What non-GL has the hardest hitting AOE?

What non-GL has the hardest hitting AOE?


Probably GAS or pissed off JKA


It's very satisfying to one Shot With JKA


Yeah, a properly (de)buffed BSF also hits like a damn truck, but it requires some setup.


Honestly I swear my drevan is just set up for her zap most battles


Pissed of JKA 😂😂


Maybe GAS’ Force Grip? That feels like it hits quite hard, especially if he’s modded well.


Especially if he was building up crit damage from enemies gaining buffs. That's why imp troopers have trouble against him, he just oneshots the entire team after he stands up


In theory Tarkins damage output it unlimited, if you have a long enough battle and can set it up. However in one turn, JKA, GAS, Sith Trooper, Dark Trooper and Grevious will all hit harder.


Is Darktrooper’s AOE that good? I thought the power of dark trooper was in the basic.


The basic is broken how good it is, but the AOE hits pretty hard as well.


Huh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info!


His AOE is great, but his basics are more likely to one-shot somebody and get the kill bonuses from Veers' unique.


Isn't asajj unlimited too.


Yeah with enough preparation it can, however you need several turns to build up to hit, the other ones I said big hitters with no preparation, or very little.


I only have him at G11 myself, but relic JKA AOE has absolutely wrecked my life many times.


I have a r5 jka and I'm surprised over and over when half the enemy team just disappears after using it. Going against jkr especially. You just see yoda and shan get deleted along with all 100 of their buffs.


You can find the [base AoE damage list on swgoh.gg](https://swgoh.gg/abilities/aoe/). One caveat is it puts Grievous at the very bottom of the list, because his damage is calculated differently; it also doesn't exclude GLs. Top of the non-GL list is Tech, followed by a couple people you'd expect (GAS, Lobster) and a couple people you definitely wouldn't expect (Visas? Gar Saxon!?!?) and a couple more people you'd probably expect (JKA, Chewpio). That's all with no buffs, mods or setup though. With 1 turn of setup, the Grievous nuke comes to mind, but looking at the list, the strongest AoE you can get in 1 turn of setup is Chewpio: kill 5 enemies the turn before, and then use his AoE on a 6th enemy and his AoE - already pretty high on the list of highest-base-damage non-GL AoEs - will hit 5 extra times, and it does the same amount each hit. That's gonna be by far the biggest AoE attack you can get - probably even including GLs - without resorting to ridiculous stacking mechanics over a lot of turns (besides Tarkin, you've got Asajj and Wampa as candidates for that).




Sith Trooper.


My relic 7 Grievous hits pretty hard with his AOE. He has about +140,000 base max health so he definitely does a lot of damage.


Building up Tarkin’s AOE to insane levels is one of the more fun ways to clear the one 8-phase Ewok event.


It depends on situation and partners. 3Bacca’s AoE can 1 shot. Relic 7 Malak. I’ve don’t it many times. However it is not super reliable and requires him to build up stacking offense and killed opponents. Otherwise, probably GAS.


Depends on the fight. Asajj fits the bill. Edit-- sry...one turn...hardly fair. Maybe rolo depending on the fight.


Off the top of my head, sith trooper or tarkin


I've had my BSF hit for 170k+ on an aoe. I love to two-man with her and DR. Have DR aoe shock, then follow up with BSF. Can one-shot a lot of weaker (G11-12) teams in GAC.


New cat. Without really trying, in arena against top of the shard enemies she did over 300k against a defense up JMK, and against an attacker, I got her to do 839,000 in one strike. She is very very strong and for a new toon, she doesn't have extremely tough gears.


Uhh, cat doesn't have AoE


Whoopsies... missed that part. Thought it was just hardest hitting. Saw a video of CAT doing over 300m in sith raid which is crazy.