The girl died right in front of the house I was renting on Olympic Blvd. I wasn't there when it happened but my landlord who was there when it happened told me her car had been disintegrated upon impact. There's a tree near the impact zone which has now become her memorial. Crazy to think it's already been almost 2 years since it happened, but everytime I pass I still notice her tree is nice and adorned with new pretty seasonal decorations. She must've been very loved. Such a shame. All my love goes to her family and friends.


Yeah, that tree. Walk past it everyday. I think it got burnt recently? All the candles are gone and there's scorch marks on it.


Oh no....Thank you for telling me this. I'll try to check it out soon enough, although I don't live in the area anymore. I have a lot of memories there... :(


It's sad. And definitely a metaphor for the fact that her killer is going free


I hadn’t even thought of that... Damn. One can only hope either karma catches up with him, or he dedicates his life to trying to repay a debt he'll never be able to pay back in full (which I doubt he'll even ever consider doing)


We all know they're not going to do shit after this. They might just be more careful when driving their fast car, bu5 give it a few years and the kid will be back to being reckless.




Okay, your comment made me cry and I'm not an emotional person. So sad for her family and friends.


It's bizarre, but there's an entire market for boosting your instagram and having accounts follow and comment nice things on your posts. Check out James Khuri's instagram, you'd expect at least some negative comments, but no. All of them are positive, but upon closer inspection, these instagram accounts are probably piloted by an employee at a click farm. Literally all of them have their pages set to private. Also, he definitely has his page patrolled to make it look like comments are open, but you get blocked if you comment something negative or anything related to this. Someone with a lot more time on their hands should really do an investigation on this.


There’s a deeper story about when it happened it made ZERO news. And the father kept the story hidden for months till it finally surfaced.


It was all over my next door app for months and months. Nobody would talk about it except for on the next door app, it was so frustrating for all of us trying to get this out in the news.


Are there screenshots of those nextdoor posts?


Hey, but we’ve lowered the bar so every victim gets this bullshit treatment, but almost no victim families get millions. Progress am I right. Blanket policies totally make sense


“Well I’m a paraplegic now and my life will never be the same, but at least I can afford my medical bills!” Gotta love America


I’m hoping my comments eventually stick. Idk why but this case just really struck a nerve. I’m not blind to how our society caters to the rich and powerful but fuck this is just so disgusting. I’ll try to keep reminding him everyday that he took an innocent life


I just went and commented about it and the comment was reported fucking *immediately*


You can literally buy batches of followers on Instagram. A friend I grew up with is trying to become an "influencer" and bought 50,000 "followers". Edit: here's an example of prices from one of the top sites https://i.imgur.com/FgwhNNo.jpg


Most of the paid followers are accounts from India.


I recall reading that the kid all of a sudden was diagnosed with Autism. > “In testimony Thursday, a clinical psychologist who did a neuropsychological assessment of the teen in August said that he had symptoms consistent with a number of conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, and that he reported having nightmares and flashbacks of thoughts of the crash victim, although he said he doesn't remember the collision. Dr. Karen Schiltz said the teen acknowledged driving too fast, but said he told her that he didn't mean to hurt anyone. She testified that she concluded he needed intervention, but said he wouldn't do well in a locked county facility because he cannot interpret social cues.” Source: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/monique-munoz-son-multimillionaire-sentence-lamborghini-crash-khuri/2726924/


Another case of affluenza I see


Father is even worse. When it first happened, he wiped articles, paid for a shit ton of PR, and went all out on social media showing off happy family photos [with thousands of suspect followers upvoting/commenting]. Every last comment mentioning the accident mysteriously disappeared.


A family of a boy accused involved in the Audrie Pott case pulled this shit, too. You Google his name and it’s all articles about his community service.


All you really need is letter from old ladies at church. "He was a nice kid and mowed my lawn for free" to be character witnesses and your sentence can be light.


Obviously the father is worse, he thought buying a kid a Lamborghini was a good idea


This accident didn't happen out of the blue. I believe he had a couple of speeding violations prior as well as having the car towed. The dad absolutely enabled him multiple times.


Then in court police depts. Testified that he had multiple speeding tickets and his license was revoked.


Exacly! How fucking stupid can you be giving a 17 year a lamborghini.. that is waiting for a disaster to happen. They should lock him up!


Sounds like Alex Choi and the flying Tesla of Silverlake.


Wait, what is that?






He got the videos taken down, but there are still a number of threads about it: /r/LosAngeles/comments/tjbc32/video_echo_park_man_whose_vehicle_was_damaged_by/ /r/LosAngeles/comments/tkb67v/man_claims_responsibility_for_echo_park_tesla/ /r/LosAngeles/comments/tk6496/alex_choi_guy_who_recorded_the_tesla_jump_of_his/


For months I couldn’t find anything about his criminal son. I even saw an article that pretty much talked about how amazing James khuri is, that he is a multimillionaire and blablabla. It was gross.


It’s such bullshit.




I second your comment, this is total BULLSHIT! How would Mr affluent feel if the roles were reversed? What if it was his only kid killed by some old lady?


Its not affluenza anymore, just lax laws and punishments in the state. My good friend was killed similarly - someone going 95 in a 50 with weed and cocaine in his system. The guy who hit him got 2 years probation.


If his autism makes him drive like an asshole then he should never be allowed to drive again at the very least.


We know this whole case is BS but if we are going along with what they are saying than that would be the logical step to take. If he is mentally so challenged that he can not interpret that speeding is illegal and dangerous and can not be held accountable for doing something illegal and dangerous while driving, than he should at least have permanent licensee revocation.


Sounds like he should never be allowed to be independent from his parents either since who knows what other crimes he doesn't know he's supposed to not commit.




I have autism and I don’t drive like an asshole. I’ve also never killed anyone.


I know and it's a stupid bullshit excuse but if they accept it as valid in his case that's not something that would go away so they should also never let him drive again. I'm not saying all people that actually have autism shouldn't drive.


You’re not rich enough to get away with it.


If that’s the case they should throw his dad in jail


Right?, have his license taken away, if he has “autism”….


Imagine how much they paid those doctors to suddenly come up with that diagnosis? What a load.


Yeah, they could afford a lamborghini but never an appointment with a psychologist before then? Spare me.


yea if i was the father of the girl who was killed, and this shit happened i would no doubt be in prison soon.


Autism isn't an excuse for reckless driving. Source am autistic. Sometimes we have poor understanding of spacial distance and for that reason many of us don't drive or learn to drive late in life. But that usually means we drive slow, careful and defensive.


I believe the autism diagnosis was to say they should not be in jail, not as an excuse for the reckless driving: > She testified that she concluded he needed intervention, but said he wouldn't do well in a locked county facility because he cannot interpret social cues.


This is just a boilerplate excuse now. The judge gave the same explanation for no jail time for a 22 year old who killed my friend going 95 in a 50 with weed and cocaine in his system (i know can't prove under the influence based on that alone). "Prison can be hard, especially for young people who have a difficult time adjusting"... and some bs along those lines...which is why he decided on 2 years probation (CA state maximum based on AB 1950).


Same. Autism is not this bullshit diagnosis they can shove any asshole rich kid into just so he can get out of prison time. What a circus.


You're apparently not paying attention...


TIL autism causes someone to drive 100mph in a Lamborghini.


I really, really LOATHE asshole parents who hide behind the shield of an autism diagnosis


“I identify as innocent”


tbf, they showed a photo of the kid with his dad and cars and the kid does not look right in the head


That’s what I thought. The dad should definitely be the one held responsible.


Dr. Karen Schiltz's Yelp Page definitely needs some reviews saying how this doesn't seem to be the best use of her time.


Interesting. I know a lot of autistic people and they don’t drive recklessly. In other words, this is ridiculous BS


Yeah, he was going 100mph. Kid deserves jail time. Shame on the parents for buying the kid a car, that clearly no teenager has business driving on public roads.


He is probably out driving like an asshole on the streets right now.


It’s the west side of LA it’s like a racetrack. No police anywhere. I know I live here.


They’re everywhere in Culver. Consider it a race’s pit stop


Different PD. CCPD will harass you for jaywalking.


Call them in!! Seriously, I have called in, and later seen the racers pulled over. I would guess I Call once every 7-10days and 3 out of 4 are pulled over. I am driving the 101 with kids in the car, noone should have to deal with all that!! Call 911, tell them that they are causing hazardous conditions, you fear for your safety, theyve almost caused several accidents already...cops will be out in minutes. Response time in that area is pretty good. I know it's just a ticket, they will pay it and move on. But the hope is that if enough of us call in enough of them, maybe they will loose their licenses? Maybe there will be a record of their previous reckless behavior? Btw-im not talking about the folks driving 80 in their Ford or toyota. I'm talking about the kids in the mazarattis, lambos, Ferrari, etc that are doing well over 100 while weaving in & out of traffic.


It’s typical for there to be less cops in white areas how do you think all these privilege assholes get away with the shit they do but come down to the hood and you see a bitch ass cop every few blocks


Yup here in Pomona there are tons of cops driving around. But go to Claremont or la Verne and there's almost no cops


Yeah they send the stupid parking cops instead. Won't get a response to a theft for 12 hours, but you bet your ass that parking attendant will be there at 12:00 on the dot to give you a street sweeping ticket.


Yep! Cops in Beverly Hills only harass people driving anything under 50k. The millionaires doing illegal u-turns with their sports cara are never caught. Meanwhile in some poor neighborhood, cops will harass some underpaid, overworked person because one of their light isn’t working and doesn’t believe when they say they didn’t know it.


Of course not....they're with all the minorities is East and South LA...recently moved to the West Side and have seen jackass drivers everywhere..no cops to be found smh


Police presence isn't a deterrent if you know you won't get punished even if they catch you. Our courts (ie, DAs and judges) have decided to give certain folks quasi-immunity. This killer is as unafraid of cops as a Saudi prince would be - and with good reason, all he got for killing someone was probation. Might as well just give him diplomatic immunity.


Now that you mentioned it ... Your right I rarely saw police .


He never learned the lesson. Daddy paid for it to go away. This kid and his dad will be asshokes and keep getting away with it because they are rich.


It's crazy parents can claim that kids where so sheltered they don't know the consequences of their own actions.


The good ol’ *affluenza defense*. Attached a link. And Ethan Couch was arrested again. So maybe he didn’t learn his lesson? https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/what-is-the-affluenza-defense-31843


Fuck that’s some garbage dude just letting rich assholes get away with whatever they want, so why don’t they charge the parents then I hate this fucking country


While locking up POC teenagers for similar situations 🙃. It is important to give him full credit for how American he is, can’t JUST let the rich get away with murder, got to have a double standard and ideally a bit of racism to do it right. /s


Fuck there's a name for it.


Yeah, that same judge also sentenced a different teen who accidentally killed someone to ten years in prison. The 14 year old who got ten years was black, wonder why he got ten years and Ethan got probation in an upscale rehab center.


American exceptionalism my big fat ass!


Yeah, sadly.


Shame on the parents for trying to bury this story and buy his way out of it.


But that’s how rich people do it and get away with this bs


Yeah he should at least do 15 years


Not sure what vehicular manslaughter gets, but I’d start there.


I believe it's 4 years, when I've gone to court


Seems fair.


Kid should do some time but the dad needs to do time as well.


Yes, the dad and kid have a debt to society. So what if they paid 18.8 million. Letting the kid off after mommy and daddy bailed him out of trouble doesn’t really help anyone, including the teen driver.


Exactly. Because he will be out there driving like an asshole again, I'm sure. So, everyone is in danger of getting run over by this spoiled little shit again. At the very least they should have taken away his driving privileges for life.


That’s some reckless, “I don’t give a fuck about other people” behavior. I wonder what else he thinks he can get away with if he doesn’t get punished for this.


> I wonder what else he thinks he can get away with if he doesn’t get punished for this. If I had to guess, probably just about anything


Funny how he views [racing](https://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngeles/comments/uok7be/millionaires_thoughts_on_racing/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) now


Funny that’s his view when clearly made public street into a his private race track


And ran a red light.


He’s had multiple tickets prior to that for excessive speed. Can someone please confirm his license was taken away for life? How is that not happening???


Classism at its finest. What a joke this legal system is.


Part classism and part American culture. As long as you’re behind the wheel of a car and not drunk or high it’s open season for killing people: pedestrians, cyclists, other drivers. Doesn’t matter. They’re just ‘accidents’ and drivers that kill rarely face justice.


I’ve often said the easiest way to get away with murder in the US is to hit a cyclist with your car in LA


You can remove in LA


Yep, it's disgusting, really.


Its amazing how its still an accident when going over double the speed limit.


i don’t know how much of it is classism. my grandpa died while crossing the crosswalk to a middle aged lady with an extremely dirty windshield driving an SUV. she hit him turning left while speeding, instantly killing him then lied to the cops about the sun being in her face (sun was way behind her at this time of day). she got sentenced to a few hundred hours of community service and didn’t have to pay shit


Both father and son should be behind bars.


IMO the DA and judge should also be disbarred and investigated.


I am with you, many more judges and DAs who let this haooen regularly should too. This one is just high profile.




Money walks.


Father still flexing on Instagram posting a French Bulldog and shit. Low ethic.


That loser blocked me on Instagram






Trashy family


Fuck Him and his French bulldog


Of course this motherfucker has a Halloween picture dressed as the punisher with a don’t thread on me sticker.


I’m so tired of seeing privileged people get away with crimes.


There was a comedy sketch about a judge decides the rich young white defendant will be tried as a black man and tha family starts bawling like crazy


Wait a second, this article says he was sentenced to seven to nine months in a juvenile camp. One of LA County's juvenile reform facilities.


OP doesn't know the difference between a civil lawsuit and a criminal lawsuit.


It looks like it's actually the insurance company, Chubb Insurance, who settled with the family. "The settlement stems from a lawsuit filed last year in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging that Chubb Insurance had discriminated against Muñoz for being Latina when calculating the amount to be awarded in the claim. Chubb Insurance is paying $10 million of the settlement, the full amount under its policy. The remainder of the settlement is being paid by four other insurance companies that were not parties in the discrimination lawsuit but were involved in the wrongful-death claim." I'm curious if they will/have filed a civil suit against Brendan. None of the money makes up for the loss, but I would spend my life haunting the Khuri's to make sure they never forget. [https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-04-27/monique-munoz-family-settlement-speeding-lamborghini-crash](https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-04-27/monique-munoz-family-settlement-speeding-lamborghini-crash)


The insurance company's only obligation is to indemnify its insured so the carrier would only pay out in settlement if it includes a release of the insured.


Total bullshit. Fuck this cunty family. Same with that dumb bitch in Westlake. Some of us will remember your faces.


While we're at it, remember when Jenner killed someone with her SUV and no one cared?


What happened in Westlake?


Intoxicated rich lady ran over and killed 2 kids. No jail time so far and trial has been buried in the local news


Piece of shit family


It’s just like what kind of dad gets their 17 year old a farrari. Like do you want to ruin your child by making them an entitled , spoiled brat. If you were responsible, you would think Or explain to your kid that you need to earn the nice things you have in life and need to work hard to get those things. No one hands you a 200k Ferrari, you have to work hard to achieve those things. If your rich gift your kid a brand new honda civic or a brand new truck at most. Even that I think is a little far. I think you should make them get a job and pay for part of the car. Even if they save up 5k and you put in 15k and buy them a 20k car. Teach them some work ethic. I had to pay for my 10 year old honda accord. I think it taught me some work ethic and not to ruin it since I spent 2.5 years working to save up the 5/6 grand. This dad is probably a ego maniac or something because even rich people I knew growing up made their kids buy their first car. Some of the rich kids where gift brand new mistags or something but not a Ferrari.


>It’s just like what kind of dad gets their 17 year old a farrari. Like do you want to ruin your child by making them an entitled , spoiled brat. >This dad is probably a ego maniac or something because even rich people I knew growing up made their kids buy their first car. Some of the rich kids where gift brand new mistags or something but not a Ferrari. Both true in the case of my partner's brother and dad. Her brother has been spoiled to high heaven and turned out to be a real piece of shit headcase while she got nothing (well she got credit fraud their debt that she wouldn't let me convince her to charge her brother/dad with fraud). Her dad/brother blew all their money and can't accept they don't deserve ferarries, rolexes, and porsches etc... all she wanted was a "normal" family life and got those sacks of crap instead.


Fucking piece-of-shit


You should need to be 18 at the very least to drive cars like that. The idiot kid probably would’ve still gotten into some accident regardless of the car, but the type of car definitely will impact the severity of the accident. Giving a kid with no real driving experience and an invincibility complex the keys to a 650 horsepower car that does 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds and weighs nearly twice as much as a Corolla is wildly irresponsible. It’s asking for whatever accident he gets into to be exponentially more dangerous


Age isn't the deciding factor. You need to drive something else first, imo. Starting out with a car with that kind of power is a bad idea.


>no real driving experience Kid didn't even have a license, and was drunk, and was on the wrong side of the road, and was racing, and was going 120+ mph, and it was a residential street, and it was rush hour.


Honestly no one should be able to drive specialty sports cars without a special license that comes with training and if you get in an accident driving one without a listener that is automatic jail time and if there are any charges, there is an add on for not being properly licensed. Just like driving a car does not teach you how to drive a truck, it also does not teach you how to handle a high end sports car. So many rich fu$&ers crash sports cars and they always say, oh I lost control or didn’t know how to drive it.


Supercars are a bit dumb anyways. They belong on a track for all they're street legal. They leak in the rain and occasionally catch fire, but that's because they're not meant to be sitting in the rain or in rush hour.


Fuck this kid and his family.


You mean Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California cities are selling political favors? Noo!


I remember a case in Albuquerque where the son of the owner of the Albuquerque journal newspaper killed a black kid at a high school party. It was all on video. From the initial fight, to him walking to his car to get a knife, to coming back to the party and stabbing the black kid to death. He got 5 years probation. A year later he was drunk driving and crashed his father's expensive car. I think they added a year of probation to his sentence. It's madness.


Not surprised at all smh. The Khuri's are a disgusting family and they'll get what's coming to them eventually. RIP Monique and my prayers to her family she deserved so much better.


I blame the parents way more than this kid. But unfortunately, this kid will never learn if he keeps getting bailed out. RIP to Monique.


My oldest son wanted the m5 I was getting rid of when he turned 16. I said no way - I remember when I was 16 and while I never drove recklessly I would have felt compelled to stretch that cars potential without having a good understanding re what it could do. This is one of those things that, in my opinion, reflect poorly on parents. My son got a Hyundai Sonata that I made him buy via an (interest free) loan from me. Kids that age are just too immature to be behind the wheel of a car like that, and I don’t think parents realize that no matter how responsible your kid may be, they’re going to take advantage of a cars potential. This kid deserves serious and long term probation at the least, and maybe even prison time. I think his parents DEFINITELY deserve prison time because they should know better.


As a kid (and car guy) I pushed every car I got. I was young and stupid. My first car, was my mom’s Honda Odyssey lol. Definitely hit the speed limiter on that…probably wasn’t the best car for a teen since they have a good amount of power and you could carry 8, which could be a recipe for disaster. I drive like a granny on the streets now. Reserve the fun for the autox or track.


Wanna murder another human in LA, just hit them with your car. I don't know why anyone would use any other method in this city. Always Scott free.


The father is the biggest douchebage in the world. I hope that whole family rots in hell.


I don't think $18.8 million is a small amount, though it still doesn't justify getting off scot-free


Seeing as how James’ net worth is roughly $400 million, this is about 4.7% of his net worth. That’s like someone with a $100k saved for retirement paying $4700 for murdering someone with a car.


I looked into this guy, corp records, reported earnings, etc., he’s not worth anywhere close to $400 million. What you see online is the product of a publicist/marketer. If I had to guess, his NW is closer to $20-30 million, that was before this settlement.


“The settlement stems from a lawsuit filed last year in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging that Chubb Insurance had discriminated against Muñoz for being Latina when calculating the amount to be awarded in the claim. Chubb Insurance is paying $10 million of the settlement, the full amount under its policy. The remainder of the settlement is being paid by four other insurance companies that were not parties in the discrimination lawsuit but were involved in the wrongful-death claim.” https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-04-27/monique-munoz-family-settlement-speeding-lamborghini-crash Looks like it was paid by insurance companies.


Makes you realize what a joke CA insurance minimums are. 15k for bodily injury/death to 1 person...


Dude didn’t even pay it personally The insurance company is footing the bill until they eventually sue him to get back their losses


No amount is ever enough.


...which is why a nice long jail sentence is the most appropriate punishment.


It's basically a blood price. I'm sure the right people got to wet their beak too.


depends on how rich you are.


I’d rather not have any amount of money than lose someone I love.


He was sentenced to 7-9 months in juvenile detention. I hope he learned his lesson and that this experience has humbled him. He’s going to need to live with the fact that his recklessness killed an innocent person. Such a tragic and unnecessary loss of life. Who in their right mind gives a Lamborghini to a minor? The parents are responsible for this atrocity.


It's not unusual anymore. My good friend was killed by a driver(in his early 20s so not a minor) going 95 in a 50 with drugs in his system and he got 2 years probabtion. 2 years probation is the limit for felonies per AB 1950.


Sickening and so sad. Very sorry about your friend, regardless of how long ago it may have been.


This is how you game the system Throw money at the problem and it will eventually go away. I hope this kid has nightmares for the rest of his life. I hope this dad does bankrupt. In the end, Karma comes around you fucking sad excuse for humanity.


Disgusting family. Unfortunately LA has no shortage of these types. Justice can be bought.


Afluenza keeps infecting the rich


This country has no laws anymore.


I remember them and I am not surprised by the outcome. Fuuuuck these putos.


so who exactly collected the $18.8 million ?


Hold the parents responsible give daddy some jail time


I’m conflicted. I’ve always agreed in principle with not trying underage people as adults. Either you are or you aren’t, and you don’t get a boost by committing a crime. But man, this case is a tough one. Rich kid acting like a complete fool, parents flexing wealth and privilege to improve PR, the public-facing lack of remorse… rough.


This was the confluence of a young, dopamine-chasing brain and insane privilege.


shame Shame SHAME ! Shame on Brendan Khuri ! Shame on the Khuri house... SHAME!


This is the epitome of the justice system is broken. RIP Monique Moñoz


this reminds me of how my ex had rich friends where almost all got let off drunk driving. he told me how one was drunk driving and crashed his dads porsche late at night.. no one was involved and he wasn't hurt but of course he totaled his dads porsche. he got a good ass lawyer and his record is clean. none did any jail time or whatever. but their parents paid a shit ton of money .. hearing shit like that makes my blood boil. you don't teach your child ANYTHING with letting them off shit, especially shit like this. i fucking hate how the rich have so much power and control they don't worry about nothing.


No prosecutor gives up a DUI, super easy to prosecute and no jury has much sympathy. Even if it plead down, wet reckless is still priorable if it's within the time frame.


Stepfather looks fucking pissed and rightfully so. I hope he has gang connections that he can utilize to trap and torture that son of a bitch.


Autistic my b.alls. Your son is a killer.


How bloody disgusting, Autism is stigmatized in this country and the 1% think they can whip it out and use it as a term synonymous with criminal behavior? I hate the fucking justice system.


>Just look up James Khuri, Brendan Khuri or Jane Khuri, you will see nothing but paid interviews coupled with biased news. Looking up Brendan Khuri brings up pretty straightforward articles about this news from 2 weeks ago, including this one from the Daily Mail as the 2nd & 3rd result.


I hardly think this is the right choice but since it's been made... I hope he lost his license for a considerable part of his youth. Like maybe when he's 32 he can take a driver's test. I have to renew my license every 3 years because I wear glasses. and I'm an attentive safe driver. But this kid has enough money to just go about life like he didn't kill someone? insane to me.


Classism is always overlooked compared to sexism and racism. I wonder why.


I’m not sure where you get “no jail time” when it clearly says the son (a minor) “was sentenced to just seven to nine months in a juvenile camp, and four months probation.” Now I guess it isn’t adult prison (but he is a juvenile still) and we can argue that it isn’t an appropriate amount of time (it seems lenient to me) but this title makes it seem like he got no punishment at all (which isn’t true).


Sad. Another privileged kid literally got away with murder....AGAIN.




Damn, bro really called saul


There was also a story about a Chinese guy with a Lambo who ran over and killed a USC professor.


100 mph on Olympic blvd ? During rush hours ? Yeah that kid is the "R" word. The whole situation is a travesty.


I didn't do shit and I got more time than that.


You're mistake was not having a daddy with $200million in the bank.


Fuck these putos! All they got was a slap on the wrist SMH


What? Millionaire bends law to his will? *^(\[Insert surprised Pikachu face meme here\])*


When the kid gets out of juvie how long will it be before dad buys him another inappropriately powered car? Kid should be on a fucking bicycle.


Yes, that's typically what settlements mean.


What’s the surprise here? :(


So justice is blind huh? Not blind to the dollar bill. This is pathetic, he should be in jail.


California's criminal justice system is a joke. They need get rid of DA's like Gascon and try minors as adults for all crimes.


The rich don’t face consequences and that won’t change with any DA on the face of this planet


Don't worry the kid will do it again. He learned daddy will buy him out of trouble. Zero accountability. Just gotta hope no one dies next time.


They didn’t pay 18M, the insurance did. The piece of shit , Brendan , should be getting out of some special juvie soon.


Firm advocate of public flogging. Just saying, it's still on the table.


Fuck this kid! Don’t buy you 16 year old a super car, they don’t know how to drive. This is coming from someone who was once a 16 year old that could barely drive


Yeah, his kid is gonna OD on fentanyl before he hits 21 …. I mean based on the family and all.