If you do that then you are turning your masturbation addiction, into possibly a sex addiction.


Masturbation addiction is sex addiction. Although risky sex with prostitutes is a far more consequential one.


Looks everything in control, suddenly it triggers, in no time urges reach its peak and I dont find enough motivation to control myself.


come on man you know the answer


Dont look at those sites, find a hobby, hookers wont make you feel the way you want to, you got this 💪


Yeah, I am trying hard to get used a new hobby.


Only browse if you are definitely looking to buy. Be financially responsible. Remember that rebooting is in large part (maybe totally) about habituating yourself to be aroused by interactions with real people, rather than being aroused by images and videos. Hookers are real people, but perhaps you will be habituated to transactional, emotionless sex. I think hookers can be helpful to drain your balls every now and then if it gets too unbearable, but remember that your own behavior plays a role in determining what turns you on and how your sexuality is expressed.


Thanks but having sex with hooker doesn't completely feel right to me. I often regret right after the session. But when urges reach peak, everything feels right


so stop doing it. Sounds like it's not a service that fills your need.


This urge to go to hooker always comes to me at around 7 days and that urge is so strong i end up masturbating every time.


Impulse control anyone?


Think about it this way. A hooker is having sex with multiple men on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. She is only in it for the money (and if she is forced into prostitution then even worse). Think about what level/character of a man you want to become in the future. Connecting with low frequency individuals like a hooker will only make you a weak low frequency individual as well. Do you want to rise above and attain a higher level/vibration or stay in lowest pits? Decision is yours to make.


Bruh yes that’s a relapse, the point of nofap is to stop jerking off and find yourself a real partner to have real sex with, all you do when you go to a hooker is basically paying for a jerk off with even more consequences like stds 🥲


True. Dont want be in that position, but trying real hard to overcome this.


How is this any different to using porn? I’m sorry and I know people on here are addicts but what the actual fuck are some of these posts? Having sex with a prostitute is exactly like using porn. You are looking for a way to get a quick nut. You don’t have any connection with the woman or any interest in their life whatsoever. You are just treating her exactly like you would treat one of your fav pornstars. Porn is bad enough but seriously? You’re gonna pay someone to have sex with you? Again, I’m not meaning to shame you but fucking hell wake up man! Be patient and a loving partner will come your way. Don’t waste your time and energy on fake/artificial/transactional sexual stimulation. Good luck and stay strong x