You still take 99 damage. On my Rules of Contingency runs, I've had better luck with the Fall robe and Cassim's Airy Cloak; You take the first hit, but it doesn't kill you (99hp damage < 100hp) and Cassim's lets you evade the next few hits in whatever combo you were suffering. You can decide during the evasion period to either stay in the fight or run away to heal with Fall.


Holy crap that's amazing. I would always do Fall and Limited Edition, but I would get comboed and insta-killed. I was never able to finish a run with Fall. Cassim's and Contingency sounds like a great solution.


Another fun one is Limited Edition Robe + Retro floor plan + Level robe. Retro floor plan doubles the enemies but makes them weaker, and level starts off really bad but gets really good the more enemies you kill. The first 1½ floors are tough but by Sura you'll be unstoppable.


Yeah, I've done a lot of Retro Floor Plan and Level. It's a really stressful run to start out, but it feels amazing one you get really strong.


No the cursed relic in this case overpowers the normal relic


I've never tested it personally, but the wiki says "does not modify damage received" when using those 2 specific relics.


Even if it did work you would still only be able to survive the same hits unless you focused loads into getting tons of hp which you shouldn’t be doing in a 99 damage run