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Two things on timed demos: 1. Can’t play on CCU. Play that cool game you might buy… not on your TV. 2. The clock doesn’t stop if you stop stadia. So that was 120 minutes of Valhalla in real time, except you walked away for a break after 20 minutes. That sucked.




I tried it and it really doesn’t work. You can’t even start the demo on your phone and continue it on the CCU like you can with regular games. I realize Americans are big fans of playing games on phones but this goes a bit too far in my opinion.


I've just given it a go myself, and yes, you are completely correct. How ridiculous. I cac play Rainbow 6 siege on CCU as part of free to play days, but the trials, i don't see any play button at all on the mobile app, only a purchase button. If I go on desktop browser the button is there and it launches the game. I've deleted my comment as it was misleading for others as there is obviously a confusion between trials and demo's or free to play days. This is pretty bad imo, I want to see a game in full HD, and I only use Stadia on CCU anyway, for me that's one if it's key advantages over other game streaming platforms. Hmmmm. Thanks for highlighting this. How can we highlight this to stadia? Does u/stadiaOfficial pass things on?


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I recently asked about and complained about both issues to Stadia Support. The CCU thing was kind of bearable but the timed trial got me.


I've sent a message to Stadia support. I only game on CCU and only want to. ITs crazy CCU users should not have this feature.


You can start the games on three phone and select ccu. And I guess you really have to stop the game for the trial to pause.


I thought the same, but it's not the case. I even posted here like you did, but then tested it out and realized you can't try the trials on your phone and switch to ccu. Give it a go. It's unbelievable. Free play days can work though..


How come this is not something heavily advertised instead of being found out by some random (with all due repect) Reddit user...?


I was surprised too .. they probably keep the news for the next TWOS (This Week on Stadia).


Or the monthly update for June that will be released in July.




That's amazing news! Looking forward to trying a lot of stuff this weekend hahaha


I recommend giving The darkside detective a go. Humour was just right for me and a really well produced game t that didn't seem like the style was overly"forced" like it can on some retro-ish games


Cool but would have been great to have Sekiro as a trial for me personally. Would love to know if that’s my type of game :)


You can refund games with less than 2 hours of gameplay. The game is currently 50% off so you can get it and try it, then refund it if you don't like it. You won't have time to see the cool stuff but you'll have time to experience some gameplay. The game is the best game of Stadia IMO and it plays really well.


Yeah I know but a trial would just be simpler than having to deal with the refund process :)


Not really. Not much at least. The refund is just a click of a button. You go to your purchases and you click refund: [https://i.imgur.com/cCYWKaK.png](https://i.imgur.com/cCYWKaK.png). It's normally fully automated. Definitely worth for trying Sekiro.


I’m not trying to be argumentative in any way but a trial just removes any barriers. No need to push an extra button, no possible reasons for the refund not to be approved etc etc. :) Not saying I can’t do the 2 hr thing but a trial button just makes it that much simpler


Yes, I understand that. Indeed a trial would be great. As a Sekiro fan, I'd love it. But if you're looking to try Sekiro then I suggest that you don't miss the current 50% sale because it doesn't go on sale very frequently. Btw, I think that From Software wouldn't offer a demo for their game. In fact, most AAA games wouldn't like to offer demos. AFAIK demos actually [hurt sales](https://www.gamespot.com/articles/game-demos-can-hurt-sales-suggests-research/1100-6410863/) for hyped games.


No one wants to do all that faffing around to test a game, it's an immediate turn off. Trials are superior.


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That and Bobby Kotick and the people abusing their employees at Activision-Blizzard don’t get any of your money if you get it on Stadia as opposed to every other platform.


So is this your GH repo? I might have a PR for you!


Yes, it's a great time for PR. Just started and still a work in progress. Thanks


Oh my goodness 😳


Wow! This is great! Lots of games for people to try!


I wonder why no one at r/gaming posted about it. Like there is a gaming platform that basically offers 35 click2play demos without registering. One would think it would newsworthy on that sub.


We are all scared of r/gaming 😂


I took one for the team! I've been through worse! Got removed from r/FIFA the other day for posting that me users could get FIFA22 for almost free, permanently, by using the Pro sale and 10$ off voucher, with a nice step by step description. Apparently people don't like great deals. Hating a platform is apparently more important 😂


I've posted stadia sales to the Division sub and it's mostly crickets or snide comments. Stadia has its many faults, but specific to this game there was convenience and portability, and even crossplay with progress carried over with PC. People just can't get over the shitty marketing and support by Google so people like us always end up looking like shills or idiots (or both).


It pretty much comes with the territory. A genuinely good deal like the 10$ off voucher in combination with a sale can't offset the general perception that the service at this point is only attractive for a very slim audience. Most of that public perception sadly is earned, since the underlying tech is hardly ever the focal point of criticism. And it feels that's all Stadia has left going for it, both inside this sub and anywhere else.


Oh yeah, I guess nobody needs such a high level of toxicity and hatred on a weekend 😀


It's actually 61 games. 35 are just the new additions.


Gamers don't care about cloud demos of irrelevant shovelware and old AA games, that's why. Most people on r/gaming also dislike cloud gaming in general.


I thought a gamer is a person who plays video games regardless of the equipment. I mean, simply click&play would at least be interesting for people who are interested in video gaming. It doesn’t have to replace whatever they use on daily basis. Hence I thought biggest video games sub should / would report on it at least.


What a bad argument. What is Steam? Shovelware and old games. Nearly every “100” game on GFN’s list are old AA games or indies but it got praised. Keep the bias out


Are you kidding? Steam is the biggest PC platform on the planet with 120 million active users. Steam has all 2022 AAA PC releases and the most popular F2P games on the market. GFN's 122 F2P games alone are better than stadia's whole library, and multiplayer games are not completely dead like on stadia since day one.


- Steam is almost entirely shovelware lmao. - GFN isn’t F2P you need to pay or only have an hour - Most games are crossplay as they come now so…what’s “dead” to you? -


* Steam has still the most popular AAA/AA/indie games on PC with over 120 million active players. * Stadia isn't free either and nobody plays the F2P games because they are trash. You have to pay the full price for half-baked games with missing features on stadia. * I've bought AAA games on stadia that i can't even play online because they were dead on arrival, most AAA games on stadia don't have crossplay. Good luck trying to find players in Mortal Kombat 11 or RDO for example, it's pretty much impossible!


- Stadia is free outside of buying games though. - I guess nobody plays Destiny 2 right? - MK11 and RDO are fine lol. You seem like the person who touched it once or twice then never again but comment as if you know.


* Stadia is still not free and it only has 4 or 5 F2P games which nobody plays, these games are even dead on other platforms. * Destiny 2 is not really F2P it's more a free demo/trial, 90% of D2 content is gated behind a DLC paywall. Destiny 2 also only has [5K players](https://www.reddit.com/r/destiny2/comments/siiu9u/stadia_have_only_53k_active_player_destiny_2/) on stadia. * MK11 and RDO multiplayer lobbies on stadia are not "[fine](https://sweatpantsandcoffee.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/940x450-This-is-fine-750x450.jpg)", they are dead like ghost towns. ​ >You seem like the person who touched it once or twice then never again but comment as if you know. Nice try to discredit me my dude, i played on stadia for almost 2 years and i have over [1K hours in Red Dead Online](https://i.imgur.com/BLHirfB.png) on stadia alone. Seems like your arguments are deluded + L + RATIO!


I mean sure, whatever you wanna claim is fine. But for your own sake, stop acting like “ratio” is some kind of comeback


You sound like a desperate fanboy desperately trying to make stadia look successful while in reality it is a dying platform.


Probably because every person who posts about Stadia sounds like they are in a cult arguing with every negative commenter. The gaming community in general doesn’t care about Stadia. Time to build a bridge.


I only saw people arguing ridiculous untrue arguments but that’s just my observation. Yours ma be different. The sub has some 33 million members so I will disagree with you and say that at least some of these people may be interested.


They’re really trying to hook our kids with this list!


Game demos are great, but 30 minutes is a joke. They need to be a minimum of 1 hour for short games and at least 2 hours for longer games.


And they greatly capped DQXI’s demo time. Consoles have a 10 hour demo


Awesome that they operate completely different then.


Losing out on 8 hours of demo time? That’s not awesome. Sure they can operate how ever but at least don’t take something good away.


The fact that you think it’s Stadia’s choice and not the devs/publishers is crazy.


I don’t care who’s choice it was. You didn’t specify. I’m not talking blame game I’m simply stating that they shouldn’t take a 10 hour demo down to 2. 2 hours is plenty long enough to decide if you want to purchase a game or not but I still personally feel they should leave it the 10 hour mark.


Who are you to say who should and shouldn’t do what?


Someone with an opinion that you disagree with?


>>> I’m simply stating that they shouldn’t take a 10 hour demo down to 2. 2 hours is plenty long enough to decide if you want to purchase a game or not So….you have no real issue and agree with it you just publicly say no because, of personal feelings on something you have zero control over.


Oh wow you’re seriously trying to prove my opinion wrong? Listen I don’t care if you love or hate the service. I don’t care if you agree, strongly agree, have no opinion, disagree, or strongly disagree with my opinion on the demo length. There could have been a plethora of reasons it’s 2 hours. So yes I feel strongly about my opinion. Disagree. That’s fine. No skin off my nose, but chill out. Why don’t you tell explain why you think it’s good that whichever one of the complies you were were referring to can act which ever way?


You finish some games in that timeframe


I find 30 minutes is infinitely better than no demo at all, for me. I wish they would include CCU though, and that we can *easily* restart a timed demo from time zero.


GFN needs more than an hour or remove time limits all together. The times vary btw. Sometimes is 2 hours etc.


Stadia looks to be turning into a platform where you try a game and proceed to purchase it on another platform.


Lol yes


Why. I played for 2 hours yesterday and it was PERFECT.


Pretty awesome


Super Animal Royale is totally free anyway, why would you need a demo?