i’d be honest

i’d be honest


You need to workout and read and get out of your comfort zone to get results. You won’t get results by sitting on the bed playing fortnite all day doing nothing but eating and think that just bc you didn’t jerked off you’re gonna get all the benefits. Hell no.


This! 1000 times this.


Remember this experience is different for everyone, and I’ve found it’s different for me depending on how serious I’m taking it e.g. not looking at pictures online and staying active along with this etc. Idk what streak you’re on but most people only notice a big change after they break which sounds stupid but you realise the little things that make you that much better. A bit like if you grew 5 inches over 2 years and then one day you just sent yourself back down, you didn’t notice it before but you miss it now basically. A large amount of the benefits are just side products of side products, like you find girls more attracted to you because you’re more confident because you’re not comparing yourself to porn. Remember this isn’t for everyone so just be honest with yourself and see if you are noticing a difference and make note of how long you’ve gone as that affects it. Personally I’m only doing this right now because I prefer myself today than I did 3 weeks ago, but again everyone is different and pmo may not be a problem for you


5 inches is 12.7 cm


The point is not about abstaining. It's about replacing with positive habits and lifestyle. Don't wait for miracles to happen, work towards your goals. Nofap is just a stepping stone, a tool, you're just reversing the damage and becoming normal, it's not a magic pill that will fix everything in life for you.