This Didn’t Age Well

This Didn’t Age Well


However this post will not age well either 😂


Yeah, beta testers are saying it's not doing its normal routines in game as it did in beta


Just out of interest, who are the beta testers?


I don't know personally, but MAW has a server with a few, and if you don't know MAW guys talk alot


OK, thanks.


I’m in MAW and no one is known to be a beta tester. Sure as hell isn’t talked about on the server. I suggest you stick to what you know instead of spreading rumors.


Yeah that’s exactly what maw would want everyone to think. Nice try, buddy.


^ sekrit beta tester


When does Your Nda expire?


When ships get accelerated


You're not in MAW. Stop lying.


They did a grand job testing the Executor!


This feels like the time Darth Revan dropped. Pretty underwhelming then BAM malak. I get the feeling Gengar or another bh I'd about to get a new ship.


Gotta catch 'em all!


Prepare for trouble


make it double


Ah yes, 'Gengar' the bounty hunter.


He's a Ghost type. Synergy with Night sisters and the Ghost ship.


Imagine him coming out of stealth behind you and using Lick


I mean Dengar and Gengar both use stealth ....


Too bad he suffers super effective damage from 3po's confusion


I said this exact thing in my guild discord - that's EXACTLY what they're doing here. They drop this ship, it's good on O, but imminently beatable, and then a week or so later, here's Malak. Everyone who will spend will spend like crazy for Dengar's toilet transport (anyone else watch Robot Chicken?) and THAT is the piece that'll make it absolutely Meta.


100$ on a yet unannounced ship that transforms the fleet into the unbeatable thing they announced it to be. This way everyone who sunk cost into Executor will feel forced to farm the new ship.


If you were paying any attention, it's been heavily implied from the beginning that Dengar's ship is coming.


I disagree on the implied part, I think right now it seems like it. But before we had time to test the new capital ship there wasn't any indication that there was anything new coming. We the players start speculating, and speculating turns into rumors, but there 0 indicating that Dengar's ship was coming. Dengar being in the reqs is literally because he was in the scene.


I feel like millers reaction during the interview kind of implied it. Obviously nothing that would hold up in court, but that's at least the vibe I got from it. It's their safety net for when crafters get crafty and find ways to beat the Executor...boom, in comes dengar to wreck that. Just my 2 cents though...I honestly 0 confidence in my CG predictions at this point lol


People asked, and they were coy about it, just like they were with Nego being able to beat Exec, so they implied it at least as heavily as they did that the ship was unbeatable, the very thing we're all talking about. That, and it's a capital ship with heavy BH and light Empire synergy, and every other requirement fits that in fleet, except for Dengar, he's the sore thumb sticking out with zero impact on a new capital ship. Yes, it was implied, well before today.


I agree it was implied when they were being coy, but I don't think him being a requirement is an indicator. It seems clear that he's a requirement because he's in the Bounty Hunter scene in ESB.


And why is Razor Crest a requirement?


Because it's a new ship that many people were not anticipating needing so soon, and as such have to spend crystals or cash to get it ASAP.


And it forces you to farm/gear up Bando too.


It's a pointless argument, as there's only competing interpretations. Plenty of people thought it was implied, plenty others did not. I think it's safe to say that it's leaning more toward an expectation at this point.


Plus a few nerfs are likely coming. Maybe even buffing Executor. Its an accident that Executor was beaten. I suppose they couldn't beat it in testing so they assumed it was invulnerable.


Yeah for a game that made 1 billion dollars their testing is absolute shit


We're doing the testing for them right now lol


Yeah definitely, it’s basically guaranteed to happen


Will be more than 100 bucks to buy tho.


Should've bet 300$ so you could buy said new ship lol


I genuinely wonder what the "tip of the spear" feels like when it's crammed that far up your wallethole.


They'll release an A wing that can one shot the Executor.


Well, would be kinda funny


Would need 3 though ...


B wing


Even if it does best Executor, isn't this the balanced rock-paper-scissors type meta game people claim they want?


Exactly. Before it launched everyone complained it would be too OP and be the single meta fleet. Now everyone’s complaining that it isn’t too OP and the single meta fleet


Not everyone. Before it launched, people who weren't anywhere close to being ready in time complained that it might ruin their fleet payouts. Now people who actually whaled on the ship complain because it's nowhere near as OP on defense as we were led to believe. There are always conflicting interest groups among the player base. CG knows this and fosters this toxicity (including the frequent "you guys are never satisfied, why should they listen to any feedback if you complain about everything.") Both concerns are perfectly valid, except one is coming from the people who pay CG's wages. Who are about to be fleeced Malak style yet again. And there'll still be counters afterwards because CG doesn't test shit, which means there'll be nerfs down the line. After people without Exe have invested in said counters of course. CG has turned it into an art form to maximize player dissatisfaction and still milk their customers for everything they're worth.


Just one of the reasons why I quit SWGOH. Even now it seems odd not to login everytime that I turn around. It's really crap that the rules change when income starts to wane. The truly sad part is that I really like the game, not the BS.


These game communities never know what they want, same thing happens over at marvel strike force all the time. If something comes out and is obviously op its killing diversity but if it has counter people will call it skipable or a waste of time


For myself, I like the rock paper scissor meta, however when the devs say one thing and what we get is something different I can understand why people ask where the thing they were sold (an unbeatable cap ship) is.


It’s pretty tough with negotiator isn’t it? Most of the counter stuff I’ve seen has been malevolence or rebels EDIT: malevolence and rebels not negotiator


Malevolence also pisses all over it. At least it can withstand Mace 😒


I tried my mal fleet against a 4* executor today and lost badly. What is the trick to it?


The trick is to spend crystals and try 7 times until you've recorded one run with great RNG, which you then upload to YouTube :D How to become a game changer 101.


That’s what I meant lol


You're right, the comment about negotiator not beating the executor is correct. We assumed that meant it would be unbeatable, and we were wrong!


CG: if we just tell people we tested it, they will believe us… Meanwhile on reddit: Oh yeah, beta test this, beta test that, MAW, even MAW beta tested that, but oh yeah, i know someone who knew someone who went to school with someone who walked past someone and they were in MAW but they werent a beta tester, but CG tests it so its okay, so beta this and beta test that, and OMFG shiny things!!!…




Wait until they add Punishing One and 4-Lom to the game. It’s the first day, give it some time.


7 star Executor bets Neg no problem...


Thing is that seems to be all they tested it on every other fleet except empire beats it fairly easily


Don't worry....there's going to be major buffs and nerfs coming.....this is the way....CGs way or it wouldn't be CG


Why are people so stupid? Next week they will release some BH ship that makes it impossible to beat the dang Ship. They never played executor without that ship and yes you cannot beat it without that ship. Buy it now for $400


Dengars ship, seems very obvious.


Mah dengar already at relics. Only bh not required for anything is aura sing. That or we get a whole new bh/ship combo. 4lom or zuccas or maybe we get fennic


We are 100% getting dengars ship


Greedo is also not required for anything. And Mando & Greef are both only required at like g8 for the Bando event.


Yeah, but those are two of the best bounty hunters, so tons of people already have them at relics.


Rebels looking like the paper to the Executor rock


This post won't age well once they buff the executor


Please buff the executor. My $500 ship shouldn’t be beaten by F2P First Order and GG ships.


No, the problem is you spent $500 for THIS ship alone...


To be fair, that money also got high-relic pilots for Slave I, IG-2000, Imp Tie Fighter, Tie Advanced, and Hound's Tooth.


That's a better investment then. Tough break the ship stinks right now.


The only time where I’ve beaten a 7* executor was when RazorCrest wasn’t in the starting line up. And I beat it quite easily.


Aww im so glad to see someone else sporting the MINI tag too. Glad the community came together


Why you mock CG they buff stuff 😂😂