Why not just identify them by shirt color?


If you do it by name, your characters are organized by name at the top of your screen and in the priorities menu, so it makes it easier to find people than just their shirt color




I did my crew naming scheme by jobs not ships, for example botanist joe, or researcher mary, etc. That way i dont draft some1 with a key job and end up losing valuable productivity like unattended plants while you are out fighting. That was an example, i use abbreviations for jobs names. Also if you have some1 who is really good for fighting (good accuracy etc) i give them the soldier job titile. And since names are sorted alphabetically the job titles groups them and makes them easier to find.


My Boarding Parties are (A) ***name*** with red shirts, my night crews are (N) ***name*** with yellow shirts and any prisoners I recruit are (N-P) ***name*** with pink shirts for Night crew - probationary (No weapons allowed for them). When I create extra ships I name the ship with a prefix (G-1) for gunship and so on so their name is (G-1) name with red shirt. So far Ship names are HMS Bounty, HMAS Melbourne (G-1) and HMAS Adelaide (G-2).


i have 1 ship, 62 crew, 4 away teams, and the rest split between day, mid, and night shifts. away teams 1 through 4 are: a1-name, a2-name, a3-name, a4-name. then simply d-name, m-name, n-name. each team and shift have their own colored shirts. away teams are task limited and the shifts are ship locked (they don't leave the ship unless to mine).


I call them my away team and number them.


That sounds like a good plan for early game.


Give them names of iconic characters like Ripley, Dallas, etc, when the names end just make random slav looking names, like Novarovik, the name I just invented while writing


I didn't want to give them numbers and letters so I used names from my favorite SciFi show The Expanse. I called my boarding party \*MCRN "Name" (I added the asterisk so they appear first in the list). Names I chose for the other groups include Gany (short for Ganymede for Botany), Eros (Mining), Ceres (Industry), Tycho (Research) and so on...