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they 100% got scammed the production was so bad there's no way thats a legit production company who puts on events on a regular basis if they were they'd be bankrupt and the owner just invited her friends over to eat their food and drink at the open bar they paid for i would of had some questions for the production and the home owner after the stream kinda funny at the same time for it to be such a disaster




I was watching Miz’s college friend Corey and Koaster was in the call (guy who does music for Miz’s game and some theme songs for OTK) and he said Miz retains literally no information from being in business/work calls. He talked about a few instances but one example he gave was when Miz was supposed to show footage for his upcoming game and he said Miz completely ignored the announcement plan they had set up before the stream and forgot to shout out like half the team who had been working on the game lol.




I understand he can't retain info but he's still able to take notes or set calendar reminders. It's also super common in the corporate world to ask for a meeting summary from someone lower on the totem pole to be emailed out (which would help with the forgetting what happened on the call problem). It doesn't sound like the adhd is the problem but rather that he has poor strategies to manage his adhd. He has an assistant and people working for him. There's no reason he can't have a calendar reminder that pops up on his computer reminding him to announce a game and thank certain listed people. He really needs to delegate. If his current assistant isn't on top of this stuff then frankly he needs to stop hiring friends. Sidenote - a lot of legal secretaries are retiring early or getting laid off as firms are cutting back. Hiring someone part time with corporate experience (instead of a friend who's never worked before) would be crazy helpful to managing otk. A year on there should definitely be someone taking meeting notes and setting an agenda during their calls.


Ya it's totally normal not to remember every detail of a long meeting, that shit is mind numbing. You usually have a secretary take notes and send them out to everyone that attended.


No, that is actually not totally normal at all. Minutes go out and you should be taking down your own notes when you need help remembering. Nobody should ever be relying on secretary notes if you are physically at the meeting. People will send their Secretary to a meeting to take notes if they cannot physically join the meeting due to being in another meeting or other reason. You must be the kind of person who has their phone under the table and in la la land during meetings...


What the fuck my dude people rely on minutes and secretarial notes all the time from meetings. Unless the content of the meeting is immediately relevant it's not worth the effort to retain it all. This is coming from someone who is very good at remembering everything from a meeting even if irrelevant.


What a weird comment to take so personally. You don't need to let stuff get to you so much to where you're insulting random people just because their brain doesn't work the way yours does.


https://clips.twitch.tv/SmokySpunkyGerbilPermaSmug-VeZ0isERMemjkPMi This is Lud and Soda kinda talking about Nick, Miz, and Schlatt on what they're doing during the meetings before before they went in person. So I doubt their calls are as productive as they could be


I thought their meetings were usually Esfand speaking for most of it about why he is not getting as many viewers.




If he did try to get 'help' I guarantee that he would just be stuck back on anti-adhd meds like he was on before which made him a lot worse, he needs someone to help him manage it though I agree.


Very unlikely that taking adhd meds made his adhd worse, that's not how they work. He said he had to stop taking them because he has a heart condition.


I should have phrased it better, what I qvtually meant was that they would make him unhappy, as they did before as well as make his heart worse.


Being ADHD doesn't make you a fucking idiot. YOu get distracted more than have a terrible memory, terrible memory is more it's own thing. But anyone can make notes and people with ADHD should really be more prone to making lists. Keep a pad with you, have an idea for a stream then knowing you have ADHD immediately write down that idea. Then it becomes habit to check said list of shit you're doing on stream. You get distracted and it doesn't really matter because it's a 4-6 hour long stream usually and you just keep looking at the list and marking off things as you do them.


> lls is just counterproductive and is a massive waste of his time. > > I understand OTK is their passion project but them trying to be so hands on doing shit they aren’t qualified to do is just going to end up hurting OTK in the long run. > > Miz has said most of his days off are spent in OTK calls which is kinda sad considering it’s likely just a big waste of his personal time. He can literally pay a mod or someone to just take notes for him lmao if he is to lazy to do it himself.


Yikes, so your saying cause mizkif has ADHD he shouldn't be in OTK calls or make wise / productive business decisions because its a waste of his time? Dude isnt retarded, just cause someone has ADHD doesn't make them useless. Weird fucking take dude


Watched that same stream, think Lokness was in the call too if I remember right.


Yeah Lok was in the call too, he seemed to share the same sentiment as Koaster did regarding working with Miz and his ability to pay attention and remember stuff. Miz says himself that he struggles to pay attention so he should probably just get an assistant or someone to sit in for him in calls/meetings and give him notes or something instead of killing hours of his day in pointless calls he won’t even remember afterwards.


Isn't it much smarter to have a person who is well versed to deal with the business side of things and give them a designated role? Isn't that what most orgs do


That's because Esfand takes up most of the time peepotalking. /s but fr, you got a point. Makes me think they just talk about how much money they're raking and how to split it.


Who asked


I did :)


Ok thank u


they're a new org, these things happen.


Would have


they hired the production team of G4 i think, they are used to tv shows, no twitch livestreams




guessing you misheard nick talking about g4? He was talking about good the camera work was in terms of no glitches like they had.


I hope someone fucks up that house with a spray can.


yes, commit a crime, totally a smart idea


They deserve it. There are enough crazy stalker fans out there for streamers that a few of them would be willing to spray can a house. Easy.


uh huh


nick said it in the stream they were a production but not for streams for tv shows so they didn't know how to use the equiptment. thats why they rely on phin so much, since he knows his way around streaming equiptment. they def got scammed tho


Lmao, Nick didn't confirm it, but it would be hilarious if the outside production team was also the ones who arranged the venue. Absolute scammed.


almost guarantee it, she choose her sisters house to get her sister paid, i would look into the prices paid, for possible over payment


Yeah he did comment that the venue wasn't arranged through AirBnB or such, so it's almost guaranteed the production team they hired also arranged the venue.


these production team and owner were grifters to the core but at least magician man and Jenga saved the event from the rest of the scuff


It was so shit man Love otk love the streamers that attended but it was so damn shit


Probably happens more often than we realise, it's just that proper production companies actually do a good job so you never even know.


Best end to the story ever, nothing better than rich people getting scammed


By other rich people?


And the world still burns.


Most of the time yeah, only other rich people fall for it because they're too complacent to vet any of this stuff


Once I saw that 30 minutes intro, already knew it’d be a mess


All they needed was an empty space and phin, yet they went and rented that whole area of "you cant do this you cant do that". Whoever organised this is the one to blame.


It's tips or rich After a career of livestreaming and a full year of the org existing they have yet to run a single OTK stream than wasent massively scuffed


i've said it before, a shitshow is almost on brand now. if it isn't scuffed it doesn't feel as cozy. i NEED epilepsy flashes and wild karens roaming around /s


Braindead lurker here, but I feel like we've seen less and less of Tips with each new OTK event. That is all. Also who tf hired this production crew? Who signed off on that venue? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS LUL.


i doubt it's Rich, he doesn't even live in Texas and has to fly out whenever they do one of these fucking things


Tips scamming the Austin crew, wouldn't be surprised at all


its prob not rich


don't get why they don't give Nick that opportunity, the one thing he's good at, could become good enough where OTK then organises other events for other livestreamers, and you've got a whole business out of it.


esports events with multimillions in production gear and dozens of production staff can barely run an event without massive issues


to be fair they aren't trying to run an online game with 10 people with no latency in an arena setting they're just putting on a live stream


who said online game?


whoosh. right over your head


The event wasn’t even a good kinda of scuffed, it was just bad. Felt so disorganized and everybody was confused lmao


Yeah Cyr's jenga stream after was unironically 10x more entertaining than the actual event


It was so boring and awkward I had to switch it off multiple times.


Seems to be the case with all of them so something tells me this production team wasn't the weakest link


wow they were actually scammed then


That is sus if the event space hire was made via the production company.


but hey at least they had some fireworks for 10 seconds at the start of the stream!


Sorry to say but whoever idea it was to hire a production team that has no clue how to use OBS or hasn't done live streaming before, is a fucking moron. If they didn't know how to change scenes in OBS, that should be a red flag.


Whoever manages behind the scenes OTK needs to take a step back and learn how to manage events . Hiring bad production team with venue together is a big no. Otk got scammed . I understand the org is known for scuff events but if u paying 100k for those standards..... something is wrong someone is getting scammed




Oof is right. They have so much money they don't even care.


Imagine putting a stream on with 5 of the top 50 streamers in the world and and you don't even do a tech dress rehearsal How big you think those chipotle sponsorship checks are?


> you don't even do a tech dress rehearsal nick said they did...


That's even worse, you realize how that's worse, right?


They have ya’lls money. Stop donating to streamers, this is where your money goes. That and boxes.


For all the talk of "there are no pro-level companies that do livestreaming," like damn you could start your own and corner the industry with just the money they've all spent on Pokemon cards. They really need to take a look at their org and get skilled people into managerial positions.


Most of the money is likely ads and sponsors


You expect rich streamers to actually do things right? They're too used to people throwing money at them while they put in minimal effort.


Nick right after said the production team dident even know how to use OBS I'm not sure why the continue to let tips run these million dollar streams, he clearly isent capable


I'm just curious whether they sit down as an org and talk about what went wrong, and wtf kind of due diligence tips does setting this up. Or just chalk it up as scuffed and rinse and repeat next event.


Until tips gets kicked and they put a non scam lord in place this will keep happening






What’s your issue with synnack?


I know right, if anything syn4ack is the most competent one around Miz’s circle LUL




Your completly incorrect on this what are you basing this on? Throw an example atleast if your going to say there are a lot of them.




99% of these things arnt his fault as they are last second things miz decides to do and doesn't leave enough time for setting up these streams. I helped with the wheel setup it was setup but miz never responded to what games he wanted and said he would just ask chat what to download as an example. The vr with poke wasn't setup correctly because miz didn't ask him to set it up prior to trying it only to put in the sensors on the wall and poke would help him do it. Your speaking on events that you have 0 clue about how things work in the background




Ya no, you’re just wrong my man. Miz would be the first one to say that Syn4ack runs his life and he would get absolutely nothing done unless Syn4ack did it for him. That’s why he pays him so much. All the examples you listed are either nothing to do with Syn4ack or stuff Miz brought up last second and didn’t get done because Syn4ack was already doing some other shit for Miz he can’t just drop all of a sudden.


mods and editors != Financial Assistant LULE That's like saying Slime is garbo compared to Lud's mods and editors




It's not synacks job to remind miz to make a tweet for a sponsor he is doing like he is a child. And I doubt synack didn't tell him and lay out everything he had to do in the first place before the sponsor. I know this because I work with them. Your just talking out your ass making assumptions blaming everyone but the person who is responsible for the task.




Because synack is in charge of being his assistant not being mizkif. He is there to assist. He even does his taxes,budggeting,Dr appointments,schedualing,shopping,vet appointments,techsupport,commisioning,payroll and more. There is only so much one person can do in 24 hours and he shouldn't have to micromanage everything. Why can't miz install games or plug in a wheel himself? How are you blaming someone who does nothing but make your streamers life so much easier.


Hey! He almost put on a somewhat passable scuffed classic dueling tournament two years ago.


Tips couldnt run a wow classic raid how is he gonna some big event rofl, guy is an idiot


They need to let Jacob do it.


They got scammed hard, bet the company is already shut down and the owners flying to mexico.


wow ain't that some bs?! Fuck em. The magician makes up for it, that shit was crazy and also I'm really happy about the new member. Congrats.


After seeing the clips and reactions surrounding this, I'm almost certain they got scammed, and they should definitely look into that. Somethings not right at all.


Shoulda hit up BIG DAWG 7


I swear no one has any respect or shame lol. Just blatantly scamming people and doing underhanded shit...


hold up that is a conflict of interest. if that was not disclosed before renting the house that one of the production members family owned the property.


No shit its called a scam and its pathetic organisation of an event by a multimilion dollar org


Just let Malena plan the events, give her a budget and let her do her thing. Whoever planned this does not understand OTK and a air bnb was not needed. Most of OTK is improv guys that you can give a cameraman and some shitty props and alcohol and they'd make it great. This is like G4 vs Shitcon.


supposedly its the production company behind a G4 event


They would have to pay her a ton of money to make it worthwhile. Why wouldn't she spend all that time doing a sponsored stream instead? I agree she would probably do a great job.


Because she asked Nick herself why they didn't let her plan events, she wants to. She doesn't have nearly the same pull as Nick on Twitch, she doesn't have a channel that'll get sponsors to say something like that. She said herself Nick and Miz get massive offers but even with all of the house wives they were only offered 300 dollars a hour. Plus she's not sponsor friendly and has a lot of time on her hands, she isn't doing anything besides coming on stream late. She could do with getting more involved.


> She said herself Nick and Miz get massive offers but even with all of the house wives they were only offered 300 dollars a hour. I kinda wish OTK would buy the future girls podcast as a piece of content they could push on their social media and YouTube channels while also helping them with getting proper sponsors. It's the one thing OTK does well, getting sponsors in exchange for what they really need, content. There is no reason why OTK should only push content of people who are "on" the org, they could set up different agreements for different content. > She doesn't have nearly the same pull as Nick on Twitch, she doesn't have a channel that'll get sponsors to say something like that. She's talented, if she streamed semi regularly she could have a pretty big audience, i always thought the reason she only streamed with Nick was because it allowed them to live their life off stream more? Planning events would be a shit ton of work and it's only a part of the OTK problem since even the owners don't know shit about what's going on half the time, arrive late, etc.


Thing is she doesn't want to stream alone but she said herself she does wanna help with OTK events. Even there own chat is more annoyed by her lately, the Rust streams they did on her channel was even carried by Nick. Not saying she isn't entertaining but what she brings is a novelty that's only good in small doses and is already wearing off. She just really doesn't have the makings of a streamer but she is creative and pretty good at planning. If she was welling to do the house wives podcast for free sure enough she'd work for OTK, like she asked Nick.


They get more viewers when there is drama, that's why she might feel the need to be a bitch on stream. Didn't they do rust streams because of some drama?


No they did Rust streams because Malena really likes the game, that was all for her. Nick didn't even want it on his channel. Also drama gets them clips but only outside drama gets them views when they discuss it. I think her being a bitch is because she doesn't know how to be entertaining without being a bitch. It's kind of what made there channel big but there banter is more appreciated nowadays and her being bitchy is just annoying, I don't know if she realizes it isn't necessary. Kind of feel weird calling her a bitch but that's the only way to describe how she acts.


> I think her being a bitch is because she doesn't know how to be entertaining without being a bitch. Did you watch any of the housewives podcast?


Real blame should land on the organizers. OTK blaming the people they hired just shows how immature and stupid these idiots are.


No it's not the streamer's job to tell people to leave, it's the production company that's setting everything up and managing the event It's part of what you pay them for. Is it OTK's fault they hired a shitty inexperienced production company? Yes


Lol why are you trying to basically brush off their responsibility? You literally can not blame the establishment if you HIRED THEM, PAID THEM, and didn't vet this enough. This could have easily been cleared up by having a proper work contract. But what actually happened is that they just rented some AIRBNB and hired some crappy production company and expected it all to go well. The fact that they sit on stream whining and trying to throw shade and blame on the production company is fucking retarded. Grow up and take some fucking responsibility. These aren't kids anymore these are multimillionaire adults. But sure keep simping for them while you donate 5 bucks hoping they say your name lol.


> You literally can not blame the establishment if you HIRED THEM, PAID THEM, and didn't vet this enough. So you're saying the production company did nothing wrong?


Otk is a new org. They just got some new money. Their management is scuff , the result are display by the event yesterday




They got scammed the moment they let Tips manage OTK. Guy literally ran a construction company that committed fraud.






The part that's most annoying is that none of them had the balls to call these people out on any of the things happening. Why the fuck are you even taking orders from a production team you HIRED. They literally work for you. I have no idea why they didn't just leave once the shit show started and hung out at some park for a few hours.


All I thought at the cake bit was the owner is gonna get so mad They really need like one ball busting Ari gold from that show that sasha grey was on type event organiser that can deal with all this shit


Anyone else find it funny how there was more than like 20-30 people attending with all the same thought process but instead of being an adult they all cry about it on their computers the next day...how hard is it to pull her to the side and voice your concern? I think it's even crazier to watch someone continually be rude to your guests, place their hands in food, and continue to make everyone feel uncomfortable but NONE of them said anything until they got home. Major twitter user vibes




If this were just some rich streamers having a get together then I’d totally agree, but this was a scheduled event with an open bar, catered food, a magician, etc. I feel like the risk of having a bad interaction with the owner and having to fuck off with all of that wouldn’t be worth risking.


Partially yeah, but imagine if she threw a shitfit, started throwing people out, and the camera guy just shut it down. Although I guess if the cameras kept rolling it would be great content, but it could have gone poorly. Their mistake was hiring those guys in the first place wtf.


Finally... a real adult in the reddit comments! Go tell 'm big boy! Major internet warrior vibes


IRL version of subtweeting.


It's the world we live in, People are so afraid of confrontation, when realistically that confrontation exchange is going to last 30 seconds and be done with Next time I see an open bar with 20-somethings? I'm digging into that shit because they're all apparently afraid as hell to say no this is ours, we paid for this. I'm also going to invite myself to their afterparty. It's really the production's job to have said no though, not the streamers


Lmao for the same reason the crew or area wasent inspected ahead of time These are people who became millionaires from donations, hard work isent in their vocabulary


apparently "isn't" isent in your vocabulary either.


"Isent" isn't in anyone's vocabulary so maybe avoid that terminology in the future, poindexter


You can tell OTK is a real organisation, already suffering from nepotism.


The guy who runs OTK literally convinced in court for fraud related to construction.


Do you have a link or any proof of this?


This information has been around for a few years. Mods usually remove links because it contains IRL names. Pretty sure his families construction company was suspended by the state for 5 years.


I'm just skeptical because I've heard like 5 different stories and seen no legitimate proof.


Who's the guy that runs OTK ? Tipsout ? Do you know if there's an actual hierarchy in OTK ? Because they all say "i'm the cofounder" and i'm really curious if they're all equal or as you mentioned, there's some guy behind the scenes that acts as CEO of the org.


Reminds me of the you may have been scammed ice poseidon streamlabs dono sound


should expose the company so that no ones buy into their bullshit


You live and learn. Take the L, stay humble, and move on.


OTK just needs to go to OTV and ask them how they do business lol.


To be fair it took OTV awhile to get their shit together. They burned Mark, Xell, and Chris Chan pretty quick. Then trusted most of it to Fed and we all know how that worked out.


I don't know, im not a fan of this types of events/streams: if i want to see some people drinking/eating and having fun in a party-like context i just go for an "aperitivo" outside.


yeah that production company was dog shit but I still enjoyed the event because the streamers still carried it. still OTK's fault for not properly vetting the company tho


Their is an imposter among us


I’m OOTL, can someone fill me in or send a clip?


same, no clue what they're talking about


I mean, I can't feel sorry for these guys tbh. They legit bought custom made houses and could've literally just had this event at their own places. The house they rented out wasn't even all that great. I could understand if they rented out a giant mansion or a freakin' castle, but it was some stupid ranchero house that had a basketball court, pool, and trampoline. All things they probably already have.


For the future, can you please put "OTK" somewhere in the title so my filter will pick it up


So? If you don't think nepotism and frat-like hiring is rampant among the eSports scene, you are deeply out of touch with reality.


To me the most scuffed part was all the additional people. If they act this way you can kinda guess their take on vaccines. Now you have Asmongold with his mother who's not doing to well, never going outside his house to be safe. Getting in contact with those people..


Not arguing that the additional people are wrong to be there and shit but idk if you're going to speculate about random people not being vaccinated/their attitude towards vaccines I think it's fair to point out we know for a fact that Asmon's mom is not vaccinated and antivax. Frankly we don't even know if Asmon himself is vaccinated given that he said his mom said she didn't want him to and that that put him in an awkward spot. Inb4 possible massive downvoting lol




>Im personally not vaxxed because im young and the risk to benefit is almost nill. idiot


Doesn't OTK have an event manager? That asian girl, I don't remember her name. Was she involved with this fiasco?




Why would you watch these people I honestly do no understand


I find it kind of weird that they are talking about it on stream. It's like Nick is trying to make content out of this. Even though he should know better that this kind of stuff might lead to the harassment and trouble for that production crew. Just handle it privately.


If the production company actually committed a major COI then that should be public. Otherwise they will attempt to do the same in the future.


AYYY someone else to blame pog.


im sorry but I dont think one person on production made the whole event scuffed because her sister was the owner of the house. take responsibility OTK you guys put on a shit show, you guys are mainly responsible for everything. The stream wasnt in the least bit entertaining it was just a cringe fest.


Real question, who inside OTK got a cut from hiring the house and the production team? Someone making bank from otk third party hiring


At what point do people realize that they might not actually care about the product lol


Inside Job Monica W... idk I don’t watch Twitch Chat.


If this was an angle they were running it blows me away that she still decided to stay at the home and make it obvious. If I was doing shit like this I would tell my sibling to stay the fuck away and make it seem like a normal event and not turn into a family party. The whole thing just doesn't seem right, there must have been some major miscommunication between 3 parties in a 2 party system.


There’s an impostor among us


And they were room mates