I have a 8.5m account with all the toys and Conquest is still not fun

I have a 8.5m account with all the toys and Conquest is still not fun


It's really unfortunate how this has gone from one of the most exciting game modes, shoot even the best feature to come to the game in ages, to a complete groan eliciting chore.


Took em less than a year to make it suck. It's unreal.


Took them 6 weeks.


Took them the 2nd conquest where I got stuck on a team that had like 60% speed. I never got a turn, and no teams i had could even 1 star it -___-. Made me skip a bunch until this one. I don't even have razor unlocked.


I'm a pretty new player (1.3M GP) and I don't see the appeal of this game mode at all. I can clear about 6 battles only on Normal before things just destroy my teams without a chance to fight back. The scaling doesn't seem great, I don't feel like I can "think" my way out. My teams just get pasted instantly. I know this is end game content but I would be nice if it felt like there was a point for newer accounts to try.


Conquest was a little overhyped.. but it was a little different than the recycled garbage that CG was putting out and had some interesting dynamics with data disks.. Unfortunately, the least enjoyable part of it.. was doing certain feats... Now, they tripled down on the crap feats. Every single sector has some several dumb feats which are just grinding...


The scaling and enemy feats ruined it the idea was disks could make for wacky teams or help you buff up your teams to take on what is normally higher then possible like a R2 GL with your normal non gl team. They over-tuned enemies to the point if you have imp troopers you won’t even get a turn before they wipe you. Lazy modifiers like over prepared just show how op speed is of a stat and how they didn’t bother to look at team comps and ideas for new modifiers they just slapped galactic challenge ones and any of the ones they added are op like galactic retaliation and now Jawas. Basically they made what was supposed to be a campaign that was supposed to make the game fun and feel like like the lower levels where you aren’t just running a meta faction and made it into a nuclear arms race expect they have god mode. We have GLs being killed by Jawas and normal mode we are still having full R7 meta teams being wiped by G12 toons.


It will get better, a single relic 5 team like CLS rebels, padme can likely clear 95% of the sectors.


Yes and no. My 5.32M account is mostly Rebels, all G12, two teams at R7, and I only have one team that can do much of anything in Normal Mode. Without Han getting the TM train going, many of my teams are absolutely useless. So so far I've done brilliantly with that team... and now must wait for their stamina to regenerate. Nobody else can do much. In Normal Mode.


Cls, chewie, threepio, han and c3p0 rip through most sectors. Just need to get the addons which give you offense/tm when an enemy falls below 100% health and you're sorted


That's the team I'm running, and absolutely they're steamrolling it. But, alas, stamina


I havent meant many teams that my r5 CLS Team can't rip through.


Well at 2.3 mil I was clearing them just fine with a padme lineup and jkr


Tbh EA react immediately with a nerf if you can 'think' through any game mode.


Are you hyperdrive account? I am surprised that you are having that much issue? When I was below 1M GP I was clearing at least 4 sectors and getting maybe the 4th to last box. I'm guessing you don't have any strong teams with G12s and Relics but maybe a ton of G10s and G11s. I'm at 1.8M GP now and my Padme squad can clear the entire 5 sectors last Conquest with only 2 relics and 3 G12s. Other alternative is you are investing in teams that suck at conquest.


It was too easy at first, now it's too hard. I just hope they keep working on it until they find a sweet spot


Hard isn’t even the worst problem. It’s an annoying grindy chore to find ways to do the stupid feats. Repeat the same repetitious task over and over 14 times


It was just right, I managed to get second to last chest on hard every time on 5mil gp. Now I can hardly clear Sector 2, overprepared and new boosted steadfast retribution are incredibly op, you basically require gl to complete hard mode now. If they want some mega difficulty, they can make another difficulty mode, don't ruin the game for everyone ffs. My 270+ speed padme team can't get a turn against Imperial Troopers in sector 2, they just attack for 2 minutes straight on 4x speed, get to like 150-180 stacks and and eventually kill everyone. That is not a good design at all, I doubt they even tested it.


I don't disagree - I think that TM train teams with stupid speed boosts are extremely unfun mechanics. It's actually similar to what was wrong with the first iteration - cooling systems meant you could clear everything as long as you had Yoda or Vader with infinite loops. Interesting mechanics, or even more hp/dmg/etc (kinda lazy) is better than infinite turns.


I managed to beat that team by using 2 toons, btw. G12 Traya lead with both zetas and r2 Malak, plus data discs that debuff enemies and apply damage over time to them. Malak healed to full on every enemy turn, and they killed themselves with Traya s lead passive and dots, only managed to trigger 2 layers of Malak's passive. The point still stands though, Overprepred is a designing crutch that is unfun to play against. It should not buff Speed.


My solution to overprepared is the Entrenched data disc. I agree with you though. Giving every team overprepared makes the whole experience monotonous and a lot less fun.


Use Malak (if you have him).


You and and a thousand others have said this same thing. I don’t get how they don’t actually test their own game. I mean, they actually don’t test it! For anyone who has been playing this game for years can easily see what is good, in actual play, and on paper. But for some reason, people who are getting paid to develop this game can’t do it.


Because testing costs time and money. The devs might want to test for all we know, but management says no.


It wasn't too easy. 5m GP, too light side focused but broadening my horizons, I stretched to reach the second to last crate. What I love about conquest is trying to maximize my optimization for the feats - like right now in sector 2, running a jedi/rebel hybrid to get all attackers/no support/inflict blind all in each battle. In a game that actually values its players, theoretically, with a perfect roster and that style of theory crafting, it should be possible to reach top crate with zero refreshes and 8 hours of sleep every night. I recognized that my approach wasn't always going to be perfect, and my roster had easily identified holes in dark side units, so I was willing to do a few refreshes to make up for that. And that's what I did. And I got to second to last crate, but was in range where a little improvement in my theory crafting or the holes in my roster, or triple the amount of refreshes, would get me to last crate. I think that's a pretty reasonable expectation for 5m GP. You gotta thread the needle at that stage, you're more than just barely over the threshold for hard mode, it's not just stupid easy, but you can do it or spend a little to cover mistakes. At 8.5m GP, like OP, I would expect that there were no longer any roster concerns except as edge cases, and it all comes down to not making dumb choices. If the goal is that 5m GP is still "early" in hard mode, then whatever, I suppose that's OK, better make that clear, and, above all else, give 5m GP players in *all* guilds *some other way* to earn R8 mats.


I'm mostly referring to the first couple with deployable cooling systems. You could clear the entire thing as long as you had Vader or Yoda at decent levels, which trivialized the content.


That's fair... It's a decent complaint about CG not effectively playtesting their content, which is obvious that they don't, that it's just that simple to cheese the mode. It hurts, when you give something like that to players, then you take it away. For myself, it didn't make much of a difference. I had a strong enough roster to complete the battles either way, so it all came down to optimizing the feats, which cheesing it with Vader or GMY wouldn't let you do anyway. No one who was taking that route was reaching the last crate because of it. If they were reaching the last crate, it's because they didn't need the cheese - in fact, people that got to the last crate but used the cheese to get there probably spent *more* on crystal refreshes just because they didn't optimize the feats along the way. All of that is to say, anything that gives you the ability to literally guarantee a win in a battle is broken, we agree there, and DCS definitely did that, but the value of using that was limited by the feats you wouldn't be completing while you were doing that. CG should have playtested enough to not have released DCS in the first place, but after removing it I think we already *were* in a decent sweet spot - they don't have to find it, they just have to revert to it.


Feats can definitely be hit and miss. Most of the sector 2 feats are pretty good, a little bit of theorycrafting and you can knock a bunch of them out at once. The sector 1 feats on the other hand? Nothing but grind. Overall, feats from previous conquests have been much better.




Anyone with DCS and either Vader or Yoda could clear all of hard mode because of infinite turns. That's bad design that trivializes content.


They have most likely found the spot that generates the most income.


"Keep working". CG?


Conquest brought me back to the game after 7 months not playing. If this continues, conquest may just force me back into retirement.


When I furnished the hard node a few months back I was so hyped! I finished with just a few hours left and felt so satisfied. Now I am stuck in the middle of only the second round. Bad batch has me on lockdown and there’s nothing I can throw at them. I am just gonna stop playing conquest at this point and just do the guild shit


This is my problem with it. I'm kind of in the same boat as you, 8 mil gp, all 5 gls etc. When you take jmk and crew in vs troopers, jmk takes his turn, and then they go bonkers for a solid 30 secs, there's an issue. They say they didn't make the teams harder, but the last half of 4 and pretty much all of 5 feel like assault battle openings. Its stupid.


Tier 3 assault battle openings* 🤣 good analogy


Its true, all of it.


One of the problems is with those overprepared mods they have.


I feel like I'm getting 3.5 attempts a day or something stupid... I refuse to spend money or crystals, I don't care about the rewards in this game anymore, I'm not going to ever get anywhere meaningful anyways. At this point it's just easier to buy gear and crystals then it is to buy a roster and compete for them, but that's probably the point.




That’s the whole reason they do this. It makes people want to spend.


[This is my exp with BB in sector 5](https://youtu.be/Mpna6zwRbWQ). I'm in the same boat, looks like I'm going to have to do 2 battles a day for a week to get this feat. ​ No clue how TF I'm going to do Geos.


The "x left the guild" was just the icing on the cake


He does that all the time for Merc runs since our raid schedule doesn't align to his free time. He's a great guy and will be back. Thats not to say that I haven't also lost close friends from this. They have everything are LV ready and have EX at 7\* and this conquest is too grindy. It's going to kill a lot of peoples desire to keep playing.




That about sums up this game mode now. Targeting RNGesus for the win/lose.


You pay your crystal offerings and hope that RNGesus shines upon you or you suffer.


At this point just sell the stupid Maul shards instead of making consumables needed for harder battles with the required squads, Geos would make sense in sector 1 o 2 but sector 5, come on


8 mil account, 5 GL. I am just grinding through with my GL. I probably won't go back and try to finish all the feats, it is WAY TOO MANY. Not Fun


That’s where you’re wrong: it doesn’t need a rework, what it NEEDS is to be REVERTED to its original state when it was released!


I don't understand what was wrong with it. It's too easy? Make a harder tier like every other challenge.


6.9M GP, all 5 GLs. Casting my vote to say, I don’t like this. I used to love and look forward to conquest, now it’s a soul crushing grind. Could it have been made harder, yes that would have been fine, but this is overboard. The problem is the feats were not made with fun a priority, they were made with driving spending a priority. Ok CG, I get it, but couldn’t “having fun” been the *second* priority?


I like how they originally said they wanted this to be the mode where you can use your while squad. Well ..I have multiple maxed squads that have no shot at any node in sector 4. I'm petty much just using my two GL squads at this point. I can barely use any of my 6.8 mil roster.


I second this. 7.2m GP here. Multiple GLs, relic BH, relic NS, relic Ezra for the Phoenix feat, plenty of relic rebel fighters to go with MM etc. It's not fun at all anymore despite having the necessary teams. Just a repetitive grind with many WTF moments when GLs get curbstomped by non-GL teams (which I thought wasn't supposed to happen anymore). And to add insult to injury, we're now forced to buy at least 1 refresh a day. Screw this.


The refresh rate of the energy is awful. I play and have less than 20 energy left, go to bed, wake up and I can do maybe 2 battles?! What a joke.


Crystal refreshes barely accomplish anything either. 7 battles for 50 crystals. 2 BH battles in sector 1, 2 NS battles in s2, 3 battles to try and progress in sector 3. If I lose one or have to replay the node for full stars, I've only moved 2 nodes ahead. Doesn't feel like I'm progressing at all.


Yes. Every day I think, “how has this game come to this?” It’s sad.


Close to 8m as well and way too many feats and getting destroyed by some teams


Just finished up, and going back through to grind the feats. It’s way too tedious to be fun. Make it 5 with a squad instead of 14, or 10 kills instead of 40. Enough so it’s not a fluke, but not so many that it’s monotonous…


This is the future of the game unfortunately. GL’s or go fuck yourself. That’s the new mantra.


It’s more like GLs and go fuck yourself.


I really can't understand the ridiculous speed boosts. Theres absolutely no reason that a regular team who doesn't have Wat or Han should be moving faster than my GLs


I'm at 6m and I am having trouble even getting the motivation to start it up. Nothing about this is fun.


August was the first month ever that HotUtils lost more subscribers than it gained. Normally they see +100 new patrons every month but in August it was -12. I'm confident CG will get their act together soon after they see their earnings reports.


Good, i don't know anyone that liked what happened in the last 6 weeks. Everyone hates it.


Pretty much every 8.5m+ whale I know is freaking out about the game’s time requirements (except for the ones who already quit).


I don't understand why they had to ruin hard and not just make an "expert" mode.... in addition to the tedious chore aspect of it.


That's how they get us. We spend time or money to unlock toons, nerf comes. They create an awesome game mode that people love because it is beatable with strategy, they take away key data discs and make the mode impossible for everyone. Have you noticed the number of gear and relic packs in the store lately?


7.8m here and I feel the same way. Super grindy and the feats are a total slog now.


7.5m here. maxed out the old conquests with about a week to spare every time. I dont see myself finishing this one, its just not fun and takes way too much time to complete.


Conquest is, and has always been, completely tedious trash. It's the feats. There is NOTHING fun about the feats.


The feats are tedious, but it's the tuning that's most frustrating. Getting 14 Empire wins would be boring and tedious, but that is superceded by the fact full R7 Empire teams don't even get a turn. In sector 4+ the enemy teams are outrunning 550 speed GLs. You're hoping to find *one* enemy squad you can actually beat for the feat, then fighting that same node 14 times over the course of the Conquest. Not being able to collect the feat at all during the normal course of clearing the sector is a huge portion of the what makes those feats tedious.


If you didn’t like it before you probably weren’t going to like it no matter what. The majority of the community though thought it was a fun game mode save a couple of the feats but they were manageable. They have completely butchered all of the fun the majority of us were having with this iteration.


Sure, but I definitely like this version less than the previous.


I just got into sector 3. I'm creeping up on 6M GP, and this is brutal compared to last Conquest. The difficulty boost is serious. It's not the fun kind of difficulty either, it's just a grind. Playing devils advocate to CG for a second, I could see an argument that this lets Conquest give some lasting challenges even for players with powerful accounts. Hot take, but LSGTB was a good example of this. It was extremely overtuned at launch, but with the release of additional characters the challenge has become tough but fair. It's possible for an account with 1 GL and careful farming to get close to max waves. In my opinion it's the most fun challenge in the game right now, simply because it's finally hit the sweet spot in difficulty. Of course, the ideal way to scale Conquest would be to simply add additional sectors with higher difficulty, and leave the existing sectors at largely the same difficulty. That would require scaling out additional rewards as well though, and it's pretty obvious that CG doesn't want to give out as many rewards to players of this mode as they have been.


Just... no. CG touted this game mode as a way to use your 'whole roster'. It's devolved into a GL grind-fest trying to hope that you get a node to mindlessly grind feats on. I'm watching 9m+ accounts just gnash their teeth at the latest iteration of this bs.


>Playing devils advocate to CG for a second, I could see an argument that this lets Conquest give some lasting challenges even for players with powerful accounts. Hot take, but LSGTB was a good example of this. It was extremely overtuned at launch, but with the release of additional characters the challenge has become tough but fair. LSTB is a fixed game mode without constant changes though. Whereas every 3rd or 4th Conquest gets a complete overhaul with different opponents, feats and new data disks. Meaning there is no excuse for a difficulty level that will only become bearable with future character releases and higher relic levels. They can easily scale up the dificulty to match the ongoing power creep. Like they're already doing now by adding the latest GL at relic 8. I'm ok with this on the final node, but an entire sector full of r8 everything with nutty modifiers like +80% (!!!) speed? That's a bit ridiculous to say the least.


I agree completely. My point was basically that if Conquest is going to have longevity as a game mode it's going to eventually have to get harder. They're just going about it in the worst way possible.


You make a good point about LSTB. I hated it at release but enjoy the challenge now. This is different imo. In LSTB you at least get turns in and maybe complete a few waves. In Conquest you don’t even get a turn. The best analogy I can think of is it’s like they gave Han’s shoot’s first zeta to ALL of the enemies along with shoot’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, as well. 😐


The issue with conquest is you only have 14 days. and some of these feats can ONLY be done with good rng + 100% stamina and complete roster remods. Yeah LS TB is only a week long, but unless you are whaling you will not complete conquest 100%. Especially if you have alts. I have (not sure how much longer) 2 alts that I can't focus on because my main needs all the conquest attention. I don't know how I'm going to get Geo feat in sector 5. I don't know how I'm going to remove 700% tm from DS in p3 because I have no way to track it, other than getting lucky.


This is the only valid complaint with the recent game, imo.


Personally, I think unlocking JKL (because, Jedi Luke, amiright), then going for JML because you're practically there, then refocusing to go for Wat, then refocusing to get GAS, because they round out JML's meta squad, and then having JKL, GAS, and Wat all nerfed within a year after the initial decision to go down this path, thus dramatically reducing the effectiveness of my GL team, validates my complaints about *some* of the other shit that's been going on, thanks.


Nah, all those toons are still useful. I still use GAS and JKL daily for squad arena climbing. I just used Wat with SEE in TW. Their power level is like, 90% of what they were before. Also, everyone’s GAS, JKL, and Wat were nerfed.


nah, you're opinion is bullshit, get CG's cock out ya mouth, lol. Or, you know, actually spend 3 seconds considering my point and how you didn't really address it at all.


Lol, stay bad, baddie. 😛


Tip of the spear....




6Mil player, biggest complaint is some of the more niche requirements. If they just tuned it to things more players had then it would be fine. Ive been using GAS and JKR with JML more than the past 6 conquests. But overall this is definitely a step down.


I genuinely think an awful lot of people are furious about this simply because they can't get the max rewards box with little to no effort Obviously what you said is a very reasonable take and I feel the same way. They made some terrible changes but honestly in my opinion it is also better in a couple of ways. First I think it's a good thing not every gets max rewards every time - people who put in the time, effort, (and yes, money in a lot of cases) should have an advantage over those that don't. And second did people really actually enjoy just using the cooldown disc and running GMY out there every time? I think with some of the newer disks you can actually make formerly awful teams do really cool things I'm also not sure I've ever used one of the consumables at all. But now it might be necessary in some cases. Does spending crystals or currency to get those suck? Sure, but they are in the game for a reason So could things be better? Absolutely. But I think the changes at the very least made it a more 'meaningful' mode and not just mode to do the bare minimum to get max rewards


I’m waiting for the sim button.


I fully agree with you man. I have a pretty deep roster with well modded mid to high relic toons and I can't even get a turn with many of my squads unless there's a GL or malak or something that gives me tm without needing to take a turn. Over prepared is the main culprit I think. I mean in sector five the enemies were going before one of my GLs with like 540 speed. It's just dumb and I agree not much fun


I m doing the hard sector now and before i only struggled with the Galactic legends since i m working on zombie palpatine. But now, oh boy. Spent 5 minutes watching a rebel team attacking my relic 5 and 7 padme team. I managed 4 attacks in 5 minutes ..... So much entertainment, so much pride, so much sadness..... 20 energy spent to watch a pre turn meter AI attack me to no end ..... Next turn i use my GAS team and they don't pull this stupid non stop attack. Working as intended


The only fun I've found is some of the new cards, but with the increased energy and stupid feats I get to have that fun less. If anyone is wondering Weak Point is silly, made my GMY do a 500k crit basic with it.


Im trying to push through normal at like 3.3 million and its funny to me it recommends like 2+million. Its only my nightsisters pushing through as my other teams just cant keep up


As I said on my alliance server, they increased the total required to get max crate because too many people were getting it easily. They made the battles harder to force spending and gearing in the hopes of getting close to the max crate now.


Yea I just got through sector 2 cause I could tell by round one it would be ridiculous. By the end of sector 2 nightsisters we’re making at least 2 full rounds of turns before I got a shot off. Easy enough to beat still but as they start hitting harder I can tell it’s going to be fucking dumb. And the randomness for data disks is ridiculous when they are so important to success later on. Just lock them in for certain spots instead of having it be random


Ill prob get voted to death for this but they may be setting the difficulty for R9 as max so they dont have to go back and rework in the future


But it is a game mode that was designed to get reworks/tweaks every few iterations. It isn't a TB that is set in stone after launch. It should be tuned to the way the game is now, not how it might be six months from now. Designing CPit with r9 in mind would fit this idea, but not conquest.


I'm abou 6.81 mil and still can't finish hard. Annoying af


Conquest was becoming my favorite mode. I was pissed about the rewards on this one. I was expecting to easily get CAT, but cg said nope to that. And now I'm doing the battles, and it's just not fun. I pretty much have to use jmls on every battle, unless it's a good matchup for drevan or cls.


Literally pretty much every team has overprepared, and with the stamina being so punishing, every single battle is so infuriating


They made to many stupid feats so I'll just finish it then not bother replaying. Thanks CG. Last time I tried really hard and succeeded in getting CAT. This time there no point in even trying as you made it impossible to max without having all the factions.


I hate conquest. It’s such a grind. Not fun. The modifiers don’t help. The data discs that are “cool” lose any cool effect after a few rounds. Only do it for the rewards. Gave up trying to max out.


Garbage mode now. I don't think anyone at CG knows how to make a fun game anymore.


i get that conquest was supposed to be challenging.. but note to CG: challenging doesnt mean impossible, and reworked conquest doesnt just mean "nerf the players and give insane modifiers to enemy squads" yet here we are. the nerfs are still real and we the players are VERY unimpressed with Conquest now, congrats guys ya fixed it till its broken. Again. thats quite a "feat" in and of itself. , i spent the last 2 years building up teams to compete with GLs. i had modest success, with data disks, consumnables and relic teams plus some of that theorycrafting we were discussing earlier, i beat r7 GL rey team and a r8 GL slkr team both.. i never got the red crate but i got the second to last crate one single time. conquest comes back finally and is absolute bantha shit now. theorycraft is dead, GLs rule supreme, period. i acquired Malak they nerf him, i acquire GAS they nerf him too. Wats a shell of his former self and i dont even want to talk about what they did to Vader. i refuse to spend another dime simce the nerf. not on conquest and not on the GL i was on track to unlock in the next 3 months. now it may take till next year. and as long as this is the conquest they bring and the nerf remains in place, the wallet remains closed. i love star wars and will not turn my back on that however, i can no longer support financially or otherwise their utter lack of respect for their own game and its players.


Mods, sticky this post


it has gone full circle: a very annoying experience when it came out to adding exciting rewards in limited edition chars/ships and relic 8 mats to becoming a toy for CG to milk the players


I personally like how much more I am swiping my credit cards with this new Conquest.


I only play this game for gac. I only play other game modes to improve at gac.


Meanwhile I'm stuck on padme in sector 2 and can't beat her with a Slkr team. Any and all advice is welcome https://swgoh.gg/p/686811356/


CG: "Hard to balance revenue and your enjoyment, so we decided to go for the revenue, thus, fuck you, pay me"




The opponent modifiers are unimaginative and mundane. Over prepared Mandalorians is just dumb. I have to use JKL + JML to clear it. I am over here trying to clear the feats and have to use specific teams. It is just boring and uninspiring.


Ok, but if you continue to whale, why would CG ever change anything?


Conquest has a only been out for 3 days.


Let me shed a tear for your 8.5mil account real quick.


Let me go ahead and repeat the echo chamber and say "CG HAS PERSONALLY ATTACKED ME AND CONQUEST IS THE WORST THING EVER AND HOW DARE THEY MAKE MY LIFE SO MISERABLE." Now that that is out of the way, I am inclined to say an awful lot of people really just seem to hate conquest now because they can't get the max box with no effort. Yeah, some of the changes they made are total crap but I think gameplay wise this is a hell of a lot better than when we just used to use the cooldown reduction buff and use Grand Master Yoda every battle. With the right sets of buffs I can make pretty much any team on my roster able to do really cool things and at least it doesn't cost the conquest currency anymore (yes, costing energy sucks and that's a very valid complaint but better than before) I'm at about 6.5 million GP and I'm not sure if I can max the box out or not. I'll try my hardest of course, but I honestly would rather it be this way than the way it was where everyone who picked up the game was able to max out hard mode with very little effort. Maybe now unlocking Maul will actually mean something I think a big reason people are all furious is because they were given basically free max boxes and now it was taken away. It should have started out far harder and then gotten easier as we've gone along, but now people seem to think it was done just to spite them specifically I had a guy throwing the biggest shitfit in my shard server because he couldn't do the Phoenix feat. Turns out he has a 4.5 million GP account and his only GL is SLKylo. I'm sorry, but if that's how undeveloped your roster is then yeah you probably shouldn't be able to max this mode. My Phoenix are all g8 but I do have JML so it's a breeze to win that feat. But you could also use CLS Rebels with Ezra or Bastila-led Jedi with Ezra, either way there are ways to do it. And yeah, I don't have Bad Batch so that feat sucks but if it's the thing stopping me from getting max crate that means I've probably got three or four other issues that I could have finished as well You could easily make the argument that CG went about making this harder the wrong way, but honestly in my opinion it is better than the way it was because getting the max crate actually means something now


Ah no. Most people just want it to fucking end coz its boring as fuck. Some people enjoy it. Im 7.4ml gp i have all gls and im not interested in getting some offensive data disk that makes my gmy hit for 650k on every hit. Cg are obsessed with feats. Gameplay that forces constant repetition or do things that will cost u refreshes to complete. Give me a sandbox mode but that aint never going to happen coz apparently we don't know what we want only capital games does.