What specific loom, yarn, and pattern are you using? We need to know the answer to all three to be really helpful.


Oh, I'll try to answer. It's plastic loom, with metal poles and the thing in the middle that moves to make it bigger or smaller. I've tried with some cotton yarn and then with some acrylic as the cotton one has no stretch and I thought that it cold be a problem. No pattern, just trying to make a plain tube to stay a sock.


I find most loom knitting fairly easy but I had a TERRIBLE time trying to use a sock loom. You might want to try with a larger loom and chunky yarn to get the hang of looming.


Oh no! Does it get easier after trying with other kinds of looms?


Socks can take ages, especially the first! They're pretty involved. My mom can needle knit a blanket in a week but won't go near socks on needles, either, so it's an every kijd of knitting problem. Had a needle knitter ask if she could give me her stash and knit her socks because she can't do it. Sock yarn is thin, so its small gauge. I use a 56 peg loom with 1/4 inch spacing. For a shawl, I use a 60 peg loom with 1/2" peg spacing (gauge) and can knit a shawl faster, for example. It's very fiddly with the small pegs, I bought a special hook and used a dremel to thin down the tip for my sock looms. It takes *ages* and a lot of time to get used to a sock loom if you're using a small one with sock yarn. I do about 40 to 50 rows for the body and cuff, then do the wrap and turn heel, then 50+ for th foot, the the toe the same way as the heep, and it takes almost 2 hours to cast off. It can take about 2 days of pretty much doing nothing but knitting, and I knit pretty quick, to do a complete sock. So it just takes practice! It takes a lot of new tricks and learning curves. I hated my sock loom at first (the 56 peg "Knitted Knockers" by CinDwood) but I love it now. Alternatively I use the KB "His and Hers" 56 peg "Hers" loom, fits pretty much everyone I make socks for, I do them in a ribbed (knit some, purl some repeats to make it stretchy). It's a really good deal, price was, on 2 sock looms tbh. CinDwood is great, worth it, but I'm Canadian and can't cross into the US to my PO box and I'm not paying $40 US shipping (so add 25% to the price!) plus Customs fees right now :( So just patience, and perhaps try a different loom. You mention yours i adjustable? I hated my aejustable sock loom (The Boye one with metal egs, you knit in a square, it sucked). Don't give up!


I’m working on my first sock on a sock loom and I am following an awesome YouTube video by The Lopsided Crafter using the KB sock loom. It’s taken me a bit to get the hang of it, but it’s nice that it’s something I don’t have to pay too close attention to as opposed to the counting and such I have to do with the other (4? 5?) knitting and crocheting projects i am in the middle of. Lol