People who treat LinkedIn like it’s a social media site are fucking morons.


LinkedIn is another woke, authoritarian censorship platform much like half of Reddit that won’t tolerate diversity of thought. They ban people left and right and delete comments that don’t agree and support the narrative. It’s pretty obvious what platforms do this when you ONLY see comments leaning one way. It’s a blatant sign said platform is authoritarian propaganda trash.


Linked In is owned by Microsoft isn't it?


Corporations only respect the workers when they unite, or is it fear...let the haters hate but at the end of the day UAW will come out stronger and better off and all those scumbags will be sobbing in their pillows


LinkedIn is a bizarre idea. Why would I want to spend my personal time curating a social media account all about how wonderful I am as an employee?


RIGHT! I made my account when I was still at my last place, different industry than I'm in now. Thinking it would shw me networking and liking the Co.'s posts. For what? To promote that $#!ty Company and there $#!ty repairs? Man I was naive.


LinkedIn is where you have all these delusional individuals with all their degress and certifications. Certified dimwits.




Well played my good man.