DOJ looking to use Coop's law on Jean Paul

DOJ looking to use Coop's law on Jean Paul


This is going to end well.. It definitely isn't going to create any drama.


Kappa and unkappa /s


Im sure it will be fine. Its probably shut down already. Copps law is more of a OOC push that you know coop uses to deal with shitlords. If judd, coop, airborne or management are not behind this it won't go far.


This isnt going to end well.....


What is exactly a shitlord character? genuine question. Iirc Judd said here that coop's law was made specifically for shitlord characters, I do not think they will use it for a gang retaliating.


Shitlords are like the Blocks and Mel.


So Ray Ray & Jospeh.. hmm... they were never threatened with it.


I would love to see Ray Ray get hit with Coop's law.


Mike block and Mel


But Ramee has turned into a straight shit lord by that logic.. is he immune now cuz he is in a gang? Mel was in CG...


Shitlording is just doing dumb shit for the sake of doing dumb shit. Imagine if some dude walked into burger shot and just started punching people. He’s got no reason to be punching people, he’s just going around and hitting everyone. Just being an ass. IMO Jane Obama is a shit lord character. There’s no real reason she’s doing what she’s doing. Mike Block IMO isn’t a shitlord character. Mike has specific goals and reasoning for what he does.


Jane Obama is obviously not a sane character. There are reasons behind her actions, but the reasons are insane.


How DARE you! jANE must harvest souls with her heaven sword so they can fight the devil when the cumportal opens!


*SPACE devil


Ahh yes, thank you for the correction


Mikes specific goal is shitlording as much as possible.


Mike is like a Fraternity hazing new people, he tends to go after people hanging around the apartments(which tend to be newer people) specifically to try to discourage people from just hanging out there. So in a sense he does have a goal, just no plan or logic of how to get there besides, "what's the most ridiculous shit i can come up with off the top of my head"


This is exactly correct. He's having fun. And serving a purpose. When there's a block around, the apartments are usually quiet.


“OOC I’m not comfortable with this RP.” EZ Clap


/ooc the criminals will no longer be accepting police charges and fines at this time


They keep poking the bear here. The only thing that will come from this is a 10 hour session of x saying can you prove it tho.




"You attemped murder on 15 government officials." X: "Sez you. Can you prove it though?"


What's coops law?


>In the event(s) in which any citizen is found guilty of multiple, numerous and/or continuous instances of heinous, malicious, and/or organized capital level crimes in the county of Los Santos, they will be subject but not limited to the following sentences: Search & Seizure, Life in Prison, or the Death Penalty. This may be carried out at the discretion of the Department of Justice.


Thank you! Has it ever been used/enforced successfully?


Yeah, a few times back in 2.0. Most recent was Reed when he was collecting body parts to build a second husband. They couldn’t prove he’d murdered everyone, just he had the body parts. So he got Coop’s Law I believe in this regard the DAs office are doing it for when the criminals ambush the cops 3(?) plus times in a 30 days period


Holy! What a story. That must have been a ride


Nearing the end of 2.0 They pushed it on Eugene, Mel, 4Tee, Mike Block, Reed & maybe a few other "Chaotic RP Crim's" But they wont push it on Bank robbers or Cop Killers (Gangs like CB/CG) with longer rap sheets.. Kinda weird IMO.


I mean, coops law serves as a deterrent against people going to jail, coming out of jail, continue with robbing/assaulting people and repeat. I guess the difference for bank robbers/cop killers usually is, they do that ONCE a day, with either getting caught or escaping. At least thats my interpretation of that specific law. In 2.0 the PD could have thrown HALF THE SERVER, if not more, into jail if it would have been used for anybody and not the crims that just repeat the same pattern over and over again once they are out of jail.


Mickey S and Ray Romanov are on ADA Specter's radar for Coops law for being serial bank robbers since both of them have been caught 14+ times in the past like 30 days for robbing banks. Whether that actually goes through and they get hit with Coops Law, who really knows but it's been talked about to both Clarence and Wrangler. Espinoz and Rhodes have both been wanting to raid their properties for a while now so it's just a matter of time.


Cb hasn't killed single cop in 3.0 except for the casino which they were found not guilty on LULW


they didn't kill any cops at the casino either iirc. the one cop shot the other one.


what about the panther mission, pretty sure they did down some cops there too


its a anti greifer or shitlord law but its barely ever used its a law to press just to get a audit or repossession of assets to look into and start a investigation and then lessen the charge to proper charges that get submitted to court so its a tool to audit anyone basically 99.9% sure when its put up for court he wont be charged with coops law


The extra sentence reed got was was a ban on him riding motorcycles for life that he can apel after 10 days


Basically anti-shitlord law


While it's a law, someone isn't arrested on 'Coop's Law', they are instead arrested for att. murder/murder/arson/whatever and then Coop's Law is invoked upon a guilty verdict to add additional sentencing. It cannot be used on someone already having served for the crime.


Would love to see them push it against Ray Ray Block or Jospeh ... KEKW


I already feel bad for the cop that has to charge xqc when he kills another cop. The mald will be next level


Good thing it will be officer PP who arrests him.




Yo but when’s the actual last time that Jean Paul killed an officer? Or even took a gun to a robbery? They say he is not trying to get better but the character literally hasn’t killed a cop in multiple days now if I’m not wrong


Who has he downed recently and got caught? He didnt get caught for the Martell shooting, he didnt have a warrant for beating up Mendoza, he didn't get caught for the Spartan magdump... He got like x8 charges after shooting backwards from a car - downing nobody (keep in mind he was only being chased, because of that powerful tow truck mechanic) and the rest were from the Ballas heist where he didn't even shoot anyone. You can argue that in character he still shot at cops, but him being on some rampage is quite a bit far-fetched. There's no doubt in my mind cops are gonna start getting dropped on sight with a "this is for X" to avoid the rdm accusations. If you honestly believe this is gonna be good RP idk anymore..good luck, though!


Yeah thinking of it, he got 8x for shooting at cops from a car. In a scenario that everyone had fun.. There there .....what we have already is a scenario where it can be misused. Someone can articulate it in a manner that he is on some continuous rampage “with no end in sight”. Forcing a lengthy rp scenario on him where he has to fight against bullshit claims against a charge that in itself is not well defined and as what John Doe himself replied to me was that the nitty gritty would be worked out in court itself. I’m not sure how willing X would play along with this but it sure gonna piss the hell out of him.


Yep. Forcing "RP" down someone's throat by using different standards for different people is really scummy. CG drops 13 and injures 6 and doesn't get priority over X who doesn't even down anyone. I can't see it any other way than targeting. You wanna push this shit go for CG then and set your precedent. Not to mention lawyer RP is dogshit right now. I would be fine with this if court RP was actually fun and there were equal standards for everyone. So baffling to me how there's already so much shit around DOJ - people dropping cases ruining other peoples' rp and then doing this for the sake of it. It just feels like they only want the RP that's fun for them while dropping cases that they don't like.


The problem with these types of laws is it seems like they aren't applied to everyone equally and deciding when to use it has always seemed random from a viewers POV. It needs to be something simple like for example if you get charged for attempted murder "x" days in a row you automatically get flagged to be charged with Coops Law for the 72 hour hold. The law is there more for OOC reasons to prevent people from going overboard with shit lording. Making the trigger extremely black and white when its appropriate to be charged with it seems more logical.




Geez that's a can of worms they're opening, you can go after all the major crims in the city using that logic. This charge always seemed like a detriment to RP to me.


“Detriment to rp” well said man. No better words to describe this situation


“we can’t buff ourselves any further so we’re just gonna nerf the crims. 0% crime = GTARP”


Yeah, I don't see this ending well. X already wanted to start a revolution / riot against the powers that be. If he's jailed for the 9's, he's just going to talk to most criminal organisations/gangs, Chang Gang, Ballas, Vagos, BBMC, even Lost MC (since they have connections with Ballas & Vagos and he's on good terms now with Rudy) and throw in Clean Boys + Dean (who already wanted to do something about the system). And Shotz/Vinny will happily supply everyone with all the tools of chaos needed, he might have unlocked sticky bombs already (PM blew up Snow with one). He's not affiliated with any gang or organisation but is pretty much on good terms with every crim. And since the DOJ is barely online, only when needed, this revolution will be against the PD. We already saw what happened when CG went crazy for only a few hours, alot of officers just went off-duty. Just imagine if it's a week of constant retaliation and "terrorism", many wouldn't want to "wake up" anymore. If 4 people can down pretty much the entire PD, the whole criminal underground would simply decimate the city for days/weeks.


It depends on how X reacts to the initial charge and if he is found guilty. X really loves his character so I doubt he’d want him to lose all his money and get life in prison, so there is a chance that he will mald heavily. On the other hand, if he doesn’t mald he can use this as a way of character progression(as his character rn has no good story lines) as a way to finally fight back against the system like he wanted to do since day one as you’ve stated. And it won’t be a joker moment, it’ll be a Bane moment


'A chance' he malds heavily lmao


Nothing he has done warrants Life so.


If anything he doesn't shoot enough


I thought Coops law was basically an anti shitlord thing put in place for criminals that would constantly do crimes > go to jail > Get out > Repeat. Like a forced cooldown. Not just, Some ones been doing crime a lot. Guess i was wrong.


The biggest issue is that they will start using this on everyone after it goes once.


Apparently they are already looking into using it on Ray and Mickey.


Yhea thats pretty much what it should be used for. It seems like Baas trying to push Forcer and Coops on Mike Block opened a can of worms where the DA is trying to apply Coops more.




He is actually gonna try to use Coops law on Ray and Mickey to get them audited and raided because of their many banks.




I feel like Ray and Mickey are also really bad ones to use, since neither have flashy shit.


Mickey is REALLY down bad...it makes no sense.


Yhea he has one cheapish car. Ray doesnt even own anything (although buying a off the books house)


Penta has already said he doesn't think the judges will buy this, since coop states the crimes must be "heinous", and that bank robbery wouldn't be seen as heinous.


WTF? This is so dumb.


Yep. People are already feeling like some crims are against a wall, and this is just gonna make things worse for everyone imo.


seemed like mike block got released ooc. just hasnt been on the character yet. Could be a rumor but ive seen that around some meta channels in discords. edit: Which would mean that was an incorrect usage and they might not try to push it more


He did get released. Penta said it on his stream Sunday night. He said it would be the safe play to not play mike until Friday for the block-a-thon but who knows what he’ll end up doing.


I hope so since Forcers Law was for Serial killers.


He didnt get released ooc. Baas asked the DA and they said they are not gonna pursuit it and he left instructions to the doc to release him and bill him. He even messaged penta AFTER the decision was made which i guess is why you thought it was ooc


I'm not saying that X is a shitlord character (he isn't) but like a month back or so he would end up in jail like 5 times a night. Basically what you described, crime > go to jail > get out > repeat. I definitely feel like there should be a law against this, but the punishment should be like 24h jail, not death-penalty/life-in-prison that coop states.


>do crimes > go to jail > Get out > Repeat How is this not X? LOL. It's not really just doing crimes over and over its the attempted murders being heinous crimes.


This applies to so many in the city. All of CG do this too.


Most crims are like this.


indeed. Even newer bank robbers who get caught (but dont shoot), is back to doing it either same day or next day.


Yeah I'm not the biggest fan of X but this is super weird. The fact the DA's office thought this didn't apply to Mike Block but it does to Jean Paul is kinda weird. Also weird that CG hasn't gotten it yet but X will.


Mike Block got pushed with Forcer's though. It is specifically made for Serial Killer players. CG hasn't got it yet, but it MIGHT be looming around the corner who knows. 1 thing to note though, CG's shootout (besides the 15 cop) looks reactionary more than intentional. For Jean Paul, he's been caught multiple times to be intentionally attempting to kill. If CG does another shootout on purpose, who knows.


CG shootout was obviously a planned ambush from the perspective of the police since there were shooters ready at rooftops.


>Mike Block got pushed with Forcer's though. It is specifically made for Serial Killer players. Which was dropped the very next day. Imo Coop's Law fit perfectly for Mike and would you probably be an easy case, than again the current DA's office is awful and would probably throw the case. >CG hasn't got it yet, but it MIGHT be looming around the corner who knows. 1 thing to note though, CG's shootout (besides the 15 cop) looks reactionary more than intentional. For Jean Paul, he's been caught multiple times to be intentionally attempting to kill. >If CG does another shootout on purpose, who knows That's now what this law is for and it's no less stupid than pushing Forcer's law on Mike.


I know it's not correct to push that charge since it was made to counter SBS criminals but yeah, who knows if OOC it will go through. I think it MIGHT stick if they continue to do such things to preemptively stop random shootouts perhaps.


If this goes through you can literally apply this charge to almost anyone on the server. Anyone who has a history of robbing banks, shooting at cops or other crims, taking people hostage, anyone who has alot of assault charges, or any series of dangerous felonies. Keep in mind Coop's law is very vague and doesn't necessarily define what history of crimes are required or how long the history must be. It's also a HUT and 9's level charge. Essentially imagine the terrorism charge minus the part about it needing to be political...it applies to nearly every major crim in the server. If Coop's law is applied generously you could get CG (minus Vinny), CB, Ray, Yuno, Vagos, Ballas, NBC, The Blocks, Dundee, and dozens of others on the charge easily. It's way too vague to be used outside of in a few specific circumstances which is why they're only supposed to use it in those few specific circumstances


Cg will never get coops lawed. They shot at 19 cops.... and got 50 months.


If they end up just pushing this on JP and no one else, that's just kinda weird and would seem like a facade for some ooc crim nerfing imo.


Obviously this won't end well if it's not in jest. The biggest issue with something like Coop's law is that it won't ever be used uniformly which means a guaranteed shit show.


This is something Judd/Coyote will shut down, he is head Justice and will throw it out. He knows what the "Coop, Forcer, etc" laws are for and won't let them use it inappropriately.


Ye it’s odd to attack Jean Paul as he isn’t the most dangerous crime out there. He gets caught a lot but hasn’t done anything like Randy and taco and his gang where they killed 19cops


Yeah if they actually try to push this on X im pretty sure Judd will stop it as this is absolutely an overstep of the purpose of Coop's law.


Watching Judd rn, he said "We cannot force a player to perma their character, the most we can ever charge him for is 3 days" so even if he gets the max penalty it's just three days in jail and he will just play on PP during the time. Here's the clip: [https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticFurtiveElkNinjaGrumpy-vj6WXrwwwEfq\_rjh](https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticFurtiveElkNinjaGrumpy-vj6WXrwwwEfq_rjh) Upvote so others can see!




The money bags are going to be dry tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. He's doing the vault with the soy gang tomorrow too. He should be fine.




He has to attempt to murder a cop for all this to go into effect so if he never shoots a cop again nothing happens


Problem is most of his attempted murders aren't him shooting. So you're saying he needs to hope none of the groups he's with ever decide to shoot on the fly.


the law itself is a shitshow. Fix the PD first its the reason why there is a magdump happening in the first place. Sooner or later there will be another IT WAS X Meta.


fun detected beep beep beep


80-90% of X's "attempted murder" came from that time when he was running away from cops and shooting at them not targeting them wtf is this shit


Not to mention that heist with OTT & Mando, where the Ballas started shooting at the cops near end of the canals. X didn't fire a shot during that heist, but still got charged for attempted murder of multiple officers.


Yeah when you look into the context, the ADA acted like he knew better when he didn’t. Sadge


It's not 80~90% but I think least half of them came from stacking the charges from that one chase.


is that why they denied kyle to not stack the charges? kyle said since everyone had fun he didn’t want to stack them. rip fun


Very bad usage of the Law , i mean you can go for it but X is the embodiement of crime in the city and having multiple relationships and storylines with many criminals. If you wipe him out of the equation , crime will slow down a lot. And this all happened because in two instances he got stacked attempted murder charges "Incidents with James Brown & the Ballas". He literally logs off PP just to give cops "Bank heist or a good chase" something to do if things slow down. This goes beyond him being a good or a bad character , impactful characters like X are a must to have in the city , for criminal RP & for the Cops too .


And in both those incidents he didn't actually shoot a single cop. Yet you have people like randy with 30 attempteds.


It seems weird, when they were talking about forcers law being used, Judd who's apparently a high court justice was saying these 2 laws (coop and forcers) are only supposed to be used on serial killers and shit lord characters that don't care about fines respectively. X doesn't seem like he falls into the shitlord category that doesn't care about fines, he was in debt and then got out of it and currently maintains a positive balance of money, fining him seems to be effective, whereas I could see why fining a block character thats been in debt the entire time wouldn't have much impact. Seems like a misuse and a weird one given the whole spiel Judd went on to explain the usages of these 2 laws.


Imagine Ro Block gets hit by it? The back to back, 2 time, life in prison champion.


I like when they went back on denying the search warrant just in time for him to have hid the shit in someone else’s apartment.


im pretty sure they wont charge him with these laws but use it as a tool to audit and do other things and investigate him im pretty sure they will push it to show a judge a pattern to get the audits and other stuff then fix the charges when its submitted to court


when was the last time X actually downed a cop? edit: I'm remembering some of the more recent times he's shot at cops although I don't remember how long ago they occurred he shot Mendoza due to getting tasered in the cell. he shot Martell because he thought she was Pond. he shot Espinoz (might have wrong officer) because he was mad about his cash getting seized. he meleed down Mendoza after being given time served.


Apart from the ones he knocked out in either cell or jail for fun, probably a week ago.


they said 15 counts in the last month, in which he'd been banned for a good portion, if I'm recalling correctly.


If they start trying to push Coop's Law crime is going to go from almost dead to completely dead cause after surviving the 3 tiers of banks and cleaning money bags via oxy that gets a auto ping to your location now you gonna get those last few bucks taken by the DA


I would say it would put a target on the DA and people working for him and same with DoJ.


Selling oxy gives a ping for the cops now?


The only reason why X would get out of the jail and hunt some cops is cops took his phone/lockpicks.


Nice one guys Didn't he got like 8 attempted murder for driving a car while shooting back? Then 5 for pulling out a gun and his passangers were shooting? This is anti Rp since 70% of times he shoot he had no chance and were doing it for content. I guess you gonna make 20 characters to shoot cops. Besides cops are so bored and shootout makes good content why ruin it with Law?




He's not free to go per say, the charge is just being pushed at a later date (the trial)


The only reason he gets to walk is that Coop's law enhances penalties, and if the penalty is already applied it can't be enhanced.


Well they'd ask a judge and hopefully the judge will agree to have him held until trial


They’re “letting him walk” for a much more severe punishment.


>Letting him walk after murdering cops They would ideally hold him till trial, letting him walk would be if for some reason they cant HUT him.


I hate to be that guy cause I’m not a huge fan of X, but the justifications for using this on X but not CG seem purely OOC, because CG is clearly a greater threat to society.


I find it weird that using 30 Days as „short amount of time“ for not only a full time Crime character but in general. 30 Days is a long time in RP time, if you ask me. In RP a short amount of time is 7 days in which a lot can happen.


It also depends on how much you play/stream. Imagine Xqc would only stream GTA RP once/twice a week. He would have way less charges within a month compared to him nolifing it for 16hrs a day - every day. It's almost like "the more time you invest in this game the more likely you can get fucked over" as a crim.


Yeah. And here's the thing. If they used 7 days, he'd be fine. He hasn't killed a cop.


Considering that most of the murder charges were when he was with CG or Ballas, and 95% of the time he never shot or killed a cop, this is weird. CG massacred 13 cops in 1 night, with cop killings on the daily, Mike Block is well..., and many other characters. This seems like a hate boner specifically directed toward X. Does he need to join a gang for his actions to seem "within reason" cause of his "affiliation"? There's a lot of Solo characters that are shitlords. And let's be honest, like him or not, his rapsheet is definitely stacked heavy with bullshit charges and multiple counts that shouldve counted only once. This will be bad going forward and isn't fun for anyone. It's just going to sour the vibe, looking to instigate.


He’s one of the most well known and popular character on the server. Most crimes really like him as well. Most big time crimes don’t like what the pc being doing and this seems like they going even further. And what is the law gonna do. Jean Paul gonna move all his money to ballas warehouse and that’s about it. It’s like there giving xqc a 3 day ban…


so they are threatening coops law for him having 15x counts of attempted murder but randy and his gang got 19x counts of attempted murder and aren't facing anything? weird


Basically fuck the only option crims have for retaliation against cops. A crim can lose days of work and hundreds of thousands in prep and stuff if one thing goes wrong. The most that can happen to a cop is them being down for like 20 min. Coppixel to the max.


Someone should insert this Coop's Law in the "why are there no creative plans?" meme a couple days ago KEKW


only people like mike block should deal with this, there are far worse than X in terms of killing cops. i hate to say this but someone has to be OOC mad to target X like that


Isn't this double jeopardy?


This is ridiculous. This is overreach and not what Coop's Law was for. Long time crims have had so much taken away from them, made everything way more difficult (heists tuned to Chang Gang - ok what happens if you Coop's Law CG?), and now the threat of this on top of it? Where's all this "good things coming to crims" I kept hearing about all day "from the meeting" despite already having the No Heli Fleeca's rescinded and more than 4 on a number of STANDARD chases today. Do they want the server to just be Cops and Civs? It's still GTA afterall.


There were a few threads about this and the conclusion is yes. The powers that be want more civs and cops and less crims. I think the model for crims is basically Buddha - someone who does mostly business with heists on weekends and some intense slow burn crim RP. Theres a reason mid level gangs are being strangled to death, theres a reason SS gangs have no prio and are dying, theres a reason why the shiniest newest things are mostly civ stuff (paintball, Dean's World, burgershot), theres a reason why crim stuff is either low-level mindless grinding or CG level stuff.




Wait really which one was that?




I mean...it's cutting quite close to the edge. Crims trying to make cops left and right.


Then they will kill the server viewership...look who the biggest streamers are. It's not civs...it's Crims and Cops. If what you're saying is really their ulterior motive, the server will die.


I'll go walk the mall if I want to watch Civ RP all day.


The novelty kinda wore off, there isn't really anything new to do, a couple of big streamers already stopped playing, I think xqc and moonmoon will probably quit in a month or 2 Ironically the biggest civ streamers (soda, pokelawls) were the first who quit.


civ rp will be the new crims enjoy some intense slow burn rp 5 people standing in a circle talking for 5 hours


Honestly this is why I think this move will backfire. Yes standing around RPing is fun and makes content but like these are gamers we're talking about not improv actors. There needs to be some level of game to be played not just 24/7 improv acting. I know that Koil hates grinding and wants more RP and crim life is very grindy which is why he wants to limit it. But push too far to the point that there's no game and just acting and streamers will loose interest. Streamers are still here to play a game after all.


They should at least introduce things to clean a crime scene for criminals. Most people know if you shoot at a cop you are going down. On the off chance you do escape, you can’t collect shells casings, you cant scrub DNA or blood. Cops can choose if they remember or not - doesn’t matter how you kill them. It’s also strange because they can use anything in the last 30 days, which varies a lot because some will play on the server way more than others. If they are going to start using coops for anything It should be 7 days because coops was made to stop the non-stop shitlording


Yea i don’t like this.


Coop's law is so stupid i thought it was mainly meant for SSB/Shitlord characters. i am not hating on the DA's office decisions but tbh i dont think they will get through with it. Admins will probably shut it down OOC pretty quick


Is this them trying to enforce a new system so that cops become virtually invincible?


common its not like cops cant handle being downed for 10-30 min without losing anything for them to do something shady like this to prevent getting shot. shooting them or downing them doesnt even do much but they still want to prevent that? wait they actually cant handle that because cops have baby mental toughness compared to crims, some complained about being downed for 30 min, some already wanted to log out after few hours of crims terrorizing them. that's actually a yes to your question


I don't think the cops really care about Jean Paul. While he has a bunch of attempted murder charges, most of them come from him just hitting a cop but not killing them (as in downing them). This seems more like some OOC vendetta against xQc and his Jean Paul character. While Coop's may or may not apply to him, it is strange that the ADA named Jean Paul as the first one Coop's would be applied to.


if we're looking at the bigger picture it seems this is a preemptive response to prevent mag dump SZN like other people said on this thread last mag dump SZN for a few hours some cops already want to log out and dont want to log in anymore.


locking away the one of the most beloved criminals for the 9s is just gonna do the complete opposite of that. he has connections with most gangs this isn’t gonna end well


One of the most influential criminals in term of connections tbh. Taking all his money and assets and giving him the 9s will 100% not end well for anyone involved. Most crims are always eager to help him do whatever all they need is a call


Cop die = insta revive Crims kill cops = Punish them real hard! Cmon it's only video games.


After being punished? PUNISH AGAIN!!!


Coop's Law is now a relic of the past(like rule of 4 & unlimited cops 32 slot server) back when they had jail breaks someone can get 7 years(days) and request a jailbreak but that's not capable now




they're just using X as precedent, this is mainly to prevent CG's magdump SZN. they know magdump SZN is definitely coming with those buffed crim class 2's and crims not being happy. here's them stealthily trying to prevent that even tho its obvious AF


> this is mainly to prevent CG's magdump SZN Irony that they want to prevent it but doing the exact thing that is gonna make it happen. they are pretty much doing an oxymoron


The fact that they are using OOC knowledge of class 2’a being buffed to push that is kinda trash too if that’s part of it. Just feels like instead of settling issues they’re creating new ones that will cause issues IC and OOC a lot potentially for a ton of people.






It doesn't matter if it sticks, the idea is that they get them locked up for days if not weeks while they wait for the trial.


Yeah, considering the DA’s office already drops cases seemingly at random, there’s absolutely nothing going to come out of this.


Except this case is coming directly from the DA's office.


They’ll drop it in like a week guaranteed


I mean its possible, it would look really bad if they dropped their own case LOL


I get the DAs office has done weird stuff, but that makes no sense.


I feel bad for the cop that has to deliver this news.


Did he freak out again or something? He seemed like he calmed down after starting PP.


Nope, he hasn't freaked out much and hes still one of the few crims to actively not bring guns to bank robberies


[It seems like is the DA and not the DOJ](https://www.twitch.tv/judd/clip/RepleteClearSandpiperFUNgineer-pOVHRDDV0ASzcP2R?filter=clips&range=24hr&sort=time)


I think the reason the DOJ is pushing for Coop's Law on X and other criminals as time goes on is to pre-emptively prevent magdump szn from the constant cop buffs (like the heli's being put back on fleeca's, popping tires on oxy chases etc.) While it will suck for JP to potentially lose 200k+ and maybe even his car from search and seizure, I think if he plays his cards right when he's put into prison for 3 days, he could start a criminal uprising, JP has connections with almost every crime group/family, he could get CG, Ballas, Vagos, HOA, and maybe even CB to go up in arms over this. Just 3 hours of CG magdump szn made cops want to go off duty, and they 4v15'ed at a fleeca. Imagine what multiple days of constant cop warfare would do to the city if JP can unite the criminal underworld to go up in arms. It'll be harder to do if xqc malds of course, but if he keeps it cool and makes a few calls and visits in prison, he could burn the city to the ground


Well, this feels very forced.


By that logic, shouldn't that apply to most big time crims in the city? **The hypocrisy of DOJ is outright incredible.**


Why Jean Paul when Chang Gang and other people are doing similar things?


They're talking about that literally right now.


I don't understand how DOJ can make shooting a cop such a big thing when on the cop side it's just a 20 minutes time-out with no other repercussions. Consequences should be both way if you are going to push the 9's on someone.




> PD This is from the DA's office, not PD.


You mean the da cause its the da pushing for them


If they are going to push coops law they should announce it as such going forward. Not install it and retroactively prosecute all crims that fall under it. I like the idea, but the execution is going to be terrible -- its gonna bring a shit show before it levels out.


Oh baby here come the HUT's and audits we been waiting for, DA looking into Ray who has 12 arrests for bank robbery in the last 30 days and micky who has close to 90k in fines from it in the last 30 days along with some others and they just getting started.


100% they wont just use it on Jean, they're just setting precedent to basically nerf on crims again on shooting cops. they're done buffing cops while nerfing crims to oblivion so they know crims will be shooting more cops = mag dump SZN because literally nothing has change with taht so called meeting so here's a new system to prevent that KEKW when its mainly to prevent shitlord crim RP which Fits Mike Block RP but they released Mike Block might as well not be a crim and just be a civilian, turn GTARP into VR Chat RP


They said forcers law doesn't fit mike, which it doesnt


No, but Coop's Law does. " In the event(s) in which any citizen is found guilty of multiple, numerous and/or continuous instances of heinous, malicious, and/or organised capital level crimes in the county of Los Santos, they will be subject but not limited to the following sentences: Search & Seizure, Life in Prison, or the Death Penalty. This may be carried out at the discretion of the Department of Justice. "


Yea I know coops fits


I'm still surprised LaBarre suggested it, even though Coop's Law would have made more sense


If I understood it correctly, they would like to see people lay low after they have committed high profile crime. Prison time is probably too low to account for any type of hard cool down hence the parole system that serves as another soft cool down period. But I also believe that a character that just got away with a big crime would take some time off crimes to lay low and let the heat and suspicion pass before attempting another high profile crime. Going on a crime spree is certainly not something everyone is just allowed to do. Not sure if I agree with pushing coop's or forcer's but they can try. It is up to the Judges to decide if they allow it or not. Overall I am looking forward to an interesting court case or a shut down on the docket. Either way is gonna be great for RP. They could get this into a court room and explain the circumstances around these laws once and for all as a precedent. We'll see. It's gonna be fun.


I can see your first point but wouldnt something like adding a new law, raising times and fines in general or even revamping the parole system would fix it far better than Forcer or Coop's law? Under Coop's law you could theoretically use it against racers caught multiple times or even someone who has been caught several times or just assault and battery multiple times..


I think reworking parole is the way to go about this, if that's their goal... I'm not entirely sure what it currently does, which probably means it isn't effective.




Which is dumb since Coop's Law has nothing to do with killing cops, especially with an RP reason behind it .


For Coops Law, are there actually any guidelines for it? Or is it up to interpretation as to how many instances of turns into a Coops Law violation? EDIT: Coops Law: In the event(s) in which any citizen is found guilty of multiple, numerous and/or continuous instances of heinous, malicious, and/or organized capital level crimes in the county of Los Santos, they will be subject but not limited to the following sentences: Search & Seizure, Life in Prison, or the Death Penalty. This may be carried out at the discretion of the Department of Justice. Ok so it can be two instances in 30 days and they can implement Coops Law. Got it. It may not be the reasonable way to read the law, but reasonable is not something I assume will happen.




What is Coop's Law? Literally nobody is explaining what it actually is and even a Google search doesn't bring up any answers