I’m in Dallas. I put some trash bags on my legs on the way out to the car this morning. My backyard can’t absorb any of this




Does this happen often for Texas? Because I am seeing troubling trends of dying rivers, followed by devastatingly destructive floods. We had that last year here in Reno NV. A years worth of rain in 2 days.




I am concerned that we will get a rain event just like yours, again, and it will trigger a nearby mountain to fully erode and decimate a small town at its foot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slide_Mountain_(Nevada) Over here in Reno, we had drought conditions from March to the end of July. Record heat, but not as bad as the fucking Apocalypse we endured last year (every single day was choking smoke due to the nearby firestorms) It is getting mad scary, very quickly. I MISS the climate I grew up with.....and unfortunately, until most people are actually suffering from Climate Change, nothing will be done until they are FORCED to change.


The ground dries so badly that it creates floods. We also get flooding when the ground is too wet. 😂😂 I live 30 miles north and we didn't flood like this. It isn't super common but it is common for flooded streets, up to the curbs.


We used to get normal rain on certain months. March-June we would get cold Spring rain merging into hot monsoonal storms with lots of lightning. Now? Now we have huge fucking FIRESTORMS that literally create fire-tornadoes and walls of fire that engulf whole Mountain ranges over night. We go MONTHS without rain, only to get it at the END of the growing season, all at once, resulting in catastrophic erosion, landslides, and flooding that our infrastructure just can't handle. I want to punch any fucker that sneers at the FACT that is Climate Change. I have seen and experienced a stable climate in the 80's. We used to have NO wildfires, until the 90's hit and things got much hotter and drier. Hearing from other people in other regions simply affirms what my wild-heart knows. Climate Change is slowly morphing into a Runaway Greenhouse effect. Many people are going to die. This could have been prevented.....


> Climate Change is slowly morphing into a Runaway Greenhouse effect. Not slowly doing it anymore. Every year seems to get worse.


And then one year we'll get a break and idiots will take that opportunity to proclaim that climate change is a hoax.


What part of Dallas is the flooding in?




When the ground is very dry after a long period of drought, it barely, if at all, absorbs any water. It just flows right over it, collects, and floods.


I saw that Reddit post too


Straight up, I thought the same thing😂😂


This one! https://www.reddit.com/r/educationalgifs/comments/wlsl0s/a_meteorologist_from_the_university_of_reading/


Thank you so much! I was just trying to explain this gif to my wife and couldn't find it.


The cup one 😆?


Three grounds one cup.


I have no idea why I was so amazed by it lol, I shared it with my whole family 😂


Quality viewing for the whole family! Time to get out the ice-cream cones.


When most of the land is concrete


It can happen over large, very dry tracts of land too.


Also known as New Mexico.


Like, huuuuge tracts of land?


But father!


I don’t want any of that. I’d rather… I’d rather, si———


Stop that! Stop that! You're not going into a song while I'm here. Now listen, lad. In twenty minutes, you're getting married to a girl whose father owns the biggest tracts of open land in Britain.


What, the ^curtains...?


No they’re referring to the very real effect of dry dirt (not concrete, just drought stricken dirt) it won’t get absorbed into the soil.


I’m in Austin, and I’m a little scared.


This wave barely tickled, but we'll see how the rest of the week pans out.


Yearly reminder to never buy a used car online from texas.


Or any gulf coast area recently hit by a hurricane…


Or the coast of New England where it also snows. 2x the salt.


Or any car from Canada.


Nah, the prairies are a great place to buy vehicles. Too cold for road salt, and dry air


Depends where in the prairies. Have you ever been to Alberta and/or Sask? Cars 2-3 years old already have rust bubbles. I inherited my Grandfathers 98 Buick Park Avenue, which only had 60k on it a ways back. Driven in the Cold Lake area. Pretty much only shopping on Saturdays. Brought it to my buddies shop to get inspected/regged in BC and he couldn't even do an alignment without tearing up the suspension. Literally everything was rusted solid.


>Have you ever been to Alberta and/or Sask? Yup. I live in northern Alberta. Even if you get the best rustproofing you'll start to see rust bubbles in 5-8 years.


Starter car?? This is a FINISHER CARRR!!










It's an Amphibious Motor Vehicle!!


Dude after Harvey I was on I-10 between here and San Antonio and I saw graveyards of thousands and thousands of vehicles that got flooded. Many looked brand new, I’m sure they got resold somewhere.


Always check the Carfax, they're going to ship these things all over the country but probably mainly to the east coast. As far from the news of massive flooding as they can.


Carfax only tells you about things that somehow made it into the databases it checks. It’s a very good idea to check, but it’s not always going to find everything. Honestly having a mechanic you trust check it out is equally if not more important in my book. The number 1 trick for buying a car without getting ripped off though is patience. Monk like patience.


You can at least check the report for where it was last registered and then avoid anything from these flooded areas.


In Illinois, you have to provide a notarized form from the seller that the car wasn’t involved in a natural disaster while registered in TX


Edit: Hat tip to u/-markitzero- it is Texas, not AZ. And a handful of there states. To add, watch for breaks in the title chain like "lost" titles. "Oh your dear old aunt Doris bought the car and then lost her title the same week Dallas flooded out?" Bull shit. Doris may be on social security but she is absolutely funding her 2 packs of Newports a day and bingo buy-in with hard cash she makes by titling a few cars in her name every couple of months. It's been a few years since I sold cars but I think Arizona also breaks (or broke) title chains from out of state and issues clean titles regardless if the out of state title is marked as salvage. They may have changed their laws a few years ago.


It wasn't Arizona, it was Texas. It was known as the Texas title wash. It also involved more than just transferring the title to another state. It involved getting a Texas mechanics lien issued on the car, which 90 days later results in the lien holder being issued a new title. This new lien title wouldn't be marked as salvage. At one time just about 90% of the Range Rovers listed private party on Craigslist in California had Texas titles.


Good reminder seriously


PSA: Don't swim through flood waters unless it's an absolute rescue emergency. Underground power lines and drainage ditches can be the death of you. Went through something similar in our neighborhood.


Also the sewers have likely flooded as well, making the water you are swimming through a non-negligible percentage of human shit.


Shit water and dead bodies. Where I live has had two historic floods in my lifetime, each instance there was footage of caskets floating in the current.


I love how Texas has one of the country's highest population of climate change deniers, meanwhile they're experiencing apocalyptic floods, hurricanes, heatwaves, freezing weather, etc.


Best to buy them from Arizona. No salted roads, no coastal floods.


When I was a kid, my dad and I were driving through either Arizona or Texas, don't recall exactly which, in a remote desert area on a long mostly empty road. There was a spot where a dry culvert went under the road and there was a single vehicle just stopped in our lane a bit away from it for no apparent reason. So my dad tries to drive around this stopped car, slowly because he was about to ask if they needed help, but the driver jumped out and frantically waved at us insisting that we stop right away. He says, "Can't you hear that??" There was a distant rumble. I thought it might be a storm in the mountains off in the distance, but in the next moment, a wall of water came across the desert down that culvert and blasted right over the roadway. The water behind it spread and rolled a bit, but eventually settled into the culvert and the guy got into his vehicle and drove away, waving farewell. Where I live now, flooding takes some time and the water rises slowly. When people get stuck in flood waters, it's usually because they stupidly drove into standing water. In the desert, though, the water can come for you hard and fast.


This story (and others like it) (and my own personal experience) is why, whenever I see someone stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason, I never assume that driver is an idiot. Instead, I assume s/he sees/hears/knows something that I don’t. And this turns out to be a really great exercise in empathy (to realize that someone else may have a truer/more valid perspective than you do, at least, in that moment).


That's terrifying! I'm glad that guy was looking out for you guys. A few years ago, we spent a month visiting the US. About three weeks were spent driving from San Francisco to Yellowstone NP, and we took the scenic route: Yosemite, Death Valley, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Arches NP, Monument Valley, you know the drill. At some point, we were driving through the Arizona desert, and in the distance we saw a huge storm, one of the angry, rainy, thundery ones, just making it rain like there was no tomorrow. We stopped for lunch at a random gas station restaurant, I tried my first ever corndog (not a fan) and, as we were having lunch, it started to really rain. We mentioned to our waiter that we thought it didn't rain in the desert. And that's how we learned that not only does it rain in the Arizona desert, but that it even has a monsoon season! I knew about flash floods, of course, but I thought those were caused by mountain storms. I never thought it could rain on the desert plain!


off topic but the way its shot I thought that this was a video game cutscene


the lighting/thunder really sells it


*Texan gamers aggressively pressing X to skip this*


It's at the beginning when it shows you the events that created the post apocalyptic environment in which you will play.


And employers will still be like “your coming to work right?”


"You should have just left earlier."


That shit always irked me. I did leave earlier. No one could have foreseen an HOUR delay on something that takes 20-30 minutes. If I normally leave at 5 AM to get there no later than 530, and today I left at 430, and still couldn't safely make it in because the biggest storm in years was happening that morning. I planned accordingly and it still wasn't enough. But yes, I'm sure the 0 people I helped because they weren't coming in this shit are just as mad as you are. You've got a lot of balls calling from your warm bed asking why I'm 7 minutes late instead of "are you safe", asshole.


Fuck that boss bro, you deserve better


One time Mike Pence visited my city and traveled along a route that blocked my way to work. I didn't know of this because I don't watch the news and I dislike Mike Pence so I don't follow his goings ons. Anyways I get to about the 'im 3 min away from work' mark and I hit standstill traffic which is really weird because it's a rural road next to a quarry that barely anyone travels unless it's commercial. I sit there for 5 minutes, still with tons of time, thinking 'what the fuck is this? Was there a crash... eh it'll clear' . Well at the 15 min mark I start getting nervous because I'm about to be late so I try to call my work. Literally 0 bars right next to the airport in an area I've always gotten full bars. Did you guys know that during presidential motorcades they jam cell signals? I sure fucking didn't. So I was 45 min late to work and technically a no-call. My explanation meant nothing to management as they just said 'well you should have known that, everyone else got here on time.' Well fuck everyone else they come from the opposite direction. And fuck Mike Pence for getting me written up!


When I lived in Austin, it seemed like Obama came to town at least once a month, and always during afternoon rush hour. I didn't really give a shit about being late to work, but I hated when it would take too long to get home.


Fuck places like this! I worked at a large retail pet store and got the same stupid shit. We had a bad winter storm, which had been talked about the night before so I left for work *an hour* early. My commute was normally 45 min...so I left for my 7:45 shit at 6 am. I got to the store at 9 am. And that drive was fucking harrowing. I called multiple times to let them know I was trying to get there and the roads were absolutely insane. No one was like "oh are you okay?" or "just stay home, this is too dangerous to drive in". Nope. Just hurry and get here. And then when I arrived, I got a long talk about leaving my house earlier to get there on time. When I pointed out, quite angrily, that I did leave an hour early, and would've had to leave my house at 4:45 am to get there on time according the 3 **hour** drive I just made, the manager was sheepish but still said, "well, you have to make more of an effort to get here on time." I worked in the groom shop. Guess how many people decided to show for their appointments that day? Yeah. Waste of fucking time. And then I had to spend another 2 hours getting home. Fuck you, Garry, you prick.


My supervisor asked what my reason was for why it took me 6.5 hours to get from north DFW to Houston Today.


Flights into dallas/dfw were canceled yesterday and Flights today were only permitted after 11:30. Our flight from San Antonio to dfw was 1 hour 50 minutes via Amarillo area. Driving in Austin was horrible yesterday due to the storms. 6.5 seems like a fast as possible trip


I lived in buffalo when we got the 8 feet of snowfall in a period of like two days, I lived in the burbs and worked in the city. For reference, the city got hit with a few feet but nowhere near the 7-8 feet that some areas like ours got. I told my boss I wasn't going to make it in for probably the entire week as the roads weren't even plowable, there were semis abandoned on suburb streets it was that bad. His response? "You have to at least make an effort, I can't let you just have a week off for some snow". I spent an hour digging a path outside of my doorway and took a picture of the snow literally reaching the gutters of our house and added "I tried, I'll be in next week if possible". I did not get a text back, and it wasn't questioned again.


Your employer has bad grammar


They didn’t even close schools today, it was just a few streets


Well it's floodin' down in Texas. All of the telephone lines are down. And I've been tryin' to call my baby, Lord and I can't get a single sound…🎶 [Edit] For the curious (Thor fingers on thick strings) https://youtu.be/KC5H9P4F5Uk


RIP Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Best strat tone ever, IMO


He could pluck one string and you instantaneously know that it’s him and only him. So good.


Taken from us way too soon


[The sky is crying, Can you see the tears roll down the street. The sky is crying, Can you see the tears roll down the street](https://youtu.be/6s9M-52fRGU)


Thick strings is an understatement, at some points in his career the dude practically used piano wire by todays standards, he went as high as .017s on his high E…that’s as thick as the G string on a modern set of “medium” guitar strings


Well at least we got water now


At least there's seasonal rivers and whatnot. In Yemen there weren't any since it's so hyper arid, when they got hit by a hurricane in 2011 that dropped a decade worth of rain (destroyed so many crops when farming was 35% of employment)


Ted Cruz scrolling Travelocity furiously rn


Keep your socialism out of my flood relief! I don't pay taxes so that you can... Wait, it was my house that flooded? OH LORDY, SAVE US JOE BIDEN!!!




>The streets of Texas are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'SAVE US DARK BRANDON!'...and I'll look down and whisper 'No...' - Dark Brandon


Absolute flood of support for Brandon


Too soon!


Wouldn’t happen if Ted Cruz would properly squeegee all the rain water when it rains


Literally laughed aloud at this.


Why would Joe Biden do this?


Dark Brandon: I̵̟͊ ̸͚͂d̵̨̊i̵͔̍d̶̩̿ ̵̱͐t̷͓͐h̶̩̎a̶̩̾t̴̗̀!̵̘͊


No worries, Texas has this. Going to ban some trans, women, and people of color rights plus get a few flags and references to god in schools. Things will be better in no time, problem fixed. /s


Kind of eerily similar to the whole like cult sacrifice idea lol. Like "god is unhappy with us! we must punish the nonbelievers and he will be happy"


Same as it always was. Deep down there’s not much difference between a medieval peasant and a modern worker.


*Help! Help! I'm being repressed!*


Come and see the violence inherent in the system!


Just send some thoughts and prayers... that's how they solve it all down there.


Just think how much worse it would be if global warming was real. Thankfully it doesn't exist in texaaaaas.


Wrong. Hunter bidens laptop did this


Where is Ted Cruz flying off to this time?


Looks like Cancun came to him




Are you stupid? The bad weather was obviously concocted in Hilary’s basement


You sir, are a moron. The weather originated on her servers.


You fucking dunce. This is *Benghazi.*


It's all detailed right there in the emails, folks. No, you can't see them sorry.


Obama urged him to.


Obama is the only President I know of with the ability to control the weather. Republicans blamed him for hurricane Katrina even though he was still just in the Illinois Senate when it happened.


Something like 7 to 9 in over 24 hours but the main problem was around 3 to 4 inches of that fell in the span of one single hour. If this is the part of them highway that I think it is construction that's constantly going on doesn't remember to unblock the storm drains when they're done so eventually all that water finds the low point


It was insane. I was leaving a concert that let out right when the rain started, and halfway home I had to park and walk the rest of the way because all the streets in that neighborhood were flooding.






A little over 15 inches in less than 24 hours.


It’s been nuts everywhere. We are on the other side of the state, and before the last two weeks, we were at 1.7 or 1.8 inches of rain for the year. We got almost 3 inches in the last two weeks. Thankfully our drain systems are set up well, and we haven’t had any major issues. The weeds sure took off, though


Going to get a lot more fucked before it gets better. Same story is playing everywhere. Droughts, extreme flooding and wildfires like no one's business. All in unexpected areas. We won't know shit about how the weather or climate will work going forward. No more denial or downplaying climate change, we gotta get ready for this shit. Or this will just be the best year we'll have in comparison to what's coming.


*Or this will just be the best year we’ll have in comparison to what’s coming* Kind of feel like you’re hitting the nail on the head here


More than likely, this is indeed the best year we will ever see from here on out.


This type of weather was predicted to happen because of climate changes. Rain getting less frequent, but more intense leading to flash flooding was one of the predictions. See the [Increase in Extreme Precipitation](https://www.carbonbrief.org/explainer-what-climate-models-tell-us-about-future-rainfall/) section.


At least the power grid is still working.


Don’t jinx it




The big freeze happened during my birthday week but the power came back on my birthday so that was cool. Best present ever!


A tree fell and knocked over a powerline in my neighborhood and we were without power for about 10 hours this morning.


There is an amazing video where a guy shows how water doesn’t absorb quickly into drought condition soil. Explains flash flooding so perfectly Edit: found it! https://youtu.be/CyGmRaadsPE


That was a quick, interesting watch of a simple experiment. I would never have guessed. Thanks for posting!


I’m happy I can share it! It blew my mind the first time I watched it too! I showed my wife, and she then ran me through a quick lesson on soil permeation to support the video. (She works in environment) It definitely was a “More you know” moment.


On a trip to Mexico as a kid I was amazed at how I could pour some water straight on the dirt and it just beads up on the surface like mercury. Completely hydrophobic.


This is a factor, but another major factor is that Dallas is basically all concrete and asphalt. It's a double whammy, and it's only going to get worse.


This video is actually quite terrible at showing it tho. Like yes it SHOWS what happens but fuck dude cut it the grass to remove variables. All the water from the first two could just be on the surface and not in the ground cause of all the gaps cause of the grass


Looks apocalyptic


rain. don't rain. make up your mind drought stricken states.... lol


That is pretty much the definition of climate change. Weather becomes more extreme. So a city may have the same total rainfall for the year. But it will come in fewer more intense events with longer stretches without rain in between.


That's why I like the term "Global Weirding". As you say, weather becomes more extreme, but extremes also cancel each other out when just looking at averages. For example, 5-10% less precipitation a year doesn't sound too bad, until you hear that all of it falls in a single day instead spread around the year.


I'm more of a climate destabilisation person


I believe the earth is pissed. (Angry not drunk). I'm a Pissed Planet guy.


Fuck I'm with you, mother earth is absolutely not pleased with its renters.


Parasites. They eat their host alive.


Except this host is going to shake us parasites off like a bunch of fleas. Humanity is the next evolutionary cycle. Begin the process of human mass extinction. The earth will be okay. We won’t.


The earth is getting warmer across the globe regardless of extremes in either direction. That's why it's called global warming.


Yeah, I get that. I'm just saying 1.3C doesn't sound so scary, but then you read that Siberia is 35C above normal and you're like, oh shit.


Deathly feedback loop. The continuous baking of the land in the time between rains makes the ground hard. The baked topsoil doesn't retain water well, thus the water flows off opposed to being absorbed. This is just the beginning of this cycle. Wait till El Nino steps up to bat.


Very much so. Even if you are getting the same overall annual amount of water, the vast majority of it is wasted when it comes all at once.


You know what helps with that? More concrete and asphalt! Put enough of that down and don’t worry about water anymore. It just runs off! It’s runoff! It’s so perfect!


Can we divert this to lake Powell and lake Meade?? Thanks guvna


Powell, Mead, Great Salt Lake, Salton Sea, there are tons of huge basins that could use some water diverted to them if we could figure out where and how to do major capture projects.


Funny how oil and gasoline pipes get built, but nobody wants to spend money to pipe water to keep humans and agriculture alive.


i mean, its funny how oil and gas still get federal subsidies after 100 years of being profitable.


"Too big to fail" - A saying that literally shouldn't even exist if capitalism is as great as some people like to believe.


Powell, Mead, and the Salton Sea are all either now or previously places that water from pumped from to supply people and agriculture...


This is essentially what happened to Australia at the start of the year when we flooded in Queensland and New South Wales


Save it in empty plastic bottles, for the drought in california. Then post it over there. This means bottles are recyled, rivers replenished and ups or fedex is saved. Problems solved. Thank me later america. Im off to solve other problems


infrastructure for water reclamation should really be installed in all houses. Its too bad so much of this will be wasted


7 inches of rainfall in 3 hours. Brutal.


Everyone here is being shitty. I live in Westchester NY and we got hit really bad last September. Basement flooded to the top. Car totaled. Needed all new appliances. It was a disaster. We had to Wade through 3-4 feet of water holding our kids (wife was 4 months pregnant) to get to the neighbors house and then had to go back for the dogs because all of our alarms started going off and it was deafening. My neighbors basement got it just as bad, but no alarms. We still have a bit of PTSD when it rains. We have taken mitigating measures, but that pit is still there wondering how bad the next one will be. While Texas has a shit govt, we should still be kind to the people that are going through this (though they don’t have basement in Texas I believe). Most people don’t deserve something like this, and it’s gonna happen more often.


You’re kind. Honestly the past few weeks have been super dry. Now we’re getting so much rain it’s Insane. We needed it but like.. not all on one damn day.


Yup happened to my friend in Jersey City. His entire apartment(basement unit) was flooded with 4 feet of shit water. He finally got it fully fixed recently after dealing with FEMA and insurance companies


Yeah, I came here to be a stupid douchebag for laughs but you're right. This is a tragedy for some, it should be beyond the petty.


A woman drowned right down the street from where I live. Literally at a park that I walk at almost daily. She was swept off the bridge. This shit is tragic. I was bagging up my precious things and putting them up high. Hopping I could at least save the majority. Thankfully our house didn't flood.... this time.... I was so stressed my pc was going to be ruined. Edit. She didn't drown at the park. She drowned somewhere else. I was mistaken.


Contractor bags are your friends. I flooded in Harvey and lost so much. If I had contractor bags, I could have used them and to put the legs of wooden furniture inside them and my piano! They are also great for electronics. Keep a bag on hand!


TIL that “Contractor Bags” exist. Thanks!


Thank you very much friend. We (DFW) have been through a lot. Two years ago when I would check Reddit as I was freezing when power came back on for ten-fifteen minutes I felt so much anger and sadness that the entire world was laughing at us. The people impacted most are poor and minorities. Large cities are blue. I shouldn’t have to put these conditions to ask for people to not celebrate death and tragedy, but it seems I do. Thank you for showing humanity where there is so little.


My bro lives on a weird hill that his neighbor always makes fun of him for having to mow, he was like “It’s over, I have the high ground now!”


All of you guys laughing and shitting on the residents for bad politics realize Dallas votes blue, right?


There are more liberals in Texas than most states have residents. Not that it should matter. We should treat our fellow Americans as we’re on the same team. Hard stop. Berating someone based on the politics of the area they live is a bit simplistic.


Yep. Gerrymandering is a real bitch.


Last I checked, more voted blue than the entire population of the bottom 7 states combined.


Do you dare insinuate that the second most populated State in the US isn't one giant monolithic entity?


Currently in Forth Worth, it's been bad, but besides some washed out intersections, and momentarily power loss at work today, we've gotten off a little more lucky here. But the effects are still piling up


If a car gets wet in some rain like that, if it's legitimate flooding, a gas car has ways to try to shut the whole thing down. There's nothing to worry about here. /s


I’m sure they can handle it without government assistance.


Lmao I’m here rn and I bet Ted Cruz is somewhere on a beach


Gods will here folks, there is no climate change. Do the appropriate thing and send your thoughts and prayers.


I told my mother, who is a devout Christian, that I’m worried about climate change. Her response: “Just ask God to take care of it”.


But wouldn’t God take care of it by wiping out the human race?


Also, "god helps those who help themselves", or are Christians not doing that one anymore?


My grandfather's wife gleefully said "I don't care about global warming because they the time it gets bad, I'll be dead!" And then she laughed. I laughed too. Because she'll be dead.


Don't drive in the river man


Seems like Texas is totally unprepared for anything really.


To be fair about today, it hasn’t rained here in months and then, like the title says, dropped a summers worth of rain overnight. Ground simply couldn’t soak it up fast enough. It’s finally a bit cooler now so that’s nice.


Doesn't help that this section of highway dips down into a floodplain with only one drain either. I was late to work about two and a half years ago at this same spot because we got a bunch of rain overnight. Some people tried to avoid the traffic by taking the exit (also depicted in this video), but if you're not familiar with it, you don't know how far down the road goes. I saw someone drive their car all the way into the water and start floating.


Yeah idk why we didn't vote for no flash floods last election cycle wtf were we thinking


What the fuck do you think flash flood means


They could try shooting the rain clouds down


We tried, but then the clouds fought back and rained bullets as well


This is why the second amendment is worth fighting for. Your liberty is literally at stake.


This is Dallas. Which is run by Democrats. Yet another example of Democrats failing to govern the weather.


It's hard to prep for flash floods.


Dallas I give a pass but Houston for example? No fucking reason the infrastructure isn't built for floods. Literally on a swamp and has suffered some of the biggest hurricanes. And a ton of places near the coast are similar.


Houston has massive flooding infrastructure, there are giant bayous all throughout the city for excess rain water, it just wasn’t enough for the ridiculous 60 inches of rain.


Further, the city of Houston's infrastructure for rerouting flood water through bayous around downtown mostly worked. The biggest failure was that suburbs to the west of Houston, out of Houston City government out even Harris county, had concreted over what used to be a seep zone, throwing more water east than the system could accept, and Houston just let those suburbs flood in self defense


Houston got 60 inches of rain. That is 4 times what Dallas has gotten.


That's crazy. If California got an entire Summer's worth of rain in one day we would have.. no rain