Cloak Of Avarice

Cloak Of Avarice


It's a good cloak to use in the beginning when you want all the gems you can get. I use it in the beginning whenever I decide to start from scratch again. Biggest gem tip IMO, don't buy any arcana with a gold border, they're not only the most expensive but you are awarded one everytime you beat a boss, permanently. You will win them all by the time you've earned enough gems to buy everything anyway. Have fun!


thank you


to add onto this, gold border arcana also unlocks the standard version of it. Don't buy arcana at all with gems until you've earned all the gold borders. just buy relics


If I have bother versions, how do I use the gold border one?


I use it too! Not only can I grind gems faster, but having more gold lets me test out more items and arcana so I can learn the rest of the game faster :D


I’d say it’s pretty good. The extra gold you earn in the competition will also come in handy when you want to get more relics / arcana.


If you’re able to buy the graduation cap at some point, using that as your relic with that robe is a great way to grind gems early on.


I can't decide between that cap and the token that guarantees the gold trader that gives you gems


Combine avarice with jade’s gem locator relic. Running around you start to accumulate a ton of gems. An average run through only one boss should pull 70-90.