TB today

TB today


It’s not meme day, but we should probably allow this.


that's such a stupid rule, like, there aren't that many posts in the sub anyways so why try and prevent traffic in the sub ?


When you look at the numbers, memes just overwhlem everything else to the point that discussion dies off.


but are _that_ many memes in this sub to only allow them one day a week?


Right now? No, because of the rule. Over time? Yes, it would become just a meme sub, as so many others without a meme rule do. EDIT: I was not paying attention. Full=/=rule


I mean at one point it was, which is why the rule was implemented.


I bet total discussion goes up because of content increase instead of high per post discussion


No, it does not. I've looked around some and was unable to find the link at this time, but the WoW subreddit actually published data on this exact issue. Essentially what happens is that because of the way Reddit sorts things, it will get to the point that the first, and possibly first several pages, are just memes. The breakdown is simple: if someone posts a thoughtful discussion and it takes the average reader 1 minute to read, it is going to get far far less traffic than a 3-6 word meme image that takes 2-3 seconds to process. Then, the responses to the thoughtful discussion also take a while, and not everyone has that. Meme responses are often only a few words, so again, a huge advantage. Upvotes exaggerate this issue - it's much easier to decide to upvote a meme and many more people can review the post and decide to upvote in the time a discussion thread is processed. It then gets to a point where the memes become so dominant that discussion threads are not seen by people unless they are specifically looking for them, or their are in the subreddit and have changed the default sort. Once that occurs, you lose discussion and engagement.


that's very interesting and very insightful thanks for enlightening me


I don't think the WoW subreddit is a fair comparison point to this near-dead sub.


yes absolutely. it's bad enough with all the dumb pride and accomplishment posts. "look at me, I unlocked today, I'm special"...




that is, if there is discussion anyway


Cause. We only wear pink on Wednesdays Maestro Feli!


_w h a t_


Yeah, the moderation here is almost as ridiculous as on the official forum. I sometimes click on a "pride and accomplishment" type thread to congratulate the OP and see a message that some little Hitler/Kyno has just deleted it. To keep this sub safe, my ass. It's not like we're getting oceans of content in here. Sort by New, turn the mouse wheel 3 times, then sort by Top and do the same. You'll see the exact same posts. You'd think with this forum being on life support and coughing blood, we should be thankful for every thread. But alas, this game seems to mainly attract people who have touch of the ol' tism and obsessively micromanage the shit out of everything.




This is a meme I didn’t know I needed


my ships suck anyways, but I have a max hounds tooth with a relic bossk and I don’t care if I have to platoon it or not I just listen to the echobot


All hail the echobot


Unless everyone in your guild has one at that level, you should not be platooning a relic HT. Chimaera + HT is enough to win the battle if you're lucky enough to get Mace Windu.


somebody has to.


Right, so the weakest HTs should be deployed. So if everyone in their guild has similar level HTs, then that's fine. But platooning a victory-viable ship so that someone else can use their trash ship unsuccessfully doesn't make any sense.


I'd rather give up mine and be sure to get the platoon full than wait and have nobody do it and everybody fails the missions.


G12 Bossk and level 1 Chimaera without any abilities upgraded solos P1-P3 fleet missions. I guess if you somehow have someone in your alliance that doesn't have a G12 Bossk or Chimaera unlocked, yea, they should platoon it. But, for alliances doing Geo TB, I bet that is rare.


What’s echobot?


u/Fusion_Insanity it's a discord bot that automatically assigns platoons deployment for the guild


Gotta get me a guild that uses that lol


Correction auto fills based on people who have the weakest in the guild


TB is a team effort. If your guild tells you to platoon a unit, you platoon a unit...


Good soldiers follow orders


Roger roger


Just like the guards at the camps


Only if you now dont want me winning the battle then okay!


Sometimes you losing the battle let's 5-6 more players beat it


Do you think your officers aren't aware that the people platooning HT are less likely to complete the CM? The platoon bonuses far outweigh the CMs that don't get completed in almost every case


Platooned mine. No problem. Mal and geonosians on one mission. Chimera and Tie Bomber on the other.


I'm OOTL, what happened?


Geonosis Dark Side Territory Battles Phases 3 (or 2 for lower guilds) are underway. There are two ship battles in each phase and unless you have VERY STRONG and very deep roster of other ships, you really need Hound’s Tooth to make a good showing in the combats. But of course CG knows this and therefore requires at least a dozen Hound’s Tooth ships to fill platoons. So you have guild members who must give away their best shot at scoring well (for the guild) on the combat missions.


ohhh...I'm in a much lower level but this also happens to me in the hoth tb with the phoenix ships lol. Thanks for the explanation


It’s not that big of a deal for people who have Malevolence. You don’t need HT to beat it. Our guild usually has people deploy HT who don’t need him.


Yeah but he makes the Chimaera missions a lot easier so it’s still painful for lots of people.


The king of men has been kicked from the guild


Managed to get 2 fleet wins today and donated HT so I'm pretty happy considering it was thrawn and tarkin leads


1 of 2 and still okay with it


This is amazing


As a TB officer, this is my life right now. Even running Echobot assignments, this seems to happen every time.


This is amazing


Very true, but I'll defend my decision by saying that I at least won the battle.


Only issue as several other stated before is you sacrificing that one battle to finish a platoon would probably mean 5 or 6 would win the battle instead of just you, due to your sacrifice for the platoon bonuses


Our guild too! Haha. Why were people reluctant to assign hounds tooth? It wasn’t part of any sm or cms? Mine isn’t great anyways so I don’t use it


HT feels like CG’s first legendary ship. In my Shard almost every team in the top 50 has a maxed out HT


Han Solo has a ship


Yes, however it came after, and far fewer people have it. Yeah it’s a slightly better ship, but I still stand by what I said


No I meant that Han solo’s ship is literally a legendary event


Hounds tooth isn't even good anymore. Such better tanks out there. GG ship with hyena and sun fac easily win. Wasn't even close on sector 4


I set my donation preferences to keep HT hehe