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Update, after 4 hours of searching, rescue forces found him dead


Horrible. Thanks for the update though.


Fuck that's really sad and absolutely terrifying


This was basically how I felt about it. Suppose you were that person. Being a little inebriated and having fun in the sun in a pool, the person is suddenly taken down into the icy, black interior of the earth with NO CONTEXT. The feeling would be similar to "the upside down," but with more water and rock-bashing.


hopefully he was knocked out quickly


At least they found the body. Not knowing for sure what happened would have been terrible.


My mind went straight to "must've felt like getting pulled into the upside-down" as well. Mustve been fucking terrified.


By most accounts the human brain is actually *really* good at dealing with death. Once it gives up on fight or flight and relaxes it's meant to be quite peaceful. https://i.imgur.com/sdPcN2l.png


My grandmother almost drowned once. Nobody really believes her when she says it was extremely peaceful.


I worked with a guy who drowned and had to be resuscitated. He also said that it was scary until he gave up holding his breath. After he breathed in water until he died, he said he felt calm and fine and then just nothingness until suddenly he was in an ambulance.


I did some over water crash training and got caught on something. The initial panic was the worst I have ever felt. I got to a point where I gave up and everything got extremely calm. During that calmness I was able to easily free myself and then surface without drowning. Made me realize how vital not panicking was for survival.


In situations like these you can only hope he didn't suffer.


I assume he drowned which means he almost certainly did.


Hopefully the force of the water knocked him out against some of the rocks before he had much time to think/feel. It can't even imagine the horror of struggling for air in the dark or waking up in a temporary air pocket in the complete darkness. Only once in my life have I experienced total darkness that was not artificial during a storm and simultaneous power outage. I can't even begin imagine the feeling of being in distress and a tight confined space during that kind of darkness.. To describe the scene a bit, I went out during the storm and could not see the streets or houses in front of me except for when the lightning briefly lit up the sky so I could see the silhouettes of the houses. I might have a video of it somewhere still if people are interested.


You don't even have time to think. I was tubing down the Animas River in Durango, CO. Got stopped by what appeared to be ankle deep water, as I rolled off the tube and went to put my hand down to stand up, there was nothing there and I fell face first into what I describe as a tunnel/ cave under the river. Next thing I know it was pitch Black and I was moving fast, I kept my hands out in front of me, eyes open but couldn't see anything, eventually I saw light and popped out about 10foot under water in a pool, I swam as hard as I could to the surface I didn't have much breath left. all in all it was about 30 yards down river.. And to understand the force of this it also sucked my tube down. As a side note my GF(now my wife) was tubing with me and thought I was playing a prank, although she didn't see me go under, she just turned around and me and the tube were gone.. and there was no where to hide. she said when i surfaced I was as white as a ghost... EDIT: to clean up formatting story(originally posted from phone)


You are so lucky not to have been scraped into the side or forcefully extruded through and exit smaller than the entrance.


Drowned by the water or by the mud within it. A horrible way to go, especially if it was an employee of the home owner (news said it was a company party with employees largely in the pool).


Probably a bad way to go regardless of what you do for a living.


Unless you're a magician.


I'm going to hope that the dude was in such shock in brain basically turned off. It's weird like that.


What a weird way to die. Completely unavoidable and ridiculously unlikely. Fuck. Imagine his family having to explain that over and over…


This happened to a guy in Florida about 10 years ago. He was in his bedroom when the sinkhole opened up under the house and his floor collapsed. His brother could hear him screaming immediately after, but he disappeared. They couldn't recover the body.


we ended up moving near by there for a few years and holy shit was my wife was convinced we were going to get eaten by the ground.


Jesus. Imagine just chillin trying to take a nap or read a book and the earth just eats you out of your own bedroom.


It was in the middle of the night if I recall correctly. Dead asleep and then no idea what is going on...just terror and no way to do anything about it but scream for your brother who may as well be in another state for as much as he's able to help you.


Makes me think of that condo that collapsed in Florida a year or two ago. Middle of the night. Bunch of people missing. So many people would have been asleep and then suddenly, the building is falling out from under them.


Literally a worst nightmare situation in real life situation. I've dreamt of being swallowed up by the earth before and it was not fun.


I prefer to think that he awoke in some fantasy universe and they only took him because he was the hero they needed.




Yep. I remember reading about that and thinking it was a very r/fuckyouinparticular thing. I remember reading that it was just in his bedroom and not visible anywhere else.


Yes, it didn't destroy the outside walls of the house, so you wouldn't know it if you drove by. They eventually condemned it and tore it down obviously.


And now nothing can be built there. Last I checked, it's an empty grassy lot. It might as well be that man's massive grave.


If you think about it, our bedroom is usually the safest physical location on the entire planet for us. It is the place where we literally allow ourselves to go unconscious for 8 hours everyday. To be swallowed by the Earth out of our own bed... Horrifying.


I know I knew some one who's relative died in a fire at a seapark . I feel for them they hated taking about it


It just seems like a weird place to go on fire


A fire?!? At a SEA PARK???


Chance in a million


I'd just like to make that point.


Sing, you canary.


With the whales and everything?




It's a very weird place to go on fire!


Would've been alright if the extinguishers weren't made in the UK


a fire... at a sea parks?


A fire? At a seapark?


Poor dude... it's a fucking nightmare




I read they found is body at 15 meters in the tunnel. Edit to add: Rescue teams were also called to the scene to work to locate the missing person who fell into the pit that opened in the pool, but were forced to declare his death after finding his body hours later at the end of a 15 meter tunnel.


>(...) *but were forced to declare his death after finding his body hours later at the end of a* ***15 meter*** *tunnel.* 15 meter. Holy fuck.


New fear unlocked


You had me hoping in the first part of your ocmment.. untill I read the last word. I was disappointed and then thought: didn't expect anything else..


For me that last word was the only one on a new line so I had a split second "oh, great!" before my eyes scanned back over.


Nightmare fuel getting sucked into that.


There was that one guy that got sucked into a sink hole while sleeping in his bed.


As a basement dweller, thanks for the nightmares. I already have an irrational fear of the ceiling above me falling down, now I gotta worry about sinkholes. Nowhere is safe!🥲


“One man has been injured and another is missing after a sinkhole opened up in a inground pool at a home in central Israel. The incident occurred during a pool party. Rescue teams are at the scene in Karmei Yosef. One person in his thirties is being treated with bruises to his extremities. Another is missing and may have been dragged down into the earth by the receding pool water.”


"Dragged down into the Earth" is a terrifying phrase


“Dragged down into the Earth” is definitely not on my top 10 preferable ways to kick the bucket list


It is in the top 10 most metal ways to kick the bucket though


And incredibly apt.


Between sinkholes, aneurysms, societal collapse, the housing market, food prices, climate change, and the flat tire i got the other day, the outlook is looking pretty grim. Weeds legal tho at least


I wish weed was legal..


Sorry bro. I'll have a toke in your honor. And then pizza rolls in your honor. And then in the morning ill have regret for the junk food i ate in your honor.


I will have paranoia while I try to sleep in his honor


I just got back from the store where I bought some legally. it should be like this everywhere


Damn. I think I'm gonna go out today, if I'm going to spontaneously die I might as well do it having fun


Sounding very much like the OT. "And the earth opened up and swallowed him" Fitting that this happened in Israel.


If this happened 2000 years ago, there'd be a religion based on this event.


It would be pretty hard, 2000 years ago, to just not believe something like this wasn't done by a deity or something. I'd be like "oh shit well I guess there is a Hades and I guess it really fucking wanted Bob"


Numbers 16 >And as soon as he had finished speaking all these words, the ground under them split apart. 32#And the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households and s all the people who belonged to Korah and all their goods. 33#So they and all that belonged to them went down alive into Sheol, and the earth closed over them, and t they perished in the midst of the assembly.


‘Another is missing and may have been dragged down into the earth’ well that’s fucking terrifying


We are about to send Dwayne Johnson to the center of the earth to retrieve him.


Sadly he was found dead after a few hours of searching according to the news here.


That sucks, I always enjoyed his movies.


He's aiming for the bushes in heaven.


There wasn’t even an awning.


There goes my hero


Cops still argue to this day why Danson and Highsmith jumped. Maybe it was just pride, having survived so many brushes with death. Maybe their egos pushed them off. I don't know. But that shit was crazy.


God damn I almost choked after reading this, thank you dark humor is my way of dealing with these tragedies


Very sad to hear.


Is there an article? Do they send a diver down or a caver?


Search and rescue team with cave specialization, most likely. There's a good photo of the rescue team in this article: https://www.timesofisrael.com/person-missing-after-sinkhole-opens-up-at-pool-rescue-efforts-underway/


Am I alone in looking at this scenario, reading the phrase "one person still missing", and immediately saying "Missing? Good God, that person is dead and their body is in the hole." I would be more surprised if they were found alive.


Imagine casually swimming and suddenly being dragged into the abyss, seeing only black and drowning there.


I’m praying he hit his head immediately and has no idea what happened.




This Summer, get on dry land, or get washed... *Down the Dwayne*


[Body found](https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-712728)


They found him: [Body of man who fell into sinkhole under pool found by rescue teams](https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-712728)


I'm surprised they actually looked. And I don't mean that in a bad way. Just that often sink holes are so ridiculously dangerous and unstable that rescue or recovery is often deemed unsafe and the holes are either filled in or cordoned off.


Apparently, he was in the hole.


Its always the last place you look


They say that but I always check another couple of places after I've found something so that when people say "Yeah, it's always in the last place you look..." I get to say "Weellll....."


> The incident occurred during a pool party. Man, what terrible luck. It's a pool at someone's home so it's probably unoccupied like 95% of each day. And the hole just happens to open up at the the most opportune time to get someone, a pool party.


The movement probably kickstarted the event


Imagine being the guy who cannonballed in moments before. His powers are too dangerous to be ignored.


"remember the time I made that guy disappear?"


"Yes, Chad, it was like 5 minutes ago. Please, we're still searching for him."


I'd like to believe that the missing man found a larger area with air, but I know he's 99% surely dead. Terrifying way to go...


One can only hope he was given a quick death with all the pressures and weight involved.


From what I've read, it's not like the bottom falls straight down and it's just a pit. The ground liquifies and can sweep you away underground and it's a mix of dirt, water, limestone, sand, etc., not a nice little ride on the rapids. I can't imagine people making it out but it was good to see one of two made it out. There was a guy that had this happen near Tampa a few years back and I don't think they found him. Just the floor of his bedroom went through. The rest of the house and housemates were fine. A very r/FuckYouInParticular event similar to this one. Lived in Florida and it was my #1 concern, not hurricanes or alligators.


In the Old Testament there was this story where the Jews were camping somewhere and did something to offend God. It was something really minor. As punishment the ground opened up and swallowed a bunch of kids and women. When I read that I was like, pffft stupid. OK. Who believes this nonsense? I still don’t believe that God did that in retaliation to that minor infraction, killing women and children but maybe something like that actually happened and was interpreted as such.


What scripture was this? Do you remember?


Numbers 16:32 - "And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods."


>another is missing Really? He's in the hole.


The hole goes and goes. Where do you think the water went?


This pretty much confirms my ultra childhood nightmare scenario of the deep end of the pool sucking you down and killing you...


It must be like getting flushed down a toilet; an irresistible current dragging you down a dark, narrow tube and you don't know when or where it ends...


I used to have this nightmare when I was a kid after seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, basically I got sucked up the chocolate River tube instead of Augustus Gloop. Very vivid and realistic. And terrifying


be fucking terrible...


Final Destination gave me the fear of getting my organs sucked from my ass by a pool drain.


Pretty sure that scene is based on Chuck Palahniuk’s short story mentioned above, called “Guts”


Pretty sure it's based on the true story involving a little girl.


It's not just one little girl, it's a statistics-wide phenomenon.


There’s a short story by Chuck Palanuik that youre gonna have to read…. “Guts”


Mmm, calamari...


Dont read it. Lol it's HORRIFYING. And not for drowning reasons.


Expected some harmless drowning phobia stuff. It was not and I should've listened to you. wtf lol


What was it about? Too late in the night to be taking these risks lol


Teenager sits on the pool water intake on the bottom of the pool and it sucks his intestines out of his rectum.


Rectum? Damn near KILLED him!


If I remember correctly, he often did it because it felt good while he was masturbating...


Lmao Mac from Always sunny




This exact scenario happened to a little girl at a pool near my place https://www.foxnews.com/story/girl-whose-intestines-were-partially-sucked-out-by-swimming-pool-drain-dies


> "The world's less better off without Abigail Taylor," Bennett said. Dude could've worded that way better. Sorry, *more* better.


That actually happened to a little girl once. I'll leave the googling as an exercise for the reader.


Yeah it happens more than you would think.


No guts, no gory.


Does it have anything to do with the story I used to hear as a kid about some girl standing over or on the pool drain and her guts getting sucked out of her ass?


You mean Virginia Graham Baker. She was a real little girl that was entrapped at the bottom of the pool.


Happened a few hours ago, the search is still on for the missing person


News https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/356910


Where is this? Holy shit that’s terrifying. Having fun drinking in pool then all of a sudden being sucked under. I wonder if more people are missing given this just happened.


Do you know where?


Looks like it was right in the pool


Found him, left-hand side of the hole his hand comes out right before the remaining water sucks him in. The guy that slipped was trying to reach for him


Timestamp? I'm not seeing it.


Where did this happen?


The ending of nightmare on elm street comes to mind


The dude in the tan ball cap and dark swimming trunks is triggering a, "no, no, don't go there STOOOOOP!" reaction that I normally only get from watching horror movies. That guy just kept tempting fate. Sinkholes only get bigger and around the edge tend to be very unstable.


Made my skin crawl watching that and I kept wanting to yell at the screen, back up! run! get away from there!


There's a chance he was reaching for the guy who got sucked in.


you can see the liner where he was standing turning to jello under his feet.


Well, that’s because the liner was ripped and water started flowing under it. Not that the sinkhole was getting bigger. Seems likely that there was a hole in the liner for a LOOoNg time and had been leaking through a crack in the cement, slowly wearing away the substrate under the concrete until the weight of the water broke the concrete.


I suspect the same thing. I was thinking to myself, "I'll bet that owner has been dealing with a slow leak that they couldn't find for a long time, just refilling the pool as it got low." They probably didn't even realize that water erosion is the primary cause of sinkholes.


Probably chalked it up to evaporation.


And for all we know evaporation could have resulted in more water loss than the leak, especially with a pool that size (a 33x18 pool can lose 600 gallons a week) so it may have never even been noticed as an issue.


"Water volleyball game disrupted while local man is reclaimed by Earth: Party goers unfazed and continue drinking while panning to the horizon for answers"




It was his hole.


It was made for him.


God dammit. Now I've gotta find that comic again. Fuckin hell.


[Here you go](https://imgur.com/a/Wht7z)


I'm sorry, you gotta find it? Are you being drawn to it?






Seriously. These people seem awfully relaxed having just watched someone get sucked underground.


They might not have realized someone went under at that point.


I was infuriated watching this the first few times. But after thinking about it, 99% of humans would instinctively run away from a sinkhole that opened up before their eyes on the street. The bizarreness of it being in a pool obfuscated the reality of the situation. For 30 seconds those people were psychologically in some kind of "pool is draining like a bathtub" mode, and not "ground disappearing/disaster" mode.


But at 40s, with the sinkhole completely visible, there’s still people sitting on the edge of the pool. Are they not worried that the sinkhole may grow larger? Do they all have PhDs in sinkholeology and are like “in my expert opinion, that sinkhole has run its course”?


The two sitting on the edge, just soaking up the sun and enjoying the view... Wtf


Like some kind of volleyball Space Jam


I work at a prison with was built on a previous landfill. I am told that due to the escape of methane such areas are susceptible to sinkholes. One developed under one of the housing units. Inmates were evacuated to other prisons. Several sinkholes have developed on the prison yard over the years. It is amazing to me how much the state has spent to “fix” the problem. I guess it is a liability issue. They are currently filling the hole with gravel and concrete. I have seen people scanning the prison yard with ground penetrating radar. They brought in a huge one in on a crane to scan the hole under the housing unit. It is a very difficult problem to fix.


Of course they have to fix it, they can't let the sinkholes do the inmates' escape plans for them.


not sure if news article was linked below but [here](https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-712728).


Yeah, man no longer missing. Body found.


From the article: > "The people who were at the scene know each other and reported to us that there is one person who is missing.." Did anyone actually see him being sucked into the hole? I really hope that he show up later asking, what happened here, I just went to buy more beers? Or something like that.


Yes. They found his body.


I can’t imagine being trapped in a brand new cave with an entire swimming pools worth of water rushing over you.


I think you can see his arm in the video at the bottom left of the hole. One of the guys looks like he's attempting to reach down to him but does so slowly because he's not sure how safe it is (or he's drunk/stoned). Another guy passes right in front of the hole as I think we see the last of the disappearing man's fingers


There is a thing that looks like a white duck decoy ( I can't tell what it is) but it moves from the left towards the center...then it is swiftly moved a few feet to the right as if someone is holding it from underneath.


I tried looking but can’t see it. Is it close to the floating white duck looking thing? Edit: I think I see it now, by the watermelon floaty. I thought that was dirt/mud that got ejected out of the sink hole as it was collapsing and on to the pool floor then slid back down as the water kept sucking down.


*Dead is the word you were looking for I think.


There might be a complex cave system down there with crab people and he is fighting his way out.


Maybe he wins the heart of the princess crab person while fighting and chooses to stick around awhile


But the crab king disapproves of their love and sends him on a suicidal mission in the hopes that he will never return.


That's when he's captured by the wildmen who live outside the city, and discovers they're also crab people, unfairly banished from the comfortable crab city life, who tell a story of the soft one from above who will lead them in an uprising.


Well, then the title is "one guy is still dead." and it's just even worse.


I think he meant, "dead guy is still missing"


Sooooo this is in Israel. The guy that was sucked in was found dead a few hours after the fact. As it turns out the pool was built with no permit on top of a well known cave system…


I am a pool specialist and strangely a pool just up the street from me (above ground) developed something similar, so I was able to inspect and film it. My videos are the other ones you find when searching youtube for pool sinkhole. There was a family swimming in the pool, and it ripped open like this on the bottom and actually vortex all the way to the surface. The kids all jumped out and the mother filmed the rest of the draining which took only moments like this pool. During the inspection I found a hole 12' long and about 18" to 24" in depth before the water found a lateral path and escaped under the side wall of the pool (and into the earth). In this case there were remnants of an old tree root system, very large, extensively degraded. Additionally our area I believe was under water at one time in the past, and rhe ground is very porous. Lots of river rock, but loads of negative space. So the ground was bad, and then a leak caused it to worsen. I believe this might be a similar situation. It appears this pool and pool area is raised relative to the surrounding landscape. The location of the failure in the bottom of the deep end makes me suspicious that a prolonged main drain leak on an elevated plot of land washed away the supporting soils under the pool. Like regular erosion only far, far faster acting. Rough estimate is this pool in this video is 18x36' with a deep end over 6' so this is 18x36x5 (average depth) x 7.5 = 24,300 gallons of water. Times 8.3 pounds per gallon gives you just over 200,000 lbs of water. By the way I am equally as terrified watching this video as the rest of you. Maybe even more so. This is tragic. I do encourage you to not develop a phobia of pools as I belive something like this to be exceedingly rare and requiring a host of things to all go wrong consecutively. But can we all agree here that if you see this happening in real life can you please.get TF out of the pool as fast as possible? A whole bunch more people almost died here whether they realize that or not.


https://youtu.be/gNa6B-XkJC0 https://youtube.com/shorts/-iArt7PI5oo?feature=share https://youtu.be/R0UR5kj4whg Yeah I think this incident you filmed and the incident in the post today were from leaks underneath the pool eroding the soil to cause it.


The apparent lack of reaction from several of the people makes me wonder if sinkholes are somehow common wherever this happened.


Not common and mostly occur in spots that are warned against as having sinkholes. It's more likely that they had no idea there's a person inside there...


I'm thinking the opposite, most people who are familiar with sinkholes would have gotten the fuck away from that thing as soon as they noticed it. I lived in a sinkhole prone area in Florida for a while and it was common knowledge to keep your distance from sinkholes, no matter how small they look; you never know how big the hole is under the surface.


Exactly - it was making me nervous the way that guy was standing on the edge looking down into it. Thats probably the riskiest thing he’s ever done in his life outside conscription and he doesn’t even realize it.


Have you ever been in a situation where something so unexpected happens that no one knows how to react? Because if you know exactly how you’d react this this, I’d like to hear it. And keep in mind, you aren’t panicked while processing options, the people there had a lot of information to deal with.


As someone that had a Close call to drowning in Lake Michigan due to undertow, I hope that he was knocked unconscious and drifted away not knowing. The few seconds where I remember panicking and not being able to reach air was the most terrifying experience of my entire 40 years of life. Then the burning feeling has water enters your airway is excruciating, and in the moment “knowing you’re dying “it’s helplessly terrifying. This is straight nightmare fuel. I hope it was a quick death


Sad. No one know which day is gonna be their last day


Far left of the hole is blurred flesh color. You can make out a hand reaching out right before everything gets sucked up. Fuck.


How drunk or high do you have to be not to get up from sitting on the edge of the pool as it rips open and starts swallowing everything around it??


That guy dead dead


A man was found dead Thursday afternoon, hours after a sinkhole opened up in an inground swimming pool at a private home in central Israel, with the receding water dragging him away along with another man who managed to climb his way out. Search teams at the scene in the town of Karmei Yosef found the body following a complex rescue operation that took four hours and required the assistance of Go-Pro cameras hooked to the helmets of the staff workers as they were lowered deep underground Fire and Rescue Services said the search was complicated by fears that tunnels branching out of the sinkhole could cause a secondary collapse. Rescue forces built a support structure to prevent the pool’s surface from further collapsing on them before they were able to locate the missing man’s body. The incident occurred during a pool party held for employees of a private company. Rescue teams dispatched to the scene earlier assisted a 34-year-old man who managed to climb out. He suffered light injuries to his lower body and was treated at the scene by paramedics.


Did anyone go down? I didn't even see anyone fall in


The video starts with most of the water in the pool already drained, so it's a fair bet someone went under before the start of the video. If someone was directly above that... yeah


man it looks like a pretty shallow pool too, imagine playing volleyball with your friends when this happens...


Imagine getting sucked down to the bottom of a pool, you go to push off the bottom like you always do but instead of being met with the bottom of the pool, you're met with no resistance, you start to panic. Now instead of clear pool water, you're met with dirt and rocks as the light slowly fades and the earth gobbles you up. Then in 60000 years they accidentally discover you and you're on display in a museum known as "Rock Boy"


That childhood fear of being sucked down the drain isn't so crazy now.


The 34-year-old man who was at the party and fell into the pit is in a light condition, conscious, and suffering from injuries to his limbs. Magen David Adom (MDA) staff who were called to the scene provided him with initial medical care. Rescue teams were also called to the scene to work to locate the missing person who fell into the pit that opened in the pool, but were forced to declare his death after finding his body hours later at the end of a 15 meter tunnel.