Grimes doesn't identify as a mother

Grimes doesn't identify as a mother


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The kid's probably being raised by a nanny anyway. No way Grimes and Musk are taking on the full role of being parents.


I mean that’s probably why the kid doesn’t call her mom…because the nanny is mom




The kid will grow up and become one of those types of people that are extra snowflake like. Probably become the king of cancel or something absolutely weird


Or he'll go the other way and rebel HARD. He'll get a lifted truck as big as a bus that gets 3 miles to the gallon as a way to say _"FUCK YOU DAD AND YOUR PANSY-ASS ELECTRIC CARS!"_


3 miles is 15424.98 RTX 3090 graphics cards lined up.




3 miles is 4.83 km


Even more useless


That would be a sight to see. Small change in scenario though. He'll probably be calling him Elon.


Elon created a whole school just to teach his kids. He seems really invested in his kids lives.


He seems invested in them but probably doesn’t have the time to be _personally_ invested in them.


Yep. If the name is any indication, Elon probably sees his kid as just another science experiment, another business venture.


Or Grimes is just an idiot and that is why they recently broke up


I don't think thats the kids real name. They probably have a normal name for him. The fake name is probably for security reasons ie they dont want him to get kidnapped. Like maybe his real name is xavier


Exactly my thoughts, Kyle is just too easy to decode


He actually already has a 17 year old named Xavier!


Who the fuck gives their child a name like that?


Elon Musk and his girlfriend.


Elon Musk and his most recent female birthing husk.


New book incoming; Musk and the Husk: The Reproductive Future and You.


"What does it mean to be a non-man birthing vessel in the 21st century?"




Couldn't handle Elon's Musk.


Rich people who don't have to worry about consequences if their child grows up to be complete dysfunctional member of society.


I’m like 90% sure they don’t actually call the kid that, they’re one fucking weird family but there’s just no way


You’re probably right; but, damn, you have to be fucked in the head to put that on your child’s birth certificate.


In her most recent TikTok she is asking her son what her name is and Grimes calls him “X”


Someone who doesn't deserve to be called a mother.


Poor baby X, no name and no mom :(


i can't wait to read the tell-all expose that her son writes in 18 years detailing all of the trauma he experienced


There'll probably be an NDA enclosed in Musk's will.


Legally speaking, how does that work? Kid signs the NDA and breaks it. Do they seance Musk to act as plaintiff in the ensuing lawsuit?


Nah, by that time Elon is pretty much guaranteed to be a Futurama-style head in a jar. Shit, he'll probably be one the who invents the technology now that Ron Popeil--who invented it in the show--is dead.


Elon’s estate would probably sue him.


He'll ascend to a brain in a battle tech suit so no problem


I just wait for the news of the son changing his name officially. Where I live, when you want to change your name you need to give a good reason on why. That guy probably doesn't even need to explain. Just show his name.


She *really* wants to be that one friend's mom who you think is so cool because she lets you do whatever the fuck you want when you come over to play, but you realize is actually super dysfunctional in retrospect.


She’s not a regular mom; she’s a cool mom!


Amy Poehler's role in Mean Girls basically.


That is indeed what I was referencing, lol.


Oh man, I had forgotten that was actually from Mean Girls. Makes sense I thought of Amy Poehler then lol


She does say quite clearly she has no interest in being a mother to her child.


That is, assuming her child doesn't get bullied to shit with a name like that and her mum dressing wildly differently. Nothing personal against that but ya know, rich mums talk and teach their kids things.


Probably/hopefully an only child too. The amount of isolation that kid is going to grow up in


The kinda mom who as a kid you think is a cool mom, but when you get older realise was a fucking terrible mother.


this is just layers of stupidity. but hey she's rich enough to afford the therapists down the road.


She’s not the rich one in that couple. Elon Musk is the dad. Claire is probably worth 1/10000 of Elon.


I've been waiting for this to show up here ever since I saw it a few days ago, Like, grow the fuck up you're fucking 33 years old. I can see this as the narcissistic (somewhat understandable) ramblings of a teen mother but holy shit you are way too old for this girl


Exactly. Kids and teens are egocentric and narcissistic by default as a developmental thing.... When I see people 30+ saying shit like this it makes me think they never progressed past that stage of development. Its embarassing.


I'd wager that roughly 1/3 people never progressed past early teen development. IIRC, 1/4 people are so functionally useless the US military doesn't even want them to dig latrines and burn shit.


I mean, the not calling her mother/mom/mama/etc thing isn’t weird but the “I don’t identify as a mother” and “my distaste for the word” are off the charts weird.


Pronounce her name "grimace" and the whole thing makes more sense.




Elon better come get his baby momma, she’s acting up


Meanwhile calling your parents by their first name in an Asian household will result in a tight slap to the face (or a slipper to the head, if you prefer).


Once, long ago, the fact that Bart calls Homer by name was a sign of how unruly he is and how subversive Simpsons are.


I think I've referred to my mother once by her first name and that was introducing her to a fellow volunteer, the idea seems alien to me. Older friends of the family are mostly Aunt and Uncles. Mostly white.


Same. My father and uncle (aunt's husband, no blood relation) are both named Peter. I always made it an absolute point to _always_ call my uncle "Uncle Peter" because calling my dad "Peter" just felt so strange.


Even with black households. Till this day I can't bring myself to call my white friends parents by their first name because I was taught that it was disrespectful even though their parents say they don't mind. I'm sorry bro but I can't refer to your mom as just Heather.


Do you just refer to them by their last names then?


Yeah, either by Mr or Mrs or I just say "hey"


I personally refer to my friends’ parents as “Auntie” and “Uncle” [first name if I happen to know what it is].


White and raised in a military family. I could never call my friends' parents by their first names. I'm 32 now and can't do it. My little sister referred to my mom by her first name and my brother and I were like "Who the fuck do you think you are?"


>"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Right? It's like, do you want to get your ass beat?


And this doesn't sound retarded to you? Addressing someone by their job title instead of name sounds like a dumb idea. Especially when there may be several people with the same title in the household. Or does this tradition carry the implication that the person's personality disappears when he/she breeds, and now he/she is just "father/mother"? Then that's sad.


You think 'mother/father' is just a job title? Hope you don't also treat parenting that way, as 'just a job'.


Yes, though it's more of a hobby some people take on. But it can be called a job title too. Is there any rational reason whatsoever to have a child address its mother as "mother"? I feel like it's some unhealthy narcissism, honestly. Like a worse version of calling a PhD "doctor" - but PhD requires years of dedicated effort while most parents got that title due to screwing up contraception, not exactly an achievement by any stretch of imagination. > Hope you don't also treat parenting that way, as 'just a job'. Not my type of hobby.


Go back to r/childfree.


Echo chambers are more of a "your" thing than "mine". I'm not wrong though, am I?


Yeah. You are. The link between parent and child is nothing like a job. You don't choose it, you don't study for it, it doesn't matter if you accept it or not, it will affect you forever. You are half of that person and they are half of you. You can't call being a parent a job or a hobby, it's ignoring the definitions of all the words involved completely. At that point you're just showing you don't understand biology or reality.


> The link between parent and child is nothing like a job. You don't choose it, you don't study for it Indeed - most of the time, people become parents out of stupidity or bad luck, and they suck at it so much that they'd have been fired if it were a job. Sometimes, they actually prepare for it in advance, do research, study, deliberately choose to breed at a specific time. Also, oxytocin is a hella a drug, but you can also have it with a cute puppy. > You are half of that person and they are half of you. That's just delusional, screams narcissism or helicopter parenting. This line of thinking leads to traumatized children, who are forced to be what their parents want them to be. > You can't call being a parent a job or a hobby, it's ignoring the definitions of all the words involved completely. Parenting is a hobby some people prefer to engage in, and some are dragged into unwillingly. Maybe not unlike a sculptor spending years to create a beautiful statue. Or an exotic and extremely high-maintenance pet. The biggest problem with this hobby is that quitting if you don't like it is problematic. Not impossible, but problematic. Many people are stuck in a lifetime of misery.


> slipper Philippines?


I'm sure this won't have any long-term negative effects on the child. /s


It's not remotely weird that the kid doesn't call her some variation on "mum" if she doesn't do it herself. Whatever name she gave herself during the "constantly referring to self in the third person so kid doesn't get confused by first person pronouns" phase, that's the name the kid will use.


That child will be fucked up so much.


I mean I've just read this as being a shit parent with extra steps. Which after the naming debacle, we already knew.


Ruling class bros are you ok?


my partner's father insisted on having his children call him by his first name. apparently, he didn't like his own father and refused to be called dad.. now, well into adulthood, you can tell some of them still desperately want his approval. I used to think calling your parents by their first name way nbd but I really feel that it has longterm impacts and can effect the child's feelings of self worth.


It removes the connection that the two of you have, and just turns that person into another person. We see that a lot now, the idea that my childhood/dating life was bad therefore all parental/romantic relationships are bad. And with the way the internet works, that spreads like wildfire.


Holy shit she is Brave New World.


Your daughter can call you whatever you want. Im going to call you retarded.


This is sad. It could also be a sign of postpartum depression; struggling to feel connected to your child as their mother, or feeling uncomfortable with motherhood as a whole, are very common experiences for women with postpartum depression.


Heres a wild thought: dont have children if the concept of motherhood Is so icky to you. Guaranteed people would think that more reasonable


Didn’t Grimes went insane because of stupidity of Homer, grabbed on wires and died?


Oh yeah, how is old Grimey?


I wonder if she can identify with being called an asshole because that’s what she is.


i mean like ok? but that’ll confuse the hell outta X in due time lmfao


sorry this is disturbing definitely common trend amongst the 1%


Honestly how the fuck would randomly generated password rebel against his parents? Become a dentist?


Look, “Oblivion” is a bop and Grimes has good taste in weebery but she’s away with the fairies to the Nth degree


When she gave him a name like that no wonder he doesn't call her mom


She looks and sounds like the 40k faction that no one plays.


Doing all they can to make sure that child grows up to be a sociopath. Can’t wait to see this fucking kid pull our politics in 30 years.


That kid’s chances of being normal just took a nose dive.


TIL Grimes and Elon are breaking up. What rotten luck for her that she's not eligible for child support, since she isn't the mother!


Honestly how would that kid rebel against his parents? Become a dentist?


Instead he can use "This bitch" to address her.


This is the kind of post which nitpicks something where there isn't any actual problem. There are kids who call their parents by their actual name and there is nothing wrong that. It's also understandable this woman doesn't "identify" with being a mother. There are a lot of stereotypes and all kinds of things associated with that word, and not everyone likes to associate/identify with that. That still doesn't mean she would not acknowledge that she's a woman who birthed an actual child, aka biological mother.


I guess I understand, but it's just....there's supposed to be a very tight bond between mother and son. It just looks like Grimes treats her son as just some kid who lives in her house.


I think thats a reach going off of such a short blurb.


Still prioritizing some nebulous special 'identity' bs based on the assumption that she is somehow unique over the simple fact that if you're a woman parenting a child, you are called a mother.


Your own name is not a "nebulous special identity"


She said she doesn't "identify" as a mother in relation to her son.


Yeah, so? Still not a "nebulous special identity" to ask to be called by your name.


Feel free to die on this hill. She is still pretentious.


Man, I don't identify with being a mother and that's why I don't have children.


She's fucking trolling you all lol


If you don’t even want your kid to do something as Simple as call you “mom” than I do not think you should be a mother. Just saying👀


Meh, its weird. But they're not forcing their family dynamic on anyone else, so who cares?