Official SmallAnt Pokemon RomHacks Release

Official SmallAnt Pokemon RomHacks Release


For those asking what these mods do Gen 1: No Hud - the idea was the emulate a more “realistic” battle from the show where you see no hud and have to battle “blind” 2 Player - the trainer AI was completely removed, In it’s place a person has the ability to control the trainer fully (if you have issues try using bgb) Gen 2: Team Rocket - After each trainer battle you steal the party of your opponent Gen 3: Wonder Guard - all enemy Pokémon have wonder guard on top of their normal abilities (Shedninja has double wonder guard =D ) Negative Exp - the exp you were supposed to gain at the end of the battle is subtracted from your Pokémon’s exp, and will cause you to level down. Team Randomizer - before each battle your team is randomized Gen 4: Wooper only - wooper is a starter Pokémon :P Gen 5: No exp - just a modified version of desume with hard baked in ar like code to force exp gain equal to 0 I think that’s all? If I missed anything lmk


Any idea how the 2 Player gen 1 hack works? Does the second person have to be physically next to you to control the AI, or is there a way to do it online?


I tested it from the thread earlier. The 2P Gen 1 hack interrupts the flow of battle by having a Player 2 select the move for the opposing trainer. It runs in a single instance of an emulator, so it's like "pass the controller" style multiplayer, and isn't some form of NetPlay or anything.


Oh sweet as, thanks for the explanation




I don't think I understand. What do you mean?


Gen 3 Mirror Match & Gen 4 Randomizer seem to have been removed... Do you know why / have a backup?


Because I completely forgot that those challenges haven’t been completed yet and posted publicly, my bad!! They will be coming in the future lol, something to look forward to!


Alright! I saved the Drive folder, thanks for the reply. Which ROMs should I use for these? US or EU versions?


Hi! now that the challenge is over, could you share the patch with us? : p


Did you miss lvl 100 trainer X/Y, or did you just do that on purpose?


It hasn’t been put in the share yet, I don’t put things in the share, just helped make this post to provide info on what is currently available.


Hey there! I saw in another post that there was some interest for my Hacks in this subreddit so I figured I would make an official release of the ones that are out there so far. The other post had some negative comments about how I was distributing them previously (as perks for my subscribers) and didn't realize that this was a negatively viewed practice! So apologies for that one! I'll be updating this drive as the hacks get updated, enjoy!


Thanks for acknowledging the negative comments, I thought we were about to blow right past them and just release the hacks as if it was your plan all along lmao. Very reasonable of you, also the content is pretty great, good job!


glad to see this, I enjoy your youtube content and was upset to see what had been happening and the accusations some were making. Good on you for accepting the criticism and changing instead of being defensive! The romhacking community is full of great game creators and content makers and it's good to see everyone on the same page, I hope people can move past this and not hold it against you!


I had no idea who you were to be honest, but I did see the other post. Based of of the maturity and attitude of this comment/post, you have a new subscriber in me. It's tough to take negative criticism and reflect such a positive outlook towards it. Kudos to you man and thanks for the files.


Nice one Smallant. Honestly some of the comments in that other thread were totally out of proportion so please don't think they reflect the romhacking community in general. Keep up the awesome work, your vids are great fun.


Well tbf the comments were totally justified. Selling rom hack patches as a perk isn’t cool. I’m glad Smallant fixed this of course, but just because he fixed a problem doesn’t mean the people complaining about the problem were unjust.


The character assassination that was going on was not justified in the slightest. People were taking the thread as a chance to air their personal grievances over things entirely unrelated to the @sign patches.


Yeah some people there were dissing you and I didn't like that lol, most of them were only saying stuff because they didn't know the whole situation.


That's awesome. Thanks for doing this. I really enjoyed the Pokemon Red / Blue challenge where your friend controlled the AI, and the Pokemon X/Y Lv.100 challenge. Good stuff.


What a fucking beast. I watch your videos religiously, love the content.


It's very cool that you realized your mistake and rectified it! Respect to you.


I think it's really cool how you're handling the criticism which frankly seemed rude when I read it. Kudos. Also, thanks for sharing these!


No idea why people we're hating on you for keeping them patreon exclusive, but that's very cool of you to post them here anyway


its bc its like purchasing. in order to get the patches before, you had to pay money in patreon to get them. and its not a good practice for unofficial hacks to cost money


I mean, they put in the effort and had the knowledge to create them, I think it's fine


So did the following free ROM hacks: 1. Radical Red 2. Emerald Kaizo/Crystal Kaizo/Blue Kaizo 3. Literally Every Drayano Hack ​ And THOSE did far more


Then go play those. Dont complain about how something should be free just because other ppl make it for free as a hobby


It should be free, because he doesn't own the property that he's making money from. It's the same reason fanfiction authors shouldn't be publishing their works on their patreons as subscriber benefits. There is a very real worry that if a publisher (be it books or video games) catches wind of individuals gaining profit from their companies properties that they will do everything in their power to legally screw the communities.


While that is true, i do have the sentiment that even as a hobby project, if someone spent a lot of time on a product like this it's not weird to ask for donations or set a price for the product. It's their choice to publish it online for free or not. Not anyone elses.


But they don't actually own the thing that they're selling. Attempt to obfuscate it behind shakey reasoning like "labor costs/material costs" but publishing fanworks behind a paywall when you don't own the IP for the thing you're making is absolutely not covered by fair use. I don't think we should be encouraging people to commit themselves to practices that could very easily lead themselves to serious legal troubles.


seriously, i dont mean to discredit romhacks but theres so much more work that have been released for free such as skyrim or minecraft modding.


To people still defending the paywall, Smallant even acknowledged it was wrong. It's totally fine to early access to stuff on Patreon but making it patron only is just plain illegal if you don't own the ip or characters


The problem is he did it in the first place. How do you *not* think that selling slight modifications of a game is at the very least not kindly looked upon, and and at the very most, very illegal?


Also, they didn't spend a lot of time on it. Literally all of these hacks are normal pokemon games but with slight gimmicks. That doesn't take time. That takes like, 1 day at most.


I feel like people are misunderstanding me here. I do agree that asking money for a mod on a game isnt exactly right, just saying dont go around saying you want it for free. Like u dont decide what someone else does with their work, its their choice not yours. Just more an in general thing


Kinda goes against the whole reason romhacks are a thing. It's always been a community thing to make them available for free.


I don't think that it was a bad practice at all. That said, it's very sweet of you to address it and also give people what they want even if they were a bit entitled about it.


Thanks! Any recommendations?


It shouldn't be negatively viewed, youre just giving perks to people who support you. Perks that you should have the rights to because you commissioned for someone to create them.


its absolutely should not a negatively viewed practice lol. its your property.


It's Nintendo's property. People charging for it leads to crackdowns on romhacks as a whole.


the patches actually aren't Nintendo's property


It's a text file


Hey would you mind sharing who created the hacks for you? I have an idea for a rom hack I've always wanted to play, but have no idea how to make it. I would be so happy to pay someone to make it!


i love ccs that actually acknowledge their mistakes, this is why i am subbed to u. keep it up smant <3


I myself didn't mind the fact your hacks were behind a subscription service. It takes time and effort to make the hacks and as the saying goes "Time is Money". The perk subscription could be "Early Bird Bonus" where they get the hacks a month early. The perk would still be available for those with subs and a month later those that can't afford it will still get the hack. Plus it could also help update them in case there are game breaking bugs that don't get caught when you play them on stream.


u/Smallant1 \- Can you generate an income in the Negative EXP run by putting pokemon in the daycare and getting paid for levels lost?


Thank you for posting these officially & publicly! We're always glad to see cool content being possible in ROM hacks, and these are interesting twists like negative XP, another player controlling the AI, and other silly fun content.


Can someone explain what these ROM hacks are?


Atsign, the creator of the hacks, has commented explaining what each hack is. They're the hacks that smallant plays on his YouTube channel for various unique challenge playthroughs


You know smallant? If you know him you'll also know that he do pokemon challenges like gen 5 with no exp gain , etc . For those challenges he uses rom hack as those challenges are not possible on the base game . These rom hacks are just that .


Modifications to the games to impose certain challenges.


Oh shit. Thanks Smallant! I got into your content like a week ago and I really love it! The no damage run was insane.


Thanks for the contribution! Just wondering, are you planning on playing bigger ROM hacks anytime? I would love to see you explore some new fan made pokemon content


He has played several modified versions of Drayano hacks!


Oh damn! I must've missed that.


Anyone knows if Black&White is safe to run because it's an ".exe" extension?


The Pokemon BW one is a modified desmume emulator as patching the roms proved to be too difficult to implement at the time!


ur so hot


Beep Boop


you don't have to use that one if you don't want to. The game does not give you exp if the anti piracy kicks in, which happens in less developed emulators or earlier versions of the ones kept up to date. I do believe there is a method to get this result by messing with some settings, but I can't remember anything specific. Smarter people, feel free to tell us how.


There's also a way to remove exp gain through using Action Replay codes. I remember there being a Zero EXP cheat in Drastic so you can also do that without having to use an different emu or the anti-piracy.


So I saw a notif of someone asking me for the codes, but I couldn't seem to find the comment, so I'm just gonna put this here. I found this on a different thread: >Specifically for US/E versions of the games PKMN Black - 0x exp: 521CB52C 59A8437E 023AE840 2000437E 023AE844 477051A8 021CB52C F988F1E3 D2000000 00000000 PKMN White - 0x exp: 521CB54C 59A8437E 023AE840 2000437E 023AE844 477051A8 021CB54C F978F1E3 D2000000 00000000 On another note, in looking into this I discovered someone on gbatemp is still updating a list of cheats so you might have a bit more luck looking at what's there. [Link](https://gbatemp.net/threads/deadskullzjrs-flashcart-cheat-databases.488711/)


The goat smallant releases officially 👀 I’m glad you stood up to the negative comments in such a humble way, no wonder why you are one of my favorite content creators. Keep it up!


Is the crystal one with completely random team after every battle available?


The creator of that has it available on their own public GitHub account, should be able to find it with a google search!


Do u know the name of the creator? (Edit: Vetyst isnt it?) I read somewhere that he wanted the patch to be made private or something, cant find anything via google besides other reddit threads asking the same question. u/Smallant1 u know if its still available?


As far as I am aware, that mod was made private and I don't think the creator has any plans to rerelease it


It looks like Vet removed it from GitHub, I checked the git link from my downloaded copy and it’s no longer active. Would need permission to re-share


pretty based


Thanks for posting these! First of hearing about them but sounds like some fun challenge runs.


Weren’t yall roasting this guy and calling him and asshole in the other thread? Y’all switch up fast smh


Because he was charging for them before, and now that he realized his mistake he's releasing them for free. What's confusing here?


Releasing something that doesn’t belong to him for free. So brave


As opposed to...charging money for something that doesn't belong to him?


Somebody already posted it for free, this guy is just trying to save face


So.. If somebody does something wrong, you'd rather they continue to do so than make amends? You're off the deep end mate.


But how else I gonna get noticed for my wholesome big chungus keanu youtuber :triumph:


How does it not belong to him?


Exactly lol, I didn't appreciate how they were shitting on him like that.


Wow way to roll with this like a champ and turn it around! Thanks a lot! I'm laughing my butt off playing through TR Crystal and am binging your videos I didn't know about because of this.


/u/Smallant1 Now that your files are officially released, I just wish to explain how and why the practice was looked down on in the way you perforrmed. Feel free to ignore this, I'd just like to explain. By the way, I am a moderator on this subreddit. Just for clarification. Anyway, the reason this is looked down on is because the practice of creating and releasing modified code via patches is to prevent unauthorized piracy and to distance the community from piracy as a standard. By providing any patch files through means of purchase can and probably will cause the eyes of nintendo to fall upon the community, especially considering the size of your audience. Now that you have officially released them, I'd like to request that in the future that this practice is continued. While its less than ideal to give content you rightfully own for free, for the continued well being of the community it is preferred. Of course, this is entirely up to you. I make it a rule of mine to not bend anybody's arms given the chance, as doing so will likely worsen the community's views on not only myself, but my fellow moderators, not to mention those of similar positions in other communities. All the best in your future projects.


I feel like you may be contradicting yourself a bit. The patches have no licensed content in them, correct? Which is why you said the community uses them. So, if he’s still distributing patches without the license content, no matter the Avenue, what would Nintendo do? It’s the same exact risk no matter what. Now if Smallant was saying something like, this is $10/month for these Pokémon mode that would be one thing. But he wasn’t, it was simply an added thing on top of his other patron perks Not you specifically but I feel like if any other person without as large of a following did something similar no one would bat an eye, but this community just feels entitled because he has a following


Nintendo has taken down stuff like this in the past, even when money *wasn’t* involved.


The pure legality of the situation vs what Nintendo may or may not view as a breach are two different things. It is precisely because he has a larger audience that greater caution is needed. Imagine if somebody Uber popular, like a popular minecraft YouTuber (as an example) were to do the same thing, but with zero caution toward the community. Nintendo would take notice, especially if money was needed to acquire these hacks. It's likely this community would be ceased and desisted.


Pokemon Prism was taken down by Nintendo.


which version of the roms should I use to patch these hacks? specifically gen 1 and 2.


Red, Crystal, Emerald afaik. U can check ghe original smallant videos if ur not sure


Just found this and thought id drop it here: [Pokemon Red/Blue Team Randomizer](https://jumpywizard-projects.github.io/klopstock/pokemonpartyrandomizer.html) Its like SmallAnt's Emerald Party Randomizer but its for Red/Blue. Im currently trying to find the Crystal one, which doesn't seem to be available no more, but found this while searching, so thought id drop it here as its related


If you find the crystal one let me know


Will Pokémon X/Y level 100 trainers ever come out?


What do these change tho


Read atsign's comment - they're the hacks that smallant plays for his unique challenge playthroughs


Thanks lmao got downvoted by fangirls for not knowing this dude


Ik, had to upvote u just for that reason 🙈 funny theres another commenting asking what the hacks are and its upvoted


Yeah, there it is again lmao but that’s Reddit for you. Thanks for your response bruv.


When I apply the pokemon blue 2p patch on my blue rom, and I try to start the game, it says unsupported file. The crystal patch worked. Any help?


What emulator are you using? The 2 player mod works better on certain emulators. I mainly test on bgb


Visual boy


I’d try using bgb, not all emulators are created equal and the 2 player mod I found definitely pushed some boundaries on those emulators


Ah ok. Thanks




Will any of the mods for Mario odyssey ever be released? I think it would be cool for the people who can mod their game


Which emulator is best for DS? I use Desmume and there’s not hybrid view and only an option to use dual screens for mac


how do you play the 2p blue one, i wanna do it with a friend but dont know how


Apparently it's like one of the older Mario games where one player does there thing, and then you pass of the controller/keyboard to the other player. I think you only need one emulator to do this


Ok, I tried doing it with a friend but we couldn't do it


Well it's working fine for me and my brother. Did you patch the rom correctly?


I think so, what did you use to patch it


I used an online bps patcher called Rom Patcher Js. Here's the link: https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/


Ok ill try that


Does anyone know who smallant pays to make the hacks? I would love to hire him to make one for me just for fun.


pretty sure the creators of the romhacks are the people in the names of the files ;)


I was today years old when I found out how dumb I really was :)


nah not dumb. This is a common mistake to make :P


anyone know when is the lvl 100 trainer X/Y gonna be available?


u/Smallant1 please do a video on this!


I wanted to try using the randomizer for Gen 3 emerald but i don't know how to apply it to my VBA, can someone walk me through that? I'm quite illiterate with tech stuff so don't be afraid to dumb it down as much as possible


Does anyone know how the negative XP effect was done? I am considering it as a side effect in a hack I am making.


Where is the Pokemon X mod?


Hey I'am watching an old video of Fire/Red Using Only Twitch Chat (Everything Ramdomized), where can I find this ROM?






I loaded the mod in my emulator (the mod is emerald team randomizer) and my pokemon only randomized once and stopped after every battle. How do i fix this?


Will there be a mod release of the Platnium team rando??


u/atsign8877 whenever I am trying to patch the ruby wonder guard bps onto the GBA file it continues to say "source ROM checksum mismatch". I've looked very briefly into the Cyclic Redundancy Check algorithm but I'm still confused on how to fix this problem. Do you know of anyway to fix this?


Anyone know where I can find the firered randomizer he used in the blind run youtube video?


Is the Crystal randomizer available for download somewhere?