Dear CG: We only rushed through Conquest in order to claim the rewards in case you recalled it or because we actually liked the content and wanted to play it. Why are we being penalized for enjoying something? Please don't increase energy costs.

Dear CG: We only rushed through Conquest in order to claim the rewards in case you recalled it or because we actually liked the content and wanted to play it. Why are we being penalized for enjoying something? Please don't increase energy costs.


They don't care that people cleared it quickly, that was just their excuse. They want to stop so many people from getting max box while spending no crystals on refreshes


Too many people unlocked CAT for their liking. It all stems from that. The non-GL counter nerfs, the Conquest changes... all to stop but the biggest whales from getting the top box everytime.


Bingo. Tieing moving disks to energy (can be bought with $$s), not currency (can't be bought with $$s) is exactly the same thing. Spend more you filthy addicts!!


I had not thought of it that way. How will this affect people that don't spend on refreshes? Hopefully, a full clear is still possible.


I dont know how about you but I was clearing contest with my best squads and then coming back for feats (mark, thermal detonator etc) with my weaker squads. What im reading is that now if you dont do feats and conquest at the same time you will have to refresh energy.


In addition to having relic geos, phoenix(at least 1) and bad batch. It'll be even more refreshes to grind those feats or abandon them all together.


I highly doubt a full clear will be possible without refreshes.


It probably will be, but you'll need to be damn efficient. 3 starring everything first try, and working towards feats in the process.


Previously without a refresh you might have 1-2 days to spare (I think...I didn't pay a ton of attention) to complete everything. Stamina obviously was an issue, but rotating through a few teams per energy refresh kept it from being a big barrier. Unless you play perfectly and also manage to hit feats in the process you'll have to buy refreshes.


And they want people to interact with their wallets more by buying energy refreshes.


But but but but they said they're doing this because it'll be more fun!


This is the way


I've never totally understood this. They give us free crystals all the time - every day, in fact. There's at least enough crystals from daily activities to cover an energy refresh daily. So what's the incentive? So they get bonuses for every crystal spent? Or is the assumption that spending crystals = buying crystals with $$? I don't buy crystals but have more than enough to cover my 600 plus conquest refresh. And no, I don't rank high on arena or fleet. No crystals from fleet and I sit around 190 in arena (so 75 crystals payout).


They want to stretch your crystals thin so that you can't farm as much gear and need to spend to make up for it.


Yeah but the point is why is this now a crystal sink. Those rewards you are talking about are usually spent by players refreshing for relic mats, mods, gear or shards. Now it gets you more tries to complete a feat...and if you fail the battle or don't get progress it was a waste of time and crystals.


They want you to spend / waste them, so you are forced into a position where you eventually pay cash to get more. More people buying crystals = Greater profits for CG


And people will still spend on crystals proving them right. Stop spending and maybe they #will change when their bottom line drops!


Yea it was rather disappointing how easy max was, I wish the stamina regen was slower though, right now I still just use my best team only.


I rushed through it because you know I have a job and a fucking life. Spare time I had I would blaze through it to get it done. Oh well will see what it's like when I drops and see if I even care anymore.


> I rushed through it because you know I have a job and a fucking life. Spare time I had I would blaze through it to get it done. Bingo!! Remember when we asked for simming Galactic War? Ridiculous slog.


Complain all you want but don't sit there and lie saying you have a life


Energy costs are the least of your worries. Take a look at the feats in datamine on "swgoh events" discord. I'd say most people won't even get the second last crate this time round.


Wow I just looked it up. That is terrifying. Bad batch required for the last sector, mandos before that, and random full squads of bh and ns. I think they will be very effective at limiting the number of people that get the max box.


Wait what I HAVE to have certain squads now? Guess I have some reading to do. I just unlocked slkr and bridged 4M gp. Was looking forward to trying the harder side now I'm not sure if I should go down that road at all.


First box hard node is still the same as last box normal mode. There’s no reason to not do hard mode


Ok awesome, thanks! Looking forward to something new


Ouch. And they dropped the CAT shards down to 30...


For a max box, which again most aren't getting


why 30 tho? razor crest was 44 right?


Yes, Razor crest was basically half the shards when reduced. CAT is a third.


omg thats so harsh


"Data Disks no longer require Conquest currency to swap out. Data Disks can be swapped using Conquest Energy instead" Sigh.


For me, personally, conquest isn’t worth refreshing to for a higher reward crate. I’m nowhere near the conquest characters, which are the only rewards that are super meaningful. The gear is nice, but I’m bottlenecked at g8 gear (stun guns, cuffs, kyros), so it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve also stopped playing GAC, because the rewards just aren’t worth the time investment at this point.


I "play" GAC by just signing up and not caring. Whatever rewards I get from it I get, cause it's better than nothing, but like you said, I just don't have the time for it.


You know conquest is trash when you are actually punished reward wise for getting higher chests. 10/10 CG game design.


Very smert


Oh thank goodness this isn’t just me. I still get decent rewards in gac for signing up and not doing anything. Sure it can be fun sometimes to play it but it’s mostly just a slog I don’t enjoy


Oh the energy costs are the least of your worries… they basically made it so in order to get the red box you are going to have to spend crystals


You’re not being penalized for spending for refreshes. That’s what CG wants you to do. What they didn’t like were the people who were able to get the max crate without doing refreshes. I was one of them. I had like a day or so extra by not doing any refreshes on hard and could get the max crate. That was unacceptable to CG. By making it more expensive to do each node, it’s very likely not possible to complete the whole thing without spending. Granted, I wasn't the most efficient at completing it, but especially now they took out the Deployable Cooling Systems, it's just going to be harder all-around. The whole part about people rushing it and then not doing anything for the rest of the event is just a lie. It’s all about profits.


Especially combined with disc swaps costing energy now.


Read between the lines, they’re just lying through their teeth and attempting to divert attention away from the truth: Conquest was too easy, they wanted to make it harder. The end.


They should remove the GP gate on hard mode. No reason to have a GP gate and continually buff the mode because they are upset people beat it.


CG: "Great Idea!" Next patch: GP gate is now 6 million.


Too easy? I struggled to get the 6th crate.


Yeah I’m barely able to do half of Normal :/


CG has a habit of making future content rather than current, which basically means that only the top of the top players who are either super efficient long time f2p players or whales can complete them day one. Most long time players will have to catch up like a year on gamemodes such as Geonosis TB and cPit. I think that was their intention with Conquest as well that even the long time players should not get to max rewards this soon.


Honestly they could do a semi make good if they gave you bonus conquest energy at noon or something like every other energy.


I had to do it fast because I’m busy, now I’m considering whether or not to even bother as I need to hoard crystals, but I need the CAT shards, so I’m stuck in a dilemma, as Lando once said, “This deal is getting worse all the time”


Their greed will be their downfall.


They already won. Made a billion. If the game collapses they will start a new one.


Always a race against recall or ability changes or whatever else cg can screw with, great way to pass the buck while taking BUCKS 🤣


I rushed it because it's just another GD grind and I don't want to grind it out for 2 whole weeks. Rip the bandaid off and wait for the rewards. *Forcing* me to grind it out is in no way an improvement, and I'm not paying a penny to make it go faster.