I would say the problem is where the game is at, the problem is where the game is going. There is no indication of getting new content that will put your roster to use. Everything coming out is focused on getting you into a bidding war to win GAC/TW.


This is the response that rings most true to me. DCs wouldn't be near as bad if they were something we could use in a new PvE mode or some type of new content. Instead, it's painfully obvious they are trying to get this game into a state of autopilot. If it weren't for the community (my guild's GAC streaming crew), I would be noping out hard.


Gac uses so much more of your roster than arena did, and Conquest does now too. The game has flaws but now more than ever we have ways to use a wide roster. It used to be a race to the top with a single team and go slightly wide for some guild activities.


I’m a pretty old player. There was a time when you couldn’t sim battles and there wasn’t a speed up function. It was pretty horrid.


This thread has reminded me of when you you had to do the daily challenges one at a time with a 10 minute timer to repeat them. Getting to claim it all in one go was such a big quality of life improvement.


I actually repressed this memory. I remember not being able to multi Sim them but I completely forgot about that annoying timer.


It’s funny, I was thinking of this exact same thing this morning when I had to keep auto-ing conquest nodes. Those were not fun Sunday mornings.


Oh no, that sounds horrible. I initially played in 2016, that was probably the reason I didn't pick it back up till this year.


I initially quit when they stopped giving you tickets to sim for your dailies. While stuff now may not be great, nothing has made me think about quitting again.


So way back in the day when you couldn’t auto battles I still played the game because I really wanted to hit max level. After hitting max I took a few years off. When I relogged I got so many sim tickets it’s been glitched ever since. I’m definitely not complaining though


Why are sim tickets even a thing anymore? Are they that much of a beginning game hurdle to have any significance in progression? Why not just remove them and make the sim button a free option?


Because when they decided to remove this as a feature, it was a lot easier to just give everyone more than they would ever need than to remove the functionality from the missions.


New players will still have sim ticket issues until lvl 60, at which point within 24 hours, they completely vanish (fleet arena gives 150 at all levels). It's really dumb they aren't just handed out earlier, but new players if maxing energy usage are probably ending up 10 or so battles a day without sim tickets.


Having my second account, there was 2 maybe 3 moments where I had to use crystals to buy sim tickets. It wasnt a lot, and the investment was minimal, and I always hit my tickets for the day.


because CG was scared of what would happen if they tried to reach 7 years back into the code and remove something that interacts with nearly every aspect of daily play. You know how it's a running joke that CG never tests anything? Imagine if each time a new assault battle event popped up, it was an open question if simming it would work? Or if simming being broken ALSO broke manual play? It's far simpler to just give players an endless supply of sim tickets and leave the system in place.


Don’t forget no mod management or loadouts


And 0-2 zetas, mostly 0


Damn I did forget about this one. Yah, Carrie did us good before she left!


3 hard mode attempts. No Journey Guide for even oldest Legendaries. No mods at all which caused the meta to be whoever could go first (looking at you Dodge and Poe metas). Separate menu for having to level up toons. No sim of Galactic War. The list goes on. Every like 6 months it is "the worst this game has ever been" and I always think to myself "the worst it has ever been yet." Personally, I am fine with the game currently. A lot of stuff can be simmed now which is huge (those Assault Battles dragged on forever). As for the OP and "content creators", with the way the internet is you have to keep going to new things. Everything eventually stagnates. They also "complain" because anger gets more clicks than praise online 9/10.


The journey guides really added a lot to the game imo. I’m still enjoying unlocking older characters. Just unlocked gas recently and now I’m grinding away for Jedi knight Luke. It was such a pain to wait for these events to roll around to have like a weekend attempt at them. Especially the malak one.


And if you were short by like 30 shards on a toon to attempt the mission you had to wait until it eventually came back, which was months. I have seen a lot of complaints about Executor and such but at least they are monthly instead of sometimes 3+ months between events.


Dude yes… man it was rough back then! I’m glad a few of us remember the bad times.


IIRC I missed out on JKR on release by 5 shards for Mission. Had used like 1000 crystals that weekend trying to get her high enough.


The dark times


> Especially the malak one. Malak one took forever to return the first time so they could milk more. Malak release timing was a hand out to whales who bitched that too many got DR day 1. For those that don't know, the JKR event was timed to return after the surprise Malak event. As a result many who went DR without JKR rushed hard to get up to speed for JKRs event so they would unlock Malak on the next pass. But then Malak return was super delayed, so the JKR event came a second time before Malak returned.


Characters only available through Aurodium packs, which were themselves only offered to players who had spent at least $300 on the game. Every time I see someone say the game is the worst it's ever been, or that CG never does anything for the players, I have to laugh. The game has steadily improved over time.


Oh man I forgot about those. I believe that was how some game changing (for the time) toons were released too. I feel like Rex and maybe even Old Ben were pack exclusive characters.


Rex was definitely one. Same with Sun Fac. I remember Dun Fac being impossible to kill if my Rey died before him, as no one else in the game (or at least my team) did enough damage to outpace his health steal. He was the ultimate win button in arena - one arena for whales with him, another arena for the rest of us.


it was horrid but I played anyway. Playing in 1x speed now is unthinkable.


Yeah, but that was a situation that eventually got remedied. The current situation isn't an issue that has existed ever since that still plagues the community and makes it unfun. It's a newly introduced, shiny, marketed thing that they WANT.


Datacrons are in one way, something players wanted - a shake up to the meta. They are a pretty terrible method of doing so though.


Well, they are very specifically a whale-only piece of content. Not many players in this game benefit from these buff boxes, because chances are you do not have the Required Squads at Relic X. Sure, maybe sometimee you stumble into a good month where you get Datacrons that buff the factions you're focused on and that can be a little bit neat, but even right now the three main factions are GR, Inquis and Resistance. Whales don't care. They have all three up to snuff easily. The rest tho? Won't have Inquis of course. They might have GR toons, because GAS and Clones and Padme are popular squads. Would they also have Resistance tho? Mh, not too likely given how Rey is oftentimes seen as the least priority GL and outside of Rey they don't offer much as a faction. So realistically most players have one faction that's powerful. And it's not even in the slightest guaranteed that you get the rolls you're looking for. A whale or very long time player doesn't really need to care. ANY buff roll is gonna be useful to them, because they have the entire collection. Hence why the Datacrons themselves come in horrifying abundance. CG expects whales to build their "fave Crons" to tier 9 relatively quickly and the rest of the boxes is meant to be just cute filler fun time where they gamble on each new box for the third tier's LS/DS buff and throw that onto whatever team might sound fun. But to the everyday player? Datacrons have a slim chance of being useful at best.


Ugh don't remind me of the days before Sim.


I can’t believe I ever played on 1x speed doing rancor solos. That shit was whack.


Oh Lord. I never would have been able to handle that. Just getting to level 65 where I got endless sim tickets was torture.


This game was amazing until right around pheonix/thrawn /fulcrum dropped. That was when the communication issues started happening, and have only become more frequent, and the marquee style character releases started coming too fast to keep up. CPit was by far the darkest time for the game. Nearly killed international and casual guilds, and made it so much harder for anybody who wasn't a kraken. Datacons aren't THAT bad comparatively, but the community can only handle so many terrible game updates before it dies. There's a reason the player count is steadily declining


I'm not psyched about datacons, but at the same time, all the datacon whales will end up at the top of K1 where I'm not, so they'll have pretty minimal impact on my fun.


This. For mid game or early game players it shouldn’t really impact things very much. Just another little element added.


I don’t think I’ve fought or seen a single datacron squad in GAC yet. 3.2 million GP in Bronzium 1.


I've been bouncing between K3/K4 and all I've seen have been a few level 3 ones...but that is what I have myself, so its not really a game changer. I'm thinking not many people are going to be whaling or spending significant amounts of crystals on temporary items. Really whats the point? I can blow thousands of crystals to max a few of them out...to bump up a GAC bracket and get an extra 20 crystals daily? No thanks.


I think you’re right on the money. I won’t mind using my conquest rewards for them or something, but I don’t even know if I’ll spend ally points on the pieces. It’ll make a difference if you have them, but I’d be willing to bet if I found one in GAC it would likely be on a team I’d try to work myself around without a datacron.


> Really whats the point? I can blow thousands of crystals to max a few of them out...to bump up a GAC bracket and get an extra 20 crystals daily? I think there's a non-zero chance this current set is overpowered and we won't see similar. So, spending 2,000 crystals on getting a godly JMK datacron that will get a player many more wins than otherwise? Yes, it makes sense. All it takes in kyber is 4 wins because of the datacron at 2000 crystals to pay for itself. That doesn't even account for additional daily crystals. It's really hard to quantify exactly how much value it will add, but it's going to add something. I still think they are over priced and the stun one is just too good, but it's the system we have now.


Depends on how you define midgame. The 4ish-7ish GP bracket is gonna struggle some when suddenly a bunch of their usual counters for strong squads don't work. Unlike super end game players they generally don't have multiple answers for teams in GAC/TW so if their go-to is broken by datacons it'll be a tough row to hoe. But if you figure end game starts somewhere around 5 or 5.5m (when they should have 1-2 GLs + a healthy chunk of meta squads and be in kyber) then yeah it won't hit the mid game players too badly.


Yeah but the counters go both ways. Like I said, just an added element. I’m 4.8m in kyber 4 FYI


Dependent where you are all the old "skilled" K1 players that dont whale will drop down. It'll affect the whole chain for a while as now everyone will have to refind their homes in the GAC latter


That assumes people below them will be whaling to surpass them. I've been bouncing between K3/K4 and have only seen a few low level ones, which is exactly what I have so its not really a game changer. I just assumed most people will come to the conclusion I have...whales gonna whale because they don't care but they're already at the top of the food chain. F2P or moderate spenders not gonna bother much with datacons because even if you bump yourself up a bracket in GAC with them the payoff is an extra 20 crystals daily and not worth the investment. The other thing too is if you are a 5-7m player in Kyber you really don't have a big enough roster for the size of the map, so if you are dumping resources on datacons instead of building more squads you are just hamstringing yourself in the long run.


These past couple months just have been dry I think that's what it is. The only exciting thing to look forward to is getting more Malgus shards really and not only is the mode frustrating to go through at times but it comes and goes. The bright side for you is that you are making all these good steps for your account during a dead time, when things ramp up you'll be ready.


Nah, I'd say it was worse when JKR first came out and was the most overpowered POS out there.


Agreed, the cherry on top was the Dreven panic farm to counter JKR and then the malak event that came right after. All three made me quit the game for awhile.


Undoubtedly the darkest period of the game. That was also when events only happened ever few months, so if you thought your team was strong enough to beat an event but wasn't ( and you didnt have the resources to take them to the next gear level.) you would have to wait something like 2-3 months. Having a gear crunch is one thing, but being bottlenecked by the 'availability' of events was a whole other thing. Then on top of it, they bring out JKR, everyone panic farms him because he was OP, then a few months later they release DR, and everyone had to panic farm him just to stay relevant. And if you didnt, of well, guess you got to wait another few months.


Yea and the 5-day notice for the Malak event, after they promised they wouldn't drop legendary or journey characters without plenty of notice. And then not having a 2nd malak event for 6 months.


That's what made me quit!! I got JKR and was so proud of myself and then....*that*. Recently came back so we'll see how it goes from here


Yep. I actually forced myself to get Malak for some reason and then quit. Funnily enough. About 2 months ago I came back to the game, and I'm not even playing that account.. I started over lmao. It was actually fun starting over with a sort of hyper optimized F2P strategy, but the cracks are starting to show again.


Same 10 4-minute battles in arena everyday to hit number one.


Agreed. In addition to a single meta, there were fewer simmable battles (I.e. Assault battles), squad arena was major source of crystal income. There was way less to do in the game: no gac, no Conquest, stale Tb. As much as people complain abiut Conquest it is another game mode to play your collection against, and around jkr people complained there was nothing to do with your toons unless they were jkr


This right here. When every one of the top 200 arena teams on your shard was the same squad. UGH.


I've noticed my top 50 arena shard squads are 47/50 JMK constantly... so yeah. It's not so bad because counters do exist, it's just sort of sucky to have that struggle pushing up.


JMK is clearly top dog right now, but the difference is nothing compared to the power leap that JKR represented. He was also the first toon with a novel for a skill set, and LOTS of people were upset about how complicated he was. There was a ton of negativity just flying around the forums at that time.


Except that now it's relatively inconsequential where you rank in Arena... it used to be the primary source of non-paid crystal income.


What was amazing was that after the Traya meta, the JKR meta, and the DR meta, a super vocal contigent was still demanding more KOTOR content. Like half the games history to that point was KOTOR content. Give it a rest dudes.


For the guild issue you just need to find a better guild. Mine is running near full participation


I think so. We're halfway through the year and there's hardly been anything positive for players. The highlights have been drip feeding a weak pay to play team and overpriced datacrons, by both in-game currency and real world currency that vanish after a few months. If you're outside of the 2,000 or so people that engaged with all of that then what else is there to perk you up? The TIE Interceptor is pretty good but I wouldn't call it overly exciting. Malgus seems beast like, but we still can't unlock him until after the next conquest event. Arguably the positive highlight of the year for the whole of the playerbase has been the slight UI change to the store between the ability to see mod stats and navigate without having to move your hands. This sounds like a joke, but it's not. This is the state of SWGOH 2022. Still no Death Star Raid. No new TB. No Red Five. No Jabba or a good version of Leia. No fleet loadouts. No official sandbox or a way to scrimmage with friends or guildmates for fun. What is there to be hyped over?


So, objectively, the game itself is fine. What gear crunch alleviation we got was terrific, the switch from Squad Arena to GAC as the main source of crystals was fine, PvP is in a pretty good place overall (pending the results of datacrons), all in all, things are....fine. What's killing the playerbase right now is that a big part of "live service"/regularly-updated games like this is **anticipation**. In general, developers of games like this know the psychological impact of teasing The Next Big Thing will keep players coming back even if they're not totally hooked by the game as it is right in front of them. And...there is, currently, absolutely no Next Big Thing to look forward to. Not only that, but in all the years I've played this game, we've *never* gone as long as we currently have without a Next Big Thing getting teased (whether it actually came true or not, or lived up to the hype or not, or was released anywhere close to when they said it'd be released, are different stories, but those honestly don't really matter as far as the psychological impact of teasing "something big is coming, just wait"). Like: the Inquisitorius sucked, nobody was excited for them, and yet Grand Inquisitor was the big tease in not one, but TWO Road Ahead posts. Datacrons basically weren't teased (they were leaked) and nobody was really excited for them and still nobody is really excited for them. We've gotten some cool stuff this year, but it's generally been just Marquee releases (or ship chases) that got dropped on us with no warning. I dunno what's going on over at CG's management but they have absolutely dropped the ball in an unprecedented way as far as building hype to keep their players waiting around to see what comes next. So, the game itself, mechanically, is currently fine, but there's nothing to *look forward to*, and there hasn't been, for longer than ever before. And what you're seeing with so many players getting bored and leaving is how much of an impact "having something to look forward to" really has on a game like this. It's pretty big.


Datacrons *were* supposed to be the next big thing, and it's really just another gear grind that nobody wanted. With that being the content for the next quarter many people are going to see there isn't really enough to look forward to and get bored.


wow, you’re totally right


I don’t think they’d ever shut the game down, they’d just stop updating it


This is EA were talking about. The second they're not making enough profit they will unplug the server quicker than you can say "see you at the holota..."


They would still leave the crystal packs up, so they’d always be making money from whales and such. They just wouldn’t be putting any money into dev salaries on this game anymore. This game will likely be up and running for many more years


But at that point the whales are gone because there's nothing new for them to spend on. They've got the shiniest toys and everyone is just working up to the same point. Probably all moved onto getting gandalf in the new LOTR game! Also I don't know as I have absolutely no experience in it but I'm assuming they have significant upkeep costs to keep the thing running even if its just kind of coasting. All of this is purely me guessing and you may absolutely be right, I hope you are!


I think you underestimate how much money a game on life support can still make. EA still updates and runs servers for Tapped Out (Simpsons) and it's a decade old. Several years ago it was apparently still making $30,000 a month, despite not having major updates in a few years at that point. Star Wars license is probably more expensive, but it probably makes more on life support than Tapped Out.


No way that's insane, like I say no idea on the finances so interesting. Thanks!


You know everyone said "this is the worst state the game has been in" when they released mods, relics, revans, and first gls.


Don't worry. You'll get your General Skywalker, and likely all 6 GLs, way before this game is shut down.


As someone who has played since the start as mostly F2P (have put a little money in), I'd say the main problems come from their design decisions. 1) There are periods where there is literally nothing to do in the events, no Guild activities, no GAC, no conquest. Then at other times all of them at once. They need to better organise to keep the level of activity at a similar level, so there no boredom and similarly no burnout 2) New teams are a good idea, especially if they rework older toons that may be an extra elsewhere (such as with Mandos). What is frustrating is having new teams that are weak, that don't seem to have a place as a counter (despite thematically being so) such as the Inquistorious. I like the idea of each of them having a leader ability, that makes it interesting, but yet another unique debuff (one that doesn't appear very effective) almost seems like the design was rushed out. 3) Alongside the above, events that need these new teams so often. I get they want to make money, that is fine, but at least make the events fun so when you are trying them at lower levels, you want to try the higher levels for the actual fun of playing, the rewards being the bonus. 4) Prices are still crazy. It'd be amazing if every one in a while they would have a discount to make it more worthwhile in comparison to other (non-mobile) games, such as £3 to get all shards for a character. Not even a good character, someone like Lobot, just to encourage those to spend a little for their completion sake. Another idea would be to rewards those who spend a certain amount of active time (not idle) with a discount code, to encourage spending. 5) So many characters begging for a redesign, or must have fan favourites that have yet to be added. How long did it take for CLS and JKL to be added when they were on the game loading screen? Where's Hondo? Jabba? Jar Jar Binks? General Leia? 6) redesigned GAC for set defence, which saves time. However, they have yet to add ship squads (squadrons?) which should have been in place at the start. Also, some teams don't have full lineups still. 7) Proving ground should be replayable, even if you don't get rewards, just like the journey events. Sometimes I replay old journey missions to see if I can now 3 star them. I want little extra content like that.


Far from it. There was like a year where we heard from devs like twice and got almost nothing to do.


One, like anything in life there are peaks and valleys. Typically these games build fans for the first couple of years, and then gradually lose them as things grow stale and evolve. It's the same thing that happens with TV shows. They won't shut the game down for a while since it is still making loads of money. But in a few years the day will come when they do. It's why, despite folks shaming whales, the whales are actually the most important part of the game (I'm also largely ftp minus a small handful of $10 purchases over the five years I've played the game). On the substance of your post, the problem is the inherent contradiction that underlies what you say. You note the repetition and being tired. But you also criticize the attempt to change things up. That's the root problem with these games: players are drawn in by things that are initially fun, but grow stale over time. On the other hand, things that are new can be seen as unwanted change. And even an attempt to improve game modes is often met with resistance.


Not even close to the worse it has been. As other have mentioned, some of the main improvements off the top of my head: * 4x speed. Go to 1x and try to play for a day. It is brutal and that is what it used to be always. * 5 sim hard nodes, used to be 3. * Simmed GW. * Simmed rancor/haat. * Revised crancor. (If you never played the original, it was a coordination nightmare). * Kryos and core gear in daily boxes * Assault battle challenge tiers and rewards. * Tier 6 mods, gives more chances for speed rolls. * Mods in general. Hot take, but mods allow for customization that wasn't there early on. * Accelerated toons. * Always active journey guide characters/events. That is off the top of my head. Imagine none of that in the game and think things are worse now...


Great reminders here. People forget those and other changes along the way.


There are sooo many more too. Only guild leaders could set zone instructions and the banner text initially, there was no in game direct chat outside of the guild, and many many more.


I started playing around July '18. I wouldn't even say the game is "the worst" it's ever been. This is the typical trend any time they announce a new grind of some kind. It'll be a couple months until it balances out. People will hop guilds, leave, come back, etc. It's literally how the game flows. That being said, while I don't hate datacrons, they aren't great imo. It used to be that characters were the pay to win way. But, now, it's going to be this I think. "Changing the meta" is a good thing, sure. I loved when you saw all 4 GLs I'm Squad Arena, and any Fleet could Duke it out to the top (mostly). But with datacrons, it feels like whoever has the most can annihilate counters and fundamentally change GAC, which will mess with people's crystal income. Which will make there a bigger discrepancy in matchmaking. We'll have to wait and see. I also don't expect Datacrons to stay the way they are. So it might end up working out just fine


I was skeptical at first but at the very least it’s new wrinkles to throw into the mechanics. This has been the slowest and most deliberate I’ve been on GAC yet facing 4 GLs on defense. The GAS squad with increasing offense and cooldowns isn’t terrifying haha.


It’s not in a great place, but not it’s worst. The meta is pretty good, every gl can take out at least 3 other gls, so it’s not like the jkr mirror meta, which was terrible. Also the short notice for malak, I think both revans had short notice too(not sure about that though). Back when things like assault battles couldn’t be simmed, 3 hard attempts per day, etc


I don't know if it's the lowest it's been but datacrons do feel like the first mechanic that may make me quit. I just don't want any part of that. And i haven't felt that way before even with big changes/features like ships or the great nerf last year.


Personally I wouldn't say so, there just seems to be a massive focus on a couple of game modes and no interest in developing new content, which is a longevity problem. There's new characters coming all the time and nowhere to actually use them. There seems to be a lot more days now where you log on, do your daily boring bits and turn it off. Not a lot of point having all the shiny new characters and bring able to use them in 1 battle a week in TW or something. I totally get things like assault battles were tedious, but now you don't even play them at all. Conquest at best for those who don't whale on it is 5/6 battles a day or less so it seems that GAC is the only way to actually "play" this game, which is once every other day for a few weeks then back to nothing. As far as I can see, days of doing next to nothing in the game are getting more and more: - Squad arena is 1 battle a day because there's no real benefit to doing it any more than that. Fleet arena is only worth it for about the top 60 otherwise again, one simmed/retreated battle. - GAC only interesting on attack days, which out of every 7 is 3, and even then you might just get blocked behind a GL wall and get 1/2 battles. Still the best part of the game currently. - Raids are on sim/farm for most guilds, CPit potentially available to but unless you've got JMK or you're a mega whale, you're doing up to about 5 mil damage and calling it quits. Only once every 4/5 days. Most guilds won't let you solo the HSTR more than once every now and then. - TB can be hit and miss. You can be a little late and not even get a chance to do the combat missions, you can have a full relic team on LSTB and still get wiped, thereby making it pointless. Nice to have on if you're appropriately matched at the level your guild is at for 2-5 battles every 1.5 days, probably 15-20 mins of something to do. - TW you either have to keep logging in as your guild goes through waves or dump it all on D and collect rewards. If you're regularly logging on throughout the 24 hours, you might get up to 10 battles depending on your roster size, more likely to be 2-4 battles once every 5 days or so that it's on. - Assault battles all simmable, some downright impossible and just not fun to play, especially with the limited usability of teams outside of that mode (phoenix/nightsisters, inquisitors) but gives you an option to play the highest tier if you want, another 5-60+ minutes depending on the battle. - Nothing else of significance really. GW isn't difficult after level 85, omega battles are straight sims, the regular popups of resource farming are sim or uninteresting. Personally I think they should expand GAC significantly. Add more team spaces, so rather than just seeing endless meta teams, you have to throw down some garbage like Phoenix, your undergeared rebels etc. This would give us a place to use new teams, would give you a chance to experience all "levels" of the game so to speak, with endgame content of GL vs GL, but also your gear 5 jawas that you've never got round to. Be able to utilise 90% of your roster would be more a challenge than leave the same defence you always have, get stuck against 3 GLs and call it a day. Most of all though, we need new content. I know people complain about the game taking up so much time (not sure how, probably just on days where lots of what I mentioned above lines up which is very infrequently) so maybe a mode/modes that don't have too much importance, but are there for testing or enjoyment of new characters. In-guild sandboxes, even in-guild squad arena for no rewards, with unlimited attacks etc.


I have played since the beginning and people have complain since the beginning. Gotta take the good with the bad sometimes.


From a community moral perspective I think so. We’ve waited 6 months for inquisitors to all be released and it has been, frankly, underwhelming. Additionally our last road ahead only really talked about a new progression system. We haven’t been given much to look forward to and Datacrons are frustrating. From a game quality perspective? It’s hard to say. I’ve played since a month after launch and we didn’t have the ability to sim for a while. Was that worse? Probably, but it was also less frustrating than conquest and less time consuming. Really it’s hard to say.


I don't know when they first introduced mods and it was pretty broken. They did it in a Friday afternoon and took off for the weekend. Good times.


I'm content with where the game is. It has obvious flaws, but people make it out to be way worse then it really is.


Maul dodge meta was the closest I ever came to quitting. I may be unlucky, but I've noticed an increase in dodging and it's making me nervous. That should tell you how scarring it was.


The time of JKR was worse imo.


I just started playing again after a 5 year break. While there are certainly things that are issues today like the lack of communication from the devs, the shitty new crap that’s forced on us, the pay to win cost has gone up like crazy, and the big GP differences in GA fights, I think the game is certainly in a better state than it was. There used to not be able to sim battles, and even when they added that you were constantly out of sim tickets. High tier character events you had to have to wait for months to come around. It took me so long to get Yoda when he first released because you could only attempt it a week or 2 every few months. Relics gave this game an actual endgame. I stopped playing because i basically finished the game. There was very little left for me to do so i just lost interest. Coming back there’s always something to work towards, always another team to gear, mod and improve. Biggest thing im happy about. My man Chewie finally got added as a real character. We had like 4 variations of the guy but no actual chewie. Serious disrespect…


Why would the game shutting down ‘terrify’ you? I’m personally terrified of climate change, not a mobile game closing down.


This is the worst the game has been in the 6 years I’ve been playing. Everything is stagnant and nothing is done about it. Everything is a chore from conquest to farming irrelevant characters, and they do nothing to ease up gear crunches. CG’s focus is clearly on their new LOTR game, which will be near-identical to SWGOH. As long as you still have a “journey” in the game and are able to farm GLs or new, exciting characters it will be fun. Once you reach 9m GP, have all GLs and any character worth a shit, then the game turns into hot trash like it did for me.


This is a fine time to be pretty fresh to the game. You will progress through existing content faster than players have at any point before this. The grinds are shorter, you can try new things sooner, and you don't need to overly stress about squad arena for crystals. It is a pretty bleak time to be a late game player. Based on recent releases it looks like CG has no intention to release "completable" content any time in the near future. Their argument is that people will...complete it. Is pretty demotivating to always chase moving goalposts. The new assault battle is actually what I am most excited for since I am slowly leveling up my inquisitors. By the time it next comes around, I might even be able to try tier 2! (not challenge tier 2, regular ass tier 2)


I'm versing someone in GAC who has gone crazy on datacrons. They'll have such an influence in next to no time. Just another dirty grind


I don’t even think it’s in a bad state, so I doubt it’s the worst it has ever been. Everyone parrots each other here, and it doesn’t help that the most popular content creator frequently stirs people into a negative frenzy- I still like the guy though


don't worry it will pass. and it will be worse


>ridiculous matchmaking issues with Territory War and Grand Arena (I am a 1.8 mil GP facing a 6.7 mil GP today) I never get tired with people misunderstanding matchmaking and then bitching about it


His opponent has probably never participated in GAC and has been floating down from kyber or something. IMO after not participating that much the player should be moved to an "AFK matchmaking pool" or something.


it is perfectly easy to understand genius master, that doesn’t make it not suck.


It's not an issue. It's working very well.


That's just like... your opinion, man


About once a year Ahnaldt runs out of ideas to scream so he talks about how the game is on its last breath and how it is all doom and gloom. Then a year later the game is chugging along and he does the same thing again


No, just too many negative posts from a small portion of the player base.




I’ve played since launch and entirely free to play. I’ve had the ups and downs but never really quit. With the release of datacrons, I’m seriously considering it.


To preface I am only 1.5 years in as well. I have said this in previous posts that it seems the lifecycle of the game is towards the end. That's not to say that it will shut down soon. Its simply to say that the game starts out wanting to grow users aggressively, then keep users and continue to grow, then mostly just keep users with as little effort as possible. We are at the end where they want to make as much off those of us left as possible without investing much. This is compounded by the fact that they have a new project in LOTR so their growth as a company will be driven by that. Whether this is the worst its been or not I don't know, but it seems like they don't have as much incentive to want to pull the game out of the doldrums that its in with a big splash. This is also significantly more true for the content below end game. The trend of adding things that only the top players can interact with is likely to continue so they can keep moving the finish line out for them. Personally I like GAC and have plenty of room to grow that will keep me occupied but not overly excited in the game and I have 0 incentive to spend.


I love LOTR and I hope the game is good because I want to give it a try. But CG doesn't realise the real dimension of both IP's. Star Wars is so much bigger and popular, that by the time they see LOTR won't bring in the same revenue, they'll just come back big for SWGOH and start releasing new shit at a higger rate again. This is my view. The game isn't dead and it won't be in the near future, they probably have a shit ton of content ready to go and they will try and save it in case the community starts imploding or if LOTR flops just so they can work the most time they can in LOTR for now.


You may be right and I hope that LOTR takes off and they also decide to come back to SWGOH and refresh it but the extent of the IP is only one factor. Even the popularity of it is only one factor. CG wants to keep the revenue from SWGOH sure but Im sure, as they see it at least they could dump a bunch of money in at this point and not move the needle much on the revenue. There is also politics involved. They NEED to make the LOTR game work so that they can get their next project after LOTR when the time comes. If LOTR is a flop or not as successful as they hope and they run back to SWGOH. Who is going to hire them for the next big thing? If swgoh goes under they can just explain it away as the game was old and just aged out. My view has more to do with corporate BS than anything to do with either game.




Right when Crancor dropped it was pretty bad. My guild almost imploded.


When it comes to fleet meta than yes. Exe ist very strong and had no consistens counter for a long time. Male had a chance but could also fail easy and FO just got a new ship that makes beating exe more easily Otherwise the revan meta was very long and very boring….


FO, Neg, and Mal all counter Exec. I've never understood the no counters talk.


So where does Negotiatior counter Executor?


Negotiator is probably my most consistent Exec counter since I don't have the FO counter online yet still farming echelon. Run Vader ship in your starting 3 and go 5's special, Vader special, JKA special on HT wipe it out and it's a pretty simple cleanup from there.


I do it all the time for my fleet climbs. There are two lineups you can run Anakin, Fives, Vader (Plo, Ahsoka, 3rd/4th GR reinforcement) Anakin, Ahsoka, Sun Fac (Plo, Fives, 3rd/4th GR reinforcement) Search it up on YouTube, there are plenty of videos made on it. I have a pretty decent success rate when I run it on the daily, but it's not something I would recommend for TW or GAC, unless you're super desperate.


Naaa, game has been much worse than this.


I took a nine month break when conquest came out because it's such an annoying time sink. I'm back but rather that spend 3-400/month I only spend 30-50.


There was a time before mods, when teebo lead was killer, when there were no complete squads in the entire game, when there was not even a pit raid or guilds, no ships, no GaC… ONLY galactic war and squad arena. I left when they released lvl 85, and came back just before they released GL Rey. The game is very good and robust now.


Nah Rhode Island is for sure the worst.


I'm good. I wouldn't shed any tears if they shut it down, I've reached enough goals that I'm happy with, but there's zero chance they shut off the servers any time soon. They're still getting plenty of engagement, plenty of new players, and making plenty of money. We won't be getting any new features or characters for months, or years, before they shut it down. There *is* the possibility that they kill the game with a new feature or change, but I seriously doubt, unpopular as they are, that datacrons will be that change. Everyone is gonna have their own metric for "worst state of the game", so far I've found it pretty easy to stay engaged during the 4 years I've been playing.


I've been playing for just over 5 years. I can think of 2 lower points: 1 - The 2021 nerf. I actually messaged my GL and asked if someone could babysit my account while I took a break. He talked me into staying, and I eventually got over it. 2 - The Malak buff AFTER the event was over. Those 2 lows were both followed by something positive not too long after. Geo TB started a few months after Malak. GAC got a facelift, gear changes, etc a few months after the nerf. For now, we haven't had anything to look forward to for some time now. And there's no indication that there is anything on the horizon. If things don't improve in a couple months, I'd say then we'd be at the lowest point due to the length of the dark time. My $0.02. Your opinions may vary. Have a nice day :)


I've been playing 5 years. For me it's worst its been appreciating others wouldn't agree. It feels now like every single thing is to monetise. I get it before people jump on me, they're a company there to make money but it feels like nothing is to enhance the game now, just bloat profits. No new raids since crancor which wasn't really new but recycled. Conquest was new but you're hard pressed to find people who like it. New teams are slow coming and uninspiring (new made up characters or underwhelming inquisitors rammed down your throat in 15 galactic challenges in a row). Datacons are the thing nobody asked for and only really apply to those spending hard on the game. People used to get excited about road ahead and now it's just flogging their wears. I'd say for 4.5 years I played this game pretty much every day without question but think I'll be done within a couple more months unless they do something shockingly positive. I've kind of been priced out too as when I started and for the first couple of years I paid money to get better stuff quicker but now I haven't got the money to whale and the prices of stuff is just mind boggling, I genuinely don't know how people afford it. So other people will disagree and I see why but for me yeah it does feel like it's approaching end game in some ways *cue Lord of the rings soundtrack*


Datacrons are a dumb addition and the Inquisitors are hysterically bad, though to be fair they are hysterically bad in content too. Still, I am generally happy. I have been playing since early 2019 and played for a few months back in I think 2017. I am not completely free to play but I only spend about 100-150 bucks a year (though I did buy the 1/2 price hyperdrive bundle in addition). Got a GL this year and unlocked a bunch of Journey Guide content. I am kinda pissed at how poorly I am doing in conquest. (A big fu to Enfys Nest). But all in all it’s been worse… we are getting daily Kyrotech and the Crystal payouts for GAC are great. I am pissed at our Territory War match ups as I have been waiting on two wins to finish some prestigious quests and they are just not coming. But I like my guild, the game is pretty low maintenance and I get to play Star Wars. I ain’t complaining.


Progression-wise, I'd actually say this is the best the game has ever been. F2P players can progress extremely rapidly compared to how it used to be. Gameplay-wise, however, the game really has gone completely tits-up. More bugs than ever, developers who don't give a rat's ass, stale PvE, flagrantly unbalanced PvP, and now Datacrons, which are a painfully obvious cash grab that offers absolutely nothing to the players besides frustration and blatant gambling. It used to be that things were the other way around. The game was fun at its core, but you would progress at a snail's pace. Now, I'm content with progression, but CG is purposefully beating the fun out of it in an effort to make monetization as passive as possible while they work on Lord of the Rings instead.


Thanks for saying that, good pov. They upgrade some things over time but i believe they should allow for more middle of the road user suggestions. Datacrons are just a weird weird thing to add and unless you spend hrs on the game you are mot going to go deep in them. Im certainly not gonna touch them for a while, GLs were a big deal when they came and as a middle of the road user am getting used to getting gaslight by every innovation the devs bring in. Datacrons are a bad innovation bc rather than fix functionality, CG just made wayyyy more complex to play and even the datacrons ran out so you are eternally working on upgrading things that disappear. The game should be fun and not a chore. Conquest takes hrs and I complained about that before.


Datacrons don't effect anyone outside of kyber that much tbh. Communication has gotten better from what I've seen, the developers seem very ambitious, other than the inquisitors I think the last year of releases has been a huge success. TB should not feel repetitive for you, hopefully you're guild is increasing and getting further each month, and even the highest guilds still improve is lsgtb with new releases and new strategies every so often, sucks it overlaps with conquest is all. I haven't heard much complaints about TW matchmaking, and I certainly can't say my guild has experienced poor matchmaking, the gac matchmaking seems to be largely smaller focused and competitive accounts realizing much of the player base is not nearly so competitive, so many 5M+ gp accounts lacking any competitive nature have fallen to the ratings that many competitive, focused players are climbing through. GP matchmaking is terrible because it's a terrible evaluation of an accounts viability. A 9M gp account with no GL's, poor ships, and bad mods is entirely useless compared to a 2M gp account with competent ships, decent mods, and gas/Malak and some work towards a GL or even just shaak/501. Stop worrying about gp, it doesn't matter, and you'll see yourself having so much more fun, and you'll apreciate you're improvements and achievements as they come so much more.


It’s been dry and a lackluster year. We are approaching a “break in case of emergency point” like when JKL and JMK were announced


Definitely the JKR DR meta before g13 cane out


I’ve been playing 6 years. This the worst I have ever seen it. Datacrons are ruining the entire game. Even if you don’t get lucky on numerous rerolls you are screwed. I really grown to hate the game. It absolutely ruined it


"The worst state" is an idea that could vary a lot from one person to another. I played around 2016 when nothing had double shards, everything was so slow and I still found joy. The game sure has a lot of new QoL since then, but for me the game is "the most demoralizing" since I started playing. Mostly because they don't seem to care and datacrons push the boundaries of greed a step past the line of what I'm cool with.


Everyones afraid of this game getting shut down… lol yeah , don’t see it happening in the next few years.


I’d say they seem to more likely what other people have said is get the game in a state of auto pilot where they can just make the schedules for events and move on to LOTR. I would assume they want let this game keep running but we’re getting to a point where the content is done.


I can only speak for myself I say my morale is low right now and I’m finding it difficult to find my usual enjoyment from the game. I’m still playing but it is mostly my guild friends keeping me going. Just don’t care much right now.


It's the least I've played it since release... I check in during the morning do a few dailies and never come back during the day. Didn't bother with conquest this time, told my guild leader I'd likely be missing dailies and kick me if needed. Game is in a very sad state right now.


Fuck no lol. Not even close. It's been so much worse countless other times.


Nah. Game was way worse on release


My take is that endgame players who whale on anything etc are bored for the lack of content,new toons BUT for the rest of the midgame or early endgame players it is an opportunity to catchup previous gls exec or whatever.


For me, yes it is.