Ajunta Pall is immune to fear effect, not immune to shock though. Avoid Revan and Basti skills that apply fear the whole time. May take a few tries with RNG still being a factor


Gotcha, so use both of their lighting attacks and basics but not their 3rds?


Yep, I didnt realize this my first few times but I noticed fear was never applying. Switched up to never using their 3rd and it made the difference for me


thank you that worked for me


Ideally revans lightning ability then bastillas as she will do more dmg that way


Best to just spam it. Revan generally has low speed in those.


Before it even loaded my thought was “must be ajunta” Screw that phase


Lmao, he really sucks.


He's fast, but pretty squishy. Reset until you land a stun on him, don't use fear. Your gear level will need to come up for Malak so it's worthwhile putting some extra on now. Also if you've got faster mods, move them over for this event.


Event is a complete RNG fest. Just keep trying to keep Ajunta Paul shocked so he doesn’t keep counter attacking


Alright, ill keep trying.


And you can just slowly up everyone’s gear level until you are able to win. All of mine were G11 or so except for Juhani


I know this might not be the advice you wanted to hear but gear everyone up to gear 10 (you can skip on Juhani and let her as is, you probably won't use her after the event), Bastila gear 11. You will have to gear them up anyway to get Malak.


Ajunta Pall is Enfys Nest on crystal meth


Mods? And yeah your gear is a little low. I had HK at G10 and Badstilla at G11 for this one. Everyone else was G8 but I also modded everyone for speed and had level 7 abilities on Carth, Canderous, and Juhani. HK and Badstilla were omega'd but not zeta'd. RNG's still gotta go your way no matter what though. Shock and Juhani's stun are your friend.


I can make a post about my mods for them. I have 7-max on all lf their abilities. Ill keep the stun in mind on my next try, what does the shock do?


Just made a post with their mods: https://www.reddit.com/r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes/comments/oap1bz/fighting_ajunta_pall_any_advice_on_mods/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Gear and or zetas you can underwear this but with a lot of zetas I recommend around gear 10 honestly as you need a lot of them for the malak event


Under weared comment. Thanks for the giggles.


GEar up bastila and HK-47. You will need them in your DR team anyway and if you have them g12/g13 the whole event is doable without grinding for good RNG


Why even try to undergear this? Won't you bring Basti / DR to relics, anyway?


You’re gonna need the gear for Malak anyway. This game is mostly patience. Keep going and good luck!


Getting it done early is fun though. The fights (except for this one) are far more enjoyable at requirements than overgeared and easy.


Watch the APGAINS guide


What event is this?


The Darth Revan Journey Guide, tier 4 i think.


That's strange.... either it's really been that long or I feel the event has changed...


Lol thats what I was thinking I don't even remember this guy even taking a turn when I did it.


It took me a few tries with undergeared characters aswell. Remod if you haven't already, put your best mods and have patience


Just go ahead and relic Basti - you'll want to do that once you have Revan unlocked, so might as well start the grind.


Yeah you’re severely under geared and getting 3 hit lol. Not sure what you expected


I actually like 1 1/2 hrs after the post got really good rng lol, managed to get him!


I hated that one


Gear 12 hk 47


I would actually upgrade juhani’s unique to level 7 so she gets stealthed, then wait for her stun. I had her and candy at g7 and this is what made me win.


speed mods?


Never use fear and when eve she kills a character she gets another turn so hope for the good RNG to hit your healthier characters. Mostly don’t use fear


I didn’t beat it until I took BSF to G12 then won it first try Carth G8 Canderous G8 Juhani 6* G7 HK G9 BSF G12 was what I beat it with


You won’t outrun him. Health/protection mods to increase survivability. But you will need them geared higher anyway for later tiers and Malak


What is your speed for your tunes?


This is hardly going to be a helpful comment but from what I remember of that journey was that Pall was one of the easier phases, you are VERY undergeared and when you do manage to rng past this phase, you’ll get stomped later. Gear up, come back. The next stage is *hard*, and you don’t get incremental rewards. You’ll need Nasty Basty much higher for Malak anyway, get her up to scratch and enjoy the process


I recently was able to beat this event, all characters were gear 10 and mods are really important! Get as much speed as you can! However this battle is RNG heaven so just keep attempting it multiple times!


Personally I don’t know but my friend modded juhanni for health with defense second


if you do need more gear, it really wont hurt on bastila and hk since you'll want it anyway


Homie smacked y'all in your shit


My Badstila has 184 speed.


I am also struggling and my BSF is G11 and 243 speed. You really need to up you BSF gear and speed. My issue is Juhani and Canderous are G7 and die to quickly giving him more turns


Fr its insane, legitimately a minute or two after you sent this i got ibsanely lucky rng and got him, keep at it bro!


Mod for speed.