God damn right. I worked for the same company for 17 years. Fought and scraped for a BS GM position. Sold my fucking soul. For what, you ask? For them to not show up for my final GM interview. I waited like an asshole for 15 minutes past my interview. Would not return text, voice mails or emails the entire day. I gave my notice and left. No one said a word. Fuck them, dude. They're scrounging for licensed professionals like me (optician in FL) They wonder why people leave. They leave over lack of respect.


Congratulations! Be loyal to yourself or loved ones. Take care of yourself. All this stuff about family or how the company cares about you is just HR BS to ensure that you work as hard as you can.


[We are nothing to the system](https://youtu.be/pEPJ34buC_0)


When I left my last job I gave a full four week notice. My boss didn't even talk to me about it until about three days before I left and then it was barely discussed.


One thing I knew from day one of joining the corporate world was that never 'work hard'.