Make it so 99% of enemy teams don't have super duper speed bonuses Bring back the fun data disks


I’d be okay with Overprepared, if speed wasn’t added. I’m okay with the opponent having extra offense, health, defense, protection, etc. but speed isn’t a challenge.


I really want to upvote but I don't want to break the 69 likes


I'm so burnt out from conquest I only got crate 2. If I bothered to refresh I could probably get 4 or 5. But when every GR team has Steadfast Retribution, you can't get decent disks, and they increase the amount of Overprepared (I swear they did this Conquest), it's hard to want to refresh at all.


I’ll take steadfast retribution GR teams over imperial troopers or ewoks honestly those stupid stuns on any attack out of turn is awful


Really? GAS seems to take care of Ewoks fine. DR is the most obnoxious for me at section 3-5. Have to use a GL for them as Malak will just 1 shot a ton of units. Imps are very annoying too, but padme+GK with supports deal based on health is OP. Also works with Phoenix.


Even with GAS mine is 6 stars so stuck at gear 11 he just gets stunned because he attacked out of turn and so does everyone else lol


It’s the Overprepared that took me out of this one. How many Maul teams am I going to watch mop the floor with me before my last 2 surviving toons get a hit off


A halfway decent CLS comp and the right discs nukes Maul before he even gets a turn.


And what discs are those?


The same ones that work for almost everything else... Thermal Exhaust, Caustic Emissions, Amp Agony, Volatile Accelerator.


Thanks, I’ve seen the question asked multiple times, but I think you’re the first person who’s actually answered the question. I appreciate it


Unstable decelerators deserves an honorable mention since it makes 3 star wins much easier when you add it to the mix. It takes a total of 4 dots worth of space, but if you can get blue decelerator and blue accelerator it means that every time you hit an enemy they gain 3 dots but their TM doesn't move at all. (blue amp agony is something like 8% max health damage per dot when they land) I also think that ability exhaust is in the mix as well. 2 dots means that their team will be ability blocks pretty much the whole time.


I think after reading through all the helpful comments here, I realized how badly I’ve fucked up this run. I ran a few variations of Chadme support teams, really heavy on stacked ZA. It made some of the teams that I hated fighting (GAS/steadfast retribution) a cakewalk, but I paid for it in other areas. Lesson learned


I picked up several of those but Rey actually ended up going the distance for me one those sector 5 GR squads this time. Switching to super duper slow tanks toons + RHFinn got me there. (they get their DI popped when they take a turn, then Finn uses his AOE triggering his DI and giving them all taunt while they're safe under damage immune) edit: Main advantage of going for the debuff synergy setup FIRST is that it works on literally every squad. Rushing for a ZA build limits how many teams you can effectively run which slows you down. At least for me stamina is usually the limiting factor on clearing my way through zones. Going for high or max crate means you'll do lots of energy refreshes so that isn't really a factor.


All good.. once you take Maul out of the equation it's smooth sailing. Also - that is the disc combo you should be using for most of Conquest (aside from the kill feats). You'll cruise through it if you have decent squads and mods.


That’s my exact playlist


Yeah, been mine for a long time. Plus a Zealous Ambition and you easily clear the board. You'll have to go back and remove/add different discs for a lot of the kill feats, of course, but the aforementioned combo will get you through the table.


https://swgoh4.life/conquest/disks/ The gone in 30 secs disk set is insane with CLS.


I haven’t tested it since I’m doing normal mode but palp lead, Vader, Han, chewie and 3pac(if Han and chewie doesn’t do it) should work with volatile accelerator, thermal exhaust, 2x amp agony, ability exhaust and caustic emissions. If Han’s opener can kill someone, you win. It feeds tm from debuffs expiring, then Vader slams the rest of the team. Worked for me in normal without 3pac against geos, sith, and more.


Try Bando, Han and Chewie they can win fights at 1 stamina with VA and AA x2....


Haven’t gotten bando yet, only 2m gp


GAS is another great counter to Mandalorians if you have crit formation. Crits will keep GAS standing forever from counters, and eventually you'll stack so much offense GAS can one shot with his aoe once he takes a turn.


Every conquest players swear they increase overprepared. It did not increase from last time, and it's been a while since it's changed on any team that I am aware of. There are some teams, like Bad Batch, that can either have no OP, or OP 2. And the stat boosts grow at the end of the sector, but that is regardless of OP.


My favourite conquest parts are where your only choices of teams are either Stedfast Retribution GR, or Mauldalorians/Imperial Troopers who take 3 turns each before your characters do.


Let us buy the battle pass thing with crystals. Give us crystals in the crates.


This. Charge the battle pass + for something like 3k or 5k crystals, and things will change. A lot. By spending crystals there, people will have to by the other packs for anything else they want to buy. A small step backwards for a huge jump forward


This would be great, but at the end of the day you have to remember its CG who calls the shot. Theyre notorious for big short term income rather than small long term income. They will likely never switch any payed items to in game currency based. The only time I saw that in the past few years was aeromagnifiers... and that was something you could already earn in game


Every time there is conquest I end up playing the game less because I Don't want to do it


This doesn’t make sense. Why are you playing the game less when a conquest is up? You should up playing exactly the same amount of time because you ignore conquest.


But I see the icon and I remember that I need to do it. So I end up opening the game less


"Worth" is a very subjective term. The effort and grind I've put into conquest has been so, at the moment, I'm on track to unlock Malgus day 1. I agree though on the look of it, I don't think it's worth a huge investment of time and effort unless you can get the conquest characters before they fall out of the reward crates.


Day 1? Congrats - What’s your team for handling the overprepared Maul teams? Especially in the later sectors where they fucking wreck me


I don't mess around with them personally JMK + CAT, or SLKR, sorry nothing particularly cheap/easy! With the right data disks (Caustic emissions, volatile accelerator, agony etc), I've had some luck with CLS and GAS before. But in particular GAS, it can be very easy to lose clones, in particular fives because of sacrifice. Early stages I've also had some luck with Traya, DN, Sion, Talon and SET. However, again no where near a consistent 3\*, works well outside of conquest though.


No SEE (SLKR & JML), but now I know how to plan out my next run. Appreciated


Check this out for planning your next run. Really helped me out! https://www.reddit.com/r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes/comments/uyb52n/near_as_i_can_tell_malgus_conquest_strategies/


CLS works fantastically if you've got the full set of debuff synergy disks. Otherwise Rey is probably the most reliable for max banners for me. JMLS can get dicey sometimes depending on how high relic your jedi are and what sector you're in.


CLS and proper discs lay waste to any Maul comp.


It's quite easy if you have SEE. If you get one turn, they won't attack again, since you get a lot of turnmeter every time they get an undispellable buff.


You can also just do SEE, 3 sith, and Han. Han shots first, enemy never gets a turn.


If you get a volatile accelerator and 2 amp agony and run BAM lead with han, Chewie and other scoundrels you can reliably get through a lot of teams really easy. Chewie does his 20% max health damage for each agony proc, so you can eliminate maul before the match even starts


I swear if Malgus sucks I'm going to be so upset.


This comment needs to be so much fucking higher. I committed before this datacron bs and if he is not viable without them I’m done with it.


If my crystal income relied on doing conquest, I would immediately leave the game.


I don't even bother with Conquest anymore. I'll farm the characters next year once they're available. I'm just not going to force myself to play a game mode that's 0 fun and feels like a chore. That's how you get burnt out.


I think you have the right attitude overall...don't burn yourself out if you don't like something. Just pointing out, though...that conquest characters are generally great, and if you wait until they hit proving grounds it will take you almost a year and a half to get them for free. Anything in between is a ton of crystals spent on those shards to cut the time down.


Man, this conquest series has been a breeze, even with the grindy feats you have to cheese over and over. I'll easily unlock Malgus on day one.


The HK miniboss in sector 5 really made this conquest. If they replace that with a difficult boss it's much more frustrating because you've gotta grind out one of the other super grind feats.


Same. But mostly due to youtubers like bitdynasty with all the theory crafts.


It’s already worth playing


Depends what the character rewards are. Malgus? Yeah seems like it. Boba? Hmm, not so much.


A character than can delete end-game Lord Vader in TW has some definite value.


Ehh I suppose some. But unlike CAT, Maul & RC he’s only good in 1 mode. Everywhere else he’s maybe above average (that’s being generous). You could say that about Malgus, but at least he’s useful in the most fun and lucrative game mode we have. Edit: Thanks for the downvote tho x


That’s true - I agree with you. This game does have a way of making some tweaks and all of a sudden characters on the back burner can sometimes take a step forward.


That would make it worse, not better, because then you **need** to play it. Now you can choose to ignore it completely and get the characters later.


I don't disagree with your statement. But if Proving grounds is the metric they are choosing to gate characters from Conquest behind (except ships?) Then Malgus goes to a few years away for some players. So ignoring Conquest actually means a longer grind/playing for some.


If you ignore proving grounds you probably thought about that. We already have people not playing conquest and missing out on Malgus.


Of course we do. Malgus is an example. Just saying if players are outright ignoring conquest completely then they are going to prolong their journey even longer since currently Proving Grounds is the only source for these characters we have been told of. Everyone plays differently so some may not care about collecting every character or getting the "meta" ones. But CG seems to be putting more "meta" types in Conquest.... except Boba Fatt.... we don't talk about Boba


im definitely putting more effort into these latest conquests because i want malgus, still cant max out but been getting the 450 crate




Crystals in the boxes would help to Offset the amount I spend on refreshes. 2x red crate. I’ll have malgus r7 day 1.


I get my box 1 and then I stop


Is it worth playing the higher conquest difficulties if I know I won’t get very far? I’ve maxed out Easy three times now but I think I’d probably be lucky to get past the first two sectors on the next level up.


Generally, if you can max easy or normal, you can get far enough in normal or hard to get better rewards. The rewards just increase a whole lot for the higher levels


I was insanely lucky to get a blue volatile accelerator and a few 2 amplify agony in sector 1 and that carried my conquest super hard, but I’m still burnt out and nowhere even close to max crate. I think datacrons working in conquest would make it much better and also make datacrons actually worth investing in


Make it like conquest in swbf but the gameplay is swgoh. Enemy teams should not have super stats too.


It is Worth it, malgus is gonna be OP in gac. And it's really not that bad everyone always asks for content then complains about conquest


They made it worth playing with datacrons


Yeah the amount of crystals you spend won’t justify the amount you get lol.


I think a good change would be to have consumables, at least the faction based ones, apply to an entire sector, for the whole thing. Would make feats a little easier and more fun, and would just make consumables not so entirely forgettable. The only consumable I've purchased is Initial Frenzy tech. Any others I've used have come from the pass and are an afterthought. I've never even considered one of the factions ones.


Get rid of overprepared and insane speed boosts.


I think this "crystals" statement is overrated. Cmon, like how many crystals? I'm in kyber-2, receiving 240 daily, so 2400 in 10 days. + you get quite a lot from GACs, especially if you win. I've got red chest in 9-10 days, doing 3x50 refreshes, and maybe few times 100x1, when being too impatient. So it's around 1500-1700 crystals and as I said, it's even in rush. You can spend much less and still get red chest - e.g. by following [https://swgoh4.life/conquest/feats/](https://swgoh4.life/conquest/feats/) guides


It’s not the best event but it’s something to do and Darth Malgus is my goal now so I’m all in like a kamikaze pilot.


Data disks you acquire during conquest convert to one-time use data disks for the next grand arena. Scrap datacrons.


What this translates to is "make Conquest super easy so everyone gets max crate with no effort." When people bitch about Conquest this is what they really mean I like a challenge and having to switch strategies and disks then when you get the max crate it's actually an accomplishment. Everyone wants every character and team instantly and I get that, bit that's the opposite of what I want. When I put in effort (or money in the whale's case) then I want to be able to use my characters against people who have either put in the same effort/money or face people who don't have the unit because they didn't work for it When people say they want the "fun" disks back what they are saying is they want deployable cooldowns so they can just run one team and win on auto every time. Winning without ever losing is not very fun for me Would Conquest be better if they programmed every single node to have special abilities and mechanics? Absolutely. But no way in hell is that feasible so this version is perfectly acceptable


Honestly. I really dont see what the problem is with conquest unless youre entitled


More than anything I can’t stand the Padme/Revan wall that happens a couple times each tier. I despise these battles. I’ll deal with anything else, but at least allow me to choose a different path if I don’t want to face either one.


That odd looking fella that gives you text screens to let you know about things could be utilized if they spent the time designing the sections with any strategy beyond spend money themes and with interesting utilization of characters in mind. That little information in early zones as an introduction to how teams are loaded along with some mod/squad guidance as far as counters in the early zones would be rather nice. Then again, it may just be as fun as the Microsoft paperclip.


Stop making the feats an extreme grind


With the current round of conquest I was really pumped and had a great time and got second to last crate. After the month long wait I didn't care at all and I think I got fourth crate. Now we have to wait another two weeks for it. The way you improve conquest is to get rid of these incredibly long wait times.


The grind is terrible! So many ridiculous feats that are way too repetitive


It’s almost impossible not to use GLs in Sector 4-5. The teams get super fast, so even my 370 Gideon can’t get my Veers IT troopers going in most of those battles unless I use techs and I would rather save the conquest currency for Malgus shards etc.


Would be nice if they added more omegas and zetas too.


Have a gl, legit made me not hate it. I have slkr


They should just get rid of conquest energy altogether. There will be no need to refresh, and all that is slowing you down would be the stamina.


Drop the stupid modifiers some teams have. Steadfast Retribution and Overprepared need to go. So do the ones amping already powerful teams like RJT and Empire teams.


Revert it to before it sucked.


Being able to play with Datacrons


Nooooo, that'll somehow mean that they get BETTER datacrons >\_>


I have ~30k crystals thanks to GAC payouts. I'm not spending because I'm basically burned out on useless garbage like inquisitors, datacrons, and conquest. The fact each new character requires about 8000 crystals worth of kyro to upgrade just makes me horde them more. The way to make conquest fun is to stop worrying about how many players get max rewards. Get rid of the conquest pass and actual improve the playability. Reduce energy cost or greatly improve how quickly it accumulates.