SYG no longer returns Protection during KAM?

SYG no longer returns Protection during KAM?


Yep, I have two accounts, did KAM battle on my main last phase no issue, on my alt just now I got no prot recovery, cost me the battle too


Here's a video from our alliance showing SYG not working properly after the new client update: https://youtu.be/9sFt7WHqPHU


Had that problem too, luckily I still cleared it and most of my guild did the mission before the update


It definitely did this morning before the update, no clue how they introduced this bug lol


Glad I did my run before the update!




Except that it's much more likely this EA support rep has no idea what he's talking about. A guy in my arena shard tested the max protection increase functionality in the galactic challenge and it restores protection there, so it appears this bug is limited to SYG. That doesn't sound like WAI to me.


Happen to multiple people in my guild


\-I encountered this bug as well, on my very first KAM run no less! Still probably would have lost, i guess, but would've have Shaak to help the 3 clones i had left to battle the Reek instead of the clones by themselves after i put Jango to bed. Frustrating.


Are you certain fives didn't have trample when he died?


This bug is affecting things even before sacrifice happens. Stand your ground is only removing trample stacks, protection stays 0. (For runs that have the update)


The 5s negative protection bug has been fixed for a while now.


No, it hasn’t, happened to me on my run yesterday


First: why did you want cleanse trample stacks from clones? Second: are you sure you didnt got hit with protection and its gone this way?


First: Why would you assume I would want to cleanse Trampled stacks from only Clones? Second: Yes.


Ah now i understand. In the beginning shaak ti get trampled you cleansed it Off and you has zero protection or less protection than before 👌 that sucks but its still manageable cause you mod her for health and not protection that much


Since 5s sacrifice spreads stats to rest of clones, ensuring he has no trample when he sacrifices is actually beneficial to the run. So sometimes getting trample off clones is necessary.


And later in the battle, it can be beneficial to remove stacks from Echo so he can assist.