The UnderWorld Alliance Needs You! Six Guilds of Varying GP and Competitiveness to Fit Any Player's Needs! Come Join Us and Dominate the Holotables!!

The UnderWorld Alliance Needs You! Six Guilds of Varying GP and Competitiveness to Fit Any Player's Needs! Come Join Us and Dominate the Holotables!!


The Goldilocks of Alliances - not too big not too small. You’ll fit in just right here!


Looking for a fun, stable, and easy-going atmosphere with some genuinely cool people? Then come join The Underworld Alliance! We have 6 guilds to accommodate all player GP levels and play styles: **UW Hutt Cartel (300M GP, 50/50, Geo TB):** Hutt Cartel runs all heroic raids including Challenge Rancor and is now earning 31 stars (plus 45+ Wat Shards) in DS Geo TB and 22 stars (plus 21+ KAM shards!!) in LS Geo TB! Full clears of TW in 2-3 hours. Looking for rosters that are focused on TB (KAM ready) and that have the teams needed to contribute to Challenge Rancor, especially p4 teams. Come join us as we dominate the galaxy! **UW MostWretchedHive (290M, 49/50, Geo TB):** MostWretchedHive runs all heroic raids, raking in 30 stars (39+ Wat Shards) DS and 15 stars (and some KAM shards) in LS Geo TBs. We’re on a roll with TW, with a double digit win-streak! Looking for rosters that are Geo TB focused (particularly towards KAM and LS Geo TB) and that are working towards Challenge Rancor. Vode An! Brothers All! **UW Wa Da Tah (250M GP, 48/50, Geo TB):** Wa Da Tah is a fully heroic guild that runs DS Geo TB (27\* plus 30 Wat shards) and LS Geo TB (13\*). We are a casual guild with no minimums who are working together to continue to grow into tackling the new TBs. Ideally you are 4M GP and looking for a friendly and welcoming group to play with, but we are open to smaller rosters who are committed to growing and participating in Guild activities. **UW Crimson Dawn (189M GP, 46/50, Geo TB):** Crimson Dawn is a fully heroic guild that runs DS Geo TB (22 stars, 18 Wat Shards) and LS Geo TB (10 stars). CD is looking for members who want to be team players! Looking for 2.5M+ GP, however exceptions are made for well-focused rosters and those willing to work towards the needed teams. We would love to welcome you into our ranks! **UW Black Sun (175M GP, 46/50, Hoth LS TB, Geo DS TB):** Looking for a more laid back and casual experience, but with a guild that actually still gives a crap? Then come join Black Sun! BS is a fully heroic guild that runs LS Hoth (40 stars) and DS Geo (16 stars). No ticket minimums. Just be around and have fun! **UW Death Watch (121M GP,48/50, Hoth/Geo TB)**: Death Watch is a fully heroic guild that is seeking motivated players to fill our ranks! We are looking for 2M+ GP players to help us push forward further in DS Geo TB, while pushing further in Hoth TB's (40DS, 37LS). In a recent run, DW earned 15 stars in DS Geo TB. Death Watch is experimenting with running DS Geo TB and alternating with Hoth to earn high amounts of both MK1 GET and MK2 GET. 500 tickets per day is required, however we understand that life comes first and we just ask for notice that you will be short. Join Death Watch and help us crush those that resist us! We have a great, stable, and fun community and everyone is happy to lend a hand, give advice, and joke around. We are always looking for folks who want to play and be part of an awesome team. Join our discord server ([https://discord.gg/64kJkV5QN7](https://discord.gg/64kJkV5QN7)) and meet the crew. We'll find you a great new game home, and help you meet some awesome new people. Oh, and we run Secret Santa twice a year if you’re interested in that sort of thing!


Home away from home with my 2nd family ❤️


This alliance is amazing, dedicated, helpful almost to a fault. Come find what your game has been missing!


Brilliant alliance. Been part of their community for a good while now and it still finds ways exceeds my expectations.


Joined last year, and it's just great to earn all this gear etc. and still learn from better players - I have developed both my roster and my fleet considerably since I joined and have a much bigger daily crystal income now :-)