Advice on Standalone BAM?

Advice on Standalone BAM?


I'd just bite the bullet and gear IG and Kuill like someone else said. They are pretty easy gears as far as recent toons go. The two of them combined with MBA basically form the engine of his team. After that you just toss in 2 scoundrels you have left and then you have a fairly good team.


Probably gonna end up dead weight unless you have the Mandalorians to put him with


I have had success running BAM with Carth lead old republic. The multiple attacks stack whistling birds which the AI in tends to use first. This is a defense team I use in Div 3 GAC and get stops. My BAM is G9 rest of team is G12. I run Juhani with a JML team.


OOOOOHHHH! I like this! Thank you sir!


He is an ok but not ideal 5th on BH that can trip people up on defense. His bonus turn when a scoundrel falls below 50% can prove a good banner stealing mechanism. Otherwise, there are a ton of different BAM lead teams with a multitude of Scoundrels you might already have. While the best version usually include IG-11 and Kuill, there are some very good ones with other Scoundrels. E.g. Mission, Zaalbar, Vandor, L3. Have a look at teams here for ideas: [https://swgoh.gg/gac/leaders/THEMANDALORIANBESKARARMOR/?duel\_type=1&cutoff=0.1](https://swgoh.gg/gac/leaders/THEMANDALORIANBESKARARMOR/?duel_type=1&cutoff=0.1) If you have JMK Bo-Katan can also be used under his lead to great effect. Lastly, BAM has a worse reputation than he deserves. IG-11 and Kuill are both fairly average in terms of gear requirements. It isn't a bad idea to just gear the both of them and build a good Scoundrel team.


I’ve been thinking about this as well. Imo, you keep the Mando disintegrate squad intact with Jango-Boba-Greef-Bossk. After JMK and Executor relics, this squad is very close to making the DR counter a reality. Bando is mediocre with the optimal LS scoundrels, so there’s just not much room for improvement. I would just stick the highest relic/gear scoundrels remaining from other reqs, and see if opponent will overestimate. Something like Bando lead-Dengar-Cad-IG88-BKK. Maybe swap Dengar/Cad/IG88 with Nest/Canderous/Zaalbar/Mission if the latter are at G12 or higher.


Oh wow your 2nd team I could potentially get behind. I do plan on getting JMK eventually so that 2nd team you're listing is an all relic team. I do have Canderous/Zaalbar/Mission all at G12 too.




BAM is trash. Weird post to see you taking about the hardest ship in the game to acquire, and BAM in the same paragraphs. Anyway, he’s the worst journey character in the game. Absolutely useless. Normal mando is better


While BAM isn’t a great journey character, this is a strange take. Executor is slated as a BH capital ship, and BAM pilots Razor Crest, the newest BH ship. It makes sense that OP would be considering them both.


Why wouldn't I be talking about him in the context of getting Executor? He's an implicit requirement of Executor. I'm trying to figure out if I can make lemonade out of this lemon.


I know but he’s just so trash! I wouldn’t be trying to make a team, it’s not worth the effort. Even with all the toons that get his bird stacks up faster, he’s still just so bad. Unlock him, leave him be.


The fact that he's not good at the at least he highest point in the competition doesn't mean he is trash. BAM is extremely dangerous if you don't kill him fast enough


i say hold off until its clear if you even want the RC further than the unlock