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Or. Hear me out. Just tripping balls.


I'm 50/50 between that and a bee


I was about to say that. I think this guy must be allergic, and he's just freaked out.


Heck, I'm not even allergic, but if I see a wasp or bee, I'm noping TF out just like my man here


I'm fine with bees, but wasps? Yeah nope, i'm out of here


You guys are dramatic af


Yes, i'm a drama queen


Drama queen bee


\* proceeds to shit out eggs containing Kardashians \*






I absolutely love bees. I’ll hold them and pet them as they go about their buzzness. Wasps are a whole different story. My fiancé has a video of me double fisting wasp spray and going after a ton of wasps in his backyard. They kept going into his chimney flue and coming into the house. It was a nightmare. He of course was hiding in his upstairs bedroom as he videoed me lol


>He of course was hiding in his upstairs bedroom as he videoed me lol Don't worry, he was just giving you distant support


He was! I truly appreciated his thumbs up and silent cheering as I demolished the nests. He’s my knight in distress and I’m happy to relocate all the critters in the house for him… or commit mass murder of wasps :)


I once had a situation where I woke up in the middle of the night to a sharp pain in one of my thighs. I went into the bathroom and took off my pants to see what was happening. To my terror, out falls a small yellow and black object, and there was just a large area of swelling on my thigh with the sharp pain persisting. After looking closer at the object, I discover it is a dead wasp. And of course, I discovered that I am apparently allergic to wasp stings, which only made it extra painful and horrifying. But worst of all, when I went back to my bedroom, I noticed another dead wasp on the floor. Then when I pulled back my bedsheets, there were two more wasps there — one moving and one not. Let’s just say I slept on the couch for a while after that. That was like 5 years ago, but I have never hopped in bed without checking ever since. I absolutely agree with your statement.


Keep that kinda @#$@# to yourself man I don't need visions like this in my head, damn.


I choked from laughing at this comment lmao 🤣🤣🤣


I think someone has it out for you bro. Sounds like they were put there


This made my skin want to crawl off my body and hide somewhere safe 🤢🤢 the shudders are violent. No one i personally know seems to understand my fear of wasps, I'm not even dramatic about it but I get called a pussy because I calmly stand up and walk away rather than let them get all up in my face. Here in italy murder hornets are like, on average, the size of your index finger (yeah, they CAN come bigger!) and sound like a drone or tiny helicopter. If I hear that noise I'm fkn OUT!


Just don’t piss them off and you’ll be fine


Yea, wasps don’t take kindly to *yo mamma* jokes. And whatever you do, don’t insult their intelligence either.


Wasps will fuck you up for lols, hornets are the ones you really need to not piss off


One got caught in my hair when I was a kid and stung me over and over in the back and shoulder blades. I wasn't fucking with it. Was minding my own business just existing. Edit: a wasp, not a bee. I'm cool with bees.


I recently got stung by a wasp in the middle of the night while sleeping in my bed


No, wasps are jerks. I was just stung, Friday, by one that flew into my car, as I was driving, and my window was only cracked not all the way down. I did nothing, NOTHING, I tell you. Wasps are spawns of Satan.


Don't piss off bees, but wasps will fuck you up no questions asked if you happen to accidentally wander too close to their nest


Never mind wasps, HORNETS! They even *sound* evil!


If I pull out my wallet and a bee flies out, I am definitely flipping my shit.


It's just a typical seizure very common to turn your head like that before the seizure happens.


Seizure videos are posted and mocked on this site all the time, it sucks


I was having a conversation at work with a guy I didn’t know and he started spinning and looking up like birds were flying, then he collapsed and I caught him before he went down and was able to gently lie him down. He went very pale and I just talked to him until he regained some level of awareness, held his head off the ground on my leg till ambulance came. That was definitely a seizure.


This is me


The way he slowly looked up was worthy of an Oscar




This is comment is stolen from u/Honest_Scholar2490. You can tell because it doesn't make any fucking sense here.


Netflix viral marketing Man Vs Bee


I thought he heard, then saw, a large bat flying around. I'd hit the deck, too.


His dog stepped on a bee


Miss Heard, just answer the question.


Well, that’s what I Heard.


Lol reminds me of flying into wa and waiting for my Uber a murder hornet came at me, I was swinging my bag around in the air and everyone was too far to see the hornet so I just looked crazy af


A murder hornet ? where in WA ? they literally send squads at the first site of 1. there were 3 nests that go eradicated last year. not heard of any being seen this year.


The only difference between tripping balls and a bee is the buzz.


I was totally thinking trippin, but never thot bout a bee. I opened the door to my shed the other day and there was a wasp and i coulda passed for this dude right here. Minus the wallet and groceries


I had a friend do something like what happened in this video. Put down what was in his hands , picked something else up fumbled with it for a bit, then spun around while looking up, collapsed and had a seizure


Focal impaired awareness seizures. It's crazy how the brain works and don't work . With these types of seizures the individual will start moving funny or repeating a behavior or smack their lips ... They are completely unaware of their environment or their actions . Shots crazy


Anything a bystander can do in that moment, other than be ready to catch them when they fall?


Don't touch them too much and make sure they are safe . You can guide them if they start to wonder . But be careful they can strike out or recoil from you if you try to restrain them . Here is a vid I found https://youtu.be/nRuvIUdFAaY


Thank you for the link. I'd never heard of focal seizures. The video was really enlightening!


I was convulsing while awake. My head cranked to the left, I fell, had the seizure. It was freaky because your whole body is moving, yet you can't control how it moves. If you know what I mean


Yeah, seizure was my bet, too. Anyone here who says drugs has no idea what people are like on drugs. I can almost guarantee they’ve interacted with people on drugs and not even known


It’s possible just not likely. Dangerously high doses of Mdma can cause people to hallucinate and pass out or have a seizure. Though, since the guy is acting so normal at first there’s no real chance he was on Molly. Another small possibility is this person just got off something like benzos, which are known to make people go from completely normal after stopping, to having panic attacks/hallucinations/seizures out of nowhere


I had a seizure when I was younger, I was watching TV and suddenly didn't feel right. I felt like I needed a drink all of a sudden and my head hurt. The next steps are the last of what I remember: * Walked to kitchen * Set glass on counter * Opened Fridge * Closed Fridge * Felt confused as to why I didn't get the water jug * Picked up my glass from the counter * Again confused, not sure why I'd picked up the glass instead of re-opening the fridge At that point I remember thinking "feels like a storm in my head something's not right, i need to put the glass down". I put that glass down and I swear the noise of it hitting the counter was like a switch. Sounded like an explosion to me and the next thing I know I'm staring up at the ceiling with my room mate over me freaking out. No idea what caused it, never got to see a Dr about it. I was super stressed and had been for some time so young me put it down to that.


I was driving home from work in an ice storm. Came home shaking from the stress. Laid down on the couch and the next thing I remember I was on the floor looking up at my boyfriend. He said I had a seizure. Stress is overwhelming to the brain.


Yeah I was talking to my real estate agent years ago and he did a similar movement as this video. He had a seizure. That is the first thing I thought of when I saw this.




Probably, a lot of medical issues cause hallucinations just before losing consciousness.


He's not seeing things. He's having a seizure and it's turning his body to look up and left. We as silly humans implied our own meaning to a very painful and unfortunate muscle spasm/convulsion his neck so hard to one side causing him to unbalance in one direction. I've been around a seizing person and their convulsion was head back and his natural reaction was to fall backwards. He didn't see a ghost flying over him.


Karen Kilgariff of My Favorite Murder said she knows a seizure is coming if her starts turning up and to the left.


>own meaning to a very painful and unfortunate muscle spasm/convulsion his neck so hard to one side causing him to unbalance in one direction. I've personally been around a seizing person and their convulsion was head back and his natural reaction was to fall backwards. He didn't see a ghost flying over him. Can confirm i broke 3 bones in my spine like this


I'm not a doctor, or a vet, but (apart from checking their wallets, cuz they didn't have one), I've had 2 dogs, one doberman and one greyhound, who exhibited the same behaviour (looking up and turning to track something around their heads before spinning and falling down seizuring). The doberman had a generalized neurological issue, the greyhound had a brain tumor. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what we're seeing.


At least he didn't shit on the floor


I was expecting that tbh


or hear me out, maybe its a fellbeast with a nazgul riding it flying around the store. entirely possible.


No no actually, it is kind os seizures , happned to my cousin too. Same.


Was adjusting his bags of fentanyl in his wallet and got exposed to some


Probably caught a glimpse of the receipt from his last gas fill-up.


How does that conflict with what OP said?


Looks like the start of a seizure tbh. Not fun seeing auras


Yeap, seizure


I wish I was as confident about anything in my life as random redditors are about videos with no context at all.


My dad, brother, and myself suffer seizures. The way he stoped, spaced out, spun around, iv seen it all to many times.


Is it because you see hallucinations before it happens or why the spinning and looking around franticly?


I've never had a visual hallucination (unless you count tunnel vision), but there is a very real feeling of impending... something. It's hard to nail down, it almost feels like an embrace. You *know* something is about to happen. It's very visceral. I was smoking a bowl, and suddenly thought, I'm way, way, *way* too high. Then suddenly, you're staring at a stranger who is speaking like the adults in Charlie Brown. Then you realize it's not a stranger, it's your roommate, and she's terrified, but why? You know when you wake up really smoothly, and sometimes it takes a few minutes to realize you're awake? It's exactly like that, except when you snap to, you're already fully awake, in the middle of your day, and you have the realization that for some reason, even during the first few seconds you were conscious, *you were not awake*. Edit: [here's](https://youtu.be/sgjCC_cWSLg) a fantastic song that covers the difficulties of seizures. I actually listened to this for years before my seizure in 2018


This reads like a horror story and I want more.


I realized after that one (this was 2018) that I had at least one before. I was maybe 16, sneaking home at 3am from my girlfriends house, when (like I mentioned before), I felt very funny, and then my vision closed in from the outside. Its like peering through a straw. I believe that's what's happening to him, here. I don't think he's seeing anything fly around him, I think he's going blind and looking for a source of light. I woke up really far from where that happened, actually. Probably around 100ft, on or near a bench. When you're alone, and you don't know that you're vulnerable to seizures, you're probably unlikely to understand what happened. Like I said, you startle 'awake', despite being conscious for a minute or two, already. It's that "oh yeah, what did I come in here for?" feeling, x1000. So I'm walking through a public park at 3am, when suddenly I get a sense of impending doom, go blind, and then startle to my senses hundreds of feet away in complete darkness, *noticably* missing time. I just got up and walked home. I have no idea how I moved, unless I somehow blacked out before actually seizing, or I lost some memory.


Dang thats all so wild. I wonder if the feeling of 'knowing' you are about to hallucinate is similar to the way I felt when I had sleep paralysis this one time... I remember laying there and having a seriously strong sensation that someone (or something) was about to walk into view from outside my bedroom door, and then it suddenly happened, and I couldn't move and everything - that's when I realized what was happening because I had read a lot about them before it happened to me... but I never read about the feeling of the impending visual. I wonder if that feels the same as they way you felt.


I get sleep paralysis from time to time, and I also usually get the feeling that it’s about to start. Sometimes, it’s too late to stop and I’m already paralyzed and I have to start working through it, but I’ve started to be able to catch it right before it takes hold and shift position. It mostly happens when I end up falling asleep on my back, and flipping to my side typically fixes it.


I know someone who basically lost an entire day prior to having a seizure, so a few seconds/minutes isn't crazy at all. We think he may have had a seizure the night before, too, but we'll never know for sure.


Dread. That’s the word you’re looking for. Pervasive, unyielding dread. Not the kind you feel on Monday morning before work, the kind you feel when you get a phone call about a loved one in hospital. I’ve suffered seizures all my life and that dread is the one thing that I’ve never been able to explain to anyone in any efficacious way. That dread, the feeling that I can only describe as “being sucked out through your own head”, and then thinking you’re in a completely different time and place when waking up with a bleeding tongue and a bruised head. Last one I had resulted in some episodic memory loss. Kinda sucks having to have significant events in your life recounted to you by other people


Exact same here. I have massive seizures when hungover (so pretty much self inflicted). Wake up with a chunk of my tongue gone, everyone staring at you who you don’t recognise. I couldn’t even remember my sisters name once. For months after I sometimes struggle to remember the most basic words. So frustrating.


My Ex girlfriend had the same. Saw this video and thought straight away at the time she starting pointing at the ceiling, turning her head like in that video (she couldnt go far, as we were in bed), and started seizing. The fun bit was when she was done and let out a big sigh spitting blood on my face from her bleeding tongue


I fought the cops once 😆😆😆


Used to be epileptic (was caused by drug abuse, no more drugs no more seizures) but the auras were the worst. And you'd think after getting a few and knowing what they meant/what was coming would make it better but I swear it made it worse. Impending...something is probably the best way I've ever heard an aura described. Coming out of a seizure confused as fuck was a close second as far as misery goes. I remember after having a few i got good at telling people once I was actually starting to be sentient again "ok guys give me a sec, I'm starting to come back"


Interesting. One time I was waiting in line at the college dining hall when someone grabbed my arm/backback really aggressively. I turned around fast expecting to see a friend or someone I knew, but it was this girl I had never seen before in my life. She made some weird sound then immediately fell backwards, smashed her head on the countertop and started seizing on the ground right in front of me. That's been the only time in my life I truly froze. Like I was so confused, standing there with my arms full, just staring at this girl having a seizure. And it all happened so fast.


that is super scary. i had a similar thing happen at my local grocery store, but we were separated by a wall. i was in the womens bathroom, he was in the men’s when i heard a huge *BANG* when his head hit the countertop. I’ve heard people drop large objects before, but i immediately knew that was a body falling. holy crap. it was only 10 minutes or so by the time the paramedics had him and wheeled him out, but so freaking scary. he probably had at minimum a concussion from the fall. makes me want to go through EMT training so i at least can help *somehow*. all i was able to do was grab paper towels for his head and hope he’d be ok.


Have you done any story writing? If not, you seriously might be really good at it. I felt like I have a much better idea of what it's like to have a seizure, not just what it is, but what happens to you mentally before and after it happens. Thanks for that


Man I remember having a seizure when I was detoxing from Klonopin. I was standing in a circle with a few friends smoking a cigarette and my body started feeling like electricity flowing through it. I thought it was just a nicotine buzz but then my vision started to go black from the outside and then I woke up in an ambulance. They asked me what my name was, who the president is, and what the date was but I couldn't remember any of it. Not knowing my own name was the scariest part of the whole thing. Then afterward I kept having tremors all through my body and my muscles hurt so bad from contracting so tight. It was a fucked up experience.


My dad used to be able to tell days in advance when he was gonna have one.


For me the impending *something* is a feeling like my head filling with water. Once it gets to my ears I'm going down.


THIS HAPPENED TO ME ONCE! I WAS A NOOBIE AT SMOKING AND MY COUSIN GAVE MT THAT SYNTHETIC SHIT AND WHAT YOU JUST DESCRIBED HAPPENED TO ME! However, when I was staring into space it felt like I was trapped for a fucking lifetime. I woke like "what the fuck". It was one of the very few times I was happy to hear my grandmother yelling about something random in the background, like, I felt like I hadn't seen her in a lifetime, it was scary.


That sounds like a lot like a K hole. I was never fond of Ketamine because of being able to look at someone you've known 20 years and not know their name or who tf they are. I hate being out of control of my faculties. The Charlie Brown teacher is a perfect way to describe anyone talking to you while in a k hole as well. I do hear it does great things therapuetically at those Ketamine clinics in much smaller doses.


Neurologist here. If the seizure originated from a focal part of the brain (like the right fronto-temporal region), it can cause the body to turn to the opposite side (like the left). It’s called “forced version”. In this case, it looks like the man displayed forced head and eye version to the left, with left arm extension, before he fell to the ground. Once in the ground, he’s out of the frame, so we can’t see the eyes, but I’m speculating that the seizure was resolved by then.


Its hard to explain, i have grand mal seizure’s, same as my dad. I often know when there going to come, I fell spaced all day, stressed for no reason, and I try and fight it but I usually just at some point black out and come to surround by people. It takes a while to gather my wits, sometimes seeing my family minute before I remember who they are. Thats just my experience, my dad has very similar experiences, O and are eyes… there always red the day of, something about them do that.


Many seizures begin this way, its very difficult to describe. No hallucinations for me, but its getting that feeling like everyone in the room is watching you, you just feel different, then it starts. Its like passing out slowly, with only 10% control of your body, and everything goes tense which makes choking/breathing difficult. Your brain literally reboots. What lasts 30 seconds can feel like hours. I dont want to sound dramatic, but it sorta feels like youre dying, then pass out and wake up disoriented and confused until your memory comes back. For me its like a bad nightmare.


Yep. Used to have severe epilepsy, the only way I can describe it is that it feels like you are dying. Scariest feeling ever.


Ah! I’ve always described mine as a bad nightmare. I get this awful “the world is ending” impending doom sort of feeling. If it’s a particularly bad one, the feeling kind of sticks with me for awhile afterwards. I haven’t had one in a while, thankfully.


So when your head/body starts turning to the left at the beginning of a seizure, that's actually indicative of where a seizure is located in the brain. What we're seeing is a seizure starting already My SO has seizures *exactly* like this. Practically no aura, turning/spinning around. Rarely, he will be able to communicate for a few seconds before the spinning but his communication is basically gibberish. He always looks like he's seeing *something*. It's deeply disturbing because it always takes a second to register what's happening


It is unlike any feeling you’ve get had if you’ve never had a grand mal seizure. I don’t even know how to describe it. You understand that you’re about to have a seizure, and your brain still somewhat functions, but you’ve lost all control and can’t do anything about it. It basically feels like you are dying. I would quit breathing and go unconscious shortly after this phase, but it is the scariest feeling I’ve ever had. You don’t know if ur gonna wake up when u go down. I miraculously came across an experimental treatment for epilepsy that involves wearing special contact lenses that block particular wavelengths of light that can cause issues. These wavelengths of light are extremely prevalent in stores like this man was in. Since I started wearing the contacts 6 years ago, I’ve never had a single episode and have made a full mental recovery. There for a while I was going downhill so fast that I would have succumbed to an episode had we not found this solution. If anyone out there reading this has been unsuccessful with treating their epilepsy, reach out to me and I’ll put you in contact with a doctor that can prescribe these contacts to you.


ive had something like this happen, but it wasn't really a "hallucination" in the traditional sense, if it was. it was like the room was spinning and i had to spin with it, and then i was gone


When I have mine I apparently look up and to the left. My friends who have seen me seize always get freaked out and sit me down if there is actually something to the upper left I am looking at. It’s kind of annoying when it is something actually there but I appreciate them making sure I don’t fall.




I don't know you but I love you so much it hurts sometimes.


A fisherman can always spot another fisherman from afar. Hard candy?


Looking up in terror and falling head first is a sign of seizure. I seen it before.


There are literally people who experience these telling you you're wrong. I wish I was as confident as you to still keep a post up when I've been vehemently proven wrong.


He thought he was onto something


There's a video of a guy that gets his seizure triggered like this but by a train and falls under the train spinning around.


What idiot gave you an award for this? Bruh everyone knows what it is, at least people who saw it happen irl


Try it, it’s fun! 🤪


Yeah I’ve been to a few concerts and have been next to people who have had seizures and it looks exactly like this.


I actually enjoyed my auras til i finally had a grand mal seizure.....


I don't get what you guys are talking about I'm epileptic and basically when they happen I never see the aura.


It's like a warning pre seizure (for me), deja vu, high feeling, nausea and throwing up all in about a minute. The high feeling was the best part. Sometimes it leads to a grand mal and sometimes it just kept me in like an absence except i can hear everything. Hard to explain.


Yeah same here and usually a crazy inner dialogue time altering fuck fest. Everything is bigger and smaller at the same time..


I’m not epileptic but I have seizures due to lupus. I have also never seen an aura. Everything goes dark & I go into a grand mal seizure


Lmao I thought you were saying "today I learned" and I was fucking confused why you used the phrasing 'Finally had a seizure'. (My thought process>>) "Like why would they say it like they're happy they 'Finally' had a seizures. WHAT??! Lol that took me too long to understand properly TL;DR dumb Redditor got confused by abbreviation


To quote my ex girlfriend "They scared the shit out of me"


You can see from the reflection on the floor the light in that aisle is flickering, I wonder if that set off the seizure


Florescent lighting is definitely one of my triggers, even if it's not flashing. I am one of those weird people that keeps my sunglasses on inside stores. Strobing lights of course are too, but those are much easier to look away from.


Poor guy I’m epileptic and I feel almost lucky that I have about 5-15 second auras before I’m about to go into a focal seizure. It gives me time to get on the ground safely so I don’t fall, and, alert whoever is with me whats about to happen.


I'm not a doctor and I've only seen 2 people have one IRL, but I'm wondering if people usually follow the auras like that?


My ex girlfriend and my current dog are epileptic and both used to do a similar actions before an episode.


I dated someone for years with epilepsy and I saw him have multiple seizures, two of them looked specifically like this. Luckily both times he was sitting. Once in my car and the other at a dining table so he flipped the chair on himself and hit his head pretty hard.


My mechanic had a seizure. He did the same looking up in freight thing. Tried to drink a bowl of motor oil when he woke up. Cracked his head good on the way down too. Edit: he let out a yell too. Kinda like the sound someone would make if they thought they were about to die.


That’s what makes it scary for others on top of the seizure. I scream out (unconsciously) when it first hits. Body hit by a million electric shocks. I guess the positive from that is it notifies anyone around I’m in trouble


seeing auras?


They're described as flashing/floating lights you can see that aren't obviously there irl.


Imagine being in the 1600s with a seizure disorder. Its sad that society would think demons first


Yeah, I was just telling someone today about my seizure. That's kind of exactly what I did. Or, so I'm told.


It was a bee, he is probably allergic.


LMAO as a bee allergy haver, can confirm this is what it looks like when I hear any flying-buzzing whatsoever


Bee phobia haver. Even with flies I sometimes freak out. In an exam hall once I half jumped out of my seat because a fly flew too close just out of instinct.


Looks like he had a seizure


The hand shakes just before made me think that too.


This is bat country after all


He should know better than to stop there!


The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon; probably at the next gas station.


Make sure you try the land crab


he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man


All these good ideas will tear your brain apart


Beat me to it. And I recently listened to all the avenged sevenfold albums.


Sudden aneurysm? Or just a basic seizure?


What's an aneurysm


I'm not a doctor but i read somewhere it's a clot of blood inside your body. If it explodes, especially if it's in your brain, you will die before you hit the floor. So it's unlikely the guy in the video had one. It's more likely a seizure, a lot of redditors are saying that based on their own experience.


It's similar to the idea of a balloon being stretched too thin. Once it's stretched too much it pops. Think of aneurysms as small balloons on a pipe. Once that balloon reaches a certain point, a sudden increase in blood pressure or even a traumatic injury, sometimes as little as someone tripping or hitting the afflicted area, it pops.


You’re kind of describing a hemorrhagic stroke, which can lead to seizures. I seen’t it, not pretty


Can we at least get an explanation as to what happened here?


This footage is from a good friend. And he said following: I hear that someone felt down, we helped him to get up. He was an immigrant and said only “no alcohol”. After the ambulance catches him we looked at the tape and saw this


Looks like a seizure. Many times, a person will have auditory or visual hallucinations right before the seizure happens. If he was very confused difficulty moving around afterwards, that's probably what it was. If he was wide eyed and staring around himself, he was probably dosed with something.


He was seeing auras and fiddled to get his anti seizure medicine. He was to late and keeled over as the seizure started. Source: speculation and I had a friend with seizures who showed me the medicine and I saw him fall over.


Yes I thought he must have felt something coming on and he looked in his wallet for emergency medication.


Seizure. People do that pretty consistently with seizures - fumble with wallet or anything in their pocket as if they’re trying to figure something out, look up/neck jerk, freak out with impending doom, visual hallucination of auras (often above you), fall down. If you’ve seen a lot of epileptic seizures you’ve seen that behavior. It’s uncanny, but it’s because people act surprisingly similar when they’re brains are going “*whrrr* wait a minute… I need to…. *whrrrrrrr* something… bad… is about to hap- *whrrrrrrrr* wtf?!… *whrrrrrrrrr* somethi-“ and then they seize and fall. Their brain knows something is off and is going through the usual motions trying to figure out what’s going on *because clearly something is amiss* but they usually don’t figure out that “something” is a seizure unless they have a ton/have been told what to look for.


inflation be like




They asked him for Tree Fiddy and it was that goddamn ghostly Loch Ness monster!


This was unexpected, at first I thought he was gonna take a shit on the floor


This is the way i react when i see a wasp. I am not allergic!


I hope he is well!


Yes, he is good


Did you see it? That landslide almost hit him!


This happened in the shop from a friend. He said that he is good.


what was his description of what he saw before falling down?


We see this footage after he is gone. Had no chance to ask him. We really want to know that, too


Not trying to be "that guy" but I've always heard that the EU and especially Germany has some strict privacy laws especially regarding the use of CCTV. Can you get in trouble for sharing a video like this online? I've visited r/Germany a few times and have seen people get very serious about stuff like this so I'm just genuinely curious. I saw some German in your post history, so forgive me for assuming but the look of the supermarket plus your profile made me think of Germany, though I could be wrong. People share CCTV video in the US all the time obviously, but I feel like I don't usually see any from Germany and was wondering if that's because it's technically not allowed.


Either way what an awful thing to upload without consent of someone having a medical episode 😕


I was thinking bee, but after reading others comments I really think it’s a seizure. He does nothing to stop his fall to the ground. If you’re ducking for cover to avoid a sting you would put your arms down. No matter what, I hope he’s alright. That looked painful.


He was okay as the ambulance takes him




Samstag Morgen im REWE


I thought he was just gonna stare down the Camera xD


At the first moment, me too


That’s that start of a seizure


Coming from Type one diabetic it looks like he was having severe low blood sugar and was trying to find something to treat it. He was unable to treat it in the confusion from the low, and fell into a seizure.


his dog stepped on a bee - so now every time he sees one...


I don't know what's going on with him, but whatever it is it doesn't look fun for him, the poor guy


Looks to me the poor guy had a stroke. You can experience hallucinations during the first part of it, and by the look of the collapse, and his feet, it’s most probably a stroke


'Now where did I put that acid... Oh right. I took it'


Definitely a seizure. I think even him rummaging through his wallet was a focal unaware seizure. I have done similar things when having them.


I think he r/tooktoomuch


He said, he didn’t get any drugs


When you imagination comes back to haunt you.


That was close! Glad they missed him. Whew.


Was in line at a store that was under partial remodeling construction. Could hear pound banging and hammers next to the checkout line that we were in. Was behind a gentleman in his 50s, maybe. He started doing the same thing this guy was doing, started looking around, turning around, shouted extremely loud and dropped to the ground and started seizing.


I just love how anyone with a history of seizures is like, this is EXACTLY what my siezures looks like FOR SURE, and everyone with a bee allergy is like DEFINITELY, this is the EXACT way I move when I see a bee. I'm not saying either side is wrong, but damn yall are so sure and honestly I would believe either answer. (however if it was a bee...wow, worst landing possible)


This gives off Sims2 vibes


Whatever is happening to him, he need help.


I thought maybe he was trying to be sly and steal something small by hiding it in his wallet only thinking to look for camera's after and then freaking out after seeing them all around him.


Might be a mental health issue? Knew of a girl who had a mental break and was seeing horrifying dragons trying to eat her. Legit it was 100% real to her


Hes more than likely stroking or heart attack and his body is producing large amounts of DMT and he's tripping before his heart failed or stroke took him! Absolutely no joke when I say this! Or it's a demon who knows!


I have seen a similar video of a Indian man, He was casual working and suddenly starts throwing arms and collapsed later. Exactly the same way


He probably felt the seizure coming on before he set down his basket to look through his wallet. I used to do similar things, thinking that if I could just focus on something(like looking through his wallet in this case) the feeling would go away. Never really worked, but these seemingly normal behaviors can be indicative of a seizure that’s about to happen. This only applies to people that already have epilepsy as someone who hasn’t had a seizure before would not react to the pre seizure feeling because they wouldn’t know what was happening. The more seizures you have, the more you can tell if you are at risk of having one, yet they usually come on so fast that you can’t do anything anyway.


No, dude. Bro legit has a seizure and that's some serious shit


that's literally what i do, when i spot a wasp. i'm terrified of them and maybe he's too. or allergic


I saw this happen to an older woman one time in front of a walmart. I don't know what they see, but its trippy to watch them see it in person.


I hope he was okay.


Yes, he was! The ambulance take him away, but he was okay.


He was actually having a siusiure


I thought he was experiencing a seizure.