Already confirmed it takes place after endgame.


Yes, sorry, I agree it definitely takes place after Endgame. I’m just having a hard time figuring out the timeline here of when based on what we’ve been given in Endgame & FFH.


Two things. This could take place before Far From Home. We have no context. We only know that it occurs after Endgame. If this is alt reality or something similar she can make it whatever time she wants it to be. August 23 could just be the anniversary of Visions death, so it is an anniversary of sorts.


That helps, thank you.


It doesn’t take place in August 2023. The date of August on the calendar was referring to August 1961. And the timeline in reality is after Endgame


Ohh, wait I missed that - How do we know it takes place in Aug ‘61?


The show does sitcoms from every decade, and the one in episode one represented the 50s. And the time it was August and the 1st on a Tuesday was in ‘61


Then again, Wanda must be imagining all this on the last year she remembers, 2023, sometime after Endgame. Either that or this is complete wack and the calendar is useless because she's just making it up.


It is noteworthy that August 23rd 2024 will be a Friday.


Same thing for 1957.


What’s confusing me is that in endgame the vanished were gone for 5 years no? Or was it 3? When Monica shows up at the hospital the doctor said she was gone 3 years when everyone was popping back up.


Yes, they were gone for 5 years. What you’re referring to is the date of Maria “Photon” Rambeau’s death, which occurs in 2020. **2018: Thanos snaps. Half the universe, including Monica Rambeau, is blipped away.** ***2 years later*** **2020: Maria Rambeau dies.** ***3 years later*** **2023: Hulk snaps. Half the universe that disappeared 5 years ago returns.**


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Tune in as the show goes on and find out?