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please degrade me. make me cry


You should have writing all over your body and you should be posting pictures and video of you being a pathetic slut drenched in cum begging for more. Those holes should be constantly stuffed and you should be trained to only cum when you are told regardless of what hole is used bc you are a pathetic whore


yes sir i will write more! today i baited two people into abusing my holes by showing them my body writings :)) they beat me so hard


Post it how you are used i expect a little whore like you to have both holes gaped open and cum dripping from those holes and on your tongue


You’re going to love it when I force your legs open and make you take it, make you open your mouth as I spit in it, aren’t you?


Your owner should be force feeding you


You don't deserve having your cunt fucked, you're too fucking pathetic to even be breeding stock. All you're good for is a punching bag and your ass and throat. You deserve to be throat fucked into you pass out, then beaten awake and throat fucked some more. You need to have your ass stretched around a toy or cock, permanently


I don't think you can stop being *so* pathetic. You were the victim of rape, and now you yearn for it. Have you learnt nothing during your time on this earth? Cum slut, accept your fate - you are nothing without cum in your holes and a man's arm around you.


By embracing your purpose and accept youre a set of holes thats meant to be trained and used for men pleasure


You shouldn’t stop. You are pathetic and need to be used like it


You're such a fuckin whore, the best part of you is your asshole. I would fuck your ass as hard as possible, then slap your face with my dick and let you clean it with your worthless mouth.


You don’t need to fill us on your dad, let any man that looks at you use those tight little holes and break that tiny body.


I would spit and slap your cunt before breaking you with my dick


Just one look at your page to see 6 days ago you were nervous about posting on a 'rate me'. Now your on all fours showing off your holes begging for attention. Dm me


Let me help. This is a good start.


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You wouldn't be able to make your shoes without me fucking that tight hole


Send your Dad this pic, he might oblige you.


Know your place


I think I'll rape you the way my dad raped my mom.


I'm gonna tongue fuck that asshole baby.


I’ll do you


You are pathetic now get ready for my cock in your ass


we would like to know more, can you DM me for more details?😏


Well now you need to tell us the story.


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I'll rape u pm me