Mods seemed really complicated to me when I was newer but eventually became easier to use


Honestly - if you just look for speed secondaries and load up as many of those as possible, you'll do okay. That's like 75% of modding and it's plenty for now until you get deeper in. Speed is an absurdly overpowered stat and useful on practically any character in the game. There are exceptions and other things to look for and you can get in to all that if you want. But if you just load up as much speed as you can, you'll be doing basically fine.


Best thing to do is go to YouTube and look up The Playbook. He has a great mod series that is short, and makes sense. It gives you a path forward and should give you a better understanding. Especially right after getting the HBD, you're going to have to be more selective about leveling mods, you simply cannot just level them all the way up. Greys to 6 or 9, and if they don't speed, or a good set of secondaries, stop and sell, etc. EDIT: /u/Justeatbeans23 corrected. Too tired, thanks.




Another option on YT is Darth Loquitur's channel, he has recently started a mod guide serie which I learned a few things, even after watching the Playbook's several times


Here is short mod tutorial for dummies: Take a new mod. Is it Mk5? NO: Sell it. YES: Is it an Arrow (Receiver)? \--- YES: Does it have speed primary? \--------- YES: Upgrade to 15 and it is ready to use. \--------- NO: Sell it. \--- NO: Upgrade to see all the secondaries (1/3/6/9/12 depending on quality). Does it have speed secondary? \--------- NO: Sell it. \--------- YES: Well, this may be worth using, depending on number of speed rolls, total speed, primary (crosses and triangles) and combinations of secondaries. Proceed to advanced course.


Yeah - this is a great Mod 101 approach.


I posted a quite thorough explanation of the important things to know about mods here und this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes/comments/qt255i/nearly_unlocked_mods_please_advise_what_to_put/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Mods will still be a barrier for some time but I hope it's not as terrifying anymore.


Check out grand ivory mod optimizer to assign your ideal mods on characters. It takes all the fuss out of figuring out what's good on which characters. Note - it's basically unusable on mobile...you'll need a laptop/pc... https://mods-optimizer.swgoh.grandivory.com/


Mods are one of the best points of the game, as it adds variety instead of just doing the exact same thing over and over again.


Just pretty evenly farm health and speeds mods everyday. I will tell you that you only want to slice mods that have speed secondary's. You will not know all of the secondary's of a mod until you upgrade them to the following levels Purple: 3, Blue: 6, Green: 9. Once you do that, upgrade the ones with speed to level 12. This will save you a lot of credits and will let you sell bad ones that didn't get speed. Overall if you REALLY hate modding you can avoid it "look at APGains on youtube", but to maximize your roster it is something you must do. After a while seeing a really high speed number on your mod should bring a smile to your face and make it all worth it.


Darth Loquitur is coming out with a series about mods. Currently at 3 of 5. He does a great job of explaining them. How to farm and slice them and what to look for.


DL knows his stuff about farming mods. Good content, watch his mod videos if you decide to take modding/swgoh seriously. He also has a discord that is worth joining, you can find it through his YouTube channel.


You don't need to worry that much about mods yet. I mean, you're right in thinking they're important, and there's a lot going on there to learn, but you're not going to be dealing with people who have amazing mods for awhile yet. They're in the same boat as you, just figuring it out. That's just as true now as it will be after the change is completed.


There are over 200 characters in the game. At least 175 just want speed. Start there and you'll be fine (Arrow mods can have a speed primary, all the rest just try to get 10+ speed on the secondary)


Be patient - over time you will have more mods than you will ever need and you won’t need to swap around, other than for special events. I would suggest focusing on speed secondaries mostly. One tactic I do is to upgrade only to 3/6/9/12 to see all 4 secondaries and if speed doesn’t show up, I don’t spend more on it. They do take some time. I usually just set them up and revisit them once a month now (upgrade some and sell others). They are a lot to deal with if you are trying to optimize every day, for sure. That said, they are critical because they can turn your okay toons into super toons.


Oh! Another thing I like to do is to set the lock marker on for mods with speed secondary 10+ (or speed primary on arrows). This allows me to at a glance know which are my faster mods.


Oh! Another thing I like to do is to set the lock marker on for mods with speed secondary 10+ (or speed primary on arrows). This allows me to at a glance know which are my faster mods.


Kinda late to party but i made this comment on a different post so all i had to do was copy and paste Hopefully its helpful Mods can be very confusing to grasp because theres so many factors but ill try and give an overview. Mod sets- when you have a certain amount of a mod type together they add more of the stat. Like if you have four speed set mods it grants 10% more speed. Or health sets which only require two but have a 10% bonus as well. Offence speed and CD require four mods to get this bonus but health defence CC tenacity and potency only require two. Now on to primarys There are six types of mods and each one can have a certain number of primaries. I.E. a square can only have offence or a diamond can only have defence but a triangle can have health potency protection or tenacity(i think defence too). The primaries have high stat bonuses and are quite valuable. Secondaries-mods have four secondaries. These can be a bunch of different ones so im not gonna list them all. When up grading a mod they unlock the secondaries at certain levels. A grey mod unlocks the first at level three then six then nine the twelve. A green comes with one unlocked so it gains the second one at level 3 and so on. Blue comes with two so at level 6 they have all four. Purple has three and golds have all four. If you upgrade say a gold to level three instead of unlocking a new secondary you instead have a secondary increased. So a 5% prot could become a 7% prot secondary etc. When they are leveled fully you unlock slicing. This has special resources that let you change a grey to a green and a green to a blue-purple-gold. Each one has a slice when it happens and will increase a stat. The most useful secondary is speed. Basically every toon needs some speed so its very valuable to get speed slices. However other secondaries still play a very large part. A tank will be much better with some good tenacity and prot secondaries. Back to slicing. When its sliced up to gold it can still be sliced. It requires quite a bit of different slicing mats but it becomes a solid gold mod. When this happens EACH secondary gets a smaller boost and the primary also gets a boost(depends on the primary for how much the increase is. A health goes from 5.88% to 16% but a prot goes from 23.5-24% etc) IMPORTANT-a solid gold mod can only be put on a toon that is gear 12 or above. A toon can only be gear 12 if they are seven star also. What stats a toon requires depends on the toon. To know what stats a toon requires its often best to ask more experienced players until you really get the hang of it. But often you can tell what stats a toon requires by carefully looking through the kit. Sometimes however its counter-intuitive so changes will happen very often to mods. Also mods are something that will take a very very long time to build a solid stock of so its okay if you cant mod most characters very well at first. Sidenote- the auto mods usually have a decent idea of what sets to put on and in general what stats to aim for but sucks at picking secondaries and primaries so its best to do it manually. This is all i can think of right now but if you have any questions feel free to ask me.


You have 3 choices: 1) Learn to farm mods efficiently 2) Accept that you won't do as well as people that invest in farming mods efficiently 3) Quit the freaking game


Mods are not really rng, you just have to spend time on them. Eventually you'll build out a collection of good mods. Just do 3 refreshes a day (150 crystals) and you'll have a pretty good collection in a couple months. Everyone has the same rng. Basically you're looking for speed and % rolls. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfY8BVtll7s&t=318s&ab\_channel=CalvinAwesome](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfY8BVtll7s&t=318s&ab_channel=CalvinAwesome) this guy has pretty good vid. And with these new changes, you dont need to worry about bloat and min maxing at all. You still have to manage your resources wisely but you dont have to worry about a relic screwing your matchmaking gp


What new player has 150 crystals to spend on refreshes when they don't even understand mods?


Its most of the times better than investing these crystals in other energy. Metas come and go, a great mod from 5 years ago is still a great mod today. Investing in mods is the best long term investment in this game.


I did and made sure I did every single day for 3 years. My mods score alone is bigger than some overall score using that bot they used. Mods are indeed a solid investment that will pay off hugely. Some went after meta toons and I went after mods.


then dont spend 150 crystals, spend like 50 or a 100


They don’t have to spend any, just take time cultivating mods, participate in events that give mods, use credits to occasionally buy good mods that come to store. Build up teams to a solid gear and they’ll be good in GC’s which give exclusive slicing materials… Grand Arena also gives slicing mats too… good sliced mods always beat volume of mods.


That is simply not true you need to farm volume of mods so you have good mods to slice. Yes mods take time, and your advice in building characters for gcs is good but good sliced mods do not beat volume of mods especially now with gac changes. If you want to be good in gac, you need to do mod refreshes


No you dont. Only if you’re high enough GP to warrant that. Mods are important but not at the cost of other characters. For example, at 3.7 million GP I haven’t done a single mod refresh since I refreshed slicing mats one time to slice a single mod, around 3 months ago. Yet, I can easily get characters up to/past +150 speed and easily past +100 without speed sets/arrows. That’s called slicing good mods. If you really do refreshes every day you won’t have enough credits to level and slice them all. Don’t ignore 5E mods, which is what OP will have to do if he does what you’re suggesting.


How many characters do you have at +150 speed? No offense, I think your mods aren’t that good and that’s not the way most people farm mods.


First of all, let’s see your swgoh.gg profile to see if you’re really putting your money where your mouth is… 🤔


What’s yours? How many +10s +15s +20s +25s?


Hmm, interesting…


You’ll figure it out.


Thank you for all the advice guys! I'm already starting to feel better about modding after watching/reading the stuff you sent, this game for all its' apparent flaws really has an awesome community!


Mod stats don't often matter besides speed. Modding will just be about speed for most characters(besides obviouslygiving Attackers offensive based mod sets and tanks defensive mod sets). As for your hating of mods, you're just gonna have to bite the bullet. If nothing else, invest in speed mods for a while. You won't regret it.


Lol ok, you do you. Feel free to completely ignore the mod game.