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That Reigns/Demon match was trash. 2/3 was good and then the Usos showing up and the top rope breaking ruined it. Wtf is WWE doing? Every single match Reigns wins is due to BS like that. Usos show up and interfere, Rollins shows up and interferes, Heyman interferes, and now we get a ring malfunction??? Ffs. Will Reigns ever win a clean match??? Probably not. The character he's playing sucks. He doesn't even have a dominating presence in the ring, and his opponents are constantly make him look good. Shit like this is another reason why AEW is killing them. I hope Lashley/McIntyre take the belt from him. I bet Brock will get screwed out of winning at Crown Jewel too. I'm sure some sort of outside interference or malfunction will help give Reigns the win over Brock.


He literaly just beat John Cena completly clean and also beat Cesaro, Kevin owens and jey uso clean


Are we getting God’s favourite-er son, Roman Reigns? I really hope so.


Vince is nuts.


IMO, extreme rules 2021 was the most POINTLESS ppv ever. I mean, I wasnt expecting a whole bunch of huge things to happen, but none of what did happen made any sense whatsoever, save for the bianca/becky match ending. As for the Demon/Roman match, why didnt the Street Prophets come out to even the score when the Usos intervened? Why didnt Brock Lesnar make an appearance and throw Roman off his game? So much wasted potential.


Yup... AEW Rampage was way better than Extreme Rules and Rampage was free!


WWE is the only ones who could make Demon Finn cringe. That man convulsing on the floor when the heartbeat sound happens? Music controlling moves he does? Then the rope snap at the end of the match? I can't take it serious


They make anything that was once cool in NXT awful. As JDFromNY once said, "Hunter creates, Vince destroys!"


Everything is just in a holding pattern until the Draft takes place so I wasn’t expecting anything major to happen. I also however wasn’t expecting the ridiculous farce that took place either.


What sucks is that this is the BAD kind of heat you do not want. The stuff that makes people want to not turn into Raw because what's the point? ​ But people are mad, so I am sure the people around Vince are saying, "EVEN THE SMARKS ARE MAD! THIS IS GREAT!"


What sucks is people will still watch this, but not AEW. I don't know... I guess most fans love the stupid shit? But yeah I don't think Vince really cares about making fans angry. He knows they will still watch and he'll laugh his ass off all the way to the bank.


Its habit, man. I've been watching this show since the 90s. It's tough for some people to break that routine.


Think of the HEEEEAT.


Damn....so yeah my post stands, roman and the deman should have never had fought


Exactly. If you can’t book a finish then don’t book a match


AEW....... Fin Balor real soon @WWE and yet your still piping in crowd chants in the Becky match even tho no one likes Bellar, treating AJ as if was a prematch chump, allowing a drunk to become a tag team champion because you think people love his cousin so much, making Seth into a poor Vince McMahon, and what the hell is with these wanna be GMs turning the show into crap. Do you want us to blame them if it goes south cause we all know it's WWE exec that sign off on this crap with late stage Alzheimer's.


It was Nakazawa all along.




I figure this would be in Spanish


If you are going to have a terrible finish like that surely work something into it like having the ropes fail cause Hayman has cut them with bolt cutters or something. Not just inexplicably fail?!?!? Demon loses its aura & Roman looks weak. And now looking at a bit of a stagnant couple of months. What with the draft, crown jewel then survivor series (BRAND WARFARE when 50% of the roster will have switched brands 6 weeks prior) Never mind I'm sure it will be rumble time again :p


You know how it goes. Put a ton of effort from Rumblr through Mania, then coast until the next year’s Rumble


They were seconds away from having one of the most epic moments ever, only to literaly sabotage it for The sake of it, like god Damm, if they were not going to commit with that sequence all the way through, then they should had left it for another PPV, in which the Demon actually wins, that was such a waste of crowd investment and idea, and the worst of it Is that I watched it for free and want a refund,and if that Is me, then I cannot imagine the dissapointment of the ones that actually paid for this.


Just shows how behind wwe in terms of flowing with the crowd and understanding the audience. I would say miles behind aew/roh/tna/njpw Just doesn't feel the same connection that I have with the other wrestling companies. Before ER began I knew becky and roman were winning without breaking a sweat...


I was there. It hurt. Everyone was going nuts just to get confused and disappointed. This match just tells me WWE can be amazing but chooses not to. That was literally THE WAY to take the belt off Roman without making him look bad. Now however it happens will just seem dumb.


How on earth will they explain the buckle breaking?? I feel they don't even know yet😂 atleast the demon was sort of protected man I really thought he was going to win!!!


You could see Roman thanking god so i think he’s going to steal miro’s gimmick.


I know! At least have something like Hayman cut the ropes or something!


That was the absolute corniest shit I have ever seen in wrestling, and yes, that includes Matt Hardy teleporting.


I have to looks this up 😂😂😂


At some point I wish WWE would realize these shenanigans every week becomes deflating.


Last 3 matches Roll up DQ shenanigans


I didn't catch the full match was it red light the whole time or just the ending segment?


Just the end.


They ruined Demon Balor SMH


This match has been booked to ruin Demon Balor. We all knew this was coming. They just booked it as the Demon it to add a bit of suspense but we weren’t dumb enough to fall for it atleast before the whole red light thing


So for the first time in WWE history, they finally do something to make the Demon persona separate and distinct from normal Finn Balor..... ....and then they immediately cock it all up and job him out. Because reasons. They had about 7829502 ways to end that match without having to give Balor the title. They picked the worst one available.


Because Saudi blood money. The prince wants Brock/Roman for the title, so he gets it - WWE fanbase and locker room morale be damned


Hopefully aew won't follow the same lame strategy where they won't listen to the fans once they go big time worldwide.


Now I'm totally looking forward to hearing what Cornette says about that finish lol


On the next dark side of the ring season 24.. Jim Cornette: we were pitching ideas to Vince on how to make the Demon lose and I came up with the idea that the ropes give in Vince Russo: Jim is a liar. I came up with it


Interesting, Broken Skulls Session is premiering now with Rollins and he just got through talking about HIAC


The Demon vs The turnbuckle at wrestlemania pls


Turnbuckle to be initiated into the bloodline on Friday


If Finn Balor won, that would have been one of the most legendary matches of all time. Like the match was great. But that ending would have been 11/10. His theme song playing, the arena cemented in dark red etc. I was so hyped! But no.... the top rope breaks. I don’t even know what wwe is doing anymore smh


I actually stood up when he that music started and was like yes this is it…then the pause on rope I thought here we go then it breaks, made no sense they ruined both Alexa and the demon tonight


Alexa's character has been garbage since betrayal of the fiend and Lilly showing up


I'm sorry but Alexa was never on that level atleast not that character


Definitely agree just mean they spend a lot of time on these things snd they just ruin it always


Yea I didn't like the finish it legit made me mad I'm not even excited for Saudi Mania


like seriously what the fuck is the explanation for the turnbuckle? nobody loosened it with no one looking. if it was a malfunction then in kayfabe and hell even in reality a ring tech needs to be fired. but even how did the turnbuckle hold up for four hours only to buckle at just the right moment? there’s almost no booking this other than “samoan gods look out for roman” and jesus christ please let’s not go that route.


Paul Heyman had it rigged. They foreshadowed it earlier.


GTVAli reboot?


i must have missed this and if this is true - then awesome storytelling. however i want a kayfabe explanation on how he rigged that exact turnbuckle to collapse at just the right time after four hours of action in which some spots were from that exact turnbuckle.


He was talking about getting things set up when Kayla interrupted him. They made it vague so we thought it was Brock.


i do remember that promo. i still struggle with how the hell heyman would pull it off.


It’s wrestling. It’s a soap opera with testosterone. Don’t worry about the details lol.


oh i know man. thirty years watching. i’m a writer by trade. so things like this irritate me on all kinds of levels.


A writer as well and I feel you


Judging by the comments, I’m really glad I didn’t end up watching and played FIFA instead lol


So much heat in this thread, lol. Confused at how people still get actually upset at WWE


Because they were finally doing something right. It was actually a great match. Then in typical WWE fashion they ruined it at the last moment.


Nostalgia only reason I watch had some great memories as a kid but it’s like the product is literally trying to drive us all away it’s just as weird as that dumb ending tonight


They almost had me even with the music even if it lasted for one week, even if he was knocked out with a superman and pinned... Instead they did the worst cop out ending of all time. Literally 0 interest in the match until that moment which made it even worse to go 0>75> -50.


I'm calling it now...Finn vs The Demon @Mania!


The Demon turned on Finn tonight.


What are the odds we never hear anything again about the "mysterious rope break" tonight?


Just like when Kevin should have beat Roman because the cuffs wouldn’t unlock, but nothing was ever said of it.


as sure as LOLCENAWINS circa 2011.


Either that or something incredibly stupid. Like Happy Corbin paid for it to happen.


I will stop watching 😂😂




If you hated that like me, cancel your peacock subscription. You can always get it back, but show them with your money that you hated it.


Made more sense with the network, we actually watch a few things on Peacock...


So then just send peacock a complaint too, it takes two seconds to send an email. I get it though.


Yeah, I use Peacock for The Office, 30 Rock and a few other shows. Fiancee uses it for various shows as well. Kind of hate that WWE is a part of it.


The fact that we had another HIAC 2019 moment despite the PPV being solid just kills me


That Demon Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns finish is one of the greatest worst finishes I've ever seen. HE BUSTED HIS ASS OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!! And that theme music playing during his comeback, with the abrupt cut off!?? I've howled!!!!


What a disappointment


Was that a botch or what????


lol no. If it was a botch, they wouldn't have ended the match immediately after.


Nope, just WWE bullshit


First WWE I have watched in ages because I was hyped to see the Demon return That finish was really trash. Back to AEW on Wednesday nights for me….


And Friday!


And Monday and Tuesday!


And some Saturdays and Sundays.


I dunno how you have the ability to use that top rope break finish and didn't use it for that fat ass Adam Cole.


In my almost thirty years of watching, i can’t recall a more bewildering way to end a PPV.


The Exploding Barbwire death match that ended with Kingston and Moxley selling sparklers like they got mowed down with machine guns was weird.


An equipment malfunction isn't the same thing as a planned outcome though. If AEW had intended to end with a crappy explosion that would have been an incredibly bizarre choice, WWE deliberately wrote the turnbuckle buckle to finish the PPV


Didnt the storyline state that Kenny Omega intentionally tampered with the explosives so they wouldn't detonate properly?


I'm pretty sure that was written in afterwards as a kayfabe reason why the explosion was a dud. Same with Eddie Kingston inventing having PTSD that's set off by pyro being the reason that he sold the explosion that wasn't (which he still sells consistently on Elevation commentary)


I would argue that if AEW did it, Tony Khan would be hailed as a genius and people would compare it to Brock and Big Show destroying the ring mixed with throwing Mankind off the Hell in a Cell. In actuality, it's really not that bad of a finish. People just look for things to bitch about. I've been to a show when the top rope broke. It was alarming and it affected the match outcome. I would also argue that its better for something to fall flat in the finish that went off as planned rather than something fall flat in the finish because there was a botch.


i’ll agree. but the “malfunction” didn’t change the actual outcome of the match there.


The finish is all that people remember and it will be the same with this match.


Think this is worse than Seth/Fiend Hell in a Cell?


![gif](giphy|2wSaulb0fsDydh0IoB|downsized) A turnbuckle cant withstand a 100 pound man. This ending man....wtf


And think of how many people pulled off top-rope moves tonight without issue. But we're supposed to believe that a glorified cruiserweight was heavy enough to cause that. Ok


190 but still 🤫


Ouch. Now for some damage control.


It’s really too bad they don’t have an Eddie Kingston to promo this stupid finish away.


They wasted such a fucking cool ending Finn felt like a protagonist and that win would have been the talk of the month. WWE really knows how to fuck shit up.


This PPV could’ve literally been an episode of RAW


Fish Balor ![gif](giphy|1xneO4pA1mgnx1GKnx)


The demon needs to lay off the big macs clearly no wonder the top rope broke


The ghost of Adam Cole had to go somewhere


His fat 90lbs ass broke it lol


I came back to wrestling 7 yrs ago, and it was bc of WWE, but how do you defend this anymore. Its comical, predictable and at times borderline insulting to the fan. The storylines at the time, NXT and the network were big draws for me. Now one doesnt exist and you could reasonably argue none exist anymore.


Switch to AEW. I barely turn on WWE matches anymore.


I didn’t watch but checked results on Twitter. not far from totally ignoring it. We are only halfway through the Reigns era. Wake me when it’s over. I’m guessing 15 Wrestlemania main events for him but it might be as few as 10.


They could have had regular Balor, and have the demon heartbeat and theme play, and then have the same ending, but nope, they had to give the demon his first main roster loss. What a pity, I am super salty


Im still trying to figure out what the fuck i just watched. Between the wierd doll thing and that ending. Idk what to say


I can only watch dumb crap like the twisted doll gimmick, or that goofy rope break spot high. I give credit to the brave souls that watch this awful booking sober.


Rikishi broke the top rope he did it for The Rock so he could fight Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania LOL


I've seen a lot of people defend a lot of stupid stuff wwe has done and usually I can understand there view and sometimes they end up changing my mind, but how the fuck can anyone defend that finish. That was just horrible, I mean aew exploding ring level stupid.


Finn flopping like a fish while his music played was only the second bizarre thing in the match in the last 3 minutes. My god Vince needs to step back and let his company do the story lines now. He’s accomplished his goal of running a fucking billionaire company he doesn’t need to fucking write every good damn match.


They had an alltime moment primed and ready, plus a new wrinkle to the Demon that could have gone on for years...and flushed it all so Brock and Roman can be for the title (which it doesnt need to be) so Vince can get his Saudi blood money. WWE is damned lucky they sold to Peacock whem they did. I feel likw I'm keeping it anymore in spite of WWE, instead of because of WWE


I don't know how you have the Demon lose there. He basically had the anime finale going. The theme song in the background, total hp recharge, the red dragon emperor yelling "BOOST"... What? Is that not a good anime reference? You know you all watched it too.


I liked that reference


Say what you will. That match slapped for about 99/100 of it


i think that’s what makes the ending so much more flat. it was a an absolute banger of a match.


It did, but much like HIAC 2019, a bad ending erased all the good.


A year ago I woulda said fuck AEW. But Christ, they're the fucking standard now. WWE is so fucking bad at this it's like they're intentionally doing all this because they think it's funny for people to hate them. Knowing Vince that's exactly what he thinks. Fuck him and fuck WWE.


The ending to Extreme Rules is on par with Revolution 2021 for worst PPV ending of the year.


did God just return to WWE tonight too?


God vs Finn at crown jewel With gods losing streak to continue


Yup the bastard turned heel


Remember when it was Vince and Shane McMahon vs Shawn Michaels and God?


I thought God was in AEW endorsing Miro.


Makes sense. Balor is a Demon, Roman hates "Faithless Fools".


My guess is there will be some sort of story behind that obviously


Shouldn't it be haymen sabotaging the top rope so roman could win. That seems the most obvious, seeing as he was at ringside while they were out in the crowd and heyman knows Finn goes to the top rope as a finisher. That was my first thought, I mean it was shit and really dangerous but it seems obvious that's meant to be the story.


Yeah at first I thought during the replay they’d show some hijinks or something.


i wanna believe you. i really do. but i have no faith in them followed up on that at all.


Hey I’ll admit if they don’t follow up with anything then it’s stupid beyond belief, but that seems like a pretty dramatic thing to do without any sort of explanation.


I really hope theres something more to the ring malfunction but knowing wwe probably not. I didnt expect much and still got let down


lets recap the boss is back and charlotte killed lilly


God joined the Bloodline and acknowledges the Tribal Chief.


God saw CM Punk return to action and thought He would make his comeback as well.


Was this WCW level of awfulness?


The Demon can be resurrected and wreak havoc fucked up the bloodline only to get beaten by the fucking turnbuckle.


Someone call the girl from the Exorcist and tell her that demons are super weak against falling off five foot high ropes.


Didn't you see the ending? The priest jumps off the first floor window.


today verstappen was p2 from p20, but it was because there was rain in the last 3 laps and he was lucky... this kind of things happen in real life... but but but how can you explain the rope malfunction...


how how how how how how how is that the best thing they thought of??? HOW?!?!


I’m a huge Roman fan, but that ending was bullshit. Demon should’ve walked out victorious.


Isn't it obvious? God loves Roman Reigns and hates demons. That's a completely unique and totally cool storyline to go with.


WWE needs to stop booking supernatural characters, just fucking stop at this point smh


Yeah, it comes off so corny. I was lmaoing seeing Balor get "resurrected" by the background music. So bad.


Here I was thinking since Bray left they're about to go all in on Finn as the supernatural character, and they booked him just like they did him. Just laughably bad


I was saying this to my husband!


Undertaker needs to reign in on all his children. That would be a cool storyline.


Was not my cup of tea, but that goofy live cinematic effect would have worked, and gotten over with the crowd if Finn was winning the belt, but with Vince being Vince not to be.


Canceled my Peacock plan. Roman's great and all but his next month's of feuds do not interest me if it Brock and dudes about to win only for the ring ropes to break.


If it wasn’t for certain things my girlfriend watches, and the occasional 10am Manchester City match that I’m stuck in the house for, I’d ditch Peacock too.


See I'm a Spurs fan and I don't know if I can keep watching them with the state they're in right now. It makes me angry.


Watch the football online?


No belts change. Feels like a Friday show. People actually paid $340 to watch these crap finishes!




That was.... stupid. I have been trying to get into WWE this year after being a lapsed fan for almost 20 years. All Out left me feeling like a wrestling fan. Tonight left me feeling robbed, confused, and disappointed. That was really shitty storytelling.


God hates demons makes sense /s


Fuck you. That was so fucking dumb. Bullshit finish.


Did Russo write this?


Well there’s was no “on a pole” matches so 50/50 chance


Wow. It was shaping up to pretty good. But back to back matches with shit finishes ruined it


Ending aside, that was sooooo fucking good




What did anyone expect? Roman wasn't losing the title and it was creative way to lose for the demon without being tapped out or beat clean Maybe not great but they didn't have the demon lose clean and kept the title on Roman like we all knew they would with him fighting Brock in Saudi. Good match otherwise. Knew it was going to be a weird finish so I don't know why anyone complains.


dont think anyone's really complaining about the result, just the way it happened, which made also managed to make Roman look weak af for no benefit. there are other ways to make finn look strong and have roman retain besides a miraculous stroke of luck. E.g. have Finn fight off the usos (who interfere instantly after the 2 count instead of when Roman is clearly not about to kick out, to leave some ambiguity there) and then get speared. No unbelievable shenanigans, no making Roman look unnecessarily weak for the lesnar match.


I get that. Im fine with that finish but they've done the Uso thing a lot and probably know people will complain with that. There's just no great finish there and they rushed things to get to this so we can have Brock for Saudi. That to me is the bigger problem.


Calling that creative is quite the stretch. Feels like the first idea they came up with and they said ‘fuck it who cares’ and rolled with it


I don't understand why people watch if that's the opinion. What would have made more sense? I'm not against that it wasn't great but don't know what would have made people happy.


>What would have made more sense? Exactly what we saw, except Finn hits the coupe de grace, only for Brock to come in and clean house. Brock hits the F5 on Balor to prevent him from winning the title. Balor gets up and no-sells it. Roman gets up, attempts to spear Brock. Brock steps aside, Roman spears Balor. Roman wins. Brock stands over both, setting up Saudi Arabia, while it looks like it took multiple finishers from the two most powerful guys on the roster to keep him down. Or they both fall in a way where they basically pin each other, setting up an effective no-contest while Brock just looks on. Sets up a 3 way in Saudi, or Brock/Roman in Saudi and Roman/Balor II next month.


I love that. Thank you for responding with this. Unfortunately Brock must cost too much to come to Columbus. Lol. But I'm happy someone had a better finish. I mean we already knew it's Brock vs Roman in a month so Brock coming in to assure that makes a lot of sense.


Having him be beaten up by the usos and lose would have still sucked but made sense. Having a great match that Roman just went above and beyond to win would have been dumb (because of the demon aspect) but also makes sense. Having Balors music come on, giving him a second life, beating Roman with a chair and going for his finisher and then having the turnbuckle collapse under his sub 200 lb body for seemingly no reason at all is a half assed dumb idea. Honesty the biggest problem is that they even booked this match with crown jewel already booked and committed to the demon king storyline. It’s lazy and dumb and you can like WWE and still expect better


I agree completely. Just figured there would be more complaining with the Uso finish to me. Maybe they find a reason for the rope to have broke. If we never hear about it again it's super lazy and we sadly expected. If they explain it and try to make it make sense. I don't hate it.


Unless they say his dick was so big the turnbuckle collapsed under the stress I won’t accept it


>Knew it was going to be a weird finish so I don't know why anyone complains. Because that's bad?


What else would have made people happy? Realistically? Demon win? That wasn't happening. That was known before the match. Roman choking out the demon clean? Roman pinning the demon after the Usos pulled him out? I just want to know realistically what would have made people happy? I didn't love it but it was a great match that had to have a weird finish to get where they want to go.


They aren't being forced to book this way


Okay so what do you do with Romans title reign going forward now that he's had it almost 400 days or whatever? They clearly are having him win for something. Unless we all honestly believe they have no clue and are just going to have someone beat him out of nowhere without any build to it.


They have decided they're doing Reigns/Rock WrestleMania 2023, and we're gonna get bullshit like this all the way until then


Exactly. I don't like it at all. It would be one thing if they had surprise rumble winner chasing and beating roman but instead we get the Rock. Who will be super protected because he can't get hurt for Hollywood losing to Roman for whatever family blah blah. But the Rock is Hollywood star and they will always go that way sadly.


That match sucked. Too much hokey shit.


That spot was not only stupid but also seemed really unsafe. I'm sure they rehearsed but man getting your footing pulled from right under you like you're on the gallows gotta be scary as hell.


Ima need a gif of magikarp balor


that waa bullshit. so same time next PPV?


Great match, shitty ending


Second match with a dumb finish. Worse than the DQ in a hell in the cell.


I'm embarrassed for having watched that. Most WWE PPVs are good to great, but that was just ass. The only thing somewhat noteworthy was the triple threat


I can't believe they'd do theatrics just to drag a Demon mystery and make him lose. What BS.