell off if she hadnt done what shes done


she certainly would not have raised 500,000 to start her animal thing


Yup. Similar to the Maori woodworker Broxh


This is true but it doesn't really mean anything negative like people are trying to imply. I'm sure most of the people in Mizkifs ring wouldn't be nearly as popular without him so why only Maya gets shit on like this.


She might be right. But you can tell that she, and most streamers tbh, hate their audience.


That's what you get when you farm your audience from LSF. Just pure drama people. Its like the viewers of love Island or some shit. Anyone who's frequently on LSF pretty much has the same community. Go to any other non drama streamer who isn't on LSF and they'll mostly have nice chats.


Most big streamers share viewers, Mizkif,Train,Soda,etc share a good amount of viewers/subs, so their chats indeed won't be much different. It's the same people with a different sub badge.


Yeah, I should have said "big" streamers.


It's not even big streamers, it's just lsf bubble streamers to be honest. I follow a lot of streamers that aren't posted on lsf very much and most of their chats are pretty good if they curate them properly.






"She has more talent than anyone on this entire platform" uhhhhh....


I mean when you're comparing with the big streamers like Soda, Asmongold, Mizkif or even herself then yea sure of course but there are a lot of small/tiny streamers that has a lot of talent. The creative section is filled with them.


I discovered VeryHandsomeBilly the other day. Incredible talent. Plays like 15 instruments, and essentially does live mash-ups off the cuff. Insane.


Man even T1 has more talent than Maya.




compared to the average, sodapoppin or kizkif type streamer then yeah.


Almost threw up on this part, can’t stand the cringeness. I guess that what you get from people who say “fucking” every 2 words when they are trying to make a point.


I'm confused, didn't QT say the same thing about Babbsity a few months ago on her hate fueled "gamer" rant?


Saying miz needed her more than she needed him is a stretch she would still be 100 viewer Andy if she were to even keep streaming since she was just doing it for fun not full time as a career but miz would still have grown tremendously from sm64 and the pokemon phase and doing Austin collabs


what a strange generation


Oh God I can't watch stuff like this when the other person is sitting right there next to them, it's cringe overload.


I just cringe when a streamer reacts to the one negative comment in a chat like this. The go off queen comments here are even worse.


plot twist: no one in chat said that




First of all. How dare you.


It’s so embarrassing, I saw one where some guy in chat was like “If you don’t like people backseat gaming then don’t stream” and the streamer got so mad she literally ROLLED HER SLEEVES UP to “lecture” this guy who was probably laughing his ass off by then meanwhile she gets an article written praising her for doing this and 9000 “go off queen” Twitter replies.


For real. The second-hand embarrassment is too much.


I think that is easy for us non-streamers to say. I imagine its hard to ignore all the comments. That is like me saying I am gonna ignore all the toxic comments when I play league then the second one person starts talking shit I start getting pissed.


>That is like me saying I am gonna ignore all the toxic comments when I play league then the second one person starts talking shit I start getting pissed. Getting pissed is different from going off like that tho.


She *became* relevant because she is dating Miz, there is no denying that. She *stays* relevant and quite popular because of her own content.


This is so fucking cringe lmao




Body shaming POGGERS


While I do think QT makes a decent point and she's probably drunk, this is so cringe lmao. I also find it hilarious how every women seems to loovvvvvveeee talking about body shaming and body positivity, but the very first insult that they love to throw out against any man is " ur a fat loser with a tiny penis lolz". Im glad my shit is at least average. I honestly couldn't imagine how depressing it would be as a man to have a micro penis or just a small dick in general. The hypocrisy is hilarious lmao


I like QT, but I feel like every time she sees one chatter comment about her or one of her friends only being popular because of leeching their boyfriends, she will instantly go off on that person/topic. I understand, but at this point I feel as if I'm having a deja Vu, because it's always the same thing, especially when she says that "I started dating Ludwig when he was a smaller streamer than me". It's as if she has a need to publicly assert herself, which to me really seems insecure, but that's just my opinion.




qt hard coping and embarrassing maya kek


watched 10 seconds and cringed off


Sounds like someone hit close to home and really touched a nerve. Also, immediately going for the tiny dick insult in the middle of the #dontbodyshame generation lol. This ones straight off the smoothbrain express




Projecting much?


This 1000%. She wants someone to say this about her so bad it word vomited about someone else. She's basically defending herself even though the comment was about Maya. I'm sure QT is a great person outside of her stream personality, but damn is she a bitch 99% of the times I've seen her in content. I mean, just watch the Ludwig roast for a prime example. I get that she put it together, but damn she was just so unfunny and mean to Lud for her roast. Was not a roast, was just generic relationship issues that boomers say really. Like "haha I hate fucking my SO because he's so bad at it" kind of stuff. Man, I'm sure everyone in the room liked that one. Anyway, I hope it's just a stream thing or only in front of the cameras.


There are many people given a platform that do not make it as big as she did


HotPokket Clap


anyone that unironically says "how dare you" is cringe


If you have a tiny dick... how would you shove it in your own ass? Kinda unravels the whole thing


I think if QT understood that a random person on the internet is pretty much allowed to spit random nonsense (most likely just to get that exact reaction out of you and give them the attention they so desperly desire) she would be a happier person. I think she's funny, I like her, but 90% of the time she's going off on some random person in chat who's clearly doing some bullshit out of spite.




Cringe clip and the title is even worse. I can just imagine a soyboy clapping to her angry rant and then rushing to this sub to post this. Maya leeched hard of Miz. Miz leeched hard from Ice. A lot of the biggest Twitch streamers got big from leeching. There's very few big streamers that made their own success from their own work. Getting mad about it just means you're insecure as fuck.


Cherry picking a negative comment to morally grandstand in front of the entire viewer base is a yikes.


Girls can be Andy's too. Mizkif was an Andy. Taking offense when someone points out you started as an Andy before you built yourself isn't genuine at all. She comes off as self loathing when she shames Andy culture that worked for both of them.


I can never understand when streamers get so angry due to randoms in chat lol


It's the repetitiveness of it all. Chatters saying the same shit over and over again thinking they're not dull as fuck would get to anyone eventually.


The guy who said that technically isn’t wrong though. If Miz didn’t get a boner watching her streams she would have never blown up.


"How dare you" such a cringe thing to say stfu


She’s defending her because she did the same thing with Ludwig




Yoooo that stare down.


imagine a wife like that being mad at you ... gawd dayum ima take the dog house tonight


I am a boomer because I don't know any of the people mentioned in this thread.....


Neither are wrong tbh.


how drunk is she?


That’s Kappa




one of the most cringe things ive heard


I think Maya makes unique content compared to most with her animal stuff so she would still likely get viewers but I doubt she would be as popular as she is now. I mean there are great streamers streaming right now but don't get viewers because of how hard it is to get noticed. Getting a host, raid, shoutout, or collab with a big streamer helps you massively.


completely unfair to all the other people have been doing animal conservation streams since WAY before maya so frustrating that QT always has these ULTRA streamer friendly takes, you can pretty much expect her to have whatever opinion seems the most righteous even if it's illogical QT really thinks no one has ever done streams like Maya's before Maya? Really?! Why is she pretending that nepotism isn't the deciding factor for ALOT of people, including Maya. Tell me how many viewers those other people are getting and if they get to collab with dozens of streamers with thousands of more viewers than them Mayas awesome and she has great streams and does great work, I don't think she would ever let something as ignorant as what QT just said come outta her mouth. Notice how they never mention that she's related to a youtuber with 21 million subs lol


She's not really related to Ryan Higa lol


> Why is she pretending that nepotism isn't the deciding factor for ALOT of people Probably insecurity knowing she wouldn't have nearly the audience she does without Ludwig blowing up lol


didn't mention it because she's not related to Ryan Higa... imagine thinking that every person with the same last name must be related...


I mean it’s objectively true but that doesn’t mean Maya isn’t doing great things or doesn’t deserve all the success she has.




Remember when she got pissed cos someone told her ludwig made her? She's just projecting her own insecurities @ people, thats all it is, this is an obvious sorespot for her.


You forge your own opportunities and do as little or as much as you desire with that based on effort and talent you possess etc. Look at some other streamers whose girlfriends stream or friends they live with. They in many. cases have hundreds of viewers not thousands. I don’t watch Maya massively but she can sing, she’s artistic and she has a conservationist background with all the content her rehab centre now gives her. There’s a lot to tap into there and engage with. She is one of the very few female streamers I actually watch though as she doesn’t have to sexualise everything she does to hold viewers. Make me Mizkifs best friend, give me a room in his house with the best streamer set up available and have him host me regularly. Watch me do absolutely zero with all that help because streaming just isn’t in my forte. It’s just something I couldn’t engage with an audience on and It would be a dead stream.


QT should relax a little. No one denies she's done a lot of work or that she has unique content on the platform. It's just that Mizkif was/is a multiplier of hundreds to her success. Let's not pretend she's not aware of it. It's been a mutual benefit where Miz got shipping content which means a lot of viewers and clips on LSF, so Maya made Miz much more relevant as well, gaining him thousands of more viewers. Their relationship is a mutual partnership in their "work". Twitch streaming is unfortunately a lottery and she increased her odds of success by dating Miz. Defending her like it isn't is just stupid. Especially since she's felt the an immense pressure to be successful, or do something meaningful her entire life, which she's talked about on Dr K.


Get you a friend like QT, holy shit. Good on her! Hell yeah.


BAC 0.100–0.199 **Behaviors:** Analgesia Ataxia >Boisterousness >Over-expressed emotions Possibility of nausea and vomiting Spins **Impairment:** >Gross motor skill Motor planning Reflexes >Slurred speech Staggering Temporary erectile dysfunction




Man, that stream got fucking real at certain points. Who knew playing some corny party game would lead to them talking about depression and suicide and the meaning of life